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Syrian War Report – June 27, 2018: Militants’ Defense Collapsing In Southern Syria

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), backed up by the Tiger Forces and the National Defense Forces, have liberated the town of Busra al-Harir, the village of Malihat al-Atash and advanced in the direction of the villages of al-Hirak and Nahita.

In Busra al-Harir, government troops captured at least 5 battle tanks – one T-72AV, one T-72 and three T-55M, which had been abandoned by retreating militants.

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) carried out limited counter-attacks but failed to stop the government advance.

Meanwhile, pro-government sources said that the SAA is developing a new advance in an attempt to capture the siols and the Gharaz prison southeast of the city of Daraa. The goal of the advance is to outflank the militant-held part of Daraa and to cut off it from the village of Elnaymah, which is the main militant stronghold east of the provincial capital.

Two helicopters of the US-led coalition have evacuated two ISIS commanders from the area of Twaimin in the Syrian province of al-Hasakah, the Syrian state-run news agency SANA reported on June 25 adding that the goal of the move is “prolonging terrorist war on Syria”. The terrorists were allegedly transported to a US military facility in al-Shaddadi.

The Syrian government, Iran and Russia have repeatedly accused the US-led coalition of providing at least indirect assistance to ISIS terrorists. The SANA has released a number of reports saying that aircraft of the coalition evacuate ISIS members from the combat zones in Syria to the coalition-occupied areas.

The US-led coalition officially rejects all the accusations claiming that this is just a propaganda. At the same time, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have released a number of statements accusing the SAA and Russia of cooperating with ISIS and supporting the terrorism.

A weak media response of the coalition and the SDF to the SANA accusations is linked with the fact that almost all the remaining strong points of ISIS in eastern Syria are located on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, declared by the coalition as its zone of responsibility.

Thus, on one hand, the coalition is not hurrying up to fight ISIS because this move will undermine its already weak justification of the military presence in Syria. On the other hand, it has to show that it is fighting ISIS in an attempt to hide its current goals – to prevent the restoration of the Syrian territorial integrity under control of the Damascus government, to limit the Russian influence in the region and to assist Israel in opposing Iran.

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Gregory Casey

The US continues to lie about its support for ISIS in Eastern Syria. From now on, the main bulk of ISIS is on the E bank of the Euphrates and so, any actions of ISIS in carrying out assaults on SAA or its local Allies anywhere along the Banks of the Euphrates can only be regarded as being carried out by the US Coalition.

David Parker

Why do you keep using the word “militants” to describe these CIA proxy terrorists?

james ha

to distract from the fact that they are uncle samuel’s terrorist.




Netanyahu child butcher used barrel bombs with full of chlorine gas in Palestine, due to which many children died on the spot.


Without elimination of US and Israel from Middle East bloodshed cannot stop. Previous morning US backed terrorists Israel have targeted Syrian Damascus airport from Palestine by two DIY home made rockets.

Bill Wilson

This isn’t the first time the US picked up ISIS commanders. Many were fighters that the US managed to turn to get real time information then wisked away by air when they had an opportune moment to get away from their commands. Some became disgruntled with ISIS so contacted the US/SDF to get picked up in exchange for information on ISIS formations in their area. Probably asked for and got some walking around money too, to use for getting back home. Those remaining ISIS strong points along the river appear to lack the punch to do anything except nuisance raids. They may be allowed to linger on the vine longer as the SDF clears out the ISIS units holding the scattered oil & gas fields and processing plants in the east that may be providing the river strongholds with some sort of support (probably fuels). The coalition did catch a bunch of top ISIS leaders at a meeting by the river and blew them away with bombs so the final assault on their strongholds may go quick if the remaining ISIS command structure can’t co-ordinate a defense against it. I’m sure that the Kurds et al will eventually turn over control of their held territory to the government in Damascus. Bashar may bitch about them to appease others while on the other hand, appreciates their ability to keep order and efforts to restore local civil governance and institutions that disappeared or were severely curtailed by ISIS. Their former employees were paid by the government and many fled before and after ISIS showed up, so the Kurds are starting from scratch bring in new people who are learning while on the job. I’m sure that Bashar is having to do the same west of the river due to the number of former employees that fled the country or got killed. The Kurds are receiving a percentage of the oil & gas revenue earned from the fields under their control to help pay for their civil administration costs. They are allowing the government access to the farmers to arrange the purchase the purchase of their agricultural commodities.The Kurds have been cooperating with the SAA north of Aleppo and along the border with Iraq. If they were in charge down in Dara’a then they probably would’ve allowed unrestricted commercial truck traffic between Syria and Jordan to assist Syria’s war economy. That’s something that the Druze should’ve done long ago since they had the numbers to do so.

Gregory Casey

Unfortunately, many within the Druze community thought they were deserving of more loot from the US & Israel and have been living high-on-the-hog throughout the past 7 years when the US and its erstwhile allies in Saudi Arabia, Jerusalem, London & Paris decided to shower them with arms and money and control of much of the Borderlands with Lebanon and Israel. Their futures will now depend on whether they wish to continue supporting a lost cause or whether they wish to make peace with central Government in Damascus.


I suspect the FSA and associated headchoppers will melt away like mist before the sun – over the border into Jordan and Israel (to miraculously regroup later in eastern Syria). They know the SAA is unlikely to press too close to the Israeli border

Gregory Casey

See this story just published in Haaretz in Jerusalem!! https://www.haaretz.com/middle-east-news/syria/50-000-syrians-flee-fighting-amassing-on-jordan-s-border-1.6221074?utm_source=Push_Notification&utm_medium=web_push&utm_campaign=General


Cute how guys who were hardened soldiers yesterday are now anguished youths in black singlets. Must’ve lost the beard and the ak along the way


Gets boring when one is right all the time! Interesting to see Haaretz expressing sympathy for goyyim….


SF you never delivered the Houthis Documentary..WHY

Gregory Casey

I believe its coming in early July


Oh ok, that will be nice.


Terrorists are terrorists, no matter their name. The sham in Syria has been exposed Meanwhile in Denmark, 90 % of all rapes are committed by people of not European ancestry.So much for that . Why do we tolerate criminal scumbags?

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