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Syrian War Report – June 26, 2018: Syrian Army Liberated Lajat District In Daraa Province

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the Tiger Forces and their allies have reportedly established full control of the district of Lajat in the province of Daraa. According to pro-government sources, militants in the area have mostly surrendered to government troops.

Additionally, the SAA and its allies liberated the village of Mleha al-‘Atsh and captured the center of Busr al-Harir.

If all these reports are confirmed, government forces have liberated about 400km2 since the start of clashes in northeastern Daraa last week.

On June 25, the Russian Defense Ministry released a statement saying that Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) had carried out a large attack on government positions in the province. The attack was repelled and 70 militants were killed.

This attack likely was an attempt to sabotage the SAA progress in Lajat.

On June 26, Israel reportedly carried out a new missile strike on Syria targeting the Damascus International Airport.

According to pro-government sources, at least two missiles fell in near the airport. Pro-Israeli sources claim that the strike hit an Iranian cargo plane inside the airport.

Local sources say that Syrian air defense systems were employed. However, it is unclear if some missiles were intercepted.

An alleged pro-government partisan group, the Popular Resistance in Manbij, has announced the start of preparations for an uprising against foreign occupiers – i.e. forces of the US, France and Turkey – aiming to divide Syria.

In April, a similar group, entitled “the Popular Resistance in al-Hasakah”, appeared in eastern Syria. This group also threatened the US-led coalition and its proxies with attacks. However, no notable attacks have been carried out so far.

In any case, appearance of such groups show that far from everyone in northeastern Syria like the US-led coalition.

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About Israel attack. It is clear (given the location of the airport) that these planes were detected full in time by Russia radars, and again, Russia allowed this attack to happen. It looks like Israel planes are untouchables by any country…WOW.


Most likely Israel will destroy Russia … if Russia intervenes… who knows.


That is just a jew dream…..far from reality, from the point of view of military weapons capability, but from the point of view of internal affair and economy….maybe.

Saaed Wayan


 ?Of who is or is taking over .. –
We must ask the people of Daraa in the diaspora

Gregory Casey

What is missing from coverage of the Syrian Arab Army’s Op to clear Southern Syria of all Terrorists is the fact that all “Opposition” Terrorists are commanded and controlled from a joint US/UK/Israeli/Saudi/French/Jordanian Command Center based across the Border in Jordan. Under this C & C structure comes al Qaeda and its various Syrian Affiliates ……. all paid for by the American War State.

Pave Way IV

Well, not really and not anymore. The MOC became important in 2014 when FSA in the south formed a unified Southern Front command. The MOC supported individual FSA units before that, but could support and exert its influence far more effectively through the new single, unified command.

The Amman, Jordan MOC was primarily run by the US, who supposedly provided 60% of the salaries for the Southern Front. France and the UK were there, but Israel wasn’t – as its reliable FUKUS poodles ensured Israeli interests would be guaranteed. The Gulf monarchies probably threw a few bags of shekels into the mix, but wouldn’t have had any mil there, just a few of their spooks taking notes.

The problem with the Jordan MOC was that the US, the CIA and CENTCOM like to micro-manage their wars and the paid Southern Front mercs were no exception. Except the MOC couldn’t have anything to do with al Qaeda/al Nusra, only the FSA. But Southern Front almost always relied on al Nusra units to lead their battles, so the CIA had to ‘manage’ al Nusra on teh sly. At the same time, al Nusra demanded plenty of Southern Front’s weapons, ammo and money in return for their help.

Jordan – independently and in defiance of the MOC – started closing down the US arms-smuggling across the Jordan-Syrian border in 2016 at Russia’s behest. It also closed its borders to ‘Syrian refugees’ – who were increasingly families of extremists, not ‘regular’ Syrians. That’s how the Rukban Death Camp near at Tanf came to be – Jordan doesn’t want to take them in.Besides, they already have 1.2M Syrian refugees. Time for Israel and Saudi Arabia to step up and take a few hundred thousand.. (just kidding).

The whole clown show started falling apart in 2016 with constant infighting. Southern Front and MOC became useless once the 2016 de-escalation zone agreements were made. The MOC still vacuumed up intel for Israel and continued passed out regular paychecks to the maybe 20,000 FSA soldiers throughout 2017 (despite Trump’s announced end to funding in June of that year). The Jordan MOC closed down at the end of 2017 and the FSA got their last paychecks from US taxpayers in January. Since then, they’ve been on their own and run their own operations centers, the largest one run by HTS/ex-al Nusra, but Nusra militias are in all of them. That’s kind of why Russia is bombing the piss out of them right now.

The Jordan MOC was understood by everyone to exist, but never really officially acknowledged by the US government. The CIA was probably busy with much of their regime-change clownfuckery there including the false flag chemical weapons theatre. CENTCOM is still involved in Syria, obviously – just not through the MOC. The CIA is wherever – I guess al Jafra Oilfield – staging the next fake CW attack.


Map tells story. Bad guys not worried about their backs. You know since when do criminals get to change their names? Don’t even call them by their new names, just say al nusra. Or better yet, just call them head chopping assholes backed by, obviously, Israel and Jordan.

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