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Syrian War Report – June 22, 2018: US-led Coalition Strikes Syrian Army Near At-Tanf

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Last night, the US-led coalition bombed positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) around the area of At Tanf in eastern Syria, according to pro-government sources. Two soldiers were reportedly killed. Pro-militant and pro-US sources claim that some unidentified force attacked a US patrol and the coalition responded.

If all these claims are confirmed, this development will mark start of another round of escalation over the US-occupied area of At-Tanf.

On June 21, the Syrian military deployed BM-30 Smerch and BM-27 Uragan heavy multiple rocket launchers along with several launchers of OTR-21 Tochka missiles in the province of Daraa.

A source in the SAA told SouthFront that the deployed systems will support a military operation against militants in southern Syria.

According to pro-government sources, the Syrian military already started using rocket launchers to shell militant positions in the towns of Busra al-Harir, Malihat Al-‘Atshan and Hirak in the eastern countryside of Daraa.

Meanwhile, 7 militant groups and alliances in southern Syria have announced an establishment of the Central Operations Room in order to plan and carry out military actions against the SAA and its allies.

Since the start of the Russian military operation in Syria in 2015, militant groups have repeatedly suffered setbacks and defeats in clashes against the SAA because of a lack of cooperation and coordination among various militant groups. It seems that militants in southern Syria have learnt this lesson.

The SAA continued its operation against ISIS cells in eastern al-Suwayda puring ISIS cells in the area of Khirbat al-Hibariyah and 11 nearby settlements. According to reports, members of Hezbollah, the Syrian Social Nationalist Party and the National Defense Forces are supporting this effort.

The situation is developing over the northern town of Manbij, on which the US and Turkey has endorsed a roadmap recently. On June 21, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) will begin withdrawal from the Manbij area on July 4. On June 20, the US-led coalition claimed that Turkish forces will not enter Manbij.

However, the final terms and conditions of the roadmap is still not released. So, the deployment of Turkish troops in the area still remains in question.

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leon mc pilibin

Russia will not stand by and allow all their hard work and blood sarcrifices to be for nothing because of jewSA arrogance and illegal occupation and support for terrorists.I am sure they are working hard diplomaticaly to free syria from the grip of terrorism,but they wont be pushed around by anyone,,,


Are you sleeping? RussuR is standing by all the time when it is against US or Israel.

So far Russia ONLY go against Terrorists who cannot fight back.

Too bad for Assad , has to depend on the Iranians to fight a Russian war


Now that the IRANIANS are very important for CHINA again ( China dumped the US-oil-products and the US-dollar in OIL +GAS transactions), maybe Tehran will ask if the CHINESE are so kind and deliver some clever SAMs to be transferred (a part of them) to ASSAD. And some MISSILES-systems again the US-Navy (CHINA has already developed such very effective anti-ship missiles)

INDIA needs IRANIAN OIL, too.. And they also have a lot of weapons and ammo.. ;)
We’ll see.
With Putin… well, I’m disappointed but that’s PUTIN:
VERY Imperial-BRITISH, “no friends, no enemies, just interests”
And I started to suspect this as PUTIN started that “stops &goes” in february-2016 by ALEPPO.. but John Kerry had no free-hand from the Rockefellers to DEAL any “Ukraine & Crimea” issues.
Now are the concierges of ROTHSCHILD at the ” business-table”…=> Bibi & Trump..


India is a Anglo/Zionist vassal state. India would need permission from its Imperial master before she could sell weapons to anybody.

Wise Gandalf

your degenerated brain is a Anglo/Zionist vassal tissue


Pretty much true stuff, too many stuff turn around after BB went to Moscow on June 9th. As you say after that Trump started to Talk nice stuff about Russia and how Crimea is Russian and all that. Ok we can see that BB deliver some of his word but the thing is what Putin should deliver that’s too important to be known. By my calculation he should remove Iranians and Hezbollah of the table, but that’s not easy though. So what is the real doing of Putin behind that deal…


Yes, but Russia will never go after USA-NATO-Israel and attack them. The only thing Russia agains these guys is to use its electronic warfare system to defense Syria, that is all. I do not think Russia will do more that that, even having the capability of totally destroy these guys.


Russia will sell half-Syria and ASSAD for Crimea =recognized as Russian, Ukraine fifty-fifty.
For: back to G8-raptors-table, no sanctions, no NATO in the Baltic Zone, Putin sells IRAN, too.
Sometimes I cannot get rid of the feeling that PUTIN agreed to help ASSAD.. only to have something to give the USraelis in exchange for Crimea and half-Ukraine (DONBAS and a few other things there)+

USSR sold the ARABS in 1972 to Henry Kissinger (a staged Vietnam-USA Peace in Paris) for Vietnam and attacked by the Israelis in 1973, the Arabs were blind while the Israelis had US-satellite- informations in real-time about movements and positioning of the Arab troops

“Nothing new”, so to say, if it happens again => so please don’t be very surprised if Ill’ be right in this presumption (no matter how much I’d like to be WRONG)


No way, wars are about money, and by stopping the USA gaining control over Syria, Russia has stopped the USA taking over gas supplies to Europe.

Russia doesn’t care if Americans think Crimea is Russian. The US has a history of creating its own reality, the US refused to recognize China, until the US went broke, and Nixon went cap in hand to China.

lene johansen

YANKEES GO HOME – and take your ISIS friend with you.


Why should US go home when they can easily at will establish a Nato country in the middle of Syria to control Russia and Iran?

Stupid to go home… but now they are getting other Nato countries to come to Syria and Assad is silent.


Syria is not silent. Syria from the beginning has complain of USA-Turkey invasion and will continue complain about that. However, Syria can do much against Israel-USA-NATO attacks since is lacking of force,men, and technology to attack these guys. The only thing Syria can do is to use the defense available, and that is. The point here is… WHAT THE HELL RUSSIA ALLOWS ISRAEL-USA-NATO TO ATTACK SYRIA ! and the main reason of course is ; USA-NATO are not attacked to avoid WWIII, Israel is not attacked because is the boss.

Ben Dover

If the US has been unable to establish anything more advanced than a couple of remote outposts in Syria in which to train their terrorists proxy army, it is doubtful that they will be establishing a NATO region any time soon.

Wise Gandalf

all right, arabs infect yanks with ebola! all yanks go there!


So why is the USA retreating?

Jens Holm

You still dont get it. Its a coalision and USAs are replaced mainly by french troops and airplanes.

But You also can see the mission is close to be accompliced. ISIS is low, Assads has lost terretory and most it is reduced, so Assads are. So the purpose is kind of accompliced even Assads should win a military victory.


” Syrian War Report – June 22, 2018: US-led Coalition Strikes Syrian Army Near At-Tanf ”

… and the Russians just sit and look how their Allies get bombed by the “ISIS Air-Force”
“Us-led Coalition”… that is when South-Front doesn’t want to say “Israeli warplanes”.

No S-300, no Russian SU-35 to protect them, no Russian S-400 to shoot down the foreign intruders in the Syrian Air-Space.

Ask myself how far will PUTIN go if USrael will recognize Crimea as RUSSIAN. Not to mention if the EU will agree with TRUMP to invite PUTIN’s boys back to the G8-table and to BRUXELLES to the Joint NATO-RUSSIA MIXED Military Commission, like it was atg the begin9ings of Putin’s Presidential terms in 2000.

By a stop of the sanctions against Russia, I guess that the way is free for USrael to attack IRAN.. OK, it will be FREE as much as it depends on the RUSSIAN SIDE.


One thing becomes clearer and clearer, Putin half-sold ASSAD to Bibi on 9th of May in MOSCOW.

OK, maybe I’m wrong and PUTIN is now “lame-duck” because the Soccer World-Cup home in Russia, but after that we’ll see… Because after that, Putin has no reasonable excuses anymore.


Syrians are dying for Russians to have a base in ME , to have pipeline to Turkey and Germany thus saving their economy .. and makes Russia alliance with Turkey and Iran the strongest over US /Saudi/Israeli side…..

So Syrians soldiers have to die to achieve that but they cannot be protected even by an old S300 . Pathetic.

In the end Syrians have to pay for reconstruction too… how silly

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I’m glad he hasn’t, but I often wonder why Assad hasn’t switched sides yet. He’d make more cash from the Saudi, US, Israeli gas pipeline than he would from the Iranian Russian proposal. He wouldn’t have to put up with Putin’s lack of resolve and disastrous dealings with Erdogan, that have given away nearly 2 whole Governates. He could stop the war in an instant. He could even have the US, Israel, Britain, France and Germany all wade in with heaps of cash to help rebuild the country [with him still in power], a new Utopia.
Lesser men would have flipped long ago, Assad must be made of very stern stuff indeed for him to have put up with not only the damage his enemies have done to him, but his next to useless ally Putin as well.
The US only have to annex the east of Syria from Al-Tanf in the south, to Ar-Raqqah in the north, bring Erdogan back to the fold, and we have a new Saudi pipeline. not many people realize just how close to a reality this Saudi pipeline is becoming.

Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

Where was Russia ? they using a main propaganda for the dictator everyday and when the US bombs they hide themselves.


But still they defeat the mighty USA.
The US fights tooth and nail drags in too many allies to list, to help the mighty USA, and Russia with the aid of Syria Lebanon and Iran defeat the Americans with little effort.

Perhaps Russia does not want to needlessly humiliate the USA anymore than is necessary?

Paul Barbara

It’s not that the headchoppers have ‘learnt their lesson’, it’s just that they are taking their orders from the US and it’s cronies: search: ‘Arab Daily: British Diplomatic Cable Unveils US Plots to Disintegrate Syria’ + ‘Global Research’.

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