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Syrian War Report – June 2, 2017: Syrian Army Advances In Eastern Aleppo And Southeastern Desert

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies have renewed push against the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the southeastern Syrian desert. The SAA began advancing in the Al-Dakwa area and Beer Kasab in order to link up in the Zuluf reserve area. The operation followed an FSA advance against government troops on Wednesday when US-backed militants failed to push the SAA from the Zaza triangle. FSA sources blamed Russian airstrikes and pro-Iranian militias for this failure.

In eastern Homs, the SAA advanced on Al-Abbasiya and Al-Sukari southeast of Palmyra, but ISIS members repelled the attack and forced the army to retreat. Russian warplanes and helicopters have bombed ISIS targets near Al-Sukari and Al-Abbasiya, east of the Arak field, and in Sukhnah.

The SAA Tiger Forces have captured the villages of Jadyaa Saghira and Jadyaa Kabira south of the ISIS-held town of Maskana and the Maskana silos. Thus, the SAA isolated the ISIS stronghold from the southern, western and northern directions.

Experts believe that ISIS will be forced to withdraw from the strategic town soon. However, there is always a chance that terrorists decide to defend the town by all means.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Republican Guard has conducted limited attacks against ISIS east of Khanasser, drawing the terrorist group’s attention from Maskana.

Russian warplanes have destroyed three ISIS convoys fleeing Raqqa, the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed in a statement on Thursday. The convoys were attempting to escape from Raqqa in the southern direction on Monday but the Russian Aerospace Forces prevented this. 80 ISIS terrorists were killed and 36 vehicles, 8 fuel trucks and 17 pickups equipped with mortars and machine guns were destroyed.

“The Command of the Russian Air Force group in Syrian Arab Republic warned that any efforts of ISIS’ insurgents to leave Raqqa through the open corridor to Palmyra will be suppressed,” the statement reads.

The ministry added that the US-led coalition and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are maintaining an open corridor for terrorists south of the city.

In May, the SDF released an official statement denying any allegations that they may allow ISIS members to flee Raqqa and arguing there is info indicating that the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance cooperates with ISIS near Palmyra.

Meanwhile, the SDF captured ath-Thadyayn near the Baath Dam south of Raqqa. Clashes have reportedly continued in the Baath Dam itself as claims of the pro-SDF sources that it had been fully retaken appeared to be untrue.
According to opposition sources, the SDF began negotiations with ISIS members suggesting them to withdraw from the dam and the nearby villages. The same approach was implemented in Tabqa and in the Tabqa Dam where terrorists accepted an open corridor deal.

ISIS also released statements claiming that some 23 Kurdish fighters have been killed in the recent clashes in the Raqqa countryside.

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Imagine that! ISIS is Assad’s enemy. Gee whiz, I thought the U.S. was bombing ISIS.



Bombing them with money, weapons and intelligence….


Yeah, where do people think Isis get their money and supplies from. It’s surrounded by major powers or “anti-IS coalition” from all sides, of which all claim to be fighting Isis. How is it possible they keep on fighting?

Tom Tom

they rob banks like Bonny and Clyde! They even have an old Model T Ford. That’s what we’ve heard.

Tom Tom

Well, at least with money and weapons. As for intelligence, they thought brains was “trains” and took one to the coast.



Nigel Maund

Yes amazing isn’t it! US duplicity knows no limits. It had a very good teacher in the perfidious Albion (aka the UK) who is arguably the greatest liar on the planet.


In fact US protects ISIS. Due to ISIS US SOF are there in Syria. If ISIS removed from Syria and Iraq then there is any reason that US army stay there? No.

Solomon Krupacek

So, operation Big Down died at first resistence of Isis near Palmyra.


Kurdish population is 2% of total Syrian population. US supported Kurdish to take land and oil and gas fields from Syria and make independent state. This action is against International law and world community should have to prosecute Obama for his this evil action.

Montenegrin ??

Kurds in Syria are 10-15% of the population, not 2%. If they were 2% theres no way in hell they would be able to seize 20% of the country

Rüdiger Preiss

Between Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria by far the smallest number of Kurds are in Syria. 10-15% they might be now, although this still seems high. Where do you get your number from, Montenegrin?, Consider that many Kurds have come as refugees from Iraq not long ago. Why should Syria provide land for the Kurds? Contrary to Iraq and Turkey, Kurds were never persecuted in Syria. It should be Turkey and Iraq providing land!

Jens Holm

Its not many, which has come from there. Its just another rather small adjustment. You also see kurds being non PKK comming from the war part of Turkey.

Iraqi kurdistan today is a safezone compared to others, but we dont see numbers just trends.

It can never be 15. 10.


I discussed with this guy yesterday that the number was more like 11%, and he seemed to agree. But now he want’s to go back to 2% (perhaps math is not his strong point?).

Jens Holm

Its all “was” numbers all over in the region. Syria estimated has 8-10 million internal and external refugees.

Ariound 2004 Im quite sure the best estimates for kurds were 1,7 million accepted as Syrians and 200.000 as having no state. But at the same time Syria was estimated from 21 to a little more then 24 millions.

It can never be 15% as written above. More likely its close around 10%. I will also allow me to mention, that Immigration from Syria by all kinds make minus. They will never come back. Many refugees abroad has the same: If possible, we will never come back.

The 2% is systematic propaganda mainly made by Turkmen to my knowledge. Those which are propagandists there dont minus Turkmen assimilated as Syrian not feeling any Turkish anymore and Turkmen in large numbers has emmigrated to Turkey.

When kurds take over land where Turkmen was – They have left, so its mainly sold at normal conditions.

PKK has the same kind of counting. They sometimes count millions, which 2-3 generations ago were kurds and kurdish related. Those not kurds anymore has like elsewere been urbanized in big towns and cities. Integration there is to learn new stuff and be like the others – no farming, fishing or catching rabbits as skills in Istandbull, Izmir and Ankara.

When people here write: There is ONLY ARABS in Raqqa. Its a was too. We know that many kurds left the dry land after – I think – 2008 and went to the towns as the lowest parts of them. There fore some estimates telling there could be 10-15% kurds in Raqqa could be true – Well until ISIS came.

Syria has urbanized as others even more and better food should be supported, because its possible and too many with low income has/had no job. At least the can feel safe by having food every day. And SAA strike fields to destroy crops at the fields. What a world.


People living in same Kurdish region and even in same home are not all Kurds, for example in a family husband is Christen and wife is Muslim, so should I call them Christian family or Muslim family or I should consider both husband and wife Christian or both Muslim?

On the bases of this statistics my figure is 2%.

Now Kurds have occupied more Arab Sunnies and Shia areas than 2011, so now the people of those areas (Sunnis and Shia both) we take as Kurdish then according to your statistics Kurds are now 12% by region but not by ethnicity.


People living in same Kurdish region and even in same home are not all Kurds, for example in a family husband is Christen and wife is Muslim, so should I call them Christian family or Muslim family?

Jens Holm

And You cant fly, therefore You are a stone.


1> Iranians are not aggressors. 2> Iranians have given full support to Syrian nation. 3> Iranians have sacrificed their lives for the dignity and safety of children of Syria. 4> Iran is a great nation in entire Middle East by discipline, talent, education, industrial infrastructure and science and technology. 5> Iran has more universities than any other regional countries and education in Iran is compulsory for both genders male and female. 6> Iran produces more than 50% defence weapons in their own country and are not 100% dependent on other countries.

7> The nation of Iran is the most beautiful nation in the Middle East that know how to live with dignity. 8> The modest dress of Middle East is not due to religion but due to sunlight and weather environment. One cannot expose his skin to sunlight in Middle East because it causes skin sunburn spots and skin cancer.

9> Iran population consists of Shia, Sunni, Christian, Jew and other religious and non religious people, all are living in Iran peacefully without any discrimination and that is the reason that Iran is developing so fast. Iran is a multi culture, multi religion, and multi ethnic peaceful country. ——————————————————————————————————————————–

Solomon Krupacek

Iran produces more than 50% defence weapons in their own country and are not 100% dependent on other countries

and totally dependent on gasoline. no refinery. what now?

Tom Tom

Iranian Oil Refining:


Solomon Krupacek

this is nothing. iran import most of gasoline


Iran produces and exports automobile fuels, and other petroleum refine products like fabrics, fertilizers, gels, plastic granules, and other petrochemical products.

Iran cannot export raw petrolium. This is country law because final finished products can make more money than raw petroleum.

The above wiki site control by bot and is not credible.


Some are delusional. News update from Maskaneh plains: Oh No, more Tiger Spam!

GO TIGERS GO https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a3d2c0e48c9c1ee5bfdb12b30df04a9226016649f3d09fa6f16c6984267ec197.jpg

Jens Holm

Same strange conditions. Even having lot of oil, they hardly make needed products of it. Thats were the profit is.

Solomon Krupacek

I never understood this thing. Naybe they does not bulrd therefore, that in war is easy to destroy. And first war with iraq, later permanent danger of war wit IL and USA. Maybe.

Jens Holm

Yes, we have been there from Afghanistan. I see no friends as well. We only decide, which parts should be killed this an that time.

Let others have their own version of dark. Then they cant blame us for everything. We have our bad sides too.

So if they just want to sell oil – and as Iran – even need to buy some – let them. They have to sell, to buy food.


Iran has more refineries than any other regional countries.

Rüdiger Preiss

Haha Stephen, I agree with most but “modest dress” because of sunlight?? Give me a break. So females are more likely to get sun burn?

Jens Holm

Modest dress is because muslim men and boys dont learn to behave themselves and cant control the little one.

We dont have those problems here as if dresses are a part of the brain. Its easy to read instatistics. We have lower or at least same rate for rape as well as children abuse.

50% are all discriminated very hard and all minds are too. Yougs are discriminated hard as well and You defend any possible progress too even its hard needed.

Woman dot live in dignity as You wrote in 7.


I love it :)))

Night Hunter

You should have summed it all up. -Today’s Iran consist of many provinces, each province with their own cultural doctraine, one could say Baluchistan and Kurdistan (in Iran) has a major cultural differences yet all living under one roof. – yesterday’s Iran ( greater Persia ) was covering a massive territory govern by civilised wisdom. – tomorrow’s Iran is being dicided in battle fields of Syria and Iraq.

Good thing to come.


This is not a good strategy of Syrian government to open hundred fronts. Syrian government should have to fight just on two fronts at one time. Even America cannot fight on hundred fronts.


SAA has actually decreased the number of “active fronts” be declaring deescalation zones against HTS et al in the the west and moving against ISUS to the east. The move against US backed FSA at Al Dakwa is a good move. They are weak here (not to many villages and a lot of desert and volcano land. FSA op “Desert Volcano” is a propaganda joke for sure. SAA needs to shorten their front lines.

Jens Holm

Yes they have. Its a good move, if You like them winning.

Solomon Krupacek

and moving against ISUS to the east

i can not see under microscope

Tom Tom

“Deconfliction zone.” LOL. Sure thing.

Solomon Krupacek

DefCon fliction zone

Jens Holm

Last Year they sended “Wargames” 2-3 times at night time. Some might learn figtings has no winners like in Tic-tac(the one with X & 0).

Jens Holm

Nasty Russian rhetorics. Before Kurds came, ISIS could go 360. Now its 180 or less.

Seems like inhabitants of Raqqa are spendable for Russians.

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