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Syrian War Report – June 18, 2018: Tiger Forces Deploy In Daraa

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On June 17, Syrian government forces have cleared Kabt Mount, Shadid Hill and the areas of Abar Warak and Bir Atshan, near the T2 pumping station, from ISIS cells.

According to the pro-opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 18 ISIS members and 8 government fighters were killed in the clashes. Pro-government sources added that a few vehicles of ISIS were also destroyed.

According to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq, ISIS fighters ambushed a convoy of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) destroying a battle tank and a vehicle.

This advance was a part of the wider effort of the SAA and its allies to clear the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert and eastern Syria in general from ISIS cells.

The SAA also re-launched its operation to clear eastern al-Suwayda from ISIS after deploying additional reinforcements in the area. Aur, Hibbariyah and nearby settlements remain the main targets of the operation. On June 16, ISIS destroyed an SAA vehicle near al-Haramiyah.

Additional units of the Tiger Forces, led by General Suheil al-Hassan, arrived in the province of Daraa in order to participate in the upcoming military developments there. Pro-militant sources say that the sides involved in the conflict were not able to reach a deal to de-escalate the situation and to implement a reconciliation agreement there.

On June 17, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) captured the village of Dashisha from ISIS. Additionally, the SDF established control of al-Nasirah and Tell al-Jabir. A major part of ISIS members had withdrawn from these villages towards the remaining positions of the terrorist group along the border with Iraq.

According to pro-Kurdish sources, the SDF is set to clear the entire border from ISIS elements. However, it is not clear when the US-backed force is going to pay attention to a notable ISIS enclave in the Euphrates Valley.

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Wise Gandalf

Tiger Forces Deploy In Daraa

Risky move. If USA and/or IL decide to attack them, Sy cam lose its elite soldiers. Incl. their leader.


Exactly because Russia will only use its warfare electronic elements, but Russia will do nothing to stop Israel or USA-NATO planes attack. The problem is that it is not possible to know what Russia will do…..will Russia give full support and protection to Syria ground troops ? Will Russia agree with ISrael-USA not to do anything if they attack Syria ?, Will Russia give a partial (symbolic) help to Syria to protect some attack ?

So far, Russia has given a strong support to Syria to destroy ISIS-Daesh. However, whenever Israel attack Syria, Russia does nothing. Whenever USA attack Syria, Russia does something. On othe other hand, Russia did nothing to stop SDF (USA-puppets) to take over north-east of Euphrates river (Omar oil fields) (at Deir Ezzor, Al Yamadin, and Al Abukamal), and this action looked llike a USA-Russia agreement.

Wise Gandalf

If you see this information, you can realize, how easy is to kull generals:

E. #Syria: airstrikes near #AbuKemal killed at least 14 among Assad forces: one Major General, 2 Colonels, 2 Majors & 9 other fighters. They were from Tartus (7), Latakia (4), Aleppo (2) & Homs (1) provinces.


firoz khan

Russia acts upon its own interests do not rely on Putin but Iran.

Wise Gandalf

Still IL says, where will operate SAA, not Assad. :( Ruskies are painful element for Assad in Syria.



John Whitehot

you darned dinousars don’t know a thing about football, lest alone syria.

Wise Gandalf



Old Zionist fart at his daily anti-Russian propaganda. Why don’t you go watch your favorite pedophile movies instead, you flaccid dick? I’m more than sure that you don’t give fuck about Assad.

Rodney Loder

Trump could have got his Tony Blair in Macron although I don’t think anyone would believe that except Trump but even so the provercations will come think and fast, two already have gone by the PMU and SAA got hit by the USA in the last few days. I often think just what a fool Hitler was responding to Polish provercations, but that was Allah did that to save the Soviet Union heaven forbid anyone saves the USA.


Step by step… But the Russians became rather RARE in the air..This Putin-Bibi agreements still concerns me…


Yes, I have maybe the wrong impression that sometimes Russia behaves as a Israel’s vassal.

John Whitehot

yeah, according to jews, everybody winning wars is their vassals. in reality, the butthurtness of israel over Syria is echoing through the universe while you ziotrolls feverishly try to find new ways to convince their kind that things always go israel way.

fuck off forever and ever.


Of course that it “still concerns you” because you have been pedaling, parroting-trolling the same shit all the time. So you actively push this narrative (paid or not) and you pretend to be German (fascist) who hides his dislike for Russians and use every opportunity to slender Putin.

There is no shadow of doubt that you are anti-Russian it is not only visible (and I do not care) weather you are pro Jihad Muslims or some dickhead NAZI.

Creating divide between Russians and Assad , Iran can be only useful for Israel-US-NATO-Jihad. So any ZIONIST should vote for your comment

Wise Gandalf



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