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JUNE 2023

Syrian War Report – June 15, 2017: Syrian Army Captures More Oil Fields In Raqqah Province

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

On Wednesday, Jaysh Maghawir al-Thawra and other groups of the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) launched another attack against the Syrian army and its allies in southeastern Syria. According to the FSA, its members attacked government forces at the Zuluf reserve area after killing a number of Syrian troops and destroying some vehicles, including battle tanks. However, the FSA has failed to provide photo or video confirmation of the gains. Pro-government sources denied the claims.

Earlier this week, reports appeared that the US military deployed a High Mobility Artillery Rocket System at its military base in At Tanf and started expanding a military facility at al Zquf.

According to experts, FSA attacks on government forces in southeastern Syria is a common part of the wider US-backed effort aimed to drive the Syrian army and its allies out from the border area with Iraq. The fact that government troops had reached the border with Iraq and linked up with the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units, was a large strategic loss for the US-led coalition. Now, Washington is using its proxies in order to test government defense lines in the area and in the best case to restart attempts to build a militant-held buffer zone between Iraq and Syria.

The Syrian and Iraqi militaries responded to this effort boosting a cooperation in the border area. On June 13, the Chief of Staff of the Iraqi Army General, Osman Al-Ghanmi, met with a high-level delegation from the Syrian Ministry of Defense, headed by the Commander of the Syrian Army Operations Staff. The fight against ISIS, security issues and military coordination were the core of the meeting’s agenda.

In the province of Raqqah, the Syrian Army Tiger Forces liberated the Tawhrah oil fields and the nearby points, pushing towards the village of Resafa. Clashes between government troops and ISIS members were also reported near the Habbari field.

Clashes between Kurdish YPG units and so-called opposition forces continued in northwestern Aleppo. Heavy artillery and mortar shelling were reported in Basoufan and Bashmara near Afrin and an intense fighting near the village of Dara Azza. According to opposition sources, 35 YPG members were killed during the recent escalation. Pro-Kurdish sources claimed that 28 militants of various groups were killed.

Some sources suggest that Ankara may be behind the recent actions of militant groups operating in the area against YPG forces. The goal is to weaken the YPG influence in the area.

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Wheres the PMU? Time to focus on that southern border and sweep up towards Al Bukamal, make the barrier so wide so fast the US proxies have no chance, this is a critical time the US still thinks it can create greater Israel the sooner they knock any possibility of this on the head the quicker they win. Until then the US will continue to provoke and endanger everyone in Syria, Iraq and Iran.


That involves attacking ISIS so I love it.


Very soon they will get what they are wishing for. Us had been pushed too far until the sleep giant will wake up.


Let’s see where the growing army at Tanf decided to go. It is not clear if their purpose has changed. If they wanted to block the border, they could have bombed SAA troops embedded with Russians already. Maybe they have something else in mind, such as airborne operations into madayin, or Abu kamal.


Good move to contain the YPG enclave on the west (?) bank of the Euphrates by reaching that road junction. There seems to be something of a lull, so let’s hope that the Syrians have a big move prepared.


Attrition47 How did you get lost, its a long way from Tel Aviv to Raqqa, LoL:)))


I’m no zionist you div, I’m decent people. There is no point in the Russians and Syrians falling for a US head-chopping, heart-eating raper provocation; they should take discreet precautions and carry on. Let the Washington barbarians take the blame for an escalation.


Attrition47 Now now ! Temper temper !!

Don’t use the Z. word unless there is no alternative.

A person does not need to be a Z. in order to support Israel, its a matter of personal choice.


This is very good news.

The report does not say if the oil fields are operating or blown by the US led “Terror Axis” which includes IS.

The video mentioned briefly that the US has deployed long-range missiles near Al Tanf to be used against the Syrian Military.

This is a major escalation by the “Terror Axis” but as usual the Putin / Lavrov duo bend over for “Our Partners”.


DAMASCUS, SYRIA (4:00 A.M.) – Moments ago, Pentagon officials confirmed the US military had moved its High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) from Jordan into the Al-Tanf border region in southern Syria.

The HIMARS represents a truck-mounted missile system which can reach targets 300 kilometers away, thus bringing the US-led coalition within firing range of Damascus itself.

“We have increased our presence and our footprint and prepared for any threat that is presented by the pro-regime forces,” US Col. Ryan Dillon told reporters at the Pentagon earlier this month.

Jens Holm

Like old junk military facilities those oilfields are totally unimportant. The impoirtance there are to uclean for ISIS by kill or 100% retreat making no confrintations with SDF there killing those ISIS`s as well.


Jens Holm Oil fields equal to lots of money.

Money can help towards good morale, buy food, regenerate the economy, help towards victory, etc.

With Russian guidance and encouragement, the way the Syrian military fights is to let IS melt away towards Turkey or safer areas.

Russia wants IS to rest, get rearmed, refinanced and come back to fight again which is why the same battles are fought over and over.

Jens Holm

I didnt write that. Oilfields out of order are worth nothing. SAA already has anough nort working of them and its more important to make them work fast then taking some more, You have no use for – yet.

And who else should take them. Defeating ISIS is the important matter.

I might not understand, whta You write, but I cant see Russia in any way should help ISIS.

SDF is more complicated. As I see it Afrin, Aleppo and also Damaskus has been 51% friendly and the rest has been neutral to kind of hostile. But I cant see they should even need or even take any oil. In the SDF area of today, they have much oil. And You seems to forget, that even so, they should be able to tranpsort it out. They hardly can now.


Jens Holm “… Oilfields out of order are worth nothing…..”

Oilfields can be capped and uncapped to get them working.

Jens Holm

Like cars witout oil. You can use them for sleep or henhouses.


Jens Holm “…You can use them for sleep or henhouses….”

You continue sleeping in your car parked on stolen Palestinian land.

Stop getting so busy about Syrian oil.

The oil fields will be retaken, repaired and pumping, making money.


The Confrontation between US and Syrians army forces very will be real because US keep pushing too hard until Syria will be tied about pursuing provocation to people and sending terrorists to fight Syria. I think US reaches the red line where they will confronted by Syria army and Russia. What Us wants to see the end of Syria and Russia and very will see third world war in Syria rather than North Korea.

Jens Holm

Seems You have forgotten, that Assadist were enemy number 1 until too much became out of hand – especially ISIS.

So when ISIS hopefully soon are gone, those criminels in Damaskus will become number one again even things might have changed a little.

Of course US and others will push to get more conditions for Syria, and it will include some drastic changes.

Those socalled red lines are just practical temporary lines. Some even are made by Russia and USA to keep YPG & SAA safe from each other, and if so, they dont get support to that.


Assad is a good president in Arab World if your try to compare him with those in Saudi Arabia who always violated human rights daily while US and all western stand by them. If you look at Syria there much religion tolerance where Muslim and Christian lives side by side for centuries with out conflict. Now those ISIS want to destabilise the peaceful country.


Russia should have to secure the Syrian South border by establishing a military base there. The Trump army and their proxies are now terrorizing SAA and their allies. It should be noticed.

John Whitehot

terrorizing my ass


John Whitehot “…terrorizing my ass…”

You are on the wrong readers forum, turn left for Pink News to complain about your victim status.

Jens Holm

You can send them a letter.


Stephen Agree with your assessment.

The US is terrorizing the Syrian Military.


BBC TV News UK, Sunday Evening – Monday 00.05 June 19, 2017. The US has just shot down a Syrian Air Force jet over Raqqa.


BBC TV News UK, Sunday Evening – Monday 00.04 June 19, 2017. Iran has launched series of missiles from west Iran into North East Syria targeting Terror Bases.

BBC TV News UK, Sunday Evening – Monday 00.05 June 19, 2017. The US has just shot down a Syrian Air Force jet over Raqqa.

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