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Syrian War Report – June 14, 2017: Govt Forces Break ISIS Defense Lines In Raqqah And Homs Provinces

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The Syrian Army Tiger Forces have made a large progress against ISIS terrorists in the province of Raqqah. The Tiger Forces liberated a number of villages, including Jubb Ghanum, Jubb al Abyad, Madakhah, and Bir Inbaj, the Rusafa oil field, the Rusafa junction and reached the Ithriyah-Tabqah road southwest of the area controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Government forces continued developing momentum in the area and advanced in the direction of Habbari oil field with a wider goal to clear the area east of the Khanasser-Iithriyah road from vestiges of the ISIS force. According to some pro-government sources, the Habbari field and the nearby areas were already liberated by the army. However, there are a lack of photos and videos from the area because of a military censorship imposed by the military.

The gains were achieved amid little clashes with ISIS terrorists. A major part of elite ISIS units had been redeployed to the provinces of Homs and Deir Ezzor.

Meanwhile, the army, the National Defense Forces (NDF), Liwa al-Quds, Hezbollah and other pro-government units, backed up by the Russian Aerospace Forces, broke ISIS defense lines in the countryside of Palmyra and fully captured the Arak town, the Arak field and the T3 Pumping Station.

According to reports, more pro-government units are deploying to Palmyra in order to support the government advance on the ISIS-held town of Sukhna located en route to Deir Ezzor. However, ISIS forces deployed at the Huwaisis village north of the Tiyas Airbase still pose a threat to supply lines of any government force that may advance on Sukhna.

The US military has deployed a High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) near At Tanf in southeastern Syria, according to the mainstream media. The system was moved from Jordan. The HIMARS deployment dramatically strengthens the US military presence in the area and poses a direct threat to Syrian government forces deployed northeast of At Tanf. Earlier this month, the army and its allies reached the border with Iraq and started setting up fortifications there. Thus, the both sides are considering a possibility of military escalation at the Syrian-Iraqi border.

The SDF continued clashing with ISIS in the city of Raqqah after the isolation of the terrorist stronghold from the northern, western and eastern directions. The SDF is now in control of Al Jazrah, al-Sinaa, and a part of industrial area south of al-Sinaa.

The SDF operation in Raqqah came amid another escalation between Kurdish SDF units and pro-Turkish militants in northern Aleppo. According to pro-SDF sources, over 30 pro-Turkish militants have been killed in the clashes in the area.

The more the battle for Raqqah takes time, the more opportunities Syrian government forces obtain to reach the city of Deir Ezzor before the US-led coalition decides that it needs to capture this oil rich area by itself.

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Looking good, watch for the Zio-US stab in the back.


With a bit of luck, the British mercenary forces in the Middle East will keep out of it, what with the recent Potemkin election.

Wahid Algiers

Well done manoeuvres by the SAA and its allies in the past weeks. ISIL will be history in a few weeks. SAA could have a one-eyed smart look on the next targets and duties to free and secure Syria.

Joe Doe

When SAA Tiger FOrce reached the Itria-Aleppo road this will shrink the front line a lot and release many inventory and military hardware in that area and could assist the SAA Tiger force to liberate east of Syria including Deir Ezzor


So it means that Trump army and their proxies help separatist in south and east Syria. Before they are able to catch any area they will be kicked out from south and east Syria, then their HIMARS artillery system cannot save them. HIMARS artillery system is just a piece of shits have no accuracy and will murders many innocent Syrian civilians as they have murdered thousands in Afghanistan by these shits. If our government divide Syria then what is its benefit to our country? For this evil CIA plan hundreds of thousands of innocent Syrian and Iraqi civilians were killed.

Divesh Kumar

Russia supplies gas to Europe. EU wants the oil from middle east at cheaper price via pipeline through Syria. Israel wants security and hence balkanisation of middle east especially it’s neighbors. Saudi wants to sell oil to EU AND ALSO devoid shias of power. Russia is the biggest beneficiary….. Got a live testing field for its weapons, will ensure no pipeline to EU from middle east thus gazopram can sell oil at exorbitant rates and moreover got a permanent base in Syria with lot of executive powers. Now the US….. I THINK THEY ARE THERE IN SYRIA only because of their habit to poke nose in others affairs…….. They are the biggest jokers in this whole mess

John Whitehot

EU does not want to buy oil from Middle East because it reinforces the petrodollar. Buying Russian oil reinforces the EUro. The US are in Syria because they want to FORCE the EU to buy oil and gas from gulf, OPEC countries, because if the petrodollar starts failing, US national debt explodes in their faces and it’s the end of kleptocratic zionism.


Greater Israel is the real reason.


Solomon Krupacek

do not put here again andf again this stupid bullshit! what do you think, how could exist great israel? 5 million jews and 100 000 000 muslems??? think first!

John Whitehot

when it comes to west and “zionists”, real reasons are economical.

The masonic-judaic plot for world domination is based on money, whose influence will be used to exert control over population and natural resources.

The real reason of the refugee crysis is to destroy european way of life and christian values. Immigrants that will engross the numbers of 1- criminals 2- unregulated work market.

The mid-term objective is to make welfare based governments fall under the weight of millions of people who on one side consume resources and on the other give nothing back, at least to the healthy economic circles. Some euro countries are giving 35-40$ per day to every illegal, in addition to food, shelter, healthcare and other services.

Soros paid NGOs are at the front of the operation.


That is why Pentagon, CIA, Mossad, and Wahhabis have been sacrificing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians just for economy. So these terrorists Pentagon, CIA, Mossad and Wahhbis are now using force against Syrians and destroying their properties and country’s infrastructure. This is a heinous war crime that I have seen in my life time.

Real Anti-Racist Action

#1 advantage I see here to insure Syria wins the next short small round against the UK/USSA forces here is to open road from Iran to Syria now available. Iran must now deploy 2,000 additionally al quads special forces dressed as civilians to travel to the region on the Iraqi side. If the slightest confrontation breaks out, al quads forces must fight at night all night against US forces. After that the US will most likely pull back into Zionist-occupied-Jordan after being surprised on the battlefield. US and UK solders are not warriors, they are money grubbers. Their own nations are being conquered and they do not fight to defend. All they care about is free-University, free-money, and pretending to be heroes. Even though according to the Bible they are the opposite of heroes. lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RniECAH4FmU


In regards to Habbari oil field and HWY 42 the article states: “However, there are a lack of photos and videos from the area because of a military censorship imposed by the military.” I take this to be a good sign.

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