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Syrian War Report – July 5, 2018: FSA Militants Surrender Heavy Weapons To Syrian Army

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The US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) group Shabab al-Sunna is handing over its weapons to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the town of Bosra al-Sham in the province of Daraa.

According to released photos and videos, the group has handed over two battle tanks, two BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles and a 37 mm automatic air defense gun M1939, a 160mm mortar cannon and at least 6 US-made TOW anti-tank missile launchers.

Besides this, the SAA has recovered a notable number of mortars, ammunition and light weapons.

According to pro-government sources, the FSA’s Shabab al-Sunna will continue handing over weapons in the upcoming days. Most of its members have chosen to settle their legal status and to join the SAA to combat ISIS and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in southern Syria.

Meanwhile, negotiations on a fully-fledged reconciliation deal in the area has once again collapsed with FSA groups demanding unrealistic terms and conditions like the SAA withdrawal from the recently liberated areas.

This as well as the FSA’s cooperation with Hayat Tahri al-Sham will likely trigger a new round of the SAA advance in Daraa.

At the same time, the ISIS-linked Khalid ibn al-Walid Army, which controls a large chunk of area near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, released a propaganda video vowing to combat the SAA and started shelling government positions in the village of al-Shaykh Maskin west of Daraa city.

Previously several reports suggested that US-backed FSA groups and ISIS had found understanding to oppose the SAA advance jointly. The Khalid ibn al-Walid Army clearly understands that nor Israel nor US-backed groups are not going to combat it. So, it will likely continue its attacks on the SAA even if there is no official coordination agreement with the FSA.

According to pro-government sources, government forces also repelled a limited ISIS attack in eastern al-Suwayda killing a few ISIS members near Tell Bassir. The operation against ISIS cells in eastern al-Suwayda is currently paused because the SAA’s current priority is Daraa province.

On July 4, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his Jordanian counterpart Ayman Safadi held a meeting on the situation in southern Syria.

Following the meeting, Lavrov said that the US rarely separates terrorist groups like ISIS and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham from the opposition.

“We have also pointed out the need for the implementation of agreements on the southern de-escalation zone, deals which were reached by the United States, Russia and Jordan on all aspects, including the continuation of the uncompromising struggle against terrorists from Islamic State and Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (another name of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham), which control about 40 percent of the southern de-escalation zone,” Lavrov said rejecting the US claims that the SAA operation in the area violates the de-escalation agreement.

This statement shows that the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance is not going to stop its efforts to clear the province of Daraa and nearby areas from militants despite criticism from the US and a hysteria in the mainstream media.

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Saaed Wayan

I think on the front camera to lick and shower with penis from FSA.. Will not succeed in maintaining the SAA ..

Brother Ma

Shoot them all. They are traitors or foreign invaders.


Al Qaeda is running to the Israelis for protection. Rarely does the US ever separated the so called “rebels” from Al Qaeda. In effect, the US gives military support to Al Qaeda. In fact, all of the US’s vassals provide military aide to Al Qaeda in Syria. So, was the 911 destruction of the Twin Towers in New York a false-flag operation? Looks like it to me.

Hisham Saber

The valiant Syrian Arab Army, NDF, Hezbollah, Iraqi PMU, assorted militias and auxiliaries are all posed to liberate the entire Syrian sovereign territory. This also means the Golan, and there is nothing the Israeli’s or Americans can co about it at this point. The sheer multitudes, and momentum by the ‘ axis of resistance ‘ is overwhelming, and air power alone will make no difference. The IDF soy-boys will be but a minor speedbump into Israel proper.

The U.S., British, and French will try to intercede, but will be proven to be outflanked, outmaneuvered and outmatched, in numbers of fighters and sheer experience.

Through 7 years of unrelenting desert , rural and urban hardcore combat experience, the forces aligned against the U.S./ Israeli coalition have by now been distilled down to the best fighting forces in the world.

The ‘ Deal of the Century ‘ is coming, but instead of via Washington and Tel Aviv’s terms, it will be hatched in Tehran, Damascus and Baghdad.

The ‘ writing is on the wall ‘ for Israel, its all coming to head for the Zionist outpost. The forces about to be unleashed will not stop until Jerusalem is back as an integral part of greater Palestine. Jews/Israeli’s will have to contend with this coming reality. And the U.S., Britain, and France will have been kicked out of a major part (Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen) for good. Jordan’s king will fall, and the collateral damage will engulf the Arab GCC states in turmoil, especially if the U.S. / Israel attack Iran , its vital interests and forces. Or if the U.S./ Israel decide foolishly to use non-conventional weapons, in which all of Israel will be flattened to the ground, and U.S. forces annihilated around the region, and all oil and gas infrastructure in the wider Middle East – 2000km radius- destroyed, putting a fatal implosion of the dollar, the Petro-dollar scheme forced on the world for too long.

The Chinese have a more lucrative, appealing and honest world system which they are trying to sell, at the opposition of so many, Washington vassals and such. Even cash-strapped India is looking at envy, as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor- CPEC- a 50 billion dollar link between the two nations reaches its fruition later this year. Just last month, a freight-passenger-cargo mega train left China haeded non-stop to Tehran, Iran. A first maiden voyage, to take two weeks, instead of the 5 weeks by sea.

China is using her vast resources cooperating with nations the world over, who desire tree trade, peace, harmony and as the Chinese like to say, a ‘ win-win’ scenario. Although its starting out slow, the 25 trillion dollar, in ten years – OBR initiative, its mainly due to so many countries out there too afraid to draw Washington’s fury. Coups, sanctions, subversion, colored revolutions, etc all keep world leaders up at night, waiting for Washington’s beck and call.

So while the once proud and mighty U.S. of A is/gets mired deeply in war, strife, intrigue , insurgency, hostility in the Middle East at the behest of a very powerful syndicate of international Jews, fighting for Israel’s and their selfish ideological Talmudic teachings, the U.S. is showing signs of an empire at its last grasp, having spent 7 trillion dollars since the Israeli 9-11 inside job, and nothing to show for it.

China meanwhile is poised to deliver humanity peacefully into the 21st century and perhaps beyond.

Feudalism Victory

The bloodless way with some military encouragement is working very well.

Concerned citizen

Kill the bastards together with the Zionist American Genocide, Rogue Regime!!!

Make SHAM a graveyard for all those PIGS!!!

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