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Syrian War Report – July 3, 2019: Israel Prepares To Participate In US Attack On Iran


Syrian War Report – July 3, 2019: Israel Prepares To Participate In US Attack On Iran

The Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation (NFL) has carried out a series of hit and run attacks and anti-tank guided missile strikes on government troops in northern Lattakia and northern Hama.

According to reports, at least 5 Syrian Arab Army (SAA) soldiers were killed in the Jabal al-Akrad area and a 14.5mm machine gun position was destroyed with an ATGM in al-Karakat. NFL units and their allies shelled Kinsaba, al-Huraka, al-Reym and Safsara. At the same time, the Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP) deployed additional reinforcements, including at least 5 vehicles equipped with weapons at a frontline north of Kafr Nabudah.

Another pro-Turkish group, the Hamza Brigade, claimed that it had repelled a limited SAA attack in the al-Daghibalis west of al-Bab.

While the current situation at the frontlines along  the Idlib de-escalation zone is relatively calm with no side carrying out large offensive operations, the high level of tensions between the SAA and Turkish-backed militants demonstrate that a new round of hostilities may break out at any moment.

Artillery units of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) shelled positions of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) near Tel Rifaat and Maranaz in northern Aleppo. These strikes are just another signal of the TAF’s inability to secure the occupied region of Afrin, where YPG-linked cells conduct attacks on Turkish targets on a constant basis.

Israel is preparing for its possible military involvement in any escalation in the Gulf confrontation between Iran and the United States, Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz said on July 2.

“It should be taken into account that mistaken calculations by the (Iranian) regime … are liable to bring about a shift from the ‘gray zone’ to the ‘red zone’ – that is, a military conflagration,” he claimed in a speech to the Herzliya Conference.

A day earlier, Chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Mojtaba Zolnour warned the US that if it attacks Iran, Israel would be destroyed in half an hour.

The Trump administration did not respond by military means to the Global Hawk shootdown over the Strait of Hormuz by Iran, but continued its military buildup in the region. Just recently, a detachment of F-22 stealth jets were deployed in Qatar.



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  • Rob

    In US, Iran war Israel participate or not but the Israel end is written in 2019.

    • David Parker

      Sure it will … .
      I won’t hold my breath. One thing the Zionists are very good at doing is surviving as parasites of other peoples.

    • verner

      I hope you are right about 2019.

  • gustavo

    Israel has been preparing Iran attack since 5 years ago. So, nothing new about it. It is just a matter that Israel-USA starts to attack Iran. We will see what happen since Iran is not Syria, Lybia, or Irak, they were able to develope their own military technology.

    • David Parker

      Israel has been preparing to attack the entire Mideast since 1900. Even taking the land, assassinating Admiral Forrestal and coercing the US to “recognize” Israel in 1948 are merely steps in the very old Zionist scheme to dominate the world by manipulating the goyim to kill each other. Even the Wahhabi head-choppers in Syria are controlled by Israel – Zionists.

      • gustavo

        I am agree.

  • verner

    it’s a wet dream of netanyahu to inveigle the disunited states of A to attack iran while the squatters stand on the sideline and netty resting in the arms of his latest girlfriend. but, lo and behold, there is no war possible for dunny the dunce, however much his nearest and dearest (kushner, iwanka, bolton and fatso) pray since a) the dunce has his eyes on a second term and b) Iran will prove to be a bite too large to swallow and c) 20% of the world’s production/shipments of hydrocarbons would be made to disappear for a long long time which even the most optimistic shale oil production in the disunited states of A can offset – and thus, the Iran issue is dormant even though the morons will continue to beat the drums of war for some time – think Venezuela.

    although you can bet your sweet behinds on the fact that the squatters have one or two of their stealth subs in or near the gulf of oman ready to deploy some nukes on teheran, should the opportunity present itself – should that happen there will be slaughtered jews across the world, a second and impromptu holocaust of their own making will take place . rest assured. the world is fed up by the murderous and thieving squatters and their fifth columns around the world.

    • DenLilleAbe

      Should I sharpen my bayonet now ?

      • David Parker

        Keep it that way.

    • David Parker

      The “holocaust” by which propaganda the “Jews” are the only ones to have suffered and been singled out for harsh treatment, is a complete hoax. After God kicked the Jews out of the once-promised land, everywhere these Pharisees have settled they have made themselves odious to the local people through their lying, compound interest, duplicitous business deals, etc.
      Ghettos were first established to protect the local peoples from the Jews.
      Martin Luther (the real one), tried to reach out to the Jews and was utterly disgusted when he discovered what they were really like. He was also furious to discover that Jews lived tax free while the German people were taxed. The Zionists have mastered working from the shadows to have their propaganda disseminated as history. Darby’s “rapture” eschatology was made into the “Scofield Reference Bible” to promote the idea that the “Jews” are God’s chosen people, key to all future events whereas the fact is Judaism is a dead religion, the Christian church is the New Israel, and if the current crop of Zionists vanished immediately, the Kingdom of God could be restored with no more war.

      • 88 so true,how many russians died.who cares..such a even number 6..ask gelfite boy.why your people chase for centuries
        Why why why
        Must be a reason.where ever they go..selling weapons to apartheid s Africa
        They are not good people
        Forcing the world to accept if you anti Israel
        You anti semite
        Can past law for bein anti catholic. Big no

      • The second coming
        All trump boys
        Especially Pence
        Big second coming
        Messianic Christian’s
        The Rapture bring millions to Israel
        1000 years the ultimate sacrifice
        Belsen 2.0..martin luther who unite under one,he saw what was comin
        Tribal religiosity

        Well said
        Well said
        Now if blk Americans get of the jew brother love garbage…take media and turn patriot groups into racist
        What lies..

        • Nathan Pilson

          I`m Black. we do not have the guns to remove treason,known as israeli war criminal sympathizers, but White people do. but you don`t.Why?

    • Vitex

      Recent IDF performance argues against any expeditionary forays by israel as it will trigger war against the homeland on multiple fronts. Terrorism, manipulation, those are things that israel does well. Frontal assaults against a resolute enemy are unlikely to prove popular with mothers and wives.

    • Nathan Pilson

      this is the plot of atheist posing as messianic rabbis.to create the situation where jews all over the world will be targeted. this, in these psychos minds is suppose to cause the messiah so much grief seeing jews being slaughtered globally.that he will return.i` pretty such, all their stage props are in place. project blue beam , HAARP etc. but the problem is, they have been exposed. but one thing for sure., they /israel -AIPAC-ADL/ think they got away with 911., but F.B.I. confirmation in may 2019 reveals, they did not/ so it is the media,who is keeping the zionist afloat through misinformation.Many people welcome the israel SAMSON OPTION as the perfect excuse to hunt down all zionist. there will be no place on this earth ever again where they can call safe.,which will bring this delima to the jewish community. because one thing for sure., everyone is tired of zionist, and their puppet gentile agents who need to be executed for treason.

  • StafJustice

    I thought Israel have a dream on their own to attack Iran alone? What happen to that??

    It’s another filthy trick by the fake Jews to get American soldiers getting killed for them once more!
    They’ll never participate in any battle.
    Once the war starts they will sit on the sidelines and busy themselves with HAMAS missiles and pretend to be fighting HAMAS on home front…

    • David Parker

      Not bizarre any more.
      This sort of insane posturing is de rigueur for Israel and the little Zionist mannikins Bolton, Pence, Pompeo, Clapper, et al.

      • Nathan Pilson

        don`t forget Mr. I love Israel – Donnie boy., and Putin, who sends these illegal russian immigrants to Palestine. Trump was/ is a liberal/ and he did his ceremonial gun grab- of bumstocks/ [ during the parkland jewish school shooting hoax,//sandy hook was a jewish school too ] these are clearly zionist /clearly anti american/ interest in the u.s.a. defying his own political base and constitutional law. so we basically have a full functioning covert communist government.

        • David Parker

          You assume I “support Trump” i.e., approve of tariffs and sanctions and endless war.
          To me Trump and any president is insignificant. They all answer to the unseen Zionist. All have been exposed are nothing more than a pretense that an elected constitutionally limited government upholding the rule of law – English common law – exists.
          I advocate ditching the central government and returning to the Articles of Confederation until we the people ditch the presumption that any “civil government” can be benevolent, until we institute the Kingdom of God on earth and all account directly to God alone. The one and only legitimate purpose any “civil government” can perform is to be God’s hangman.

    • DenLilleAbe

      I agree, but what is a “fake Jew” ?

      • David Parker

        The traditional notion is that a Jew holds to the Old Testament, the Torah.
        The “fake Jew” holds to the Talmud and is one with conniving Pharisees, Scribes, and Lawyers of old whom Jesus – very God and very man – roundly condemned as children of the devil, completely worldly for whom the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob (Israel) religion” was a mere facade concealing their robbery and exploitation of the people.
        The Zionist is a “fake Jew”. The Zionist holds to the belief that he deserves to own the world, that all others are less than insects to be exploited in any way possible and eventually slaughtered. From such Zionist thought is the notion that “one drop of Jewish blood is worth more than all the other peoples on earth”. This is the basis for shooting children in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights who are the next generation of the people who lived there and survived the Israeli wars of conquest against Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. Throw a rock at an Israeli soldier patrolling through your village and your house and get shot.

        • Congrats well said
          So true..why messianic Christian American support them..sometime I shock most muslims dont understand why America give billions..yeshua second coming
          Nkusa .org

        • Talmudic in NY allowed to steal
          All good if it’s for the cause..forgiveness due upon completion of task

      • Nkusa.org

  • JustPassingThrough

    yesterday they were going to do it on their own.
    the idf must have run out of diapers when they heard that news.
    now the murikans are going to do it.
    get your diapers little boys.

    • DenLilleAbe

      The Diaper forces of Israel

  • Christian S

    Israel is not ready to attack Iran, zionist anglo empire is playing bluff atm to monitor resistance movements in the Levant, they need another few years at least. Israel cannot attack Iran without securing their nothern border first, Hezbollah will hit Israel hard hence zionist still not launch airstrikes in Lebanon. They will let US and salafist/wahabi wardogs do their dirty work for them. Israel cannot afford a rain on missles on Tel Aviv will mark end of Bibi and his khazarian gang as a ruling party. They need to have the axis of resistence attack first to gain public awareness to start a major conflict, assuming this is one of the reasons we have still not seen a major syrian retaliate attack into Israel only restricting to Golans.

    • <>

      Cry more.

  • David Parker

    So if Trump will not follow the Zionist order to attack Iran, Israel will create a stronger political pretext to launch a US invasion of Iran.
    “It should be taken into account that mistaken calculations by the (Iranian) regime … are liable to bring about a shift from the ‘gray zone’ to the ‘red zone’ – that is, a military conflagration,” he claimed in a speech to the Herzliya Conference.
    Translation: We will find an excuse to loose our bulldog, the US military, on Iran no matter what you do. Too bad we have the nukes and you don’t! You suckers were too late to the game of using the US to do your dirty work.

    • DenLilleAbe

      The US has not got the power to invade Iran. Period. They could 30 -40 years ago ,but not today.
      17 years in Afghanistan and what ?
      Iraq stalemate
      F***k the US , it is a spent force, with a lot of nuclear weapons.

      • David Parker

        Unfortunately we do.
        The “problem” is that to “win”, i.e. permanently hold the ground, means to kill every man, woman, and child in Iran and repopulate with “westerners”.
        That is what the Zionists want.
        That is what was not done by the Soviets in Afghanistan, the US in Iraq, the US in Afghanistan, in Libya, and now in Syria. Hence the never ending wars because even the post-Christian west still has sufficient Christian morality remaining to prohibit such wholesale slaughter.
        The Israeli army easily shoots children and commits atrocities, but the US military has only a few such demons and the majority restrain the demons. The vast majority of US soldiers like to think of themselves as liberators and civilizers and cannot be made into a murdering horde killing every human in sight. Also, such scum as the draft-dodging Bolton and Trump are not “leaders” inspiring the troops to some greater glory. We can too easily see that we are merely robbing people of their natural resources and handing it over to the Zionists so they can profit from the oil and minerals and rob us every time we buy gas or a battery.

        • FlorianGeyer

          What would make the jew lovers in the US realise that its all a jewish strategy to steal other peoples possessions?

          • David Parker

            Education is a long process but it takes people like me talking to other people. First I have to be well informed and maintain my reputation for wanting only to know and tell the truth. I believe Tulsi Gabbard had done a great service by at least mentioning that Israel is the only one to gain from the US military slaughters in the Mideast.
            I point out that Judaism today is a bizarre cult that has nothing in common with Christianity (https://www.revisionisthistory.org/), that the so-called “Judeo-Christian heritage” is a hoax, that the Jews have made themselves odious wherever they have settled after God kicked them out of the promised land, that the whole notion of THE holocaust is a deception (codoh.com), and that the US deep state is not at all representative of we the people. Getting people to question the Holocaust and realize that Eisenhower starved hundreds of thousands of German POWs to death under the guise of “disarmed enemy combatant” is very difficult so strong is the myth of America’s goodness and superiority in the world.

            People do not want the truth if it is unpleasant even though such things were not done by them.

          • FlorianGeyer

            I agree with all that you say. I first came across CODOH in the early 90’s’

          • David Parker

            I wish I had, it’s a recent discovery for me.
            I am amazed at how entrenched the “Holohoax” is entrenched in the American mind. There is only one person who would even listen to the evidence against the possibility of “The Holocaust” or even heard of the Turkish genocide of the Armenians which is real.

  • DenLilleAbe

    IsraUS,el can not take on Iran alone. They will have to get the US along too. But the Iranians might close the gulf then, which will wreck global economy.
    BTW Iran is no Iraq, no easy “walk over” 85 mill people, and army and militia of 9 mill, good luck US…
    The US cant put afield 500 000 combat soldiers and even more important they have not got the money ore the political backing.

    • FlorianGeyer

      Russia and China will not allow Iran to be destroyed as they both realise that they are on the US menu as well.

      • DenLilleAbe

        Agree 100%

      • vaderfater

        I am sure, Ruusia and China will do some boobooboo in the UN and that is all.

        • David Parker

          Say that to the USAF in Syria.
          For some reason the USAF and US Navy avoid confronting the Russians in Syria.

    • vaderfater

      The americans will send some tomahawks and bombers only. They do not need to fight on the ground.

  • ©igare☘☘e👽Sm⚽️k🚬ng🦉Man️🎲
    • gustavo

      I looks pretty true.

      • ©igare☘☘e👽Sm⚽️k🚬ng🦉Man️🎲

        2.35 in the video.

        George Carlin Legend !


        • gustavo

          Thanks, I did not know George Carlin, he a unusual north-american comedian thinking person.

  • ©igare☘☘e👽Sm⚽️k🚬ng🦉Man️🎲
  • Free man

    If the Iranians are not helping in Idlib, what is the point of keeping them in Syria?

    • David Parker

      How do you know they are not?

  • bla

    Israel is such a coward nation, can only attack Iran with USA on the side, why don´t they do it on their own if they are so tough ? JEWS are plain scum people! Liars, thieves and cowards making others fight their wars, they are just human trash with very very few exceptions, too bad Hitler was not let finish the job.

    • Free man

      bla bla, Israel constantly attacks the Iranian forces in Syria. Instead of threatening and cursing, why don’t you grow a pair of balls and attack in response ?

  • Wanklord

    SouthFront should be extremely thankful to the State of Israel for bombing the crap out of Syria: every time the IDF carries a surprising attack on that country, SF’s main audiences (Putin-cheerleaders, anti-Zionists, disfranchised Americans and Russophiles) start immediately pouring money into this blog regardless if these good-for-nothing are forced to maximize their credit cards. The illusion behind this compulsive behavior is the expectation that SouthFront in return will deliver “breaking news” that no other media outlets are covering…of course, SF’s sources are well known for being extremely biased and pro-Russia (sites such as ZeroHedge, Veterans Today, the Saker, Unz Review, Strategic Culture are good examples of such marketing scheme). The more Israel attacks Syria, the less chance SouthFront will be forced to close due to lack of income.

    • El Mashi

      One day, when Israel bombs and kills women and children, the favor will be returned many fold. The days of Israeli impunity is over. Shalom.

      • David Parker

        I wish.

        It is going to take a long time for the SAA training to use Russian air defense equipment that the Israelis can already defeat by electronic warfare (EW) to match the EW capabilities of Israel. Assad cannot afford expensive S-300 antiaircraft missiles at all the guided bombs and cruise missiles that Israel shoots at him daily. He has to buy his equipment, Israel gets trillions in “military aid” absolutely free. Also Israel has developed the most formidable group of hackers and surveillance operators in the world as well as controlling the media worldwide with the exception of a few outlets such as perhaps Southfront and Sputnik and maybe RT. Some people are already complaining that RT is a Zionist stooge.

        • daniel

          Putin/Russia is helping Israel,

          • David Parker


    • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

      Do you support ISIS?

    • David Parker

      Right. So we should restrict our quest for news to CNN and Fox according to you.
      My complaint with Ron Unz is that he believes the universe created itself and inert elements spontaneously came to life.
      The Saker seems to believe socialism is possible.
      Tyler Durden is off the wall.
      Veterans Today pretends to know a lot more than he actually does.
      So what? RT is far more accurate (and censors me continuously) than all your lame-stream media with their focus on queers and hate speech and poor disadvantaged ghetto dwellers and the need for more money for the completely failed (in any sense of educating children with useful knowledge and a command of English) government schools.
      I am delighted that Southfront exists. They and RT are the only regular news outlets that even acknowledge that Syria exists and that Bashar al-Assad is not actually related to Satan.

      • daniel

        You are in love with your Putin/RT

        • Sinbad2

          I’m too sexy for my shirt
          Too sexy for my shirt
          So sexy it hurts
          And I’m too sexy for Milan
          Too sexy for Milan
          New York, and Japan

        • David Parker

          I think Putin actually wants to end war.
          Also I think you are a queer.

    • Luke Hemmming

      You should really stick to the thing your really good at…masturbating. commenting is not really your forte. I don’t see or read most of the content written here or those other sites you mention on CNN, or FAUX news or ABC or MSNBC or any of the ZIONIST controlled media outlets.

  • Lazy Gamer

    One of these days, there will be an “earthquake” at that region. Which Iran will claim as the result of leaving the JCPOA, an attack to trump’s legacy and candidacy. That or we will see a first strike using tactical nuclear weapons which is spun by the msm saying the fallout was from the facility itself.

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    First time likely Israel will find itself fully retaliated against, if it participates in misadventure.

  • ©igare☘☘e👽Sm⚽️k🚬ng🦉Man️🎲

    This video should be played in every school in every country around the world.


    • David Parker

      Very poorly done.
      In no way would this reach children.
      Also it does not cover Clinton’s destruction of Yugoslavia, it ignores the fact that Obama followed Bush and that Trump follows Obama in the Zionist ever-wars to destroy Christianity, i.e., civilization.

  • Two patrioTic needed apply carry the ultimate Package Bring
    Grace to israel & Turkey
    Cavity with nuclear waste kiss the ground say GoodNite


  • : Moderate

    Any Time

    Neturei Karta – Orthodox Jews United Against Zionism


    Neturei Karta is an international organization of Orthodox

  • omrizkiblog

    Straight to hell for Bibi… ☕

  • Criticalthinker101

    And Iran admits it has game changers for a nuclear rainy day


    • David Parker

      Veterans Today presumes to know more than he does.

  • Nathan Pilson

    Israel is bluffing or suicidal. if they think they will be fighting Iran alone in the region., they are in for a tragic surprise . word on the street is tel aviv will be hit., even before any war with anyone.one could call it pay back time.

    • verner

      iron dome it is although the more approriate name would be iron doooooooom – good riddance when the last of the squatters sink in the Med.

  • Matt Lazarus

    Trump,Netanyahu, and much of mainstream American press are presenting a war
    with Iran as a distinct possibility, perhaps even inevitable. Some media sites, like this one,
    state that Israel, together with the US, is currently preparing to go to war against Iran.

    Presumably, this would be a “preemptive” war waged in order to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

    There can be no doubt that Israel, together with the US, could inflict vast
    damage on Iran. So, it is unlikely Iran would initiate a war that
    targeted Israel or, for that matter, US bases, US naval vessels, and US
    troops currently operating in the Middle East, or bases of US military
    allies, like Saudi Arabia

    If, however, Israel and/or the US and/or
    Saudi Arabia initiate a war against Iran, there can be little doubt the
    Iranians would retaliate. This would involved large scale missile
    attacks on US military facilities in the Middle East and US naval
    vessels in the Persian Gulf, on Israeli military bases and, possibly,
    Israeli towns and cities, as well as Saudi bases and, possibly, Saudi
    oil production facilities.

    The question for the US, Israel, and
    Saudi Arabia is whether they would be prepared to tolerate the amount of
    destruction and level of casualties they would suffer if they were to
    go ahead with a “first strike” against Iran.

    I believe the Saudi leadership would be largely indifferent to level of casualties among
    Saudi civilians. On other hand, I believe the US military would want to
    avoid any conflict that results in destruction of US naval vessels or in
    large number of casualties. I believe, too, Israelis would also want to
    avoid any conflict which would result in large number of Israeli