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JUNE 2023

Syrian War Report – July 3, 2017: ISIS Collapsed In Eastern Aleppo

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Pro-government forces, led by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces, have fully expelled ISIS terrorists from the area east of the Khanasir-Ithriyah road. Initially, the Tiger Forces took control over the entire Ithriyah-Resafa road, including the Habbari oil field and nearby points. Then, after a series of firefights with ISIS terrorists, government troops cleared the remaining ISIS-held pocket in eastern Aleppo.

With this advance, the SAA shortened the frontline with ISIS in the area and got a useful supply line to its strong point of Resafa. In the current situation, government forces will likely develop momentum against ISIS terrorists east of Salamiyah. If the SAA and its allies secure the road between Salamiyah and Palmyra, they will further shorten the frontline and repel any possible ISIS counter-attack on the Tiyas Airbase that may threaten the supply lines of government forces operating against ISIS east of Palmyra.

Faylaq Al-Rahman has followed the White House’s advice and blamed the Syrian government for using chemical weapons against its members in the Eastern Ghouta region near Damascus. The militant group accused the SAA of using chlorine gas at the Ayn Tarma front after it had failed to advance in the area. Faylaq Al-Rahman said that 30 of its fighters were poisoned and added that the SAA once again used chlorine at the Zamalka front north Ayn Tarma. The Syrian Defense Ministry released a statement denying those claims and saying these reports are a pure propaganda.

In late June, the White House launched a large-scale media campaign preparing public opinion for further attacks against the Syrian government. The Trump administration claimed that it had some secret evidence that the Assad government was preparing for a chemical weapons attack in the country. The UK and France added that they would support any US military action against Syria.

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) captured Hussainiya and Kasrat Mohamed Ali, and advanced on Ratlah in the southern Raqqah countryside. The US-backed force expanded its operations in the area after it failed to weed out the ISIS resistance inside Raqqah despite a desperate bombing campaign by the US-led coalition. The SDF is attempting to enter the Old Raqqah area, but this is a complicated task because clashes in al-Sinaa and Rawdah are still ongoing. ISIS claimed that 74 SDF fighters have been killed and 12 others wounded by its snipers so far in the city.

The US Marines have released a video showing its artillery unit supporting the SDF advance in Raqqah. Some people suggested that the video allows seeing alleged phosphorus shells prepared for usage.

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Trustin Judeau

SAA and allies control around 35 – 36 percent of Aleppo province https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DDvEbbPXsAE3j-B.jpg . 7 months ago they controlled around 13 – 15 percent .A lot of progress since then and this is because of Aleppo city liberation


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Colin Oskapy

The SAA cleared that newly created ISIS pocket already ? Far out.

Joe Doe

Now, SAA should go South and clear another packet, before going East. This would shorten the front line and relief huge chunk of military infantry and hardware that could be depoy when going East.

Colin Oskapy

The SAA, and its allies, are separating the green from the black on the map, down south as well as in eastern Aleppo. Such an ongoing process is gonna weaken NATO strategy against the legitimate Assad Government.

John Brown

They will do both at the same time.


The Tiger forces should bypass SDF and take control of the N4 highway.

Ramon Candia

better do it fast , before the SDF finish off raqqa.


SDF is going to be in Racca for a while, they lack the manpower to effectively siege the city.

John Brown

Soon the SDF will be in full retreat in all of South Eastern Syria including retreating from Raqqa city and the Tabqa air base etc. as they rush all their forces to defend their lines in the North against a full scale Turkish attack.


There will not be a full scale attack for several reasons :

TSK only7k, FSA 14k and several groups already announced they will not participate and beyond that, they kill amongst themselves. Their ES performance was very bad. Some of the 14k not available as they will hold defensive positions to prevent counterattacks and infiltration.

YPG, YPJ, JAT, HXP, all together some 30k withing well dug in defensive positions on the high ground. Less arms, but SAA passed several large military convoys from Manbij to Afrin in april or so.

HTS is arresting ES fighters in Idlib.

Lastly, SDF sources, maybe more in hope then in reality, reported large artilley salvo’s by Russia on FSA lines.

Altogether, there will not be an all out offensive by TSK, not unless they get up to 25k+ and even then doubtful.

A limited incursion is different.

SDF forces around Raqqah will not withdraw from Raqqah, but they might take part. As more and more HXP units are being trained and stationed in the cities to take up garrison duties, SDF forces are freed from this and will become mobile offensive forces again. At the moment those forces will go to Raqqah, but I would not be surprised if the SDF has reserves built up around the Tishreen dam, placed to be used at both fronts.


Your last point , the Russian presence in Afrin is likely keeping the Turks at bay . Its good news if your reports of them shelling FSA are real , as that would suggest they will stay . With someone in the SDF supposedly “leasing ” the SyAAF air base by the dam to the USAF , the Russian position is not clear yet .

John Brown

Dream in Mossad. So the Turkish army the second biggest in NATO can’t beat the Kurds?? Ha Ha Ha!!! The Turkish army could, squash the Kurds in less then a month tops, in Syria and Iraq both at the same time if they wanted too, especially with the help of the Iraqi, Syrian, Iranian and Russian forces.

Jens Holm

Well, thats a possiblity and might be Your hope.

Gerhard Pleyer

You are absolutely right

Jens Holm


Solomon Krupacek

2 days ago you were against this


Quit making up stories, this is the third time I am repeating this stratagem for the last 2-3 weeks. Go read my posts.


Solomon Krupacek Jesus is brainwashed, he should be leading the charge and breathe some desert dust instead of directing the campaign over the internet, LoL:)))

Jens Holm

What a babble.


You mad Murica?

Амьдрал Бол Кино

allah bless assad and SAA


“Faylaq Al-Rahman said that 30 of its fighters were poisoned and added that the SAA once again used chlorine at the Zamalka front north Ayn Tarma”…TRANSLATION…Faylag Al-Rahman a UNITED SNAKES INTERNATIONAL MERCENARY TERRORISTS GROUP, was beaten by the Syrian army and following orders of their MASTERS AND CREATORS(UNITED SNAKES), accused the Syrian us using chemicals weapons following the play book of their CREATORS…”Accuse those agains you of that which you are guilty”.

Joseph Goebbels

Jens Holm

I dont think the author of this and many other kind of enemies to kurds understand SDF are not busy in the non thinking propaganda way as Assads.

They try not to waste soldier. Nr 1 iskeeping the soldiers alive, so they can fight again. And they are doing their very best to protect the many civilians even havi´lack of many things.

They take the time for that. SDF is not stocked in the same patterns as fx SAA sometimes are.

Its the around there is almost none ISIS people there. They might be reduced – seemes so – but they are in heavy fortified terrain.

The enemies to SDF are not laughing anymore. Most are silent – Do they feel a shame – are they allowed to? Seemes like SDF actually can take Raqqa having good help.

Finally Im sure I remember US already has used phosfor in Raqqa east by airplanes. Nasty weapon.


155mm arty shells as pictured.


Jens Holm

Terrifying, Russian Aleppo or Raqqa east.


US marines hitting Raqqa

Cem Duru

ı am not a native arabic speaker, but i dont understand why the arabic town names are spelled so differently, and why there is not a one way to write arabic town names with latin letters. Eg. Deir Ezzor / Der Ezzur / Al-Tabqah / At-tawrah / Al-tabaqah / As safirah/ al sefira / Even Aleppo cant be written in a uniqe way; it appears like Alap, Alep, Halab, Haleb Etc.Can somebody enlighten me about this? thanx.

Manuel Chrut

If I told you a word (name, whatever) in a language foreign to you and asked you to write it down in such a way that people who speak your language could correctly read it, you’d come up with some approximation of what you’ve heard.

Other people would maybe write variations of what you’ve written, simply because there are perhaps multiple ways to achieve the same result within that target language or what they hear resembles them something slightly different. This is the case here, people writing in English are trying to write those Arabic names so that if English-speaking person reads it, they would say the name (roughly) correctly.

Also, names of cities can differ between languages, so Aleppo is city’s international name but Arabic version of this name is Halab. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleppo Same as München (German) in English is Munich.

Gerhard Pleyer

North-eastern parts of Aleppo was (und is ) kurdish, that means Kobani&south of Kobani. Syrian Army must push back turkish aggressors.

Gerhard Pleyer

SDF must soon defend themselves against turkish aggression. Turks will attack kurds in all fronts. SDF has to give up Tabqa-Airbase

Gerhard Pleyer

SDF operation in Raqqa willl take at least until end of year. They will NOT be finished with Terrorist-isis so quickly.

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