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Syrian War Report – July 28, 2017: ISIS Still Has 20,000 Fighters At Syrian-Iraqi Battleground

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies entered the Sukhna gas field located in less than 2km from the strategic ISIS-held town at the Palmyra-Deir Ezzor road. Heavy clashes are reportedly now ongoing in the gas field area. If government troops secure it, their next step will be to enter the town of Sukhna itself.

In the province of Raqqah, the SAA Tiger Forces and tribal forces liberated the Wadi ‘Ubayd oil-field and further advanced in the direction of the so-called Bishri Triangle in order to get control over this important logistical site. Clashes near Subkah and Ghanim Ali are ongoing.

In Raqqah city, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have made a significant progress against ISIS in Nazlat Shehadeh district and captured Al-Mustafa Mosque that had been used as a defense point by ISIS. ISIS claimed that up to 10 SDF members died in clashes and a VBIED attack. However, the terrorist group has lost about 50% of the city to the SDF.

On Thursday, spokesman for the US-led coalition Col. Ryan Dillon revealed the current numbers of ISIS fighters in Syria and Iraq. According to Pentagon, about 20,000 ISIS fighters still control several areas in the two countries.
Col. Dillon said that between 5,000 and 10,000 fighters are now in the middle Euphrates Valley area running from Deir Ezzor to the Iraq-Syria border region. He also revealed that the number of remaining ISIS fighters in Raqqa is less than 2000. ISIS reportedly has 1,000 fighters in Tal Afar, 1,000 fighters in Hawija, and 1,000 fighters in Qaim area on the Syrian-Iraqi border.

Col. Dillon added that several ISIS commanders were killed over the past months, including Abu Sulayman al-Iraqi, senior propaganda official, Bassam al-Jayfus, ISIS terror attack funds, Ibrahim al-Ansari, ISIS propaganda official, Abu Ali al-Janubi, senior media director, Abu-Sayf al-‘Isawi, ISIS media emir, Abu-Khattab al-Rawi, another ISIS media emir, and Rayaan Meshaal, head and founder of the ISIS-linked Amaq News Agency.

Col. Dillon added that the collation stopped supporting Shuhada al-Qaryatayn Brigade. Col. Dillon said the group patrolled areas outside of the de-escalation zone and engaged in activities not related to fighting ISIS without the permission of the US-led coalition leadership. He added that the coalition only supports forces committed to fighting ISIS.

On July 23, Shuhada al-Qaryatayn Brigade announced that it had cut off its relationship with the coalition because it had demanded to stop attacks against the SAA. Shuhada al-Qaryatayn Brigade was one of the largest US-backed groups deployed the At Tanf base at the Syrian-Iraqi border.

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Kids in Africa

If they have 20,000 men. they could send 5,000 good men to take Palmyra again if pentagon says this is true. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a80de20e056459722a72f53199498a809ec8a344e8e5bb57dadee5e67d591483.jpg

Graeme Rymill

ISIS captured Mosul in 2014 with just 1500-2000 men…..times have changed however. Counter-attacking Palmyra successfully as they have in the past is now beyond ISIS’s capabilities.

Alex Black

What a delusional post. ISIS is barely holding on to what they got, and not for long. Raqqa will fall by Labor Day. The tigers will be in Deir Ezzor province very soon. As soon as Al Sakhanah collapses(it will be surrounded by next Wednesday if it is not down right captured before then) ISIS will be separated into pockets that will be wiped out.

I wonder how many great youtube videos will be posted, showing the sunni takfiris in pieces all over the desert, heads without bodies, torsos without legs little pieces of shawarma every where. My only regret is that I will be on vacation, and I will miss the best baked jihadist videos.

ISIS(or the Dodo as I like to think of them) will never take Palmyrra again, or any other major city. They will plant bombs, conduct a few meaningless raids, but overall, the caliphate is finished. Hopefully, there will never be another. No doubt some of the savages will escape and terrorize Europeans until they ban Islam and kill its various corrupt zealots.

Isis taught the world many lessons, good lessons. Firstly, we learned that it is NEVER a good idea to back religious savages, because like any rabid dog, eventually they cause problems for the entire neighborhood. Secondly, the west, including Russia, is better of as partners against the threat of militant Islam. Thirdly, the various islamic militias are mostly good for raping women, killing kids and occupying unarmed folk, when they face a real organized military force, they are wiped out like a wave on the beach removes the writing in the sand.

Military impotence of Daesh aside, ISIS proved that no amount of weapons, support, money, or land can bring civility to the ISIS savages. The people they governed were prisoners in a gigantic gulag, similar to North Korea. Women raped, children mutilated, people with missing fingers and scars of barbarism not seen since the Dark Ages.

Every dead takfiri Daesh dog is a testament to human decency. I only hope that those who are left, and those who helped them are captured and executed in the worst possible ways, something to so shock the mind that for centuries people are reminded what the world does to savages when the time comes to pay for their crimes.


Remenber that ISIS-Daesh and anexas terrorists were created by USA-NATO-Israel with the help of Qatar, Saudis, Jordans, and Turkies. So, if they decide to create anothe ISIS, they will do it. Howver, Russia wil be very alert about this since its country is also a target of these gays.


THAT’S AN EXCELLENT POST ALEX ! Noted that SAA is moving towards the Bishri triangle (Mt Bishri) in video. Time to cut another ISUS road link. GO TIGERS! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/891e929023165434e107503c7242adab16412632a94090f58610e3ea8e81df4e.jpg

Hisham Saber

islam is not the problem. if you think so, you have sadly missed the big picture entirely.

the west would be better off banning Talmudic Judaism than ban islam, as you state. oust your said jews from positions of power and influence and there might be peace in the 21st century and beyond. you don’t, and its only going to get worse.

then again, what is the short, medium to ,long range logic to ‘ban’ a world religion that has est. 1.6 billion adherents , and is the fastest growing religion by conversion rate alone, going to affect global stability and peace, growth etc. ?

all because your pissy jewish masters think they are the inherent owners of the world due to them being a master race. get rid of them.

Alex Black

The Jews maybe a problem for the Arabs, but here, in the West, they follow the laws, don’t commit terrorist attacks and pose no real threat to western civilization. The problem is Islam because while many are peaceful, many are not, and with 1.6 billion out there, that is millions of people that are too dangerous to allow in our nations.

Jens Holm

They cant do that. They will get holes in their defence or attacks.

Very much is balance. Some fanatics also say, that SAA should knock out kurds. They might by sending more troops, but FSA, ISIS right way would take much land and SAA would be weak after fighting SDF.

Things like that has happend before for regrouping. But I cant see ISIS has anywhere else to go. I can see ISIS been retrating well. 1) they took important stuff from Mosul 2) Later they took from Raqqa.

Their Deir El Zor insisting has been madness for me all the time exept when they were on the topsmf could have use of more network. Most people dont agree in that.

To me keeping a corridor to Aleppo open by Jihadist was madness too wasting too many good determinat troops for too little. Those could fx have been used cutting Aleppo permanent in Sout with ISIS.


HE was just kidding. WOW, you really seem to be a DAESH supporter! They all will die now that their mobility has been taken out and their road net is no more. Do you know how to read a map and understand logistics and supply (not to mention loss of transport and armor)? HIDDEN TIGER SPAM: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/248430d70b0183d4ccfe6e3e4dc4c0a32230fc6191955a70ae2c7ead8e7cd5fc.jpg


so they lost about 40.000 rats so far. Lol. ??

Wahid Algiers

Much more as you expect. The last ISIS fighters are about 10-15 percent of what they brought into Iraq and Syria (in 2014).


Even better! Yay!!!!


Good news but no time to relax, a wounded animal is most dangerous when cornered.


not true


Interesting, I thought they had already taken the big hills and mounts around Sukhna, hope they wont try and attack until they have done this, also interesting the US is distancing itself from the group in Al-Tanf, with Israel moving Merkavas to the Golan and massing forces there, are they trying to get SAA to pull back from Deir Ezzor? Last Neo-Cohen attempt to stop the Shia Crescent?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They repeated the same numbers that the US Col. Ryan Dillon said which may or may not be accurate since their data is rarely correct. The Israelis are going to do some land stealing that is all they are ever good at ,fighting wars with US/UK help all the time.


Yes hopefully not but the Moves near Al-Tanf and the Golan build up are curiosly timed, I would expect if they were going the grab they would only go for regions adjacent to the border but maybe not, the guile of these people is scarsely belivable to a reasoned mind.


Hisham Saber

I hope the Israelis attack Syria. it would be a fatal decision for the Zionist entity as we know it. the shia of Iraq, iran, Lebanon and the Syrian army and people , all very battle-hardened now, from 6 grinding years of attrition warfare, would simply squash an ill-fated attempt at inherent land-grabbing by the silly gay jews of isreal. the Israeli army could not go for more than 33 days against Hezbollah alone in 2006, let alone embark on a blunderous , fatal adventure against Syria right now or in the future. the writing is on the wall for Israel. the shia crescent is descending on Israel from every direction. I wish they would make a move.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Russians suggestion for the area was an increase in UN peacekeeping presence there and more support for military force to ensure the area is kept peaceful. This could be the reason for Israel beefing up its presence there.

Montenegrin ??

20,000 is a huge stretch – he said Daesh has 11,000 fighters and around 8,000 supporters. “supporters” meaning those on Daesh payroll or more imporantly Hisbah police or “State” workers. 2,000 of them are in Iraqi pockets, and a further 2,000 in Raqqa, meaning in the Daesh heartland there’s a pretty pathetic 7,000 manned army protecting the rump of the so-called “Caliphate.” ISIL is finished by the end of the year – they hold little in value outside of the Middle Euphrates valley including half of Deir ez zor, Mayadin, al Bukamal and Qaim.

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