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Syrian War Report – July 27, 2017: Syrian Army Storming Strategic ISIS-held Town Of Sukhna

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

On Wednesday, Syrian government forces liberated important hills southwest of Sukhna and established fire control over this strategic ISIS-held town in the province of Homs.  The advance was heavily supported by Russian and Syrian warplanes and attack helicopters. On Thursday, the army advanced further in the area.

Sukhna is one of the most important ISIS strongholds in the province.  However, the town is surrounded by a number of heights.  Thus, the side which controls these heights controls Sukhna.  Recent developments demonstrated that the Syrian military has a clear understanding of this.

In the province of Raqqah, the Syrian Army and allied tribal forces have liberated Tal Kharrar, Nuzayzah, and Rajm Sulayman and advanced on Sabkah and Ghanim Ali.  Government forces are now only 10km from entering the province of Deir Ezzor.

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have announced that they liberated 8 districts of Raqqah comprising 45% of the city.

Owing to a failed attack by ISIS, the SDF allegedly killed 14 ISIS fighters in the Nazlat Shehadeh district.

Separately, the SDF allegedly killed 35 ISIS fighters and destroyed 4 ISIS VBIEDs during its advance in the districts of Hashim bin Abdul Malik, Al-Bareed, and Al-Rawda.

ISIS claimed that its members carried out 4 VBIED attacks and killed at least 21 SDF members.

Sources from the SDF-linked Raqqah Civil Council have announced that the Syrian military is preparing for an attack against the SDF in Raqqa signaling that only the US presence prevents this.  Several SAA sources denied these reports.

The current SAA goal is to lift the ISIS siege from the city of Deir Ezzor.  Most likely, the council’s statement is just a part of the ongoing US-led media-campaign against the SAA, the goal of which is to prevent cooperation between the Syrian military and Kurdish militias which are a core of the SDF.

Clashes between SDF and pro-Turkish militants have occured in the village of Jejan in northern Aleppo.  According to pro-Kurdish sources, the SDF repelled an advance and killed 16 militants.  In turn, Ahrar al-Sharqiya announced that it and Ahrar al-Sham took control over the village.

The situation remains unclear as sporadic firefights are still ongoing.

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Kids in Africa

That’s dumb for SAA just attack Raqqa and fight two fronts, i remember when Trump said i don’t won’t two fight two fronts ISIS and Syria bombs Syria anyways without proof of chemical weapons. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2857fa7b4960271d98c0ee494492e1ae10486079fc306f487031b7002a22fa6b.jpg


The soldier in the sun bleached beret at 01:45 looks to be a British Royal Marine Commando. Probably a junior officer. His dress and bearing all point to this.


Is he called Rupert?


He could well be a Rupert if I am correct, lol. I was one once. In the British army different regiments, arms etc often have different ways of ‘styling’ their berets as you may know. Its almost a fingerprint. He also looked rather too fresh faced to have been ‘in country’ for long. His beret was likely weathered on UK training areas. A weathered beret is a badge.

Red Tick Alert

Straight out of University -> straight into Officer training and bingo.

Rupert it is.


Don’t forget the CCF and UOTC :)

( for those not from the UK the CCF is the Combined Cadet Force that is available to join at fee paying schools and the UOTC is the University Training Corps available to join by university students ).

Red Tick Alert

I was doubtful if you were right at first, but I have watched it a few times now and I think you could be spot on. Well spotted.


Thanks mate.


Let the Turkish backed forces divert SDF’s attention from SAA.

Jonathan Cohen

Are abortions legal in Al Bab like in Turkey???????


Cohen only talks about abortions. Probably aborted brain…

Jens Holm

You are from Syria.

Alex Black

The Sukhanah advance looks promising. The m20(travels south of the city)will allow the SAA to bypass and surround the city. It looks like the SAA is trying to take the city by storm. They must feel they have the numbers to overcome ISIS in the city.

I like the advance along the Euphrates, real potential to seize a lot of land and kills lots of ISIS very fast.

The advance south towards Hawayat Abu Jir is a good idea, and it will provide a vital supply line to the SAA and reduce the length of the front. Also It will give the SAA a new possibility to advance on Deir Ezzor as well as cutting of the M20 from the other side.

Things are going well for the SAA, looking forward to more great updates.

Omar Trevelyan

I hope these alegged SAA/SDF clashes are false or will end asap, better for SAA to advance along Euphrates to deir ezzor then all the way down to al bukamal, T2 forces can link up there as well then especially with all other SAA advances in east ISISCUM will be completely encircled ready for carpet bombing =]]]]]]]


As far as I know there are no clashes. SAA and SDF have a small coordination center near Refasha, SDF has no real reason to attack and, after the oil deal nearby, SAA will have orders not to attack.

Omar Trevelyan

I hope this is the case

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