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Syrian War Report – July 25, 2018: Israel Shoots Down Syrian Warplane Bombing ISIS Terrorists

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On July 24, the Syrian military faced the expected Israeli military actions resulting from Tel Aviv’s displeasure with the fact that its long-time supported militant-held buffer zone east of the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights is crumbling.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) employed two Patirot air defense missiles to shoot down a Syrian Su-22 warplane involved in the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) operation against ISIS in the area. One pilot, Colonel Umran Mare, died in the incident.

Israel claimed that the warplane entered about 1 mile into its airspace, meaning the occupied Golans, and was shot down after a few warnings. The Syrian side said that this once again shows Israeli support for terrorist groups operating in Syria.

Despite this incident, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies continued their advance against ISIS capturing over 10 new localities, including Khirbat Khasfayn, Ayn Zabida and Bakkar. On July 25, the advance continued in the direction of Saydah and Aun Thakar.

Meanwhile, Syrian and Russian forces are working to secure the areas liberated from militants across the country.

On July 24, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that units of the International Mine Action Centre of the Russian Armed Forces have demined more than 6500 hectares including 17,000 buildings and neutralized 105,000 explosive devices. Shoigu added that Russian experts had trained 1245 Syrian sappers that have cleared 2,000 hectares and neutralized 3,850 explosive devices.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), backed up by the US-led coalition, have captured the Sijan oil fields and many nearby points in the northeastern part of Syria from ISIS. According to pro-Kurdish sources, the US-backed group has fully cleared southern al-Hasakah from ISIS and entered northern Deir Ezzor advancing along the border with Iraq.

In the coming weeks, the SDF will likely continue its advance along the border aiming to capture the oil fields area north of the government-held town of al-Bukamal. ISIS has little chance of stopping the US-backed SDF advance there. According to experts, by the end of August, the town of Hajin and nearby points in the Euphrates Valley may become the only points of real ISIS resistance, on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.

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Israel targeting Syrian forces and planes is the norm for terrorists in support of their fellow terrorists. This has been proven time and time again with Israeli weapons in the terrorists hands along with the medical care and humanitarian assistance provided to terrorists. There can be no other explanation and Occam’s Razor fits the scenario perfectly.

leon mc pilibin

ISIS scumbags shoot down a Syrian plane in Syrian territory.Syrias day will come,,,revenge is better served COLD.


And rammed down the Khazar throats with bayonets dipped in pig shit :)


Well the US has been diligently attacking ISIS wherever they hide, but somehow they missed an enclave located right next to Israel’s Golan Heights. Wow I should put in my resume with the MSM.


Langley :)

leon mc pilibin

Occupied Palestine is their homeland,thats where you will find their leaders,nutandyahooo,etc


Why should Syria not fire half a dozen Tochkas on the ISIS enclave straddling Golan Heights border? If ISIS withdraws deeper into the Goan heights, SAA forces should disregard the 1974 border and go after them and fire Tochkas and Iskander missiles instead of using aircraft.

Give Israeli David’s sling, and Patriot an opportunity to embarrass themselves.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Because president Assad thinks that USA and Israel will stop attacking SAA….he is a naive..USA have a base inside Syria easy to destroy with just a fast airstrike and Smerch rockets can destroy IDF patriot missile base easily….and Nothing happen neither USA nor Israel have forces to invade Syria..once terrorist have been defeated and Russian forces are on ground!…its is a question of tremble the pulse or not!..it is a question of Honour or not!


I think Russia has some latitude in determining the Syrian response, their means are more subtle than tit for tat response of hitting IDF from Syria.


Opportunities for revenge will be plentiful. Syria is focusing on what is important and individual incidents can be dealt with later. Wiping out pockets of mercs is far more important and hurts far worse to those who supported them, including Israel. A good day to you Jesus.


What I am saying is to strike ISIS pockets with missiles instead of aircraft. Syria has a good array of missiles in its arsenal, if ISIS withdraws into Golan Heights, that is where they will be wiped out.


Thank you, I get it now. :)


Has there ever been a more troublesome country, with the unhinged people who run it, in the entire Human history?

First Lastname

They’ve been kicked out of 109 countries 359 times and even when we give them a country of their own, they are violent and dangerous neighbors. Perhaps we can devise a solution of some kind…A solution so total it will require no further solutions. A final solution, if you will.

Manuel Flores Escobar

USA use ISIS to invade Syria…Israel use ISIS to keep a buffer zone…Thats why ISIS masacre 150 civilians while IDF soldiers kill a Syrian pilot under fake pretex!…SAA should have attacked Al Tanf base and Israel!….both will never invade Syria so you have to resist airstrikes which I dont have any doubts that USA and Israel would stopped it when Rusia threat to use S-400…but Assad think that someday Israel and USA will stop attacking Syrian forces….He is a Pussy naive!…


USA and Israel do not use ISIS. Israel-USA-NATO created ISIS-Daesh-Nustra-SDF-others with the help of Qatar-Saudis-Turky-Jordan, with the ideal of destroying Syria, Iran and Russia.


iT’S TIME THE RUSSIANS BOMB THE BASTARDS OF ISraeHELL army Golan Illegal Occupation force !


SAA needs to be installed anti aircraft systems close to Israel border and they have to drill a much more to be able respond promptly for any provocation. From the SANA TV presentation, SAA has much sophisticated anti aircraft system, provided by Russians to SAA, than a saw in my coutry (I come from country, that is the NATO member). Additionally, Russians operates Airborne Early Warning and Control System over Syria. SAA should have the information from this system. There are all needed conditions to be successful during next provocation…only to use all aviable information properly…


Perhaps this is revenge attack. I mean specifically that the plane might have struck important Israeli assets in the Daesh enclave. I hope so.

Tommy Jensen


Icarus Tanović

Bloody liars!


There might be some sort of deal, Russian – US, for the elimination of the IS (in IS). It will certainly displease the Israeli government that Russian-backed forces destroy their assets and buffer zones – shooting down an airplane would just be one of the things they would do to “send a warning” (they don’t need to talk to anyone to do so). Nobody is under any illusion that Israel will stop meddling in Syrian (and Lebanese etc.) affairs at any time – it is just a question of how effectiv or ineffectiv they will be.

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