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Syrian War Report – July 25, 2016: Russians Bombed US Secret Base in Syria?

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During last 30 days, the joint forces of militant groups lost some 40 units of heavy military equipment and about 300 fighters in clashes at Aleppo where the Syrian army cut off the strategic Castello Highway that leads to the militant-held areas of the city. The most intense clashes were observed in the areas of Mallah Farms, Castello Highway, Handarat, al-Lairamoun and Bani Zeid north and northwest of Aleppo.

The Russian and Syrian air power played a crucial role in this clashes, destroying the militants’ manpower and military equipment. Air strikes were observed at Kafr Hamra, Jandoul Roundabout, Shuqaif Industrial District, Shuqaif Bridge, al-Kindi District and Hraytan.

The Syrian army has received a new batch of Russian combat engineering vehicles IMR-2M for supporting of T-90 battle tanks. Russian IMR-2M was seen in Syria for the first time in March this year. Later, in July, it was spotted in Aleppo, where the vehicle was engaged in their duties, working in urban area. Analyzing the use of the Syrian army’s military hardware on the battlefield, military experts have repeatedly said that the government forces do not have a sufficient number of combat engineering vehicles. In this way, the emergence of powerful and well-protected combat engineering vehicles in Syria can be viewed only as a positive phenomenon.

Built on the base of the main battle tank T-72, the IMR-2M is designed for clearing lanes in zones of destruction, laying roads on broken ground, as well as for creating passes through ditches and embankments. For this purpose, the vehicle is equipped with a powerful dozer blade, an extending boom and pick-and-place manipulator with a lifting capacity of 2 tons.

The responsibility for US-led coalition special forces being present in areas targeted by Russian airstrikes in Syria lies on their top commanders, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, the spokesman for the Russia’s Defense Ministry, said. He noted that Western partners have to disclose the location of their special forces and so-called “moderate opposition units” if they want to protect them.

The statement came after the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that Russian warplanes bombed a secret military base in Syria used by US and British special forces on June 16. The WSJ argued that the Russian strike targeted the base located at the Syrian-Jordanian border killing at least four Western-backed militants (apparently belonged to the New Syrian Army). The newspaper said that there were no coalition troops at the site during the airstrike, with 20 British troops leaving the camp a day before. According to the Western media outlets, US and British special forces help the New Syrian Army to maintain a buffer zone and assist the militant group in its struggle against the Islamic State.

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Real Anti-Racist Action

Russia was unwise to allow those 22 UK SAS troops to escape. Especially after in August 2012 Russia allowed SAS to kill 18 Russians special forces on the Russian/Norwegian border. Russia seems to submit to the UK-Empire very easily. It’s like, SAS are allowed to kill any Russians they please, but Russia is forbidden from killing SAS. How say, the Christian nation cannot defend themselves against the Atheist-UK.

Yuri Korneev

That August 2012 story does look like a fairytale of little credit, considering I’ve been to the Russian/Norwegian border many times and know what the place looks like.

As for British troops in Syria, they have likely been warned beforehand by Russian command.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Hello Yuri, how are you? You’ve been a citizen of Norway now for a few years after you got out of the SAS service. I was hoping to draw you out somewhere online (and I figured this was the site to do it) so we could reopen communication. You had written me years back, and I had written you back as well from my old AOL account. But you never responded. Why did you never respond to my E-mail?

Yuri Korneev

Nice joke.

I do value a good sense of humor, but a SAS operative named Yuri is something people will find too hard to believe, I’m afraid. :)

Real Anti-Racist Action

I am beyond 95% sure I have the right Yuri. Do you ever feel any guilt or shame in your constant deception? Proverbs 14:5 -“An honest witness does not deceive, but a false witness pours out lies.” How can you shamelessly lie before the Lord. Their is no justification to be a deceiver, you serve your master’s of Mi6 well, while bringing shame upon yourself before the Lord. That is the heart of what is wrong with SAS thinking. They have psyched themselves into self justification of their own lies and torture and murder, just because people will not join with the UK’s and Norway’s and the USA’s lies and their faults future of the Mark Of The Beast.

Real Anti-Racist Action

You create an account just to confront truth, you leave only two comments. And then run off to consult with Mi6 for further instructions. I am assuming now that you realize you did not fool me for one moment. A liar always fears the truth. Do you wish me to post the rest of the truth for all the world to see? Or would you rather just give me your email address so we can talk further in private? It’s your choice Yuri. I tired to warn you all years ago out of love, about the danger you all were getting into. And I was brushed off by you all. Then when I thought we were all friends and would know each-other the rest of our lives, then you all turned away and brushed me off yet again. Either by Mi6’s order, or your own accord I do not know. But what does it matter why you all brushed me off anymore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VajOaLaxfss


As always, the most deranged right-winger morons will use a nick which kinda tries to tell the opposite… not funny.

Actually YOU look like one of the typical MI6 trolls, paid to produce dissent and water-down any serious discussion by swamping it with crazy nonsense.

Go away please. You are just annoying and there are enough spambots and lowly trolls out there already.


The base of the NSA, new syrian army, a rather small group of USbacked islamists, has indeed been attacked as Russia well knows. If I know about the base, anybody knows about that base.

The US, or rather the murky CIA, is extremely foolish to support islamists.

It would have been wiser had they either abstained from those islamo fascists or given the resources to the SDF. This is close to giving the arms directly to IS.

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