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Syrian War Report – July 22, 2016

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July 21, 2016 in the Syrian Conflict kicked off with fierce clashes between Jaish al-Islam and Pro-Government forces along the Hawsh Farah-Midaa front in eastern Ghouta. A single T-72 tank was reported destroyed by the criminal faction.

In Manbij, northeast of Aleppo, battles between rebels and ISIS militants raged. The Islamic State terrorists constructed a booby-trapped vehicle which mimicked a technical armed with a 12.7mm machine gun . The ruse did not fool the rebels, who documented the defused trap.

In al-Mallah, Syrian rebels destroyed a government bulldozer and tank . The rebels reportedly lost a BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicle and T-72AV tank.

In Aleppo, rebel shelling struck government supply lines near Ramoussah . The rebels recorded direct hits and destroyed vehicles in their uploaded footage.

In northern Aleppo, near Khalidiyah, Turkmen soldiers operating under the banner of ‘Sultan Murad ,’ shelled government positions with improvised ‘Hamim’ missiles—meanwhile, Jaish al-Mujahideen terrorists assaulted government troops stationed in Khalidiyah with 73 mm recoilless gun fire.

In the skies over Syria, Russian Tu-22M3’s dropped heavy ordinance on rebel-held positions in Palmyra, Arak, As Sukhnah and At Tawbah.

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Piet Saman

Stick with one name per warfactions please, rebels are a called criminal faction, SDF are called rebels, Daesh are called terrorists and rebels , very confusing.

Jens Holm

Agree with Piet Saman. There are so many main groups and You could say Nusra/Kaida if it was the undergroup callad Kaida. Nusra seems to have 40 undergroups.

The other groups has their undergroups too. The main group defeating Manbij(also spelled ein many ways) are at least 3 undergroups with kurds as the dominant. But there are 3 and the 2 undergroups are with them, because many in Manbij by well known reasons are afraid of them. One of the groups are men who fled, when the Criminels arrived.

What ever. Pls give it a try to improve a little. Like Your informative stuff very much.

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