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Syrian War Report – July 20, 2017: Govt Forces Regain More Oil Wells In Raqqah Countryside

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

The Syrian Army Tiger Forces and Tribal Forces have captured Qurat Rumailan, the Rumailan Dam, and 15 oil and gas wells 10km east of Dibisan in the southern Raqqah countryside.  Government troops have also captured the Dibisan 1 and Dibisan 2 pumping stations.

ISIS allegedly lost 7 VBIEDs, a battle tank, and four vehicles during the clashes.  At the same time the terrorist group headquarters in the vicinity of Al-Zemla was bombed by the Syrian Air Force.

According to pro-ISIS sources, 8 Syrian soldiers were killed near the village of Abu Allaj at the Raqqah-Ithriyah road.  General Mundhir Mayhoub and Brigadier General Ayman Habib of the Syrian Army 5th Assault Corps were allegedly killed in the same area.  However, this still has to be confirmed.

Reports are circulating that the Tiger Forces and Tribal forces have almost reached the southern entrance to Raqqah after capturing the Ittihad University near Qusrat Afnan.  However, no videos or photos have appeared which might confirm these claims by pro-government sources.

Recently, the Syrian military command increased military censorship and operations security, preventing soldiers from releasing and spreading information about army movements, actions, and plans.  A lack of information from the ground is related to this issue.

Government forces advanced east and northeast of the Al-Heel field and deployed within about 10 km from the ISIS-held town of Sukhna at the Palmyra-Deir Ezzor road.

Earlier this week, the army and its allies captured a number of hills in the area steadily setting up the ground for the storm of Sukhna.

ISIS claimed that 19 Syrian soldiers were killed after their fighters attacked SAA positions east of the Al-Heel field.  The terrorist group allegedly destroyed two army tanks with an ATGM and a rocket-propelled shell during the clashes.

ISIS attacked army positions in Wadi al-Wa’ar near the Syrian-Iraqi border and allegedly killed 25 Syrian soldiers and captured 3 others.  ISIS also destroyed several SAA vehicles and seized weapons and ammunition.

ISIS expanded its operations against the army and its allies in the Palmyra countryside and near the border with Iraq in order to prevent government forces from advancing on Deir Ezzor.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) received a new batch of American weapons and equipment, including M-ATV US armored vehicles and D7R armored bulldozers.  Tankers were spotted in the military convoy loaded with fuel for US helicopters which are deployed at several bases inside Syria.

Meanwhile, the SDF, backed up by the US-led coalition, is developing momentum against ISIS in the southern part of the city of Raqqah.  The US-backed force was not able to seize the old city area and is now attempting to isolate it from the southern direction.

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Solomon Krupacek

this is the most important daily article :)

Joe Doe

Now, when Trump cut support for the militants in Syria, I am very surprised SAA has not yet take advantage of that situation and close the packet in Southern Syria and advance east along Jordanian border


Give it some time and they may not even have too.

Joe Doe

time is the essence in front line. Waiting does not help, rather complicates

Jens Holm

non sense

Samuel Boas

Do you really believe that nonsense? Do not be so naive.

Jens Holm

If You loose You job, I will recommend You to my worst enemies.


Nice they are making a run for the Euphrates

Jens Holm

Its no run. Well educated infanterists with´horses could have taken parts of it Years ago.

You havnt learned anything since 1967.


ISIL along with the rest of us is kept guessing where the Tigers will strike – South to Suknah closing one large fuckerr of a pocket, go for the Euphrates and proceed to Der Ezzor or do something else entirely. While everyone is waiting for a hint, I have a hunch that recently “disbanded” Desert Hawks might miraculously appear near T2 and try for Al Bukamal and home run…


thats where i suggested they go to :))

Jens Holm

ISIS are not guessing, because You are never a surprice for them. Strange illusions still running.


Oooh, somebody feels butthurt because his bearded little buddies are being fed to flies. So sad ?

Jens Holm

Childcare center again. Its a military one and why SAA are so slow winning.


… But winning nontheless…

Jens Holm

Yes, seemes so. Fine to me, but its too slow and expensive.


Slow and painstaking – that’s how you fight asymmetric war. No point in rushing head long into ambushes and making yourself into targets for VBIEDs.

Jens Holm

You are kind´of right in that. I Im sure I see SAA as very much ineffective in it. Their plans has mainly been bigger then the possible results by advancing so much and retreating so much as well.

I could be more possible now, but thats because ISIS hasnt more troops.

Suknah and the ants at the iraqian border are both stopped. Both seemes to have big losses and seems just to be there not able to move or totally isolated with big problems.


I’m sure you see only what you want to see. I’ll grant that it took too long for SAA to adapt, but seen that they were preparing for 3 generations to fight IDF in a Mother of All Mech Battles, that is understandable. Strategy they pursuit in this faze of war is sensible and very effective – stretching ISIL on several different axis, pushing hard and fast on the points ISIL is week and going carefully in places with prepared defence. Let US fight prolonged sieges with massive casualties only to be able to brag”they liberated ISIL capital” – they never managed to take Berlin, Hanoi and Pjongjang so let them have their moment. As for SAA retreats – that’s regular part of war and sensible one if done in time and in good order. You are forgetting that 2 of SAAs biggest victories in last 12 months – Aleppo and Palmira 2 – started in retreats but ended in triumph…

Jens Holm

It wasnt the plan to take Berlin. They took holland, belgium, luxemburg, Italy, austria, grece, partly Yougoslavia. And against japan, they too Chorea, Phillipines, Indonesia, partly Vietnam, Burma & Thailand.

When did Russians declare war agaist Japan. It was in late 1945, where they could get some Islands(back) for free.

And USA came from being pacifists with an army of 400.000 in 1938 to have 10-12 mio soldiers and are today suveraine the only superpower…So far. ………………………………………………………

The USA involvement in Syria like that is to defeat ISIS, because it came out of hand after a short support of them.

The real enemy nr 1 are Baathistas & Assads. It was never anything as invading annything there at all.

You are probatly right its a kind of stepstone for them, but I think they act fine trading with kurds by SDF by PYD in those matters.

Its not about Raqqa, but more like reducing Assads in a positive local sphere with hopes for all there too being not Assads but more by themselves.

I think You forget the other way around and the blapping from Assads as well as Erdogans and their ownership to kurds, arabs and others there. I would fight against them anytime, if I could. Kurds too that opportunity and USA seemes to stay.


As usual you take artistic freedom with facts – this time with well documented history. The fact that 80% of Wermacht casualties were taken on Eastern Front says everything about US boots on the ground contribution in European Theatre. By the time Germans surrendered to the Russians, Norway, Denmark, parts of France, Holland, Austria and whole of N. Italy were firmly in German hands. Yugoslavia was liberated by their own partisan army 800K strong – only Allied troops in the area were some British commandoes. Berlin was always The Prize for the Allies and only when there wasn’t even a slightest theoretical chance for them to beat the Russians to Berlin did Eisenhower gave up on it. As for Asian Theatre – Mac Arthur’s Island hopping strategy meant that wast parts of Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Burma and China were never actually physically liberated by US. Instead the Japs were left to police the natives for months. And last but not least – Mikado didn’t surrender after 2 nukes, but only 10 days after Stalin declared war. I suppose the logic was radiation will go away eventually – Russians not so fast?…

Jens Holm

Much is very twisted from You. USA started from almost nothing in 1938 and shoukld even cross the attlantic and the pacific to be in war.

They gave and before that sold brits and russians for 27 and 11 billion dollars of help. They transported after they started with no own transport.

Russia was 250.000 trucs mainly bedfords incl fuel for T34, 70.000 jeeps, 6-7000 tanks, old canons, a total trainsystem from Murmansk, shiploads of minerals for improoving steel, food, clothe and 13.000 airplanes in by Iran as well as catalinas allowed to be copied. They also gave russians much information by intelligence Enigma.

You also forget is was britts and americans which stopped and delayed all in germany by their airforce. Russia only had heavy bombers in the last period of the war.

Your version of Yougoslavia isnt quite accurate. Much weapons and mainly specialist came in by britts, because he didnt want communists taking over.

And Your version of Italy not taken by americans and britts are very strange. Po is crossed. Milan is take too. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/44cf213789c79e63a807e9565484988b5fb2ebc6bc639c267701444028be128f.png


Nobody disputes importance of Lend-Lease for UK and USSR. I was talking “Boots on the ground” and that contribution is measured by dead enemy soldiers and amount of territory gained. Your Italy map is accurate, it’s just that the yellow parts were taken mostly in May. Since i am from ex Yugoslavia and have learned a lot about WW2 in the region i think I know more on the subject. The Brits had several liason missions with both the partisans and Chetnik collaborators – the latter hoping to have some kind of anti-communist resistance in the country and political leverage after the war. They finally withdraw the support in May 1944. As for material support it consisted mainly of food and clothing. Some weapons but since partisans mainly used German and Italian stuff right ammo was always the issue. Combat support consisted as I said of several UK commandoes stationed on island of Vis and CAS flown from Italy – a.k.a. Balkan Air Force. The idea that Germans were able to mount more counterattacks after Ardennes and Balaton fiascoes is surreal – just like the idea of phantom Nazi armies in the Ruhr and in Bavarian mountains. March-May 1945 was running time for both the Germans – running West trying to get captured by US/UK and for the Allies – trying to get as much territory from fleeing Germans, regardless of previous treaties – almost like Syria today…

Jens Holm

The Atlantic Ocean as well as the Pacific was no territory. They had to win those 2 first.

Did russians help besides 200 km from Murmansk. No they didtnt.

Your version of You know this and that about Yugoslavia is far out too and for many years. Its also very well descriebed in all details in several versions.

Furthermore I have been reading about for many, many years and can everything worth knowing from Austria/Hungaria were “deported” from germany by preussen and till today.

That include new history books in the Middle East style and even making the area into several languagegroups.

You also totally ignore the Russian grabbing hand and how they closed and treated East Europe and what US did by Marshall help.

1) Stalin removed almost all top officers, which could lead the relative advanced defence 2) Stalin closed the Stalin defense line down and and the new Molotov line was only build up 15% when Hitler attacked. The many soldiers lived in tents and baracks as well as the many tanks, trucks and other equipment. The canons from the Stalin line was stored because of disagreements with Shukow.

Stalin´went into old fashion line defence, which germans were experts in defeating since Clausewitch(1800). Stalin has seen Poland as well as France go down by that.

Stalin commanded Young officers, which were very afraid being done to as their former leaders. They therefore hardly dared to move without orders. But there wasnt much real contacts to most units. It was mainly simpel phonelines, where one could loose any contact to whole army groups. Those were the first german airplanes took.

Even before the jailing and killing officers the red army had a lack of officers. There was almost none good officers for the big reserves and a great lack of weapons as well.

The tanks had very limited resources in grenades and those as well as trucks and other vehicles had lack of petrol and many problems with the engines incl. a stupid gear of the worst kind.

When the units in the direct fronline was collapsed, the second was demanded to retreat in stead of fighting. By that most of them never fighted. They ran out of petrol and they couldnt repair the bad engines.

The result of that was not even millions of prisoners, where many many were killed.Germans got millions of all kind of very good weapons and millions of second class as well.

It was possible to rebuild many moveable canons incl. 75 mm as replacements for the great loeses they had. The great loses were by the Counterattack from Moscau, but probatly mainly the winter and long winterdistances making them old faster then expected.

Later on the second class weapons armed many second class SS divisons, where You dont see those men being more or less russians at the opposit site but count them as red army losses. You probatly also dont count the many, which went to Gulag and died there. Those are not the same which were evakuated from Ukraine(from Kharkov to Donetsk).

And You probatly count jews from there, where Stalin didnt evacute them and many were killed by ukrainians themselves before germans took over in a more systematic way. Donests as well as Kharhov and several other big town there had 30% jews. Thats a lot of people.


Mordechai Jens, halt die Klappe, du kleine Hasbara-cockroach.


Jens Holm

Bist Du Dum mein freund oder was. Keine familienportretten erlaubt.

Mahmoud Larfi

Salam Alaykoum just a suggestion there to Southfront ; why not embedding the YouTube player instead of this one which doesn’t work very well with low end computers and phones as well as with slow internet connections. Best wishes to the team and to readers, keep up the good work !

Brad Isherwood

Post is to gustavo….apology for link mistake

https://journal-neo.org/2017/07/16/who-should-be-held-responsible-for-the-cruel-bloodshed-in-syria/ Excerpt: The single largest Saudi arms purchase was from the United States. In December 2013, would approve the sale of 15,000 TOW systems to Riyadh, the total worth of weapons sold back then amounted to 1 billion dollars. The TOW missiles began to arrive in Syria in 2014 and soon had a major impact on the situation on the ground.

Putin/Russia and Iran were slow to react to the obvious interventions . US Piled into Syria in last month’s of Obama and First few of Trump… ISUS still holds Syria East of the Euphrates with its numerous oil/nat gas fields. Plus ….a large chunk of Iraq West which gives them a DeFacto statelet. …unless militarily Defeated.


It looks like that Syria will lose the Euphrates if there is not a rapid response. I hope Rusia-Syria-Iran-Hezbolah have a good plan for arriving first in Deir Zor.


hope so too

Jens Holm

Its garbage, Rapid respence to what ?

G Dean VanGaya

It doesn’t look like they’ll make it there. I think the SDF will be there first.

G Dean VanGaya

“The Syrian Gov’t”.. So the SDF has been able to push that far south? Or did the Ba’athists finally negotiate with the Syrian people’s democratic confederated councils to share the Syrian peoples’ oil fields?

Jens Holm

Its rubbish again. Before the civil war, Damaskus shared NO OIL with the poor -kurds are some of them.

Now You insinuate, there will be 2 states and SDF and USA with fly the oil out pr ballons, helicopters or Email…

G Dean VanGaya

You’re totally right, Damascus used the rich oil, cotton and grain fields of the Kurdish lands as an internal colony which generated up to %40 of Syrian GDP. The Ba’athists tortured and shot the kurds in their streets as thanks for all that Syria was able to take from the dirt poor Kurds. I guess you’re saying the Ba’athists aren’t going to negotiate, that you’ll keep working with Erdogan who invaded and destroyed Syria, and you’re happy that Erdogan has Barzani in his pocket so that the democratic councils will be blockaded to the East as well. Well then, I guess once the SDF is done with Erdogan, and Turkey is burning under the weight of its own civil war, the YPG will have to take Latakia to have access to the Sea.

G Dean VanGaya

The Ba’athists can negotiate with the Syrian people and their democratic, confederated councils and unite the country and expel Israel and Turkey. Or the elitist bureaucrats can administrate their part of Syria for the Turkish and Israeli occupations. It’s that clear, and simple.


makes me so ANGRY when isis attacks and kills and captures SAA troops, makes me wish i could kill them all with my bare hands!

Jens Holm

You could kill Your lousy leaders in stead and should have replaced them and their system many years ago.

Those are elected/selected by themselves after “family-relations” and not after school, education, skills and hard work.

And You are the spendables.


Oh yea, because thats not hard at all to do…got any more brilliant solutions? Lol

G Dean VanGaya

Actually, it’s practically a done deal. Just help the SDF and the confederated council system and their workers cooperatives.


What is a done deal?

G Dean VanGaya

replacing your lousy leaders requires supporting a local council and the workers cooperative. that direct democracy is all over the North of the country.


Not sure about that


Where is the lady’s voice over? We miss her!

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