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JULY 2022

Syrian War Report – July 2, 2018: Militants In Over 15 Settlements Surrender To Syrian Army

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the Tiger Forces and their allies are about to achieve a stunning and rapid victory in their battle against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and their allies in southern Syria.

Over the past few days, government forces have liberated over 15 settlements in the eastern and western countryside of Daraa and forces some groups of militants to accept a surrender agreements.

According to the Syrian state media, at least 10 villages – Tisiyah, Maaraba, al-Samaqiyat, Smad, Samj, Abu Khatula, Elemtaih, al-Taebah, al-Nada and Jamrin – almost signed the reconciliation agreement and militants started preparing for surrender.

Militants in the town of Bosra al-Sham already started surrendering weapons. At the same time, the so-called moderate opposition in the town of Tafas and have pledged allegiance to the ISIS-linked Khalid al-Walid Army.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have deployed additional armoured and artillery forces, including battle tanks, in the occupied Golan Heights, near the contact line with Syria.

Israel claimed the additional forces were deployed solely to “respond” to potential incidents and that “the IDF will continue to insist on the principle of non-involvement in what is happening in Syria”.

Meanwhile in reality, Israeli forces have repeatedly targeted forces of the Damascus government in southern and central Syria describing these strikes as a defensive measure.

It’s interesting to note that many of these strikes took place during important battles between the SAA and terrorist groups.

Syrian and local sources say that the IDF is preparing for carrying out more strikes amid the ongoing SAA anti-terrorist operation in the provinces of Daraa and Quneitra. While such strikes cause a new round of the Syrian-Israeli tensions, they will not likely influence in any way the strategic situation in these provinces because militants’ defense has already collapsed.

If Israeli forces continue striking SAA troops attacking the Khalid al-Walid Army near the occupied Golan Heights, the international audience will easily find out that Israel is encouraging ISIS in the area and using the terrorist group to create a buffer zone there.

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this morning the syrian army heavy attacked the city tafas!! and north the city for couped the route 119 principal line ravitaillement and communication between the pocket of quneitra and pocket daraa!!


“international audience will easily find out that Israel is encouraging ISIS…” International audience already know that, Israel know that international audience know that, but Israel does not care for that, because there is no consequences for what he do.

khilafah BaQiya Bi iz nil LaH

plans of ISIS https://youtu.be/q04etEQkuPc


If that is the case, why does Israel use terrorists that fly many Wahabi flags as a front line Israeli force in Syria ?


My dear future death body, your only plan is to be death, as all the plans of the guys on your pictures.




There is not such a plan of ISIS. ISIS is under support and protection of Israel-USA-NATO. They are their creators and their bosses. There are only Israle-USA-NATO plans (using their terrorists as ISIS-Daesh).


There is no major newspaper or newsnetwork in Europe, or the entire West, that reports on the criminal behavior of Israel and the rest of the club, or that ISIS chills at the Golans.

You can not know what no one tells you, especially when there is a lack of critical and sceptical abilities of the average population.


I do not read major newspaper or watch major news network in Europe, but still i know. If you want to know you will find, otherwise you will continue to hold your head in the ass (not yours, figuratively)…

khilafah BaQiya Bi iz nil LaH

my umma https://youtu.be/mBk1-cdioj8


That knife is for your desperado neck. If you truly loved knives fights, you’ll give one to the prisoners you murderer. South Front or Discus, please cut this comment, it’s a ISIS menace to their prisoners (the only necks that they can cut).


It’s okay jorge. He is just blowing smoke.


He his just blowing smoke with all the prisoners that ISIS killed. Inforgibavle.


HEY CUZ!! We could use some of your fighters against Qaeda in Idlib! Keep up the Good Work! and you might only get life in prison!


Dude, he is dead. He was killed a while ago.

Icarus Tanović

Fuck you, scum bag!




“Syrian War Report – July 2, 2018: Militants In Over 15 Settlements Surrender To Syrian Army” Finish that South, then go to the Yankee-basis in the NE. At the end the “TURKISH-zone”, when Erdogan has finished the MOSSAD-YPG and has no logical reason to remain in Syria. That makes it easier..

Rodney Loder

Before Trump gets the boot it would be a good idea to ratchet up the pressure on israel by bringing to light the nefarious two faced expression of Christian realism, the fantasy of what the US is and the reality that everyone knows but keeps quiet on the off chance that indeed God really is a queer as Christians maintain, give it up it’s a lost cause Christian queer.

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