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Syrian War Report – July 18, 2017: Army Advancing On ISIS-held Town Of Sukhna

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

On Monday, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) repelled an attack of pro-Turkish militants in the direction of Ayn Daqnah in the northern part of Aleppo province.  According to pro-Kurdish sources, the attack was supported by Turkish artillery units.  The artillery shelling also targeted YPG positions in Herbel, Sheikh Issa, and Tel Rifat.  The YPG repelled the first wave of the attack and allegedly killed 20 pro-Turkish militants and captured a few vehicles.

On Tuesday, sporadic clashes continued in the area.  According to experts, pro-Turkish militants will not be able to break the YPG defense without direct assistance from the Turkish army.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), backed up by the US-led coalition airpower, recaptured the whole Yarmouk district from ISIS and entered the Nezle Shihade district in the city of Raqqah.  At the same time, US military sources denied reports that the SDF had allegedly halted its operations against ISIS because of tensions among Arab and Kurdish units of the group.

The Syrian Army Tiger Forces and Tribal forces captured the Deilla oil field south of the government-held town of Resafa in the province of Raqqah, according to pro-government sources.  The Tiger Forces and their allies are steadily clearing from ISIS key areas south of the Resafa-Ithriyah road.

Numerous pro-government sources are speculating about the expected government push from the Resafa area towards the ISIS besieged city of Deir Ezzor.  However, right now, this option looks unlikely.

In turn, government forces are developing momentum in the direction of Sukhna northeast of Palmyra.  According to local sources, the army and its allies have captured new points en route to the ISIS-held town.

Reports about alleged government forces progressing towards the ISIS-held T2 pumping station near the border with Iraq are fake.  Clashes are still ongoing in the area of Hamimah.

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Woahh woahh does anyone else feel the tiger forces are being under utilized? They are the main reason i support the SAA (and isis hunters inthe 5th corps) and i feel like with their capabilities and abilities should be doing more than just mopping up some oil fields. I understand they are experts of openfield deset battle.i feel like they should be bee lining it to sukhna and attack it from the north while other saa faction swing from the south there. Iknow that beelinning it toward deir ezzor isnt a good idea because of the attempt year ago when they got continuously counter attack and had to retreat. BUT i cant believe that they cant make a push to deir ezzor. Hear me out a- as messed up as it is(war is messed up) send the tribal forces in first, ahead of the tiger forces. If they get severly counter attacked, the tiger forces will right behind for reinforcements. And their just tribal forces, if they get wrecked at least it wasnt the valuable tiger forces. B- compared to where they are now and the distance to deir ezzor, and where they were a year ago when they tried to push to deir ezzor, much less distance AND theres alot more going on, Pressure on raqqa, isis getting butt kicked in southern and SE syria. When they tried a year ago there was none of this so isis was able to focus 100% on repelling tha saa push dez. And C- cant russia aerospace forces guide the tiger forces and TFs to deir ezzor… be on stand by and if counter attacks occur just keep bombin em. And heli fire cover. Idk thoughts everyon? I just feel like they did this push to dez it would be risky yes. But with utilizing the tribal forces and tight tight cover from russian air plus all the distractions going on, do you think it could be done? And think once deir ezzor is unbesiged, muyadeen falls. Those isis dorks in those oil fields will probably just give up or blow themselves up and saa can waltz in and claim the oil field as theirs. And if you dont agree with this plan. At least get to sukhna quickly for a coordinated attack from the north and south and take over sukhna quikcly to focus on reaching dez and or the SE point of syria that town al buksomething


that would mean a very long supply route to defend. isis is not yet weak enough. it is still hidding small units in the desert and mountains and can mount 20-30 men raiding parties that can overrun weak troops left to guard outposts.

Joe Doe

SAA Tiger forces are overstretched already and additional task will demoralize and overload the unit(s). SAA needs more units like SAA Tiger force, the SYria as a country can’t depends only on one good unit like SAA Tiger force. The SAA Tiger force in in right path, they should continue South and should close and clean the huge packets in central and west of Syria, before advancing East. Going East ISIS will put more resistance, therefore SAA Tige force need to as I mention above


Behaviour has meaning; the lull by the TF will be explained soon enough.


@ Jordan, Tigers are not machines and like all other storm troops in history they need to rest and resupply, repair and service vehicles etc . Men who are exhausted tend to have a lower morale . The SAA is short of such trained units and those they have must not be squandered. Using Tribal Forces as bait would only encourage mass retreats as witnessed in earlier years.


https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2aa97bfb8a562791753ec7428d351c3c07ed0038e7c5eca7c931e013e5d14e0c.jpg go north to the river and south to shortend the frontline and after clear pocket to the west. My skills in paint are amazing =)

Joe Doe

For now the SAA Tiger force should go South only, then close the packet and clean the packet first

Solomon Krupacek

thid pocket is not important. now. but euphrates has strategic importance.

Joe Doe

Not at this stage

Solomon Krupacek

always. sdf will take eufrates. the pocket remains, the isis will not run away

Joe Doe

There is risk for SAA Tiger force be cut off from supply line. They have to take safer path and in due time take the rest of East Syria

Solomon Krupacek

this risk must be undertaken. if lose eufrates, syria is lost. therefore is important to attack on multiple fronts. alamsdarnews several times reported, 50 000 government troops are waiting for dez offensive. this is enough manpower to check out isis.

George King

The Euphrates will not be lost as Mosul is wrapping up PMU from Iraq border will merge with PMU Syrian units to form a cauldron via N7 & N4 and Iraqi border area. Also look for Iraqi Army to work north of Euphrates link up with SAA, Kurds beware and move aside or perish your dreams.


The risk were too high to proceed. Even they ended taking up Euphrates and erecting new border in the name of Kurdistan autonomy taking much of the Syrian and Iraq territory they would end up having Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran under united front glaring at them as potential enemy. This tiger forces and assad were a symbol of a winning resistance against imperialist and even now drawing a lot sympathizers from Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Iraq.

Solomon Krupacek

the saa should take szrian soil. pmu will not assist. the iraqi government forbad this.

Cyriak Papasissis

Not exactly. They said , for PMU to fight in Syria a vote in Iraqi Parliament would be required. Not much sense in this anyway , since branches of PMU are already fighting in Syria at least 2 years , without a vote of approval. The PMU is on the other hand recognized by the Iraqi government on equal standing with the Army. Without them , everybody understands , the Army would be in grave difficulties against ISIS.Let us not forget , the Americans at the beginning of the campaign on Mosul demanded that the PMU did not take part. The Americans are now insisting to the Iraqis , that the PMU does not mingle in Syria. But of course nobody pays attention , the Americans lost on all courts , their influence on the Iraqi government is waning.


Stick to painting, your Rommel skills are still rather lacking :)


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I agree go for the Euphrates and send Desert Hawks south to Sukhna or environs.


Surely the place to deal ISIS big blows is in the open desert areas ? Create a large pocket there where close quarter fighting is not so prevalent. Once the vast expanses of desert are under control from marauding SAS style Long Range hit and run ISIS units the lines of communication will be safer and the pockets of resistance near Deir Ezzor city can be methodically cleansed of the US/NATO proxy terror gangs. The Iraqi forces will by that time have sealed the borders as well I hope and that will prevent the US creating de facto escape routes for their ISIS terrorists into Syria.


i just hope SAA and russians are doing enough forward recon/observation to scout out daesh positions and maneuver and allocate their forces accordingly.

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