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Syrian War Report – July 15, 2016: ISIS Shot Down Government Aircraft

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Written and produced by SF Team: Brian Betts, Daniel Deiss

July 14 began with rebel claims of casualties within the pro-Assad contingent operating in Khalidiyah, Aleppo. Clashes that began in the night, remained fierce throughout the day. By evening, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), reported that it had secured the al-Kornia factory on the Layramoun-Khalidiya axis in Aleppo. This victory is important because it erodes the gap separating pro-regime forces in al-Mallah farms, from their allies in north Aleppo, moving the government closer to encircling terrorist forces trapped within the city.

Further efforts to close this gap, which runs along what is being referred to as the Castillo road front, ran into resistance in the form of Nour al-Din al-Zenki fighters, a pro-rebel criminal faction.

Less than a mile to the north, Turkmen forces, operating under the moniker of ‘Sultan Murad,’ reported the destruction of a 14.5 mm gun in a TOW missile attack. The heavy machine gun had been guarding a government position in al-Mallah farms.

To the east of Aleppo, the Islamist gang ‘Faylaq al-Sham’ destroyed a 130mm gun with a Kornet anti-tank guided missile.

The Islamic State published video evidence of a downed Mi-24 gunship of the Syrian Arab Air Force outside Eastern Ghouta near Damascus. The two-man crew were killed in the crash, which took place a few kilometers away from the Damascus Airport, proving that this area is still vulnerable for ISIS attacks.

The Islamic State also released footage of a MiG-23 crash site outside Deir ez-Zor. The deceased pilot is reported to be Col. Maher Jaber from Beit al-Marj.

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These summaries are very informative and a valuable source of information. I would like a little more information on how it is possible for Government aircraft to be shot down. Have the terrorist acquired new anti- aircraft weapons? I did see some suggestion of this earlier but have not see much more information. If SouthFront has anything to add I think everyone would find it useful.


Militants have lots of weapons that allow them to shot down aircraft at low attitude (old MANPADs and even more complicated systems).

George Washington

What kind of “complicated systems”? Where are they located? Are we talking about old Syrian Army equipment or newer systems provided by foreign powers? – (Paul asked a good question; a lot of us have been wondering about this recently).


For example: https://southfront.org/isis-announces-it-has-air-defense-weapons/

George Washington

thank you!

Daniel Rich

@ George

I saw a terrorist clip the other day of a bombing run -no idea whether RuASF or Syrian, but when the plane flew over I could clearly hear the hissing sound of a missile being fired.

As I didn’t see anything, the above -and all this- is pure speculation, but them being takfiri terrorists, it is likely a US TOW was fired at said plane.


Given the mercenary nature of all groups involved, any chance these manpads will, through the YPG, fall into the hands of the PKK?

enemies R among us

It’s a Mig-21 , quite possibly it was mechanical failure and not shot down as daesh claims

George Washington

I read something on reddit about them sneaking more missiles into the East Ghouta pocket. – Terrorists in that area captured radar and launchers years ago but they ran out of ammo.

enemies R among us

The Islamic State also released footage of a MiG-23 crash site outside Deir ez-Zor.

Looks like a Mig- 21

Real Anti-Racist Action

And all of this is because, America is an occupied territory filled with politicians and bankers who hate Syrians and Lebanese. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbb4arbBIVo

Oli Gulliver


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