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Syrian War Report – July 13, 2018: Syrian Army Liberated Daraa City

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In the evening of July 12th, units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Russian Military Police entered the southern, militant-held part of Daraa city de-facto restoring the government control of the area.

This part of the city had been in the hands of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and its allies since 2012.

At the same time, militants started surrendering their remaining positions south of the city. These developments are a part of the reconciliation reached between the leaders of militant groups and the Damascus government with assistance of Russia.

Separately, government forces also entered the villages of Kafr Shams, Inkhil and Muzayrib in western Daraa.

Under the reached deal militants are handing over their heavy and medium weapons as well as military equipment to the SAA and are getting two options: to settle their legal status with the government or to withdraw to the militant held areas in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo.

According to some pro-opposition sources, the Russians did not recommend militants to choose the withdrawal options during negotiations on the deal because Hayat Tahrir al-Sham forces in the province of Idlib will become a next target of the Russian-backed operation of the SAA. This open secret triggered a new round of complains in pro-militant media outlets and among pro-militant activists.

Meanwhile, the ISIS-affiliated Khalid ibn al-Walid Army entered the villages of Hayt and Khirbat Y’ala in western Daraa thanks to an agreement with members of the so-called moderate opposition there. Over the past few days, the Syrian Air Force has carried out a number of strikes on targets near Hayt thus attempting to deter the terrorist group. However, this did not help.

With the liberation of Daraa city, the remaining militant-held areas in western Daraa became the main target of the SAA and its allies. Some clashes have already been reported near Yadudeh and Muzayrib.

Cells of the Ghadab al-Zaytun amred group affiliated with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) have carried out two attacks against Turkish-backed militant groups in the province of Idlib. 5 militants were killed in two separate attacks on July 9 and 10.

On July 11-12, Russian President Vladimir Putin held separate meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s Foreign Policy Adviser Ali Akbar Velayati. During the both meetings, the sides discussed the situation in Syria and in the Middle East in general.

The repeated visits of Netanyahu to Moscow shows Israel’s attempts to get Russian support in Israeli attempts to drive Iranian forces out of Syria. However, the practice shows that Moscow is not going to assist Tel Aviv in this goal.

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excellentes news big victory for syria!!

james ha

why the continued reference to terrorists as ‘militants’?


They do not want to hurt USA-Israel-NATO feeling.


Southfront always refers to them as militants instead of Terrorist, I don’t know why is that.

S Melanson

The liberation of South Syria is accompanied by deployment of Russian military police. We know Russia has warned that any harm to Russians will result in a military response against all involved hostile forces, even if they be outside Syrian borders. Notably, the response so far from US, Israel and allies has been in South Syria very subdued. They clearly do not want to get themselves in a fight with the Russians.

This has also been the case in Ukraine where in response to speculation that Ukraine would attack Donbas while Russia was preoccupied with hosting the World Cup, Putin made very clear any major assault on the Donbas would have dire implications for Ukrainian sovereignty. Ukraine has heightened border skirmishes, but has stopped short of crossing Putin’s red line.

Russia is demonstrating deterrence capability in containing the excesses of US and her allies/proxies military adventurism.

Iran has threatened denial of the Strait of Hormuz if the US makes good on its threat to prevent Iran from selling its oil. The US knows Iran can make good on their threat which would cause catastrophic economic consequences harmful to the US and her allies – although it seems Trump is turning allies into roadkill left behind as he continues onward in his merry diplomatic journeys.

As well, the EU is openly defying US threats to halt all dealings with Iran.

I think it can be said that now is the dawning of a new multipolar world. What remains is for this to be finally recognized and accepted by the US establishment – if they have not already done so.

Bill Wilson

Iran is full of hot air since they couldn’t the strait to commercial shipping if they wanted to. Doing so would be an act of war against all the Gulf nations that rely upon shipping passing thru it. They’ll send out their little navies to wipe out Iran’s little surface vessels while the US wipes out their little submarine fleet. Then they’ll blockcade Iran’s ports and export terminals to rub more shit in the mullahs’ and IRG faces.

PJ London

Have you ever actually looked at the map? Closing the straits has nothing to do with navies or submarines. Every ship in the Gulf is within striking distance of shore based missiles. That includes those great big fat targets called Carrier Groups. Good grief but you people are idiots.

US-Navy Revert Shia

jerk off https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/851639a7193960a8b25c794e6eafb7263811c5bcc855869de888773722c62e98.jpg

Kell McBanned

Hezbollah is awesome, any group that protects its people from outside agression is gold in my book.

Kell McBanned

Yes indeed.

Barry Warmkessel

Israel can go to hell!


Very revealing the Syrians victories have a multitude of actions to bring about the defeat of their enemies. We often see negotiations and deals. The US utterly destroys all infrastructure and then declares victory. The actual civilian death toll is difficult to assess as all the government that could measure the cost are wiped from the face of the earth, even if they were to survive, the message goes against the MSM paradigm and will thus be non news.

The actual invasion of Syria by US and friends in support of their terrorist storm troopers becomes ever more obvious. Their reasons for staying, bogus as they were, have been obliterated by Syria and friends.


Yes Moscow should just say to Netanyahu screw you Jew. You are coming to me few times now, WHAT is it, you are afraid. Well BB Russia will not assist you, for you is good to harbor terror factions near the occupied Golan’s as Daesh and Al-Qaeda to have then as shield and supply them with Israeli Weapons and Medicine. You fuck. When Syria will prevail against all enemies foreign and domestic in their country when they clean it good, next on the list will be the Golans, now SAA army is close to Golan’s and you are desperate you are going for help to the Russians, but I really don’t know how and how much will they help you.

Kell McBanned

Beautiful stufff, today is a good day. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f9fcde203a3729c006c65aecd627af5cc761707700c92838785054a7c195c6c8.jpg



Inside Israel’s Raid to Seize Nuclear Documents in Iran Agents infiltrated Tehran warehouse, extracted trove including partial warhead designs, officials say


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