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Syrian War Report – July 12, 2017: Army Seeks To Divide Militant-Held Area In Eastern Damascus

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) are attempting to separate Jobar and Zamalka areas in eastern Damascus countryside. They have advanced along the M5 highway and claimed capturing some buildings in the process. Clashes have also continued in Ayn Tarma. Faylaq Al-Rahman and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham are two militant groups opposing the SAA and the NDF in the area.

The SAA, the NDF and other pro-government factions have fully liberated the al-Hayl gas field area, including hills near the gas field, from ISIS terrorists in the countryside of Palmyra.

The SAA and its allies entered the al-Hayl gas field area earlier this month, captured the al-Hayl gas station, and engaged ISIS units in an intense fighting in the area. On Tuesday, government forces got a full control over the area and seized hills overlooking the gas field. However, ISIS launched a counter-attack in an attempt to the field. An intense fighting is now ongoing.

ISIS had set up a series of strongpoints in the mountain area along the Palmyra-Deir Ezzor highway. These strongpoints became an obstruction for the government forces attempting to reach the strategic town of Sukhna.

The video has appeared online showing a large convoy of pro-government tribal fighters allegedly moving to participate in the expected government operation against ISIS in Deir Ezzor. According to the report, some 4,000 tribal fighters will participate in the advance. However, this number looks overestimated.

A Russian military adviser, Nikolay Afanasov, has been killed as a result of mortar shelling from militants in Hama province, the Russian Ministry of Defense said on Tuesday. The captain was tasked with training Syrian ground forces. He was granted a state decoration posthumously. According to official statements, 34 Russian military servicemen have been killed since the start of the operation in Syria.

An intense fighting continued between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and ISIS inside the city of Raqqah. SDF units, backed up by the US-led coalition airpower and artillery, are pressuring on ISIS defense lines in western and eastern Raqqah in an attempt to reach the city center and divide it into two parts via the al Firdaws street. ISIS uses snipers and suicide bombers countering the US-backed advance.

Meanwhile, the SDF has established of the first female Arab battalion within the US-backed group. The recently created battalion was named the Battalion of Martyr Amara for Arab Women. The declared aim of the move is to fight ISIS terrorists in eastern Syria and to protect women rights. The creation of the Battalion of Martyr Amara for Arab Women was officially announced by Rojda Seyar, an SDF field commander, on Monday.

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If only the US had promoted women’s rights with Saudi Arabia etc . The Middle East would not have been in such a mess without Salafist Arab cash.

Even the arch feminist herself, Hillary Clinton, accepted 20 million dollars from the abusers in chief of women, Saudi Arabia.

Gabriel Hollows

Protecting woman’s rights? How, by getting them killed? Kurds are retarded communists who exist to ensure Greater Israel. Fumigate them like the reat of the local vermin.


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Jonathan Cohen



and Israel

Jonathan Cohen

I included Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv too then.


And the caliphate in London UK :)

Jonathan Cohen

UK doesn’t have full abortion rights according to Wikipedia, even outside Northern Ireland 2 doctors must sign off to permit abortion in UK, so UK does not qualify as fully pro-choice.


Piss off, nazi bastard.

Jonathan Cohen

Nazis banned abortions for Norwegian and German women.


Piss off, Adolf.

Jonathan Cohen

Nazis banned abortions for Norwegian and German women


Neither Clinton is remotely feminist; Hillary is a feminazi though.


Have you seen the video of the US outpost they couldn’t even occupy before the base was overrun by the SAA? A new version of “pump and dump”? No doubt a very sly operation to deceive the IS enemy.


That female Arab battalion in SDF territory is going to be a huge thorn in the peshmerga’s side. The Kurdish mercenaries from Iraq, who’ve been utilized by the Pentagon since the 2003 invasion of Iraq, have committed atrocities in north Syria that are not forgotten. After Isis, those mercenaries are the next war in north Syria.


Russian reporter films the horrors of urban combat in East Ghouta

*** Warning graphic ***



Inshallah Jobar and zamalka are cut in half and secured by SAA, and that they also fully repel and annihilate the daesh counterattack on Al hayl gas field :)))

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