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Syrian War Report – July 11, 2018: YPG Carries Out Series Of Attacks Against Turkish-backed Forces In Afrin

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The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) have claimed that their cells carried out a series of hit and run attacks against Turkey-led forces in the northern Syrian area of Afrin from July 5 to July 8.

One Turkish-backed fighters was reportedly killed by YPG sniper fire at a military point between the settlements of Jinderes and Atma on July 5. Three members of the Hamza Brigade were killed on the road between Rajo and Afrin on July 6. A commander of the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA), Mohmmad al-Souleiman, was killed in the Bibil district and an IED explosion killed two fighters in the Shara district on July 7. Two Turkish Army soldiers were reportedly killed in in the Rajo district in a separate attack on the same day.

On July 8, the YPG allegedly carried out a bombing attack on a convoy in the Mabata district killing two fighters.

According to the YPG, since the very start of the operation in Afrin on January 20, 2018, Turkey-led forces have lost 2515 fighters. The Turkish side denies this number describing it as a propaganda.

The continued YPG attacks  on Turkey-led forces in Afrin show that the Turkish Army and its proxies from the FSA have so far failed to secure the mountainous part of the Afrin area, which is used by YPG cells to hide and prepare further attacks.

On July 10, an ISIS suicide bomber targeted positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) at the village of Zaizoun in the western countryside of Daraa. According to ISIS-linked sources, about two dozens of SAA troops were killed in the incident. However, this number is clearly overestimated. Pro-government sources say that less than 10 SAA troops were killed or injured in the attack.

The ISIS branch in southern Syria – the Khalid ibn al-Walid Army – has increased its activity against the SAA as government forces are nearing a full liberation of Daraa city and its countryside. According to reports, a radical part of militant groups, which had already surrendered to the SAA in the province, also joined the ISIS-linked organization.

Meanwhile, government forces restored control of the areas of Gharaz, Samlin, Kafr Shams, Kafr Nasej and Aqraba. In Gharaz, the SAA recovered a battle tank, some US-made TOW missiles, mortar rounds, rocket shells, tank shells, RPGs, IEDs as well as other weapons and munition.

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Well done SAA and their allies. It’s very good news.

If the child butcher Israeli pirates do any mistake and try to hinder the rapid advance of Syria and of their allies then Israel will observe no fly zone over all Palestine from Jordan border to Mediterranean sea and from Lebanon border to Egyptian border.


If Trump and NATO both produce hundreds of organizations in Middle East with different names weather that is Israel, ISIS, Al-Qaeda or medical rescue team or engineering team etc whatever their name or brand is to be but these organizations are made for terrorism and that is their duty to serve Trump and NATO member states because they all are involved in terrorism and destabilising the Middle East region by chaos. Trump and NATO cannot make people fool anymore.


the rats kurds killed the rats FSA excellente news!!

Pave Way IV

“…According to reports, a radical part of militant groups, which had already surrendered to the SAA in the province, also joined the ISIS-linked organization…”

Which is the precise effect the US was trying to prevent. ‘Moderate’ head-chopper groups were created, and carefully monitored and controlled by hard-core US-backed Saudi-Wahhabi head-choppers. They were there to encourage the less fanatical rebels and keep the Wahhabi hate alive.

If most of the ‘moderate’ rebels in a group are in favor of surrendering, then their handlers have failed and are not able to control the group. The hard-core Wahhabi fanatics and their most loyal followers in those groups are defecting to ISIS to keep up the head-chopping, while the majority of the rebel group reconciles with the government.

Russia continues the impossible, and effectively separates the rebels into two distinct groups: 1) reconciled Syrians, and 2) military targets.

Mustafa Mehmet

go and fuck yourself pyg cunt fuck your dirty propaganda

S Melanson

YPG insurgency causing Turkish casualties while South Front reports the US just supplied the YPG with weapons in a convoy of 200 trucks.

Well that ought to warm relations between the US and Turkey.

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