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Syrian War Report – January 4, 2018: Russian Forces Suffer Casualties In Khmeimim Shelling

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the National Defense Forces (NDF), the Tiger Forces and other pro-government factions, supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces, have achieved a notable progress against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in southern Idlib.

Government troops have liberated the villages of Rajmel Mashraf, Umm Sehrij, Dreibiyeh, Mashrafat al Khanazir, Ard az-Zurzur, Sham al-Hawa, Umm al-Khalakhil, Qulayat at Tuwaybah and Niha and deployed within 7km from the militant-held town of Sinjar. The SAA reportedly lost at least one battle tank and an armoured vehicle in the clashes.

Sinjar is located on the Hama-Aleppo highway, within about 15 km from the Abu al-Duhur airbase, which is the target of the ongoing military operation of the SAA, according to many experts.

The SAA, the NDF and the Qalamun Shield Forces, led by units of the Republican Guard, are preparing for an operation to lift the Ahrar al-Sham siege from the Armoured Vehicles Base in Damascus’ Eastern Ghouta.

According to pro-government sources, the operation will be led by General Juma’a al-Jasim and could include an effort to capture the entire area of Harasta.

Meanwhile, clashes also erupted north of al-Nashabiyah where the SAA entered the village of Ayn Zuriqa. Fighting is ongoing there.

In Western Ghouta, the SAA and the NDF have established control over the Beit Jinn pocket. Now, government forces are securing the recently liberated areas.

On January 2, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) resumed their efforts to isolate the ISIS-held town of Hajin in the Euphrates Valley. By January 4, the SDF had captured the villages of Abu Hardub, al-Rifai, al-Mohamdiyah, al-Majid and Ard al-Zir. According to pro-SDF sources, 38 ISIS members were killed and at least two armoured vehicles belonging to the group were destroyed in the period.

Hajin remains the key ISIS strong point on the eastern bank of the Euphrates. While ISIS controls it, the group is able to operate in a large chunk of the Euphrates bank between Hajin and the Iraqi border.

The Russian daily Kommersant reported on January 3 that Russia’s Khmeimim air base was shelled by militants on December 31. According to Kommersant, four Su-24 attack aircraft, two Su-35S multi-role fighters and one An-72 transport aircraft were damaged or destroyed as a result of the shelling. The daily added that 9 service members may received injures.

On January 4, the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed mortar attack by “a mobile militant subversive group” on Khmeimim air base and the death of 2 military servicemen, but denied any equipment damage.

Earlier, the ministry said in a statement that on the same day a Russian Mi-24 helicopter crashed due to a technical fault near the Syrian Hama military airfield. Both pilots died. The engineer got injuries and the rescue team sent him to Khmeimim, where he received necessary assistance. The statement denied that the helicopter had come under fire.

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Simon Gould

Condolences to the families of the Russian military personnel. They died as heroes.

Gregory Casey

I join with you in extending condolences to the families and colleagues of all Russian military personnel who have lost their lives in Syria. Yes, they died as heroes and they are deserving of the praise and thanks of all of us.


I concur.


I offer my condolences to the family members and friends of the all Russian military personnels that who have lost their lives in Syria. They all died as heroes and their sacrifices will be remembered for ever. We salute them, and give them thanks from the deep our hearts. God leads their souls to heaven and give comfort to their families and friends. Ameen.


Doing God’s work.

Jonathan Cohen


Cheryl Brandon

My condolences to all who died. HTS= Henchmen/Traitors/Sadists =Wahabhist terrorism.


“Hajin remains the key ISIS strong point on the eastern bank of the Euphrates. While ISIS controls it, the group is able to operate in a large chunk of the Euphrates bank between Hajin and the Iraqi border”…Who is providing WEAPONS, FUNDS, PERSONAL, TRAINING AND LOGISTIC?… THE UNITED STATES DEEP STATE/ ISRAEL AND SAUDI ARABIA.


So now they have pissed off the Ruskies. The price they pay will be high. ??



David BlackBeard

it’s sound like HTS said , pleassss Russians don’t go , stay and wipe us out ….


Why Mr.Putin leaved battlefield in Syria,ujesej want continues war!


Putin does not deal in revenge. Only interested in the protection of Russia, and nothing more.


There isnt revenge,there is dont finish job from RF.Threat of Syria continue !


The only good thing if the Anglo Zionist Empire starts a war with Iran and Hezbollah (and other Iranian allies) is that Russia can provide them with the intel and satellite positioning (not to mention arms and training) to do some real damage to the Empire. Such an event would give the Russians a real opportunity for meaningful payback.

PJ London

RT 2 Russian military personnel killed in shelling of Khmeimim air base in Syria Published time: 4 Jan, 2018 07:05 Edited time: 4 Jan, 2018 10:56

Two military personnel died in a mortar attack on Russia’s Khmeimim airbase in Syria’s Latakia Province on December 31, the Russian Defense Ministry has said, adding that reports of seven jets being destroyed were “fake news.”

“[Russian newspaper] Kommersant’s report on the alleged ‘destruction’ of seven Russian military aircraft at Khmeimim Airbase is fake,” the ministry said in a statement.

Earlier, Kommersant newspaper reported citing two unnamed military and diplomatic sources that militants linked to a terrorist group shelled the airbase and destroyed seven Russian military planes, specifically four Su-24 bombers, two Su-35C fighter jets and an Antonov An-72 transport aircraft on December 31. The report also claimed that more than 10 military personnel were injured in the mortar attack.

Earlier on Wednesday, the ministry reported that two pilots had died and a technician had sustained injuries when a Mi-24 helicopter crashed near the Syrian Hama military airfield on New Year’s Eve.

Igor Dano

citing kommersant is the same, like reading cnn. how can that be a source?????????????????


It’s hard to believe any media source given the propensity for all sides to use propaganda and disinformation. You can try to find a Russian battle damage assessment and the obituaries of the fallen soldiers in local Russian papers. But even this can be faked. This is a sad incident regardless, we all need to work with our Russian comrades to overcome this evil of the likes of ISIS scum.


These attack will be systematic until Syria get totally rid of terrorists (hard and moderated). Why ? because they have Israel-USA-NATO help.


One cannot really blame rebels attacking the base that is bombing them. Use the sword, get killed by the sword.

Russia chose to pick a side, right or wrong, in a civil war. In a civil war, sadly, people taking sides get killed. I feel more for innocent civillians getting killed then for those who have arms and can defend themselves. Having said that, of course any life lost is one too many. The consequences will become clear in a while.

It is clear that rebels being able to attack the base is an indication of a failed security zone.

Hide Behind

I agree that someone that is head of security locally screwed the pooch. Talk of satellite surveillance, in a land as wide open as near them, the locals cannot be trusted, and surveilace drones that can stay airborne for hours, what’s missing here. Sounds more like too much confidence on Russia’s part, and not being attacked before will do that to a command center. I doubt we will see or hear of it, but some senior commanders may be going home early.


Sound like plausible reasoning.


Not attacked before ?!? Lol the same happened year or two back …


Maybe these rebels can go to your country, and attack you. See how you like that.


Likely Turkey has already sent some. Even then I would prefer soldiers being killed rather than civilians, that is if there are any getting killed.


Enhanced targeting. Somebody going to pay for the play.


The war is not over….until it is over. Do not sing victory before hand. First, finish with all terrorists (hard and moderated), then, you can sing.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Putin song to give licence to terrorist and their masters to kill Russian soldiers. Missile defence S-400 did not detect moder cell’s. I think S-400 are oil and gas containers waiting illegal Kurdish and Turkey stream inflow.


This was, if true, an US/Zionist operation.

Langaniso Mhlobo

100% True.

PJ London

Not true, see RT or extract below.

Superior Europe

A former Russian troll, reveals in a Russian media how the troll factory in Saint Petersburg works. That guy had to do what YOU (yes, YOU, the commenter) is doing: Pretend to be a white guy from Kentucky or Minesota, and spread lies.

It reminds me of the pro-russian websites, who all are Russians with western names, to cover the fact that no-one reads the articles in here :p



Saw the interview. The russian hacker indeed told that all russian hackers that work in software companies are at least to some extent in the pay of the government.


The same as USA and Israel. So, what is the point ?


Yes, this is the same as USA and Israel, there will always be people like this allover the World, and in any country.


Its called a global information war for a reason – because all countries are engaged in it Israeli video showing an organized and sponsored Wiki-trolling seminar from way back in 2012 – these trolls are doing it for free



Gas-lighting. It’s the oldest form of strategic manipulation. The joke is on anyone who thinks Americans of a lower socioeconomic class are as easily manipulated by both this tactic and the MSM’s tactic of gaslighting, spreading propaganda and disinformation. Poor Americans are used to being lied to and are inherently distrustful of the media. The polar opposite logic the media has been peddling is also an epic fail. “There are laws to protect the freedom of the press’s speech, but none that are worth anything to protect the people from the press” Mark Twain

Superior Europe

This is real Russia:

1. Low minimum income is below Russia’s poverty line 2. It is extremely difficult to be an entrepreneur or inventor without the approval and heavy inspection of government (thus Russians fleeing to the west) 3. Unacceptably low (for European standards) life expectancy due to street violence and alcoholism 4.Poverty and impoverishment in many areas, high illiteracy areas in communities outside the big cities of Moscow and the DUTCH-named, Italian-built “Saint Petersburg”. (Is there anything in Russia made by Russians?) 5. Russians prostitutes all over the worls 6. Hunting down journalists and LGBT people (moral bankruptchy of Russia) 7. 10% of a few oligarchs control 90% of people’s wealth

Tudor Miron

Wow! New ukro troll :) How does it feel selling your own country for cookies? Your lies about Russia are not even funny but keep trolling hard, there’s not that many jobs available in failed state of Ukraine.

PJ London

Russia has joined the rest of the world, 1) same as UK, EU and US. 2) Worse in EU, UK and US, Government just declares your patent ‘classified’ and you are screwed. 3) Life expectancy higher, but by God it is boring. 4) Duh! 5) Yes Russia has the worlds most beautiful women. 6) They hunt us down. 7) 10 times better than west, 1% of oligarchs control 95% of wealth. At least you have women, vodka and Putin, we have snowflakes, ‘Lite beer’ and Trump.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Western colleaques and parners in crime are killing and draining us physiologically.Our Russian soldiers get killed by USA/NATO created and partner terrorists. Wake Putin Trump won’t please you or help you.

Don’t attend UN Security Council meeting on Iran.Because USA wants to interfere as usual by supporting terrorists protestors not all by few.USA/NATO is the only organization interfering in other countries internal affairs.

David Colin Leach

The trouble with Russia is its well entrenched 5th column, of which Putin is part of. He puts up with all US shit, and “Whack a Russian Soldier” in Syria, because the reality is he wants to be on US team at all costs. Deluded he envisions a future where both US + Russia have a relationship based on mutual respect.Maybe he should read up on Brezinski pivot to Asia,It dont end too well for Russia. US/Israel humiliates Russia at any given opportunity, because they know Putin is weak,a globalist stooge.

Putin declares ISIS defeated in Syria, this whilst US still occupies vast territory and is training other groups for Syria Civil war 2.0.Crazy, Putin sycophants lap up all the Bull shit coming out of his mouth.

Syria will end up like Libya, fact. If you cant see it, then you are blind. US is going nowhere. US/Israel want regime change. They want Syria as a Zio controlled Vassal State. Whilst Putin was declaring victory. US was training to go again. As you saw with the attack on Russia air Base.

Time Russia had a leader with a backbone.I personally like Shoigu,never going to happen though.

Boris Kazlov

I cry for my brethren in Syria

jim crowland

Why Russian Christians are helping Muslim terrorists? Get out of there!


Wtf they cannot protect even a fucking airfield ?!? Loosing so many airplanes ?!?!? What a noobs ….

Cheryl Brandon

How old id the propaganda about “Russian interfering in elections”; You might be a little surprised to discover as, I did that, James Mac Donald an anti Palestinian and anti Soviet American Ambassador to Israhel in 1947. His name was James and mac Donald and, he was one of first people to “blame Russia/USSR for interfering in the first elections of Israhell”. So, the JEWS in america chose him in 1947 to be the ambassador not the POTUS Harry Truman. Mac Donald then started LYING to his government to get military AID with the JEWS knowing full well, they were getting arms from with the Soviets full knowledge. So, He lied on behalf of the JEWS to his government. The JEWS continued getting arms from Czechoslovakia well after 1950 and kept it quiet from the same “useful idiot Mac Donald”.

robert wa

Unleash hell Russia…get the job over with for the sake of all that’s proper

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