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JUNE 2023

Syrian War Report – January 31, 2018: Turkish Military Column Is Hit By Car Bomb In Southwestern Aleppo

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On January 30, a Turkish vehicle was destroyed and few others were damaged in a car bomb attack as a military convoy of the Turkish Armed Forces was passing the town of Atarib in the province of Aleppo.

According to initial reports from the ground 2 or 3 service members were killed in the attack. The media wing of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) even claimed that the convoy was struck by an artillery shelling or an air strike by pro-government forces.

Later, the Turkish General Staff denied the initial reports and said that a civilian support worker of the TAF had been killed as well as another civilian worker and a service member had been injured in the incident.

The military added that it was deployed in the area under a de-escalation deal reached with Russia and Iran during the Astana talks in May.

According to reports, the convoy was heading to Al Eis, which is located near positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in southern Aleppo. If the TAF is able to strengthen its presence there, it will be able to prevent the SAA from advancing on militants in the area. It’s interesting to note that Al Eis is controlled by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham. Thus, statements from the Turksih leadership that its forces are going to combat the terrorist group are at the least very questionable.

Meanwhile, the SAA resumed operations against ISIS in northeastern Hama and captured the hills of Rasm Dahil and Tawilah. The tactical goal of the ongoing advance is to capture the village of Jubb Zrayq and to increase pressure on ISIS terrorists in the entire pocket.

West of Abu al-Duhur, the SAA secured al Azu, Jafr and Khafiya and advanced on Halban, Zahbia, Jadida and Tawil Halib. The town of Abu al-Duhur still remains vulnerable to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham attacks from the northern direction. So, the SAA will need to further expand the buffer zone soon.

The TAF and the Turkish-backed part of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) captured the villages of Sati Ushaghi and Khalil Kulku and advanced in the direction of Point 915 in the Afrin area. Kurdish YPG/YPJ forces conducted a series of attacks on positions of the TAF and the FSA in Barsaya Mount but failed to regain it.

The TAF and the FSA launched their operation against Kurdish forces in Afrin on January 20. Since then, they have been able to achieve only limited gains despite a clear advantage in the firepower and military equipment. Meanwhile, statements by the TAF’s general staff that over 649 Kurdish fighters have been killed during the operation also look questionable.

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David Pryce

It’s time to launch a counter insurgency against the Turkish government of rats and terrorists. The SAA and Hezbollah need to get so close to smell the chicken shits of the Turkish army and blow there tanks armoured vehicles bases to shit. These are plusses with advanced technologies. Like the IRAs did with the British drive them so crazy them committed war crimes so that there ability to stay in Afrin Syria ?? is unattainable.


This is complitated by the fact that Russia and Turkey have economical link and projects. So, Russia is closing its eyes under Turkey activities in Syria (helping terrorists, buying to terrorists industrial parts of Syria’s factories, making more chaos in north part of Syria). Russia is starting to looking pretty bad about its close-eyes attitude toward Turkey. I want to point out that Turkey is USA-NATO allied, with military basis and nuclear weapons in its land.

David Pryce

I trust Russia they play a long game but Syrian special forces need to get into the mountains of North Afrin and blow fuck out off the bridges or use explosives to collapse supply routes. The turks are not now making a move because of security its big financial gains from KSA and slowing the Syrian advance in idlibs. Russia should tell Turkey there forces safety can’t be protected if they try to move into positions where SAA and HTS rats are fighting or a Turkish convey may be accidentally bombed to even the score by the turks when they shot down a Russian SU27. If Turkey wants to fight YPG do so but any further incursions into central idlib will be an attack on SAA and allies

888mladen .

RU SSO has been doing subversive ops in Idleb and southern SY. That’s been their preferred mode of operation since the major blow has been given to the terrorists in Aleppo and along Euphrates river. https://twitter.com/Russian_Defence/status/959083261325692931 It has been retweeted by Ivan Sidorenko only few days after the bombing of Turkish forces has taken place in Idleb.


ISIS claimed responsibility btw.(for the SVBIED attack on Turkish convoy).

David Pryce

Ha ha I’m not sure if I believe it but Syrian special forces should do likewise but don’t claim responsibility be sure Is be happy to boost there rats fading success

Christian Gains

Praying against the TURKS! This is as bad as the Bush leap into Iraq after 9/11!….OBVIOUSLY Turkey is ALSO looking for CONTROL…Erdorgan is DARK JUJU!!!


Turkey must go home right away and to stop bother Syria (helping terrorists, buying stuff from terrorists, trying to stop SAA advance in Ibil). Eventually, Kurds (USA-puppets) must choose : to accept Syria law and government or to make war with Syria government to keep the land conquered by USA-kurds.


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Smith Ricky

A turk and a kurd = a turd

David Pryce

True and you leave your toilet paper in a plastic bag after number twos for the poor staff to collect. Like there politics to much shit gets clogged in there sewerage pipes


I have an import observation (I think), have you realized that Turkey column crossed terrorists land without any problem (like a dog passing on his home) ? I do not believe ISIS or Daesh or whatever terrorists attacked them. Syria forces just stopped them.

Smith Ricky

They are both sunni extremists, they will obviously help each other at all cost.

David Pryce

Good point like ships passing in the night. A limited special forces operation taking out Turkish conveys and supply lines while leaving evidence pointing in YPG direction is the water to go Got to draw Turkey away from idlibs concentrate on Afrin

Eskandar Black

I think the SAA would be smart to finish the pockets before engaging the Turks. While turkey may be deploying undesirable forces in Idlib, they are also blowing up the Kurds and laying waste to any concept of a federalized Syria, which is probably all their goal anyway.

Astar Roth

Just like Bosnia. That must be prevented.

Pave Way IV

“…It’s interesting to note that Al Eis is controlled by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham. Thus, statements from the Turksih leadership that its forces are going to combat the terrorist group are at the least very questionable…”

I would use a more colorful profanity to describe the Turkish statement. Just like the purpose of ISIS forces in the past, the collapsing HTS forces are just placeholders for eventual Turkish land theft and occupation. And just like the US with ISIS, HTS will be given a choice when the Turks show up: put on this tFSA uniform or die. And just like al the other al Qaeda derivatives, the HTS will opt for a new uniform and regular paycheck from the Turks. They don’t care what uniform they’re wearing, as long as they get to keep spreading the Saudi-Wahhabi love.

Astar Roth

If this statement is ture, but lets take it without cum grano salis, then Turkish, hands are dirty all the way to the elbows.


Better Car bomb then Tzar bomb :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNYe_UaWZ3U


Syria was foolish to remove their mines all along the border with Turkey just a few years before the Syrian war started. Turkey pretended to be friendly to prepare for the invasion of Syria.

jim crowland

Another good news. First a plane from mass murderer Putin is taken down and now the ottoman invaders get what they deserve. Go ahead democratic forces and Kurdish noble people.

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