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Syrian War Report – January 30, 2018: SDF Sends Reinforcements To Afrin

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On January 29, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Tiger Forces fully secured the town of Abu al-Duhur in eastern Idlib after a series of clashes with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda).

Meanwhile, pro-militant sources reported that the Syrian Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Forces started conducting airstrikes in the area of Saraqib in a move described as a preparation for the upcoming SAA offensive there.

Overnight on January 30, a Turkish military convoy reportedly reached the area of Al-Eis in southern Aleppo in order to establish an observation point there. According to the media wing of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), several vehicles of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) are now stationed there.

The Turkish Armed Forces and Turkish-backed militant groups have so far failed to achieve any notable progress against the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in the Afrin area since they re-entered Bursaya Mount. An intense fighting is ongoing.

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are going to send reinforcements to help the YPG fighting the Turkish Army. On January 29, the SDF’s Syriac Military Council officially announced that it will send its fighters to Afrin.

On January 29, a top HTS commander in southern Syria, Abo Hamza al-Urduni, was killed in a car bomb attack at a check point near the town of Musifarah in the countryside of Daraa, according to opposition sources. In total, some 10 militants were reportedly killed. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, but according to local sources the incident was most likely sparked by the intra-militant tensions in southern Syria.

The Syrian National Dialogue Congress in the Russian city of Sochi started on January 30. The event is set to bring together the government, the opposition and representatives of all Syrian ethnic and religious groups. The goal is to advance the political settlement of the conflict, with special attention on elections and the constitution. In total, 1,600 invitations were sent to the event, which is backed by Russia, Iran and Turkey. However, the Kurdish Democratic Union Party – the political wing of the YPG as well as some other militant groups deeply influenced by the US-led block are not participating in the congress for various reasons.

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You guys remember YPGs propaganda: ” femeale fighter blew herself up and killed 20+ and a tank” ? Well thats what actually happened https://twitter.com/Acemal71/status/958249035806183425 They are just some filthy desperate propagandist, who try to boost their poor moral with some fake success stories.


Or did she commit suicide so as to avoid being raped by the US/UK trained Free Syrian Army ( terrorists) now employed by Turkey ?


no she just ate her own granade! suiicide terror attempt failed hahaha


of course. for a female to become prisoner of islamist..kurdish female.. lol. thanks god she ate the grenade..


useally perverted YPG terrorist forces are known for that kind of stuff. arab women raping, ethnic cleansing, stealing oil and land etc. all characteristics o a terror group. But the biggest indicator of all: If the US supports it, its a terror group..

Daniel Castro

She should have submited.

And women shouldn’t be soldiers to begin with.


Oh your poor little insecure man.

Feel dickless when a woman is a better man than you yourself?

There is no reason why a woman cannot be an excellent sniper, tanker, pilot, gunner.

PJ London

No one questions their ability at certain tasks, but it destroys the fighting unit to have mixed troops. Any task that requires strength and stamina is beyond them. Simple fact. So sniper and pilot yes, Artillery gunner or tank operator no. Infantry, you have to be joking. The only time it has proved successful is in static defence of ‘home’ territory. e.g. Stalingrad. Partisans can use women as decoys and for surveillance. Not a single woman in 50 years has passed a ‘parabat’ selection.


As a Fireman we had to carry a person down 150 foot turntable ladder, there is no way that I would put myself on the shoulders of a woman in such an exercise.

Daniel Castro

I’m not insecure you idiot, it’s just how nature works.

Of course women can fight, but they are far worse than men on combat, and because of their nature it’s our obligation to protect them, putting them on the frontline like kurds do it’s just proof of how coward they are, brainwashing women and using them as cannon fodder.



using FOX channel as proof???? Whahahaaa

Daniel Castro

Well, if you watched it you could see the news woman was not happy about what that female marine was saying, and she was a real war vet female marine saying the truth, she couldn’t keep up witn men and the military service destroyed her, it made her barren.

I bet Fidel would agree with me, even if he used female soldiers he knew it was wrong… but you know, the ends justify the means, right?!


Watching fox news is like eating mac donalds, NOT for me

Daniel Castro

I don’t watch fox news, I came across this when I was researching on the subject. The testimony of this female soldier is real and legitimate, and like I said it became obvious it didn’t suit the feminist narrative of the newswoman. You’re not forced to watch it if you want to keep your ilusions about female soldiers.


I keep my opinion, even after this fox clip. You just can’t handle other opinion, i noticed that before. Poor you, stuck in your little world view, rather be amongst fellows that agree…

Daniel Castro

I take facts over opinions, you can keep your reality-denying opinion, I stick to the facts.


Your facts are your facts, that doesn’t make them facts for everyone. If life was that simple, there would be way less problems on this planet. Not only in diferent cultures and religions there are several “facts”, also in science we see several theories that don’t always fit into one reality.

Daniel Castro

There are no my facts or your facts, there are only facts, stop with this relativisation of reality.

Fact: Women are weaker.

Fact: Women have less stamina.

Fact: Women are slower.

Fact: They can carry half the weight men carry.

Fact: Women have period and are prone to mood swings, there is also the danger of getting pregnant on the middle of a military operation, on western army they will be discharged while being sustained by the army, wasting all the investment that was made on her training.

Fact: Women have much less testosterone and for that they can take much less stress than men.

And I can go on and on, but that’s enough.

Now, keep denyig reality, I don’t care.


Feudalism Victory

Old saying is dont fall into the hands of the women. You doubt female combat capabilities at your peril. All female units can work quite well especially on home territory.

Daniel Castro

Of course, if they can shoot you they can kill you, but it comes at a huge cost, so liek I said in another post, they are suited for militia, not regular soldiers.

Daniel Castro

What, no answers? Did you get shocked by the cold hard and absolute reality?! Did it make your stupid mangina ideology irrelevant?

Well, better keep those exercises in doublethink up to date before you get a brain stroke.

And regarding this sniper, tanker female shit, just no, any soldier must be capable of doing what every other unities do, what if the tanks breaks? When the tank crew runs she would lag behing endangering everyone. If she is a sniper, something goes wrong in the mission, again she wll lag behind. If one of her companion is wounded she won’t be acle to carry it.

There might be some very rare exceptions for women pilots, (very rare indeed), but on general women have far worse reflexes and spatial sese thn men, so again, you can train some of the exceptional women for aerobatics squad for some propaganda reason, but that’s it, any further investment would waste very expensive resources for the airforce.

I’m in favour of training women to use weapons, even training them to the level of milita in case they need to defend their homecity in a desperate situation, byt that’s it, women on the military should be nurses, doctors, bureaucrats and other non-fighting occupations.

PS: And let’s just not talk about all the whoring on duty, the pregnancy to avoid combat, etc.

PJ London

Er no.



This lady had + 309 confirmed kills.

War in Angola, the top Russian pilots were women. Used to fly inverted over the bombing run to take photos and wave at the SA ground troops.


Plenty of ground officers (advisors) were women too.

Daniel Castro

Yes, Soviet Union was fully investing in feminist propaganda, just like USA does today, that is what this is.

PJ London

Actually you are wrong, but do not let that influence your bigotry. There are skills in both ‘Sniper shooting’ and Pilots that make women extremely good. The US is the ‘macho’ organisation. In the second world war and in the 70s the USSR had no interest in ‘feminist propaganda’. I do not know where you get that from. Red Army’s 25th Rifle Division in June 1941 where she was one of around 2,000 female snipers, 500 of which survived World War Two. 2,000 is a lot for just ‘Propaganda’. Around 800,000 women served in the Soviet Armed Forces during the war as snipers, pilots, machine gunners and a large number were stationed in medical units.

Daniel Castro

“There are skills in both ‘Sniper shooting’ and Pilots that make women extremely good.” Yes, I know, since they have less testosterona their bodies produce less adrenaline in stressful situations, so they shake less and are able to aim more precisely. That is so you udnerstand I know women have some some adavantages on their phisiology.

Moreover, WW2 in Soviet Union was kind of a unique situation where everyone had to fight to survive, so that is exactly the exception where I agree women should fight, defending their homeland, and here they have the advantage of knowledge of terrain and also they won’t need to march long distances carrying tons of equipment.

However the downside far outperforms the advantages, while these snipers can work pretty on a last stand situation like Stalingrado, they are not regulars, employing women as regular soldiers in any army have lots of problems, like I said before, they don’t fit well in a group of men, they will always lag behind every time there is some emergency situation, they will need more support and special attention, something which do not work on a military unity, and there is also the all the problems involving sex.

As for women pilots, even for the few who actually have the guts to fly an airplane with firm hands, there will be issues related with stamina and resistance, they will never outperform a male on a dogfight. Ask yourself, after all these years of feminism, where are the female f1 pilots?

They don’t have the same reflexes or the same spatial sense than men, for millions of yers men where hunters and warriors and women stayed home, this is just how both sexes developed on nature So, IF women are better pilots than men why they are not used by airforce anymore? It’s not bigotry, these guys are pragmatic, they won’t risk a 50 million dollars airplane with a subpar pilot, even if it is a dedicated one.

Employing women as regular soldiers in armies is just plain wrong, you can make unities of women and send them to the slaughterhouse as cannon fodders like the kurds are doing, they can fight of course, but it doesn’t mean it is right.

“In the second world war and in the 70s the USSR had no interest in ‘feminist propaganda’. I do not know where you get that from.”

Socialism and feminism were always hand to hand.

PJ London


‘August 20, 2017

During World War II, a handful of Soviet women became legends as pilots flying combat missions against Nazi troops.

But since 1991 and the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russian military pilots have been strictly male. Even as the United States, Britain and Israel eventually accepted females as fighter pilots, the glass ceiling barred the glass cockpit to Russian women.

But Russia’s military has just announced that women will be allowed to become military pilots. ‘

You made the claim ‘Soviet Union was fully investing in feminist propaganda’ I challenge you to substantiate the claim and you then challenge me too prove a negative!

Sad, really sad.

Daniel Castro

Well, this will be a waste of time and energy, but ok…

“During World War II, a handful of Soviet women became legends as pilots flying combat missions against Nazi troops.”

“There were 800,000 women who served in the Soviet Armed Forces during the war,[1] which is roughly 3 percent of total military personnel.”

“However, after massive losses in the face of Operation Barbarossa, attitudes had to be changed, ensuring a greater role for women who wanted to fight.”

So, you’re using as an example exactly the greatest exception on the history of warfare, Soviet Union in WW2 where you had an absolute shortage of manpower and they were forced to accept women by he thousands, and still they were just 3%, so of course on this situation there will be exceptional fighters even ammong women, but like I said before, at what cost?! Again, they were not regulars, employing women as regular soldiers is just stupid and waste of resources, Soviet Union on WW2 was just an exception because it was a desperate situation.

Again, the law of probabilites just gurantees when you have thousands of fighters there will be excpetional ones.

“You made the claim ‘Soviet Union was fully investing in feminist propaganda’ I challenge you to substantiate the claim and you then challenge me too prove a negative!”

“Vladimir Lenin, who led the Bolsheviks to power in the October Revolution, recognized the importance of women’s equality in the Soviet Union (USSR) they established. “To effect [woman’s] emancipation and make her the equal of man,” he wrote in 1919, two years after the Revolution, following the Marxist theories that underlaid Soviet communism, “it is necessary to be socialized and for women to participate in common productive labor. Then woman will be the equal of man.”[14]”

“Throughout World War II, women appeared in Soviet war propaganda in various capacities. Between 1939 and 1941, wary of German militarism and expansionism, Soviet propaganda encouraged women to undertake paramilitary civil defense training.[5] After the German invasion in 1941, propaganda portrayed women participating in war-related industries, in the medical sector, or in partisan units.[6] Before the severe manpower shortages of 1942, women were prohibited from serving in combat positions, and Soviet propaganda celebrated women’s contributions on the home front.[7] In March 1942, when the People’s Commissariat of Defense began enlisting women to replace male casualties in some combat roles, Soviet propaganda began honoring individual war heroines.[8]”

“The USSR utilized propaganda celebrating heroic servicewomen to recruit more female soldiers. As a result, the state directed these stories only towards female workers that could be spared for front line service. Magazines for women in industrial jobs, such as Rabotnitsa, called upon readers to fulfill their patriotic duty and take up arms like other brave female soldiers. Since agricultural work was vital for the war effort, articles for peasant women addressed females only as partisans. Media coverage ignored the broader contribution of female soldiers and concealed the number of women in combat positions.[9]”

“As the number of female soldiers increased, state media could no longer ignore their contribution to the war effort. When designated for a broader audience, propaganda emphasized the femininity of female soldiers, who were portrayed as pretty, energetic, and spirited. These women kept culture alive in the male dominated units, encouraging cleanliness among their male comrades. Propaganda represented older female soldiers as motherly figures, caring for the male soldiers, while younger women assumed a sisterly image. In this context, Soviet propaganda depicted the armed forces as a family, courageously defending the motherland against the Fascist invasion.”

Ok, that is enough, it’s clear they had shortage of men so it became interesting to encourage women to be cannon fodders, enough of this, it makes me sick.

Also, most female pilots were bombers flyingvery slow biplanes, again, cannon fodders.

From all the female pilots there were two aces, the only two female aces of history.

PJ London

So they did NOT engage in ‘Feminist Propaganda’ just as I said. Thank you. You agree completely with my starting point ; ‘No one questions their ability at certain tasks, but it destroys the fighting unit to have mixed troops. Any task that requires strength and stamina is beyond them. Simple fact. So sniper and pilot yes, Artillery gunner or tank operator no. Infantry, you have to be joking. The only time it has proved successful is in static defence of ‘home’ territory. e.g. Stalingrad.’ it just took you 2 days and a thousand words to do so.

Daniel Castro

I had said they work as militia since the begininng of the debate.

So, training women as regular soldiers on times of peace is a waste of resoruces, unless for some reason you have a shortage of men, the same resources you would spend with women you would with men (more likely you spend more with women).

So, even if they can be soldiers, like I said since the start, they shouldn’t, unless it is really a desperate situation.

Again, I think women (and everyone) should be allowed and motivated to train self-defence, dealing with firearms, basics of military service, to teh point they can defend themselves and help to defend the homeland if it is attacked, but that is differente from being a professional soldier.

And you’re wrong, what they did ammounts to feminist propaganda, it doesn’t matter they just wanted to use women, that is what feminism is since the start, politicians just want to use them, be it today or 19th century.

Daniel Castro

“Male-female relations in mixed-gender units posed a variety of challenges for women soldiers. Many women complained that the male-dominated military sought to defeminize servicewomen while denying them equal treatment, citing that it was one of the most difficult challenges they faced.[14][15] Male officers often undermined the authority of the few female officers. When female officers failed to maintain command over their subordinates, male officers blamed female inferiority. In some cases, the tense relations between male and female soldiers escalated to sexual harassment and assault. For example, the 1st Separate Women’s Volunteer Rifle Brigade reported multiple instances of rape, resulting in sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies.[16]”

“Sad, really sad.”

Leonardo Russo

Well, this is turkish propaganda, and kurdish propaganda, i guess both sides are not telling the truth, we will see the reality later


I really dont like kurds. They did to much shit here in sweden that can never be forgiven. But when you slander a brave young woman like this the only thing you accomplish is to show what kind of a creature YOU are.

Daniel Castro

Stupidity is not bravery, if there is any inteligent and patriotic kurd he should be fighting for SAA, or abstaining from the fight altogether.

This woman was a brainwashed zombie.


She choose death before dishonor. When you are rude about that, well, you just prove that you have no honor to begin with.

PJ London

That was not the point. The point is that this was made out to be a suicide mission! “femeale fighter blew herself up and killed 20+ and a tank” She committed suicide but did not kill others or a tank.

Daniel Castro

She was dishonored because she wsa fighting for a dishonorable cause to begin with.

There are no honorable terrorists.


Hehe, you are a child.

Daniel Castro

You have no arguments.

John Whitehot

nice find.

although if i had to chose between beleiving the turks or the kurds, i wouldn’t believe either.

Jim Martin

Another Proud picture from Erdogan’s Jihadis; people who worship death

“Mike” it is?


Well if SDF is going to send re-inforcements they sure need to hurry because movement northwards from Aleppo will be impossible once Turks take Tal Rifaat or establish fire control/interdiction of routes, – unless of course SDF have US airlift ?? Meantime Turkey has quietly invaded from Reyhanli salient and moved east towards Aleppo city , co-ordinated with their favorite terrorist gangs of HTS, possibly prepping for an attack on Kurdish district Sheikh Maqsud ? or would that be an overstretch ??

Joe Doe

Looks like SDF is on it’s own. Erdogan running the show and looks like he is the new sheriff in town, USA only dog barking, Putin has not much to say

PJ London

Erdogan is pushing the Kurds back and the US out. Why would Assad or Putin have a problem with that? Once the area is cleared, Syria, and Turkey can sit down with the kurds who are currently in Sochi discussing peace. Turkey will have made some undertakings with regard to ‘after the war’. Return to as it was in 2010 will make Syria and Turkey happy.

Smith Ricky

SAA for the win ?


Erdogan had invaded Iraq before about in 2015 but on international pressure Erdogan withdrew from Iraq. The same mistake Erdogan have repeated again in Syria. This time Erdogan needs proper treatment that he does not do this mistake again. —————————————————————————————————————————————


US, Israel and Erdogan openly invading Syria since 2011 through Al-Qaeda and Daesh. UN is a drama through which aggressors and attackers attacks vulnerable nations. That is why the nations in the world are suffering.

Now the solution for SAA and allies is to use ATGMs if they wanna win but keep the ATGMs hidden under the tree branches or use the paper mask sheet to make it the same colour as the ground is. ————————————————————————————————————————————–


Assad should:

1) respond to Turkish observation convoys in idlib with SAA observers in afrin. 2) supply the afrin Kurds with ATG and MANPADS. 3) attack HTS, in haraytn and anadan, northwest of aleppo to secure the route to afrin as well as secure Aleppo 4) set up a refugee Camp in or near Aleppo, to plan for the internally displaced Syrians caused by the new Turkish/ FSA incursion. 5) Don’t forget the 25,000 FSA force turkey is using to invade Afrin are the same terrorists killing SAA soldiers in idlib.

Jonathan Cohen

Afrin is surrounded, so I don’t see how SDF is going to get forces in or out, but if they can, they should be moving out, to redeploy against ABORTION banning ISIS, HTS, Iraq, or SAA, rather than fight fellow ABORTION RIGHTS supporting Turkey, even though attacked. SDF has worse fish to fry.

Richard M

Afrin is not surrounded. Reinforcements can transit SAA ares.

Feudalism Victory

Abortion? Is that what this is all about lol.

Daniel Castro

Don’t you know the creepy abortion guy, for him it’s all about abortion, he hates humanity so much he desires our sel-extinction by choosing not to reproduce.

(I’m not kidding)


Your point (5) is very important.


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Hide Behind

It is more upon the geopolitical situation and not the blood and guts antics of a , not heroic, but desperate act, that one should be concerned about. There are no hero’s except in the eyes of gullible populaces, only propaganda that lauds the dead and dying. It all depends upon whose eyes and ears it enters. There is no call for peace by all the invaders and seperatist invited at the to Russia. Iran, Syria and Turkey sponsored onference, instead each group threatens to continue trying to destroy any and all opposition. This what should tell rest of world this conflict area will remain in chaos for many many more years. At least until the economic burdens each of outsiders make withdrawal a necessessity. The U.N. interest and Other Eurocentri controlled International (lawless) bodies may as well mot be there.

Roddy Wehrmacht

More US backed meat for the grinder?

Richard M

Buck Turgidson!

Richard M



Lately, reporting has become more biased here. “influenced by the US”… associated you might say, or supported; there is no reason to speculate about ‘influence’. Otherwise, you will have to say “parties influenced by Iran etc. … which is just as silly. Keep it descriptive, please.

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