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Syrian War Report – January 29, 2020: Syrian Army Develops Momentum In Idlib And Aleppo

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Syrian War Report – January 29, 2020: Syrian Army Develops Momentum In Idlib And Aleppo

On January 28, units of the Syrian Army, led by the 25th Special Mission Forces Division, liberated the town of Maarat al-Numan, the Wadi Al-Deif military base and nearby villages from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other al-Qaeda-linked groups.

Earlier on the same day, a Turkish military convoy consisting of at least 30 vehicles entered Syria through the Kafr Lusein crossing and moved to the south. This was mostly a tactical manoeuver designed to demonstrate to pro-Turkish militant groups that Ankara was not going to surrender its positions in Idlib. Nonetheless, the only thing that these Turkish forces are able to do is to establish another observation point in the region. Local sources say that this point will be set up south of Saraqib.

Another area where Hayat Tahrir al-Sham forces suffered setbacks is southwestern Aleppo, where government troops pushed militants away from the Khan Tuman farms and delivered a blow to militant formations deployed in the Rashidin 5 area.

On January 29, government forces continued their operations on both frontlines. The current priority of the Syrian Army in southeastern Idlib is to secure the chunk of the M5 highway between Khan Shaikhun and Maarat al-Numan. After this, the militant strong points in Kafr Nubl and Kafr Sajnah will likely become the next target of the army offensive. Their liberation is crucial if government troops want to create a proper defense against possible militant attacks from the Zawiyah Mountain area.

Saraqib, located on the crossroad of the M4 and M5 highways, is also a high priority target. Nonetheless, an advance in this direction is unlikely in the immediate future.

In Western Aleppo the Syrian Army seeks to liberate Khan Tuman, Rashidin 4 and Rashidin 5 in order to limit the number of mortar and rocket attacks on Aleppo city by militants.

The Syrian military, supported by the Russian air power and special forces, launched an offensive in Greater Idlib on December 19, 2019. Since then, pro-government forces have liberated over 50 settlements in the south and the east of the Idlib de-escalation zone. As long as al-Qaeda-linked factions remain the core of the so-called Idlib opposition and Turkish-backed groups cooperate with them, such military operations in the area will continue.

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excellente news bravo! SAA! :) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9b970b03a5b49656a7511226b9a071ebea2b2be4a06b7eee5f27946b2aafca6b.gif




Macron is now complaining that ‘Erdogan is now moving terrorists from Syria to Libya’.

The joint EU backers of terrorism in Syria are now scratching each others eyes out in Libya. :)

I look forward to a direct clash between NATO members in the very near future. :)


Macron (what’s in a name) calling them terrorists is an interesting departure


Hahaha hilarious

Xoli Xoli

Closed Turkey Syria border gate.

Traiano Welcome

The really important question is how does the SAA hold this territory once they win it ?

northerntruthseeker .

Easily…. The territory is liberated and most civilians in the liberated areas will gladly be welcomed back into the Syrian family….. Other areas across Syria have shown this to be so…


Like they have held all the territory the SAA have already liberated.

There will of course be isolated terror attacks as we now see in South West Syria.

Mercenaries do not make loyal partners when they are losing and the Head Choppers are losing.

If NATO gets involved any more than it already is in Syria, I am sure that the Russian response will be swift and overwhelming.


Put up a huge “Trump” fence along the northern border.

Arch Bungle

Yeah, and get those damn mexicans to pay for it …


Syria must quarantine the Turkish outposts, and make it costly for the Turks. Soon, Turkish soldiers will feel isolated, demoralized, and without a purpose of mission. Despite Erdogan’s illusions of Sultan, isolated Turkish solders must be respected.

Karen Bartlett

Congratulations, SAA!


Just been spending some time familiarizing myself with Idlib. It’s not that easy to simply invade as it appears many of the towns are Sunni and have a natural antipathy to the Assad government – so if the government troops enter, they need to operate as if they’re invading a hostile country, i.e. no exposed salients etc. Apart from that there are literally thousands of foreigners that have settled in Idlib – Turks and Uyghurs, who know how to fight and have nowhere to go and will have to be driven out or exterminated, which will cost Syrian lives. Apart from that, many areas are natural defensive zones just like Stalingrad, with caves, archeological sites, mountains and forests. So I think it’ll be a slow process. And contrary to the mainstream narrative, the Assad government is reluctant to put civilian lives in the firing line as they well know that it’s a war of “hearts and minds” too.

Liberal guy


Gary Sellars

“Saraqib, located on the crossroad of the M4 and M5 highways, is also a high priority target. Nonetheless, an advance in this direction is unlikely in the immediate future.”

Well, I guess this judgement can now be ignored. SAA is advancing as I type :-P

Go SAA!! Roast those Wahhabi maggots!!

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