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Syrian War Report – January 26, 2018: Turkey Threatens To Attack Manbij

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On January 25, ISIS units attacked positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the villages of Kishmah and Ghuraybah in the province of Deir Ezzor. According to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq, ISIS killed several army soldiers and destroyed two battle tanks with anti-tank guided missiles.

However, the terrorist group did not overrun the SAA defense and was forced to retreat. According to the Syrian state-run media, 25 ISIS members were killed and several vehicles were destroyed in the clashes.

ISIS seeks to seize some area in the Euphrates Valley in order to lift the siege from its members besieged in the Homs desert.

The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (TFSA) captured 7 members of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) during clashes in the Afrin area, according to Turkish media. In turn, the YPG claimed that it had captured 16 Turkish servicemembers. However, these persons are likely just members of the TFSA.

The YPG also said that it has lost 18 members in the clashes so far while the TAF claims that over 300 YPG members have been killed. The both sides provide contradicting reports about the casualties and the situation in the Afrin area. The propaganda is an important part of the Turkish-Kurdish standoff in Afrin.

According to Deputy Chief of General Staff of the TFSA Haitham Afeisi, a 10,000-strong force is already prepared for a military operation against Kurdish forces in the city of Manbij. Afeisi said that the Manbij operation will be started after the TFSA and the TAF finish their operation against YPG/YPJ forces in Afrin.

“Manbij is not the final destination; we won’t stop until Hasakah, Ayn Issa, Ayn al-Arab, Ras al-Ayn, Al-Malikiyah, and Tal Abyad are purged of terror,” he said.

This statement clearly follows the official rhetoric of the Turkish leadership. President Erdogan and others have repeatedly noted that Manbij may become a target of the Turkish military operation.

The Democratic Federation of Northern Syria in Afrin area released an official statement in which it called on the SAA to counter the TAF attack on Afrin and to defend the Syrian border. The statement clearly contradicts previous statements of Kurdish officials and may indicate some shift in the YPG attitude towards the Damascus government.

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SAA must stay away from these two invaders (USA-Turkey) in this fight, and wait until Russia gives strong aerospace strong support to kick them both away.


The U.S. continues to supply weapons to the terrorist and keep the War going.

paul ( original )

Kurdish overtures in Afrin seeking the help of the Syria Government sound very cynical to me and I would not be at all influenced by them. It is not as though the Kurds are loyal Syrians always ready to support the Government in Damascus – rather the opposite.

Tudor Miron

This latest statement from Kurds (calling for SAA to defend them from Kurds) shows that Erdogan is succeeding in his efforts to teach Kurds some loyalty towards their home state of Syria. Land grabbing on behalf of US (foreign invading power) has its price which seems to be kind of surprise for Kurds. Are they really THAT naïve?


In fact, SDF and all its components have always said to want to be an autonomous Syrian region.

They just do not want to be under a sectarian repressive kleptocracy and who can vlame them for that.

In a normal democratic country one can demonstrate, freely vote etc, but alas, not in the Syria of Assad.

Still, if a state does not want to defend its citizens, what good is that state for those citizens. The state is “owned” by its citizens, not by its rulers.

Tudor Miron

” if a state does not want to defend its citizens, what good is that state for those citizens. “(C) Syrian state is successfully defending its loyal citizens (with help of their allies). Those citizens that invite foreign hostile power (US/Israel) in their home state and try to create US protectorate within sovereign country – a puppet state that will be used by anglo-zionist kabal to saw haos around it. Those are simply traitors. “sectarian repressive kleptocracy” – leave this BS for MSM brainwashed sheeple. Dutch, if you sincerely believe that Kurds are about to create an independent, democratic state – that’s is up to you. But don’t expect others to buy this kind of nonsense.

Eric Holt

Your full of shiite. The fact is…it has nothing to do with loyalty…. as only 12% of syrian population is actually loyal to assaids. It has to do with syria has no capacity to deal with turkey…full stop. And it burned its bridges for american support by clinging to russia which has all but abandoned it now!


And I thought dutchnational was full of “it” , your amazing . Russia has been an ally of Syria for over thirty years , America has been funding its “moderate rebels” , Al Qaeda , and other unwanted visitors . America is unwanted and uninvited . Turkey , is ?


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Sdf is created by foreign powers to opose Assad, to occupy oil fields and prevent Iran linking to Syria and Lebanon, that democracy and freedom loving people bullshit is too old for anyone who haven’t lived under a rock til now. If Erdogan keeps it up, Iraq and Iran will join the gang bang and probably the “democratic forces” will start shooting eachother.

Feudalism Victory

Nor is the government of the syria ARAB republic clearly benevolent to them. Trust gotta start somewhere. Right now in Afrin is perfect. Mayve the olive branch is the beginning of peace by forcing the kurds and arabs to unite.


The Zionists in US army telling to Kurds to divide your country and separate from your nation. So Kurds should think that who will get benefit of this division, of course the enemies of Syria. Because the unity is strength and the division is a weakness. UK and US are multi ethnic nations. Each ethnic group live in separate state but they want to live together. If all Syrians live together united then Turkey, Israel and US cannot destabilize Syria.

leon mc pilibin

The kurds are showing themselves to be total idiots.Dont they realise by now that there never would be a future worth fighting for, when its in the interests of the zionists isis supporting scumbags that are responsible for the chaos in the ME..Their only hope for a secure future is to cooperate with the SAA,Russia,Iran,Hezbollah and other allies,to kick the zionist war mongers out of the region for good.The zionists only want war and chaos,that is their long term plan all along,as it makes it easier for them to take control of land and resources.

Richard M

Ottomans are “up front” with their intentions to seize northern Syria and add it to their Empire!


Like a dictator Erdogan did not ask from Damascus and invaded Syria like Zionist politicians in US.

Tudor Miron

Yes, this is possibility but consider this: If Kurds are smart enough to realize that grabbing sovereign lands on behalf of USA is not giving them impunity – USA is faraway (even without considering its falling status) and neighbors are here to stay. If they realize that US/Israeli promises are not any different than those given to Iraq’s Kurds (i.e. BS) If than they fully accept Syrian authority the situation will change drastically – they will gain support from Syria, Russia, Iran and Hesbollah. Turkey will have no legal pretext for their invasion and will be in much more difficult position than they are now. As I said many times – Syrian Kurds loyal to their home state of Syria is entirely different entity than Kurds trying to grab Syrian lands.

Matt Lazarus

Americans cannot tell the difference between a Syrian (of whatever loyalty), a Kurd (of whatever group), a Turk, a member of ISIS, a Saudi, a member of Hezbollah, a member of Hamas, an Iranian — and that goes for Trump, most of all.


The Erdogan in power is a conspiracy against Muslims. First they have destroyed Syrian Arab army and now they destroying Kurdish forces. Look one day Pakistan and Iran were allied with US and now they don’t need America any more. Now Pakistan and Iran are united with Russia and China because they got it that US Zionist politicians are destroying us. Now they are much better and prosper with Russia and China. —————————————————————————————————————————-

Richard M

The Sultan is Bad News for anyone and everyone.

Solomon Krupacek

Now Pakistan and Iran are united with Russia and China



Like a dictator Erdogan has not asked from Damascus and sent his army and hardware across Syrian border and have started invading Syria like Zionist politicians in US. This is Syria a war torn country, believe me if it was US or other western country then he would see the response that how he send their fighters and military hardware to other country’s soil.

Trump using his Zionist terror network headquarter (Israel) to destabilize Middle East region. Turkish army and Kurdish both are Muslims and one day they will be united against Zionist terror network. Wakeup don’t destroy your strength. ————————————————————————————————————————————–


The big question is what the American game is. My guess is that they will be quite happy to have the Turks overrun Afrin and Manbij. Then you will have the major rebel held territory from Idlib to Jarabulus that they always wanted. Under Turkish pressure the Kurds likely will be forced to cede other Arab majority areas like Raqqa to this rebel mini-state. As a “reward” they may e allowed to keep some territory in the far northeast.

It looks like the decision to allow the Turks into Afrin is a high risk game.


“It looks like the decision to allow the Turks into Afrin is a high risk game” The US has not allowed anything. Erdogan went there without US approval thats clear. This makes look the US as stupid betrayers. Erdogan knows that the US will not dare to attack them directly. Turkey is just too strong. Mattis have to adapt his arguments like “We do understand Turkey….blablablaba. ” “Turkeys has the right to defend…blablabla” This just shows how impotent and urealiable (for the Kurds or any other “ally” the Americans are. Israel is their only boss no doubt.


I largely agree with you, but one must admit that the weak stances by the US have greatly stimulated Edogan to take the leap.


We have to deal with NK first. And I think a lot of dictators sphincters will snap shut when they see how we deal with NK…this has been a long time coming.

Astar Roth

Why don’t you dare? What’s the matter? You’re affraid somebody gonna get hurt?


“Erdogan knows that the US will not dare to attack them directly. Turkey is just too strong.” hahahhaah…The US would squash Turkey like a bug on a windshield…it would go something like Gulf War II and in about 3-4 weeks Erdogan would be cowering in some spider hole. What we really don’t want is to lose our air base and staging area. Also, we have a real fight about to go down with North Korea. So, don’t ever think that the US is afraid of Turkey….just be glad that Turkey has us in a bad position due to world events. But after the North Korea smack down and maybe an agreement with the Kurds and their territory for air bases….maybe we make a deal with Russia….you can have Ukraine and we are going to go curb stomp Turkey. Screwier things have happened in this 7 year war.

Astar Roth

Hahahahaha, what kind of joke is that?


Really? The US would attack the largest NATO army in Europe. And with what ground force? LOL for sure!

Ryan Glantz

I agree with everything, however, there will be no war with North Korea. North Korea and South Korea will reunite, just like Germany did.


You explain the reason of op Olive Branch with your above comment .

Offensive needs a preperation. Where US will locate their troops if they aim an offensive against TR ?

Will US use its own troops or proxies. . If they use proxies, whom they will use ?


Please read my whole text before you reply.

My point is that Erdogan is doing what the US wants.

Erasing Afrin creates a viable rebel entity. The US protests now are just to hide that they are betraying their Kurdish “allies”.


The Erdogan in power is a conspiracy against Muslims. First they have destroyed Syrian Arab army and now they destroying Kurdish forces. Look one day Pakistan and Iran were allied with US and now they don’t need America any more. Now Pakistan and Iran are united with Russia and China because they got it that US Zionist politicians are destroying us. Now they are much better and prosper with Russia and China. ————————————————————————————————————————————–


In the meantime several FSA factions will side with SDF :


Thomas van Linge ‏ Verified account

@ThomasVLinge 7m7 minutes ago More #Syria: Liwa Ahrar al-Saeb of the #FSA announces its readiness to aid the #SDF in #Efrin and fight against theTurkish invasion force of #OperationOliveBranch


Thomas van Linge ‏ Verified account

@ThomasVLinge 13m13 minutes ago More #Syria: #FSA rebels of Liwa Dara al-Thuwra also side with #Efrin and the #SDF against #OperationOliveBranch and the Turkish invasion

Smith Ricky

Cry traitors

Eric Holt

What your ALL MISSING IS THE BIG POINT. Turkey said limited in Afrin…then it was Manbij and now all the way to Iraq?? Sorry, america wants in on this. It will wait for turks at Manbij, repel turks at Manbij and start to reclaim the lost syrian lands taken of kurdish forces. This is a strategy using Turkey a nato allie to reclaim the lands of PYG american supported forces. This was always an ethnioc cleanse of Kurds by turkey supported by their “new” allies. The Kurds request to syria is a ploy to demonstarte to america that syrian regime is in on this with russia and Ankara. Now its all out in the open … things will change. :)


Sorry, but I do not trust Turkey. Turkey is a NATO member and specially protected by USA. However, pretends to be upset with USA and NATO, but these are only pretentions. Turkey has NATO air basis and nuclear weapons of NATO-USA in its land. Until Turkey remove all this garbage from it land, I will start believing in it. In additon, Turkey still is protecting and helping terrorists in Syria.


Both Turkey and the Syrian regime have an interest in disallowing Kurdish independence or autonomy in Northern Syria. So Turkey has, for the time, free rein to ravage Kurdish forces and installations. They will withdraw, once the SAA has cleared out the jihadi remnants in the rest of the country and feels strong enough to suppress the Kurds. Then, Turkey will withdraw and use its forces to further suppress the Kurdish minority in Turkey. The US Kurdish gamble again, doesn’t amount to much. Interestingly, Turkey, albeit a NATO member, does its own thing with little regard for US interests, which become increasingly irrelevant for much of the region.

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