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Syrian War Report – January 16, 2017: ISIS Overruns Army Defenses In Deir Ezzor

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Syrian government troops, supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces’ attack helicopters, have expanded a buffer zone around the Tyas Airbase in the province of Homs. The Syrian army recaptured from ISIS terrorists the Jihar junction east of the Tyas Airbase and secured the area southeast of the village of Shufria.

On January 16, government forces made a push in the direction of the Jihar field and the mount of Jihar, engaging ISIS terrorists in an intense fighting. If the army and its allies want to create conditions for an offensive on Palmyra, they will need to liberate a bunch of hilltops and oil and gas fields north and northeast of the Jihar junction.

The ISIS terrorist group lost up to 30 fighters and 4 units of military equipment in the recent clashes, according to pro-government sources.

A heavy fighting is ongoing in the city of Deir Ezzor. On January 14, ISIS terrorists launched a large offensive against government forces from the northwestern and southern directions, using armored vehicles loaded with explosives and a notable number of manpower, backed up by mortars and artillery pieces. The terrorists engaged government troops at the Dier Ezzor Airbase and the Panorama Military Base. On January 15, ISIS units were able to overrun army defenses in the area between the airbase and the Panorama Military Base, capturing a number of sites, including the al-Assad Hopsital. This maneuver was aimed to isolate government troops in the airbase. Early on January 16, the army recaptured the al-Assad Hospital from ISIS members and made a counter-attack attempt. Clashes are ongoing near the hospital.

Reports also appeared that ISIS is deploying manpower east of the 137 Artillery Brigade Base in order to advance on this strategic defense site of the army.

January 16 afternoon, ISIS claimed that the airbase had been surrounded.

Over 110 ISIS members have been reportedly killed and wounded in clashes so far. The army’s casualties are estimated between 40 and 60 killed and wounded.

The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (DNF) have been advacing on Jaish al-Islam militant group positions at the vilalges of Hazrama, Tal Farzat and Hawsh Saliyah in the southeastern part of the Eastern Ghouta pocket near Damascus. If the army and the NDF are able to liberate these 3 villages, government forces will be in a position to advance on Utaya controlled by Jaish al-Islam.

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The Syrian army needs reinforcement and more Russian air strikes in Deir ez Zor. the battle for Syria is still tough and it isn’t clear where the new ISIS fighters came from, if the US sends them from Syria. Obama appears to be determined to fight against Syria until his last minute in office. Sad.


ISIS, FSA, NSA and other all terrorists groups fight for the agenda of Israeli terrorist state.

Airtorn Mentha

Unfortunately isn’t Obama


The sad part is that SAA is not an army. Another push on Palmyra? It is easy to take it back instead of keeping it? DEIR EZZOR will be lost in 1-2 weeks, just like Palmyra.

Aung Naing

more ground troops from Iran and China


Iran but not China. Never invite in the Chinese. Never ever.



Gabriel Hollows

Chinks are not to be trusted. There is a reason they’re known as the Jews of the East!

Just look at what they’re doing to Africa.


I don’t trust them but imagine how many high ranking US officials will pop a vein if the chinese start supporting Assad! Heh.


let´s let the Assad mass murderers and ISIS terrorists decimate themselves. then a partition of Syria should occur between west supported democrats and noble Kurdish fighters.


Ain’t gonna happen trollboy.


you are simple SS guy


What, you shilling for Pentagon’s plan-B of Syrian partition now, given their plan-A of regime change is out of question? Reality check – actual Syrian’s won’t support a state partition – because they are very aware there is there is NO ‘west supported democrats’, that is merely usual Pentagon public relations spin for naive western public – it was always a Muslim Brotherhood uprising from very outset and Pentagon equally aware of who they were supporting and weaponizing back in 2011. Everyone here can see your dreary posts for exactly what they are – just give it up.

Hisham Saber

spoken like a true piece of shit jew.

Carol Davidek-Waller

A last hurrah from the Obama neocon junta trying to do as much damage as they can before being dumped?


if the kurds want to score points and show Assad there loyalty this could benefit there future hope for a own state, this would be the time to open up a second front near deir ezzor and attack ISIS in the rear and keep there fighters busy away from deir ezzor


They probably don’t habe enough forces there for a big offensive. Just because it’s yellow in the map doesn’t mean they can spawn units there, it isn’t a video game.

Also, who says they want to save government forces? Why not let ISIS and Assad lose forces by fighting each other while they focus elsewhere?

And don’t forget that the SDF is controlled partly by the USA. They want to focus on Raqqa and see the last bastion of the government in the east fall for good.

Robert Guttierez

They should drop men and equipment in Kurd held areas and push towards Deir Ezzor from there. It’s much closer and quicker than advancing from the Palmyra side. If they did that, the Syrian army would have a strong presence East of the Euphrates. They need to keep the Deir Ezzor airport safe for future operations.


Why would yhe kurds allow that? Also, that is on the opposite side of the government forces in Deir Ezzor and pretty far away, and away from supply lines. And of course, it would have to be a sizeable force of elite units, these are in short supply. And you can’t airlift heavy equipment just like that.

This is a pipe dream, that’s what i am getting at.

Daniel Smith

Obama supplied ISIS terrorist!


There was report of US helicopters landing in ISIS controlled Deir Ezzor province week or so ago – now suddenly ISIS are on the offensive again, Pentagon’s boys delivered images and intelligence?


Everybody talks about Assad Isis Russia , when are we going to talk openly about the role of Saudi Arabia Qatar Turkey,in this conflict . How much backup have they offered to Isis and if this is the case will they be punished somehow ?

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