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Syrian War Report – January 10, 2018: Militants’ Defense Collapses In Southern Idlib

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the Tiger Forces and their allies have continued to advance in the Abu al-Duhur Airbase area in southern Idlib and have liberated the villages of Jakusiyah, al-Rahjan, Miraya, Tamakh, Miyal, al-Adiliyah and others from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda).

According to pro-government sources, the SAA also started a bombing campaign against positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in the airbase itself and the Tiger Forces even attacked militant positions in its vicinity.

Should the SAA keep the current tempo of its advance, it will reach Abu al-Duhur within the next two-three days.

The ISIS branch in Daraa province, the Khalid ibn Al-Waleed Army reportedly captured Al-Jubayliyah from its counterparts, ie from other militant groups in southern Syria.

The Syrian Air Defense Forces thwarted three Israeli missile attacks on targets near Damascus, the country’s defense ministry said in a statement on January 9. According to the statement:

  • At 2:40 local time Israeli warplanes launched several missiles from Lebanese airspace at targets near Damascus. The missiles were intercepted and one Israeli warplane was targeted by air defense forces.
  • At 4:00 local time, two surface-to-surface missiles were launched from the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. They were also intercepted.
  • At 4:15 local time, Israeli forces launched another 4 missiles from the Golan Heights. One missile was intercepted and the others hit a target causing damage to positions of Syrian forces.

The ministry added the Israeli actions were aimed at supporting militants operations in the Eastern Ghouta region near Damascus and to counter the victories achieved by the Syrian Army in Idlib province.

The US Navy’s Boeing P-8 Poseidon military aircraft was detected in the area between Russia’s Khmeimim air base and Tartus naval facility in Syria when militants attacked the facilities using 13 armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) during the night on January 6, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement on January 9.

“…it is a strange coincidence that during a UAV attack on the Russian military facilities in Syria, a US Poseidon reconnaissance aircraft was cruising for more than four hours over the Mediterranean Sea at an altitude of 7,000 meters,” the statement said.

Separately, the ministry revealed via its newspaper, Red Star, that the aforementioned UAVs were launched from the “Muazzara settlement located in the southwestern part of the Idlib de-escalation zone controlled by the armed forces of the so-called moderate opposition.”

The ministry has sent letters to Turkey’s Chief of General Staff Hulusi Akar and intelligence chief Hakan Fidan saying that “it is necessary for Ankara to meet assumed obligations to ensure ceasefire by controlled armed forces and intensify efforts to put observation points in the de-escalation zone in Idlib for preventing such UAV attacks on any targets.”

Earlier, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu accused the SAA of “hitting the moderate opposition with the excuse they are fighting Nusra. [HTS]” Cavusoglu said the SAA’s actions undermined diplomatic efforts for a negotiated solution to the conflict.

It is not clear what kind of so-called moderate opposition Cavusoglu had found in the Abu al-Duhur area controlled by HTS.

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Promitheas Apollonious

maybe next time it be good to blow them to pieces and don’t believe in coincidences.


Yes, the plane was part of communication and coordination of the attack,


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Great Monkey King

The Israelis are probing for weaknesses.


And Russia must think that this is the right time to counter the US/Israeli ILLEGAL aggression.

Now that ISIS has been greatly degraded the SAA military resources are gaining in strength and competence whilst the Russian response is as always ratcheted up a notch with every US Coalition faux pas and miscalculation.


And are hoping for an ‘act of war’ against them so they can ‘retaliate’. But so far nobody is going for the bait while they are still weak.

Jeff Lewin

Iran, and now Lebanon, have employed surface to surface missiles in large numbers as their “asymmetrical deterrent” to Zionist air power. When Syria regains its footing, it should implement an identical policy.


It may be noted a major change in Russian policies regarding Syria. First the attack on their air base was thwarted by electronic and direct warfare. Then the Syrian air defense has assumed an active stance finally after years of being some one idol to missile attacks. Either way if reports are true, the electronic and anti-missile defenses have proven to be making major leaps in effectiveness over the past year. Defensive measures are catching up to conventional missile attacks, a good sign for the world.

Manuel Flores Escobar

SAA are learning how to use pantsir S1 airdefense system vs Israeli missile as well as S-200 with track via missile (SARH+RCG).


Trump, Netanyahu and Salman have converted Palestine and Yemen into a human slaughter houses. They have closed the doors of both countries and inside slaughtering Innocent civilians by air strikes and heavy shelling.

Thanks to Iran, Hezbollah and Russia, who have rescued Syria and Iraq from these butchers. Now this is the time of Yemen and Palestine to be rescued.



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6hGvvpwV_Y https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NljxXlaaRzI http://www.mintpressnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/ahed-tamimi.jpg

US sponsored European terrorists Israeli vs children.

Turkey call themselves a Muslim state that they have recognized Israel the state of European settlers. European settlers in Israel are not native Palestinians. They slaughtering each and every single day dozens of Palestinians and still Erdogan keeps diplomatic relations with Israel. This is Zionist Erdogan that run terror networks in Syria. Erdogan have created and run TIP, HTS, FSA, ISIS etc to convert Syria into a slaughter house. Thanks to Assad, Rouhani, Putin and Nasrallah that they have rescued Syria from these butchers.


I love Iran, Russia and Lebanon they have rescued Syria and Iraq from Zionists zombies butchers and I hope they will rescue Palestine and Yemen too. Long live unity of Iran, Russia and Lebanon. Ameen


Salman, Erdogan and Netanyahu Zionist butchers now cry when they see SAA advancement in Idlib. Well done Assad, Rouhani, Putin, Nasrallah, Palestinian and Afghani heroes.


Now Salman, Erdogan and Netanyahu decide they want their terrorist elements alive or dead. If they stay in Idlib then definitely they will die.


European settlers have closed the doors of Yemen and Palestine and inside slaughtering children. Iran, Russia and Hezbollah have rescued Syria and Iraq from these butchers and I hope that they will rescue Yemen and Palestine too.


Iraq to ask foreign oil companies to build houses, ‘provide services’ for Iraqi employees – Iraqi oil ministry.

This is fake news propaganda. There are many civil construction companies in Iran, Pakistan, China and in Russia. They can train and employ Iraqi manpower and can do all civilian construction works without any condition and on a very low cost. US is a number one enemy of all Muslim states. Never trust them.


Jim Prendergast

Lebanon will not gain anything from pretending to be neutral. They must defend their sovereign space.


Time for Iran to deploy Bavar 373 in Syria and Lebanon – end of Israel launching airborne attacks from Lebanese airspace

Jeff Lewin

I hope it will work out great.


They will gain a lot. They just need to build up their dossier of Israel violating their sovereignty and use that as currency in the international diplomatic world. Tit-for-tat with Israel is the dumb way to play this.


As the US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers are defeated, a form of brinkmanship by default is developing. As the US loses its head-chopping, heart-eating rapers it either has to give up or find other forms of aggression against Syria. Apart from the Kurds, who know that they are supported for convenience and will be dropped when it’s expedient the Us has to fall back on open aggression via its zionist proxy or from other state forces. It looks like the Turks are keeping out of it while they wait on events in Idlib so that leaves the zionist filth to do caesar’s dirty work. Interesting times.

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