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Syrian War Report – Jan. 24, 2019: Arab Protesters Clash With SDF In Raqqa Province

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On January 23, hundreds of civilians took to the streets in the town of al-Mansoura in the province of Raqqa to protest against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) after the group’s security forces had murdered a civilian.

According to local sources, Ahmad al-Zaban, a member of the prominent al-Bukhamis tribe, was killed because he had refused to join the SDF. In 2018, the Kurdish-dominated group started to employ forced conscription as a measure to form some Arab units within its ranks. This effort is a part of attempts to justify the political and military dominance of US-backed Kurdish armed groups in northeastern Syria.

During the protests in al-Mansoura, the locals and members of the al-Bukhamis tribe clashed with the SDF’s security forces and burned down their center. This forced the SDF to temporarily withdraw from the town. The locals also demanded that the SDF hand over those of their members who had been involved in the crime. The  situation is developing, but it is not likely that the group will find a comprehensive peaceful solution with the protesters. In most of the cases, the SDF’s security forces just crack down on protests and accuse the opposition of links with terrorists.

Earlier this week, several tribes living on the eastern bank of the Euphrates held rallies asking Russia and the Damascus government to restore river bridges, which had been destroyed by the US-led coalition. The destruction of bridges is one of the tools used to prevent movement of people and goods between SDF-held and government-controlled areas.

The isolation of the SDF-held area from the rest of Syria as well as an ongoing large-scale propaganda campaign claiming that the bloody Assad regime is preventing people from returning to their homes are tools, which are being used to undermine Syria’s territorial integrity.

Meanwhile, the SDF has achieved notable progress fighting ISIS in the terrorist-held pocket near the Iraqi border. The SDF has captured the villages of al-Baghuz al-Fawqani and Shajlah and advanced on ISIS positions in the village of Murashida. When this village falls into the hands of the SDF, the ISIS-held pocket will be formally eliminated.

According to pro-Kurdish sources, more than 5,100 people have fled the ISIS-held area. At least 500 ISIS members were among them. They surrendered themselves to the SDF.

In Moscow, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin held a meeting discussing a wide range of topics, including the situation in Syria. In a press briefing following the meeting, Putin announced that Moscow and Ankara had agreed to work on additional measures to implement the Idlib deconfliction agreement.

“We see that our Turkish partners are making great efforts to eliminate the terrorist threat there and it is necessary to work together to remove tension in that region”, Putin said. He added that Russia is also working to support negotiations between the SDF and Damascus.

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Jens Holm

Most here are forced muslims. You had no choise and they even amputated You below, so You from then either can look like a good muslim or jew.

You even seen from many mulism cant join another religion or be a sekular only.

Its normal to have duties for You country as well as territories. Thats what You can. Another way in many countries is parts dont join the forces, becaseu so many low grade soldiers are not needed. Instead we all pay tax for better education and equipment. We do that all our lives as long as we pay tax.

I see the duty as soldier as needed because hardly none in the SDF territory unfornatly has any income. Furthermore I actually see security is made by soldiers , police and rules for all.

By that people should not die protecting You. You have to help how You can, else You are not velcome.

We do have some few here denying to wear weapons. We give them civile heloing jobs in stead. They becomes firefigters, pumpers for too much water and learn very elementary saving life health care beiing nice helpers hands to reugees and like that.

IM SURE MAN`Y WILL BLAME ME and SDFs for being as THE REST OF THE WORLD. Thats because so many of YOU has ABNORMAL BRAINS.

YOU DENY SUCCES FOR ANYTHING apart from how it is and should be forever even SYRIA is an ARTIFÌCIAL state made for oildrilling in KIrkuk.

And You deny to implement needed changes made by others. Syria of today never was any state until 1946. Most other in the whole world can see it on the maps too. The unsatisfied ones are in the Regions, which was named as Aleppo and Raqqa. And why. Those among other things were never living in any kind of Syria and had their own Governess under Konstantinople.

Hisham Saber

As I have been saying for some time, the Kurdish SDF will start to feel the wrath of the Arab tribes in north-eastern Syria.

The Arab tribes, will launch a vicious insurgency against the SDF, U.S., British and French presence on their cities and lands. They will be assisted by the Syrian NDF, Syrian Arab Army, and Iranian IRGC, as well as Iraqi Hezbollah, Lebanese Hezbollah, Iraqi PMU’s (Popular Mobilization Units, who are essentially the Iraqi military, but answer to Iranian IRGC AL-QUDS Gen. Sulemenei, who answers directly to Ayatollah Khamenei.

Along side these said forces are Russian Chechens, some working directly for the Russian MoD, some volunteers. There are also about 25-30 thousand Afghan volunteers waiting on the western bank of the Euphrates who will join in.

All of Syria will be liberated, including the Golan Heights, as even the IDF is in no position to defend it successfully given the vast, huge array of forces aligned against the Zionist entity. U.S., British and French forces and their little bases are sitting targets, pretty much hostages at the mercy of local regional forces surrounding them. They are in what is called ‘ double envelopment ‘, or pincer in military jargon.

After all is said and done, the U.S., Britain and France will have been kicked out of the entire region, the Kurds worse off than before the conflict in Syria and Iraq started, and the Shia Crescent, along with Sunni’s of the region, and the Levant, Assyrians will have solidified the positions, and the ever increasing stranglehold, and pressure on Israel mounts in every which way.

Things don’t look too good for Israel and its backers. Iraq ‘s Parliament want the two U.S. bases removed, U.S. et al forces withdrawn from Iraq, and they sure will not be able to stay in Syria.

Israel has no strategic depth to speak of, and in the advent of a regional war, or any kind of conflict, the Zionist entity will shrink all along its shape-shifting borders. The U.S., Britain and France cannot save the day for Israel, as they would quickly come to find out just how devastating and costly a war for Israel will prove to be. Even after 18 years of fighting a bunch of guys on motorcycles, armed with AK-47’s and RPG, a few IED’s , dressed in bedsheets and beach sandals , the Taliban in Afghanistan, they haven’t gained a danm thing, and they are actually losing. So just imagine what a future regional war would look like for them. They know this, and so does Israel.

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