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Syrian War Report – Jan. 16, 2019: Chemical Attack Preparations In Idlib De-Escalation Zone

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Militants are preparing a new chemical attack in the Ma’aret al-Nu’man area in the province of Idlib, the Interfax news agency reported on January 15 citing an informed source.

According to the source, militants store toxic chemicals in several warehouses across Idlib province and the far northern part of Lattakia province.

The source stressed that Ajnad al-Caucasus, Jaish al-Izza and the Turkistan Islamic Party, all of which are linked to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, are preparing for a series of synchronized chemical attacks in the provinces of Lattakia, Idlib, Aleppo and Hama. According to the report, militants will use use shells and mortar mines as well as drones loaded with toxic materials.

The same report said that militants have shipped 500 liters of chemicals to the Abu al-Duhour and Helfaya areas in the Idlib de-escalation zone.

The source added that in December 2018, some 30 militants arrived in the Ariha area in Idlib province to make shells loaded with toxic chemicals. These militants reportedly receive assistance from foreign intelligence agencies. The very same militants were reportedly tasked with carrying out chemical attacks against civilians. These pre-planned incidents will then be used to accuse the Syrian Army of attacking civilians with chemical weapons.

A US military convoy consisting of about 100 vehicles has entered Syria from Iraq’s Kurdistan Region, the pro-opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on January 15. According to the report, the column included multiple vehicles and logistic equipment for US-led coalition bases of  in the eastern Euphrates region.

This development comes amid growing uncertainty over the expeted withdrawal of US forces from Syria. In fact, the continued supply of military equipment to US-led coalition bases and Kurdish armed groups in northeastern Syria confirms that the alleged withdrawal is not going to take place in the immddiate future.

Meanwhile, the US and Turkey are negotiating the creation of a 32-km safe zone in northern Syria. According to reports, this zone could become part of a US-Turkish deal to prevent Ankara’s attack on US-backed Kurdish groups in the area.

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Willing Conscience (The Truths

The last one didn’t work too well, it didn’t achieve the results they’d hoped for, so if they manage to pull this one off too, it’ll probably end the same way as the last one did. Just for once I’d like the Russians to wait until the rebels were about to launch their attack and then bomb them in the process, that way any of the rebels that escaped the initial blast would all die choking on the toxic gas they hoped some poor innocent civilians would have otherwise. Oh hang on, it already sort of happened once before and Assad got the blame for it anyway, how dare he bomb a rebel warehouse filled with chemical precursor agents so close to the civilian population, didn’t he know he’d get the blame for it no matter what he said, the poor bastard can’t win no matter what he does, or more importantly doesn’t do. Evil Bastards, they’re nearly as evil as the people who put them up to it, the whole world should be demanding the real truth along with undeniable evidence, and then deliver the deservedly harsh justice when the real truth is discovered, to whoever the truly guilty party is. Evil filthy dirty old slut that she is, oops I meant whoever it is. I don’t think anyone’s giving HTS chemicals anymore, this is most likely from earlier batches they’d already received from whoever they got it from, it would be very unwise to supply HTS with anything now, it would be too easy to trace back to the source and then reveal the truly guilty party to everyone, and I don’t think the evil slut’s that stupid.

“A US military convoy consisting of about 100 vehicles has entered Syria from Iraq’s Kurdistan Region, the pro-opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on January 15. According to the report, the column included multiple vehicles and logistic equipment for US-led coalition bases of in the eastern Euphrates region”.

What does that mean, 100 empty trucks along with just a few that were filled with logistical equipment only to be used to aid the US pullout crossed into Syria, and now they’re probably going to fill up with departing US troops and equipment, and then head straight back to Iraq. that’s what I could read into that story with no problems at all, 10 other people could also read it and come to 10 different conclusions as well, what is the truth, not what the story is insinuating I don’t think. Why do SF continue to quote this fat little bastards propaganda for, he’s totally anti Assad and pro rebels, his stories should always include some additional information. A disclaimer to tell us that this info is from one the enemies most influential propaganda sites, it should also have an analysis of what the story is actually saying, and perhaps even some speculation as to what it really means. I suggest when you see an article on SF that quotes anything at all from the SOHR, you reread the quoted statement several times. He’s a fat little lying bastard for sure, but he’s a clever little fat lying bastard, he’s what I call a master of spin, he can tell you a story that can be interpreted in any way the reader wants to. I suggest you reread this quote in this article and try to come up with a different interpretation of what it first meant to you, if you can think of another possibility for its meaning try it a second time and then a third and fourth, this is what I call spin, not news, you can interpret it in any way you want to. All news sources do this to us, it’s the reason so many of us end up confused and misunderstand the real situation, Erdogan’s also a master of it, I think we should also treat his statements the same way I treat the SOHR statements and quotes, and the USA deep states quotes too. I do tend to take Putin and the Russians statements as being more self evident of truth though, they don’t spin stories any way near as much as the other side do, but I have to admit, I’ve been taking all Assad’s statements as gospel honesty, and so far, I can’t say I’ve read a statement from him that is spin, maybe he’s the only honest man amongst the lot of them and can’t lie.


The Foreign forces u came into Idlib to setup Chemical weapons attacks are: Former Obama CIA holdovers Mossad!

The intel sources who leaked this information are: NSA (of the USA)

YES u heard right! The CIA and Mossad are in an Intelligence war with US MILITARY Intelligence services!

(white hets= good guys // black hats = bad guys)

Since Trump was elected, the US “white hats” intel services (military intel) is working with Putin to rid the Deep State, The Rothschild network, Soros Network, House of Saud, CIA, Mossad!

People on this site LAUGH about this but its true! tens of millions of people know this! Just i dont think anyone on this site does!

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/91327fb02178b0118e6bc3b6a4d7e3def0f46798d3dac44607eb954ec2470287.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/09d29c8188c9958216842ae987dfec3733cf66f1f4654ecd11086012ece582b0.png

McCain DID NOT die of cancer!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e6595e4a90b958c054f9fe9ff9d118771bee7f813363262d1d011aa09e499166.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/65d049a8f7e36ef52b94646df7218dca0df354c8fa2f26c5b7190d44243e59ab.png

Here is John McCain’s last interview! Does he look like he is going to die within a few days? John McCain was out to death via Military Tribunal! Dies on the “day of the Dog”! One of his worst crimes was “human trafficking”! https://media.gannett-cdn.com/29901534001/29901534001_5530601265001_5530595317001.mp4

Why do these bad people all have “foundations”? Clinton Foundation McCain institute! Why are the Rothschilds picture on their website? Why were these pictures removed from their website after December 20 2017? Trump executive Order to declare national emergency re: Human Trafficking! The Day after this was declared, Eric Schmidt quit Alphabet (google parent co) Why was Eric Schmidt in North Korea in 2014? Giving them access to what? To a server? Who’s server? Clinton server? Pay for play! rocket tech, nuclear tech!

Trump and Putin working together! Information exchanged!


World cup ball contains a pocket for NFC chip! What did Putin put in the ball to give to Trump? Why did they have a private 2 hour meeting in Helsinki? Why not a phone call? Why not a meeting with other cabinet members? Why is the MSM trying to stop them from meeting and want to subpoena the Translators?

Does everyone on this site know whats going on?

Is it OK to hate America for the shit they have done in the world?? YES!!! Is america the same country since Trump came into office in Jan 2017?? NO!!

Why did the first missile volley miss almost all targets and the Syrians knew the target and moved their planes SLIGHTLY off the run way! US stupidity or Forewarning? Forewarning means co-operation!

2nd US volley due to FF chemical weapons attack! How many missiles sent? How many important targets hit? Which targets were REALLY hit? Another stupid failure or co-operation?

Can u people understand??

Was JFK a bad guy? What makes u think Trump is?

Why does Obama, Soros, Clintons, Bush’s all hate Trump?? WHY??????? Hatred is on another level! they are trying to impeach him! Forget Israel, they are nothing without US help! Israel has been put back into a little box! Cant do much damage now!


Notice something strange about this?


Why are they all wearing foot braces at the same time? Why did McCain switch his foot brace (if injured) to his other leg? (not a mirror image either)


What happened at the Rothschild mansion? What REALLY happened?


Why all pictured with Soros son?https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d12479f92f65ff5bddefc8bc228ca22d1e4425e226a7a38b935606be400728dc.jpg

Before Obama’s election to become President! (who is the man sitting next to the stair case?)


Do u see what is happening here? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a86e15f5ec696aa23246ea4f78e84147ad0897a7015c3bb2c2e27731da0e7ade.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/072933e363cf02f1359741fba514937f9b7e17093fcd61a873c2667d85aaa931.png


Who owns and runs Facebook? Who REALLY runs and owns facebook?

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8ea9f9a1b73cf81cb5a5b2f6bb1b51837c483ad9b0fdfdde701a0e3fb7cca3c6.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3a14e25cb05ff9751c77f997d0418f49e37126143cc1dfafd2208f10ff6e81fa.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0820512f9e1ed3aada0fc4300e2271b349a045c6fd8b3a1c8440e8e28eb26bf8.png

China? CIA? (((China / CIA)))

Why did the USA (Clinton and Obama) create trade deals that would force companies to shift to China? Why did the US economy become drained of wealth? If in debt, why the endless wars?

New Globalist empire?

If u were a Rothschild, what system would u want as the economic and military super power? A Democratic Republic? OR A Communist, Digital dictatorship (President for life) where everyone spies on each other! A Digital, social prison!

Why was China chosen? Why does China seem to copy EVERYTHING?

How did North Korea get its rocket and nuclear tech? Who gave it to them? Do you know what their REAL PLAN is?

Why do CIA, FBI, DOJ (top) agents NOT marry for love? Why are their wives so strategically important? Leaks? Money? Launder? They all came from the CIA and were implanted!

You dont believe me? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3c3064f002311d5ab0fafd6507afa30c38411a9150590ec09966121da1a5b417.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3c3064f002311d5ab0fafd6507afa30c38411a9150590ec09966121da1a5b417.jpg

Who are the Vanderbilt’s? What is their True family name? Payseur? Wealth? = to Rothschild?? Who is Anderson Cooper? Did he train at the CIA? Is he family a CIA family? Are these people sick in the head? Human Trafficking, pedovor’s?

Mother and son! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9faef5743008e145f1579be915a80f60ddcf2245ca4ae6669f00e93d10dbc84d.jpg

Young Anderson with Mother! look at the child sacrifice on the wall!!


Why does Anderson Cooper’s Mothers house have this?? What happens here?


Were these paintings created in this empty pool? Why use an empty DEEP pool?? THINK!!!

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/26103029498d967203a4a6d931d1d5930f9e8cf8e75ef72c7d3069c4cb2dc046.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4f3355127f69da7294b878bac67ecde1406840c58080392b8a7444b189d5bda4.jpg

What did Putin say about the New World Order? “The NWO Worships Satan”!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bee70unn9aM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uilpfwrzhxI



WHY DO U THINK THE USA (UNDER TRUMP) LEFT THE U.N HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL? UN Human Rights Council s Vatican trafficks humans! (mainly children) Clinton foundation trafficks humans! (mainly children) (think Haiti) McCain Institure trafficks humans! (mainly children) WHY DOES TRUMP WANT THE WALL ON THE MEXICAN BORDER? WHY DOES TRUMP REALLY WANT A WALL ON THE BORDER? TRUMP AND PUTIN AND WORKING TOGETHER! TRUST THE PLAN!




This video is from 2016! And since then, the US Military intelligence org’s are taking out the deep state intel agencies!

NSA versus CIA, FBI, DOJ!

Putin did the same thing!


Trump is draining the swamp and has freed Putin from the 5th pillar!


Will the Qtards never learn ?

It’s really become a pitiful spectacle to observe at this point.


Yet, the proofs have been 100% time after time after time! And those who try to disprove and been proven wrong time after time after time!

The france yellow vests! What do u think of that?

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e90f645bd312596dc746b5deb35f0919e779f86bbb7f35dcf0077370322e916c.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9e3231847bfe53a7f93ac1529b15f3806d441bec5a25deaf4ce301ecc8637b66.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4b7c30fda313a60a4785197091c88da5d9a607cbdd740df52ae14a3b6d5c397c.jpg

Bigger than u think! U know why? Because he has proven himself time and time again! Coordinated messages down to the second with Trump! People request Trump to say something and the next day he says it! election predictions 100% accurate and called them 3 months before! Because they have full control! We know what is happening and the normies have no clue because they are too lazy to READ!


The so called “disprovers” have disappeared! Proven wrong so many times! u will see!

Watch! We follow because WE KNOW!

Tens of millions!! or Hundreds of millions!


It’s not a matter of proofs , numbskull. The Q psyop has access to significant info , then dribbles it out in clever puzzles and with slogans designed to bolster your devotion to the Trump cult , and steers you into accepting policy directions that you would never consider otherwise. The fact that Trump may support it or even be an active part of it should be of no comfort to you , but rather just the opposite.

You’re being psychologically manipulated by the very deep state that Q has promised would be drained , but which has only grown in size and stench , with Trump’s recent AG pick being the most recent example.

One of the main cult leaders , Praying Medic , openly brags about curing people’s diseases while standing in line at Target by his “laying on of hands”. Do you think he’s the second coming of JC ? You’re drinking the Kool-Aid from a freakin’ faith healer in the 21rst century !

Wake TF up !


OK so lets assume u are right then shall we and then take it from there!

Who are they mobilising? tens of millions or perhaps even hundreds of millions! What could be the potential blowback from this?

Citizens are now creating their own intel groups! everything is being looked at ad studied! every twitter post every facebook post etc etc!

Why would they release all their secrets to us? The child traficking! The pedo shit! Their coded messages! their crimes and their ways of communicating its only arms the citizens!

So im afraid i have to disagree with u! The people who dont agree with the Q movement never seem to read it! they just blanket refuse too and they just assume its a brain wash! They have tried to debunk it on MSM and ALT media to only be massively disproven! like a slam dunk!

What has come out is mind blowing! to the point where it is UNITING people! UNITING to a point where i believe it is highly possible that a French revolution will occur in the USA and other places in the world such as the UK and Europe!

I’m talking about “Off with their heads”! People draw the line at children! They unite! People draw the line at economy crashes! People draw the line at massive corruption that exposes massive lies for decades! How does this help any secret trick? This movement has made people see the bullshit coming from the MSM!

You just dont get it do u! its called an Awakening! Then ordinary people find the truth! Accountants, lawyers, factory workers! They all chip in and do their part to explain, explore and expose! Q has nothing to do with it! Thats why their moto is “We are Q”!

EVEN YOU ARE Q! If u are on this site and u are saying: “the cia and mossad created isis” “Saudi Arabia and Qatar funded isis” “the war in Ukraine and the war in syria is a battle for pipelines and to cut off russia form Europe” “there is no FSA, only Al-nusra”!

If u are saying this then YOU ARE Q! the problem is that intel is being exposed! people are learning how to decipher! how to investigate! an interest in this is being formed! THIS DOES NOT SERVE THEIR INTERESTS!!!

I KNOW that u havent read all of the posts because if you did you wouldnt be saying this shit! And u are right about one thing! its an OP but not a PSyOp! its an Intel OP! The same type of OP that got Putin into power! KGB/FSB got Putin into power because the nation was being sold off and buried in debt with funded wars in its southern oil rich region! Mil Intel agencies (patriots) got Putin into power!

This is no different! And nobody on this website knows about it! They dont even mention it! they think its “business as usual”! Think logically! This does not serve their interests! Even if it was a PsyOp! It has rallied people together! The whole point of world domination is to keep the sheep blind and asleep (u agree with that statement?) Then how does this keep them asleep? What would motivate and unite people? When they touch the kids, hurt the kids, and take everything we’ve got and plan to destroy our lives, then THEY ALL GET FUCKED UP!!

What PsyOp predicts John McCain’s death to the day and to the minute? What PsyOp exposes Pedo shit and the people who are doing it? who are the CIA assests inside the MSM Their crimes! drains, fires and retires politicians IN BOTH PARTIES!!! Why do so many CEO’s resign after a specific executive order is signed? Why is a “wall” a PsyOp? tell me why??

Dude, youre not thinking, u are a skeptic with a closed mind! Youre not thinking! But good luck to u! i know people like u! They have a set of beliefs and they wont part from them! The world is the way “THEY” believe it is and cannot vear off its track because it would undo what they have believed for so long!

read the fucking posts! All of them!

Ask urself this! How did JFK get into power? Then who did he betray after getting into power! Why did they kill him?

How does Putin’s rise mimic JFK’s?

Do u believe their are more bad than good in the USA and the world?

Some of the pol’s are trapped! Honey trapped and thus controlled! Some are absolute scum! Some now tow the line and work for Trump (a new handler)

Lindsay Graeme for instance!

Dude i can read all this shit now and so can many others! Wish u could see!


The nice thing about this is I can tell you’re not yet of voting age , so the damage is minimal in your case , at least.


im 45! And whilst im that age, people of all ages follow the Q movement! So its not about age!

its about being awake or asleep! about logic or being a fool!

Age has nothing to do with it! if it did, SinBad (who is OLD because he said he was in the Ausralian army in the 1970’s) said he “supports China”!

So if Age gives credit (like u are implying) then why do the oldest on this forum say such DUMB things!

U dont even look at the message i sent u! I SAID : “Explain this”!

When i throw down a challenge people always do this: 1. fail to reply to the challenge 2. tell the other person he is “crazy or a conspiracy theorist” (just like the MSM does) 3. give short replies and dismiss that points being made!

EVERYONE on this site knows McCain is key to supporting isis and Al-Quieda (but doesnt that put them into the same boat as me? a nutbag? a conspiracy nut?)

Everyone on this site blames the US for supporting terrorists (which i just proved to be true) yet im somehow I’M the nutbag?

Everyone on this site hates jews (me too) yet they support China! China is a Globalist state! yet im the dumb cunt?? Really?

Everyone on this site has the same mantra: Israel bad, USA bad, Russia good, Syria good, Iran good, China good!

Nobody mentions north korea as to weather they are Good or bad! i wonder why! they cant make the call! too sacred to make the call! They dont know what to say on north korea!

So its not about age u moron! its about do u believe the info or do u not!

SinBad 2 believes China is a good guy! Do u agree with him or are u going to avoid the question?

Do u believe North Korea is a Good guy or a bad guy (nation)!

Just answer the questions! im helping u discover your bias!!

Or am i “trapping u”? how could i trap u when u assume im just a kid!

u will avoid my questions because like everyone on this site! u are bias, love ur safe space, dont question anything and u are scared!


From the start of his posts it was direct communications until he start using the Q signature! After that it was questions with answers! People researched and answer and he posted the correct answer! The reason this was done was for a few reasons! 1. not to telegrapgh their moves 2. to prove that future posts and events prove the past (proving the information is real) 3. unable to leak this info legally! (NSA). 4. and various other reasons u will need to find out urself!

Tell me how do u learn in school? Teacher tells u and then u know? Or do u study and answers questions in a test!

LAZY PEOPLE want direct info! Q has taught us how to research, how to collaborate and where to do it! How to decipher their coded messages in tweets etc!

People like u read the posts, see it for bullshit and ask “why not just tell us whats going on? why the riddles”!

i know people like u! Skeptical minds that cant eradicate bias and give room for logic!

First it was bullshit Then it was fake then it was some kids on the interent then it was a PsyOp (cos shit turned out to be very very real) Whats next? u have no idea what has been proven because all u have done is taken a brief look at it! We are NOT a religion who believes there is a man in the sky looking down on us! We reseacrh and prove it Verified, documented, video, photo, text, from their own mouths and goverment website sourced! Its literally like science and math! Cannot be disproven!

So now its called a “PsyOp”? Why do people LIKE YOU call it this? Because YOU KNOW ITS A PSYOP? You got an source within the NSA telling u it is? or u just figured it out urself because “its so obvious its a PsyOp”! REALLY??

Then why are BIG BAD neocons falling? Why are people going to jail? Why are CEO’s resigning? (by the thousands) Why trying to stop putin and trump meeting? why the announcement to leave syria then followed by an attack on american forces?

but its a psyop because u say so! because someone else said so! because trump named Jerusalum the capital of israel! yep! then it must be!

forget the missile volleys that destroyed NOTHING even though israel’s succeed! forget about the 2 hour private meeting with putin that the MSM is trying to subpoena the translator! Forget the impeachment proceedings!

its all fake dude! its all a roleplay!

its a cooincidence! its an illusion! Even tho paul ryan resigned! even tho mccain , hillary and her daughter are all wearing foot braces! Even tho mccain swapped his over! even tho mccains death was predicted to the exact time and date 30 days prior!

its just a psyop dude! a roleplay!

and all the other confirmations thats a roleplay too

BUT TRUST CHINA! HUH? Trust the digital communist nation that spies on its own people! has a president for life! killed 80 million of its own people! Take American companies out of America and put them in china! OH but that wasnt the plan of zionist globalists? Yes Trust China! Even tho they copy everything we can trust them! Even tho the USA rescued Australia (my country) in WW2. Lets Trust China, the EU and the UN! yeah??

Thats what Sinbad says! He trusts China!! MORONS on this site! Fucking morons!

People are so dumb on this site that they actually barrack for China! Thats how dub they are! Lets back china shall we? Russia colluded in the US election! China did not! YEAH? Everyone is dumb on this site!

Some other dumb cunt said the SU-57 wasnt a tactical fighter even when i sent him a screen shot of the Sukhoi website saying it was TWICE! He couldnt admit he was wrong! Says “its not a tactical fighter, thats western website lies” So i send him sukhoi website his reply, “so what if its a Tactical fighter” “Bravo u took a picture of sukhoi site” “u lie, i will not talk to u anymore”!

This is how dumb the people on this site are!

Another MORON said the Pak-da Replaces the Tu-95 and the Su-24! WTF? i thought it was a mistake (Tu-95 is ok to say BUT the SU-24?) repeated himself over and over! Was not mistaken! he knew the plane he meant! How does a strategic stealth bomber be the replacement of the SU-24! I told him the SU-34 was a replacement! He said the SU-34 replace the SU-25 and the SU-35 (as its protector) lol


Sinbad (a fellow Aussie) says he supports China as the new global leader!



Praying Medic didn’t to be Christ. Laying on hands isn’t supernatural.


Is Q a psyop? Of course he is. He is a cheerleader for Trump and the Trump white hats.


.Explain this:

Wearing Ankle Bracelets between August and October 2017 (all of them)!


McCain swaps the foot brace to the other foot! (not a mirror image! note buttns on shirt and jacket pocket etc) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/edade5251079a459a4f44133f524cefc66c5f9a5c8d30e3edc30c47608b87a3e.jpg

Why did he swap the boot to the other foot if it was a rupture of his Achilles Tendon? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f2a39264567c44ac8051f0bb2c2dc181e1e9a851fac493576a92e601019ebb87.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/90edeced9f5d17f5d5b67c7e936c287a29a4572503451157b13f2432f3bf0b74.png

Why is he REALLY dead? (Cancer was a cover) His last interview on Camera(day before he died) he looked super healthy!

REMEMBER THIS PHOTO? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/24280dfc6c7b77915da725bfa9f9b7f17305caef72decad638882bc09aa3fd9a.jpg

Ask yourself, why would the LEADER of the Republican Party who wanted to be President suddenly retire from Politics?


And here is how the MSM treat Trump!



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