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Syrian War Report – Jan. 14, 2019: Netanyahu Claims “Depots Full Of Iranian Weapons” Destroyed In Syria

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Early on January 12, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) carried out an airstrike on Syria. According to reports, Israeli warplanes, coming from the direction of Galilee, fired several missiles at a depot in the Damascus International Airport. The Syrian Air Defense Forces reportedly intercepted at least 8 of them.

Following the airstrike, Israeli warplanes were seen flying at high speed and low altitude over the southern Lebanese city of Tyre.

On January 13, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that the IAF had targeted several “Iranian depots full of Iranian weapons in the Damascus International Airport”.

This incident was the second Israeli attack on Syria within a few weeks. On December 25, Israeli warplanes targeted several military positions around the Syrian capital. While Israeli sources claimed that the positions were being used by Iranian forces only, the airstrikes injured several Syrian service members.

During the weekend, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) held a military exercise involving battle tanks in the Hatay province bordering the Syrian province of Idlib. TAF units were deployed in Hatay’s Yayladagi region.

Meanwhile, Jaysh al-Ahrar, a part of the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation (NFL) coalition, has handed over Taftanaz airbase in the eastern Idlib countryside to Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda).

According to the available information, this step was a part of a surrender agreement which the NFL accepted few days ago. The Turkish-backed group will also have to hand over all of its heavy weapons in Idlib to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham soon.

The Taftanaz airbase was one of the key NFL strong points in this part of the Idlib de-escalation zone. The surrender of this point to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham just another indication that the terrorist group is the main “armed opposition force” in this part of Syria.

At the late hours of January 12, a unit of the Syrian Military Intelligence carried out a security operation in the town of Ayn Firkha in the southern governorate of al-Quneitra. Two suspects, Khalid Diab and Ali Diab, were arrested during the operation. Some Syrian opposition activists claimed that Syrian agents killed a civilian also. However, the pro-opposition Orient TV said that the agents shoot and injured a third suspect.

Such operations are usually carried out against members of terrorist groups, like ISIS and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), or against local operatives of the Israeli intelligence. Prior to its liberation in 2018, Ayn Firkha and many other towns in southern Syria were full of members of terrorist groups and Israeli spies, according to pro-government sources.

Last month, the Syrian intelligence neutralized prominent al-Qaeda commander Ayad al-Tubasi while he was plotting to re-launch an insurgency in southern Syria. In different periods, the infamous terrorist was member of Jabhat al-Nusra and Horas al-Din.

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Rüdiger Preiss

Of course he would say that. The question is, even if there were Iranian weapons, what gives Israel the right to attack? When the US delivers weapons to Israel, does that give Iran the right to attack Israel?? Or attack Cyprus, because the UK has it’s bases there?

neil barron

Let me put it in simple terms for you.If the guy coming down the street holds you up with a gun and eventually shoots you Then the police find out where the gun comes from and he is local supplier in town and they have the evidence they go get the criminal end of story.

Rüdiger Preiss

“Simple” terms? This is one of the most ludicrous comments I’ve seen here. You could have as well written, if a fox kills a duck, the farmer shoots the fox. AND??

Israel is continuously violating the May 1974 cease fire agreement, which reads, “Israel and Syria will scrupulously observe the cease-fire on land, sea and air and will refrain from all military actions against each other, from the time of the signing of this document, in implementation of United Nations Security Council resolution 338 dated 22 October 1973.”

Since Israel repeatedly doesn’t adhere to this agreement (which it signed!), it is an aggressor and therefore responsible for all material and personal damage caused. It’s black and white. It doesn’t say anywhere in any UNSC resolution, nor in any international law, that Iran’s military and weapons are not allowed to enter Syria, which is on invitation of the Syrian government (as long as they keep out of the DMZ on the Golan Heights, which they are. Contrary to that, the Wahhabi terrorists grossly violated UN resolution 350 in that the number of military personnel and weapons heavily exceeded what was allowed, yet the IDF did NOTHING to stop them – to the contrary, they helped the terrorists !)

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

you make no sense.


This question is a matter of power. The most powerful country can do whatever it wants, using some appropriated excuse. The same thing can not do a weak country independently of the reason without the permission of the most powerful country.


of course anyone with the means has the right to attack and obliterate israel for the simple reason that israel lost any right to be a sovereign country long ago as a result of its continuous breaches of human laws, war crimes, crimes against humanity, murders on a scale hardly seen since the last iraqi war (yemen), land theft and lo and behold, running a concentration camp a la dachau designed to carry out a slow motion ethnic cleansing of the indigenous people so that the do gooders of the world can’t make head or tail out of the situation – enough? so bomb and shoot away at your hearts content!


“””On January 13, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that the IAF had targeted several “Iranian depots full of Iranian weapons in the Damascus International Airport”.”””

Nethanyhu can wish to strike many targets full of Iranian weapons, however, only 20% or less of the missiles make it through, the strikes are ineffective and a mere PR stunt, at a time when Israel’s military effectiveness in the area has been minimized greatly.


and I wouldn’t mind seeing a depot full of idf people (murderers uzw) obliterated by a load of iranian missiles, as in iron doom, skip skip skip the iron dome. that would be something to behold!!


and I’m relibly told that netanyahu lies so much that his tongue is all black, twisted and about to fall out.


My question here is WHY DID NOT SYRIA SHOT DOWN THESE PLANES ? Russia intelligence knew when these planes took off, the direction they were leading, and the moment of the attack. It is time time fo Syria to shot down Israel planes and to stop complaining about Israel attacks.


Because they can’t.


Israelis attack from Lebanese skies, not Syrian or international air.
My guess is it’s not going to happen unless the Lebanese government gives permission to Syria to shoot down hostile aircrafts over it’s airspace. And the current Lebanese government, won’t.

Some pesky thing called International Law and sovereignty of other countries over their own soil, water and air which some countries don’t follow and some do.
If Syria shoots Israeli planes over Lebanon without their prior permission, the same US and Israelis who are hell-bent on destroying Lebanon will attack Syria to “defend” Lebanese rights, accompanied by the usual pack of hyenas like France, UK and other NATO or Arab NATO (!) governments.


It seems to me good explanation, thanks. In thinks Syria needs to wait until Israel planes be on its sky in order to proceed to shot them down, too bad for Syria. However, Syria could attack Israel basis in Israel as a replay of this attack, this is valid.


Yes it is valid, but again they are dealing with lying, murdering thieves.
In this case I guess Israelis deny any attack on Syria and act like the Syrian retaliation came out blue and play their usual victim shtick and the US and co. play along too. Like the last time.

I know it’s hard and frustrating, I feel the same. I can’t imagine how hard it is for the Syrians. When you are forced to deal with people who honour nothing, you either should be like them or have patient.


You know the answer, Russian dont want, Just think about, 2 years and 3 months of non-stop missile attacks at Syria,


That you , a Zionist Shill, is pushing the tired narrative of ‘ Russia and Syria are scared or unable to challenge Israel militarily’ , is a sign that the Shysters in Israel and beyond are actually wanting a few Israeli jets shot down so that the FUKUS gang have a lame excuse to strike back.

This Israeli tactic was also employed before the SAA cleared South Western Syria and I suspect that today, it is to bring Israel and FUKUS into a lasting conflict in order to frustrate the liberation of Idlib.

This strategy has been adopted by FUKUS and Israel because their proxi murder gangs are being defeated.


Like I said when Russia put their dreaded S300 in Syria, “It won’t make a difference.” Russia is to scared to strike Israel and Syria is too incapable. The S300 is not the game changer everyone thought it would be.
Face it people, this world is not going to change for the better either by military means nor civil uprising.

Manuel Flores Escobar

they already attacked israel with 55 missile and rockets vs military assets in golan..and israel retaliate with 70 missile and 28 jets on flight and nothing happened!..the problem is that Russia dont want a war Syria vs israel above all when the terrorist pocket of Idlib is still alive…if Russia gives green light to retaliate…be sure that israel would stop his airstrikes…they dont have capability to stop hundred of missile hitting israel from Syria, lebanon, palestina and Iran at the same time everyday.. and israel population would be in panic as we seen in the last palestine attacks with 100 rockets launched at the same time and only 50% were intercepted by iron Dome!


You are correct.


now and if you remember russia rained 16 long range missiles from the caspian sea on certain parts of syria a few years ago. russia can repeat that feat at any time and rain triple or more of that number on tel aviv and haifa within minutes after the situation arises that calls for such measures. so far the lying mass murderer netanyahu hasn’t strayed across any of russia’s do not cross lines, but rest assured, once that happens, israel will be obliterated (zur Freude der Menschen der Welt) and soon to be forgotten. netanyahu is desperate to acquire support from the
white house but I’m not sure that trump is all that much in favour of the son in law’s for the desperate states of a*s so very costly measures – probably easier to let the israeli’s fight their own fights for once! hasn’t happened so far but when it happens you’ll see the scum trying to swim across the med, missing moses very much, no red sea crossing and the near bankrup desperate states of a is thousands of miles away. great despair!


only problem is …. that Israhell has a ton of nuclear weapons to use against any attacking nation…. and they are sick enough, demented enough, to use them. Israel is the greatest rogue and evil nation on the planet. And the non-semite Khazars the most evil of all evil denizens on the planet. They haven’t changed since they left Khazaria centuries ago.


The Khazars do not want to die though as they surely would if they attempt the Samson Option.


lol…….. Benny, you are so funny.

leon mc pilibin

The worlds no1 terrorist,,,,,founder of ISIS ,,and the king of liars,,, is at it again.What does this say about the mental health of the squatters in occupied Palestine,,to elect this Crime Minister to represent then.??

Rodney Loder

Brother Erdogan has been stung by the NFL defeat, this could signal a joint offensive in Idlib with the SAA and TSK fighting shoulder to shoulder, if Allah is will to foster such a blessing.

Allah Akbar.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“Following the airstrike, Israeli warplanes were seen flying at high speed and low altitude over the southern Lebanese city of Tyre”.
Even at high speed some of the best AA missiles that can be used in MANPADS should be able to take down Israeli jets at low altitude. If they’re travelling at high speed they’re running hot and perfect for the old heat seekers that aren’t used that much anymore. They don’t use heat seekers much anymore because you have to wait until the Target jet finishes their bombing run and expose the jets engine thrust to you, but this situation is perfect for a high speed heat seeking missiles, they’re just flying by waiting to be targeted. Come on Hezbollah, pull out the MANPADS and old heat seekers, place a few men on the border to just sit and wait.


It would be an Own Goal though if Hezbollah bought down a Kike bomber over a Lebanese city or town.

I would enjoy seeing crashed Jew jets in a field though :)

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You wouldn’t be alone. there’d be quite a few happy chappies around if Israeli jets started burning in the skies.
But we’d have to word up the guys manning the border, make it clear they could only target the jets that were returning from a strike and heading home to Israel.
Maybe though we could let them target a few jets that were just about to deliver a load of missiles into Syria, hit the jet just before it delivers its payload and begins to turn away, that way it has to end up in Syrian territory after it’s hit, maybe then we might get an ejecting pilot landing in Syrian territory and a burning jet, which would be even better.
But as you pointed out, there’s just as much chance the jet would fall on a heavily populated area, mmm, maybe just stick to the hit them on the way home.


Yes, the Western Mainstream Media are all de facto peddlers of Zionist propaganda as we realise and they have a huge reach into the minds of those who soak up their news from the pulpits of neo-marxist ‘priests’.

Russia and Syria are attempting to avoid another MH17 type false flag , this time from Israel.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I don’t think it’s just the MSM that do it, even outlets like RT, Sputnik and our beloved SouthFront are guilty of it on more than just the odd occasion, and without even realizing it sometimes, though sometimes I also think it’s just to fill an empty news cycle too, lazy bastards.
Let’s hope if it does happen the Russian do a better job of getting the truth out than they did last time with the MH17 investigation. Like somehow forcing the US to release satellite images that show everyone what really happened, instead of the ones that only showed us what the US wanted us to see. The US had every single image they needed for them to help make their case, but the crucial ones ones that could prove the rebels weren’t responsible, they didn’t have, I think the Russians let us all down by not forcing the MSM to start asking some serious question of the US. They should have had the US over a barrel over that particular issue, and then used it to force some really serious questions to be asked, and I know they tried to, but it didn’t really work when it really should have, it didn’t convince any die hard US supporters to change their minds.
If the roles had been reversed in the MH17 investigation, the US propaganda machine would have successfully convinced even the most ardent Putin supporters to demand that Putin release those images that were withheld, and called him a liar until he did, that’s what the Russian propaganda team should have been able to do too but didn’t, I think Putin needs to start hiring some new people don’t you.
He’s done well trying to bring equilibrium and parity to just about every other aspect of conflict he has with the US, militarily, economically, diplomatically and politically, but in the department of propaganda he’s come a very poor last every single time, I think it’s time there was some parity between the Russian propaganda machine and the omnipotent US juggernaut we call the world MSM, I think it’s time Putin started investing in that department a lot more than he does, afterall, it’s becoming the most powerful tool any leader could have now, and I think Putin’s propaganda machine would be very low on the list of top 100’s, that would probably read something like, the US on top, Israel second, China third and India a close fourth, perhaps then Germany France and then England, and I think Russia would probably come in at about 51st, just under Turkey at 50. I think Putin has to seriously think about winning some battles in the media as well as all the other stuff he does, his ignoring that aspect of conflict with the US at his own peril, hopefully he’s already started and about to sack all the useless bastards he’s been using until now.
I agree with you about the Ukrainians actually being responsible for the attack on MH17, but I wonder, do you think it was an accidental action or perhaps deliberate as some conspiracy proponents claim, and for several different reasons I might add, I do, I’m just wondering if you have any thoughts on the alternate reasons for the so called accident. cheers.


“They don’t use heat seekers much anymore because you have to wait until
the Target jet finishes their bombing run and expose the jets engine
thrust to you”

Maybe in a car park sized country like Israel, but most normal countries are big enough to have 2 or even more cities, spaced apart. The Stinger although old still uses IR.


Of all the worlds leaders Netanyuhu is without doubt the most immoral dishonest leader, a perfect fit for Israel.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

Just say ‘muh iran’ as a very flimsy excuse to blow up Syrian munition dumps

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