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Syrian War Report – February 8, 2018: US-led Coalition Struck Syrian Army In Deir Ezzor

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On February 7, the US-led coalition carried out several airstrikes on positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the province of Deir Ezzor. The coalition claimed that the SAA had “initiated an unprovoked attack against well-established Syrian Democratic Forces [SDF] headquarters”, added that “coalition service members” were co-located with SDF fighters during the attack and described the strikes as a self-defense act.

According to local sources, the US targeted positions of the SAA near the town of Khasham, located on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River where some clashes between the SAA and the SDF were also reported. Earlier pro-opposition sources speculated that the SAA was preparing to use Khasham as a foothold to attack the SDF position in the areas of the CONICO gas facility and the Jafar oil field. However, these reports were not confirmed by any evidence.

No doubts, the US-led coalition will use the incident to deepen the rift between the SAA and the Kurdish-dominated SDF. Earlier this month, Damascus allowed a large convoy of Kurdish fighters to reach the area of Afrin where Turkey is conducting a military operation against YPG/YPJ forces that are the core of the SDF. However, the relations between the sides remained complicated.

On February 7, the media wing of the YPG released a video showing two ATGM strikes at battle tanks of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF). The strikes were conducted in the Rajo and Bulbul districts of Afrin. The both tanks were allegedly destroyed. On the same day, reports appeared that two TAF service members died in the Afrin operation.

Meanwhile, the TAF and the Free Syrian Army captured Hawiz Hill and re-entered Shaykh Khurus. On February 8, clashes continued there.
The SAA, the Tiger Forces and their allies made large gains against ISIS in the northeastern Hama pocket. The ISIS resistance remains in Suruj, Ibn Wardan Qastel and a number of small points across the remaining militant-held area.

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham continued its attempts to exploit the SAA operation against ISIS attacking government positions west and north of Abu al-Duhur. Fierce clashes are ongoing there.

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Smith Ricky

Zio piggs need to be destroyed.

Jens Holm

Our pigs are cleaner and probatly also taste better then any of You.

Smith Ricky

Oh that explains why you have diabetes gtfo.

General Surena




Joe Doe

Assad and Syria needs to arm itself with better military hardware, specially the Air Defense Systems, such S-400, Pantsir-S1, Verba man-portable infrared homing surface-to-air missile, Russia has failed many time to protest Syria from US=NATO=Israelis attack on Syria. Putin help solved one problem, but created two major once, allowing Turkey and US=NATO enter Syria fight ISIS and Putin is too weak to handle those two major problems. There is old expression – “Count on yourself”. I know some will say Syria have no money. You can borrow, same way as you borrow buy house. Have modern military hardware to Protect country, will cost less than have country bomb all the time and destroy and you are not able do anything, just watch

Hide Behind

YOU NEED COLLATERAL FOR A LOAN. Syria has none and while Russi A has always paid Syria for its military bases. By now Syria mist per Russi a and Iran 200’s of billions. Bad credit risk especially now IS dead set on killing Assad. Whomever replaces him could then say it was Assads debt not theirs. Syria has no national or international reserves left.



Clyde Weathers

Deep State – Pax Judaica will die a sudden death while choking on its own ‘vomit’. The ‘vomit’ will consist of ‘stars of david’ jammed in its ‘windpipe’….


Undisputed is that Assad intended to attack SDF, reported two days earlier. As US said they were going to defend themselves, Assad knew the consequences.

One can only hope US destroyed all tanks and peronnel involved.

Len Zegelink

jij spoort hem ook niet vieze linkse wegkijk trol


Patetico, estando a favor de un pais invasor depredador y generador de terroristas.


‘Al imbécil jamás deberás argumentar, porque el te bajará a su nivel, y te vencerá con su experiencia.’ Mark Twain

Hide Behind

You Know Mark Twsin better tha Americans. Congrats.

Jens Holm

Not all muslims think that. Fx he said: If You cant see its a women just move away.


Neat, I understood that, esp. the generador de terroristas part, I take that to be the CWA.

leon mc pilibin

Fuck you,Zionist scumbag.


He is a distraction to rational thought. You feed the beast with your vulgarities.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Surely Kurds allow SAA or militia troops to enter there in exchange of the support in Afrin..( convoys passing through SAA lines to Afrin)..but USA rejected as they are the owner of the oilfields and then attacked Syrian militia there!…other motives can be a response airstrike for the last Russian attacks vs FSA in Idlib capital!….Russia should declare Al Tanf a terrorist nest and military target…at least to send a message that the posibility of new attacks vs SAA there( not disposable) can be retaliated in Al Tanf!

Jonathan Cohen

Perhaps, but There are 2 ISIS pockets and 2 HTS pockets to finish off first, so Al-Tanf is down the list a ways yet.


“declare”, “message”, … the current mess has a lot to do with Russia repeatedly making idle threats in a way that just doesn’t cut it in Premier Division, where your bluff DOES get called. If Russia has what it takes to strike back then that “message” will stand on its own without further elaboration. If not, better keep quiet and don’t draw attention to your impotence.


The US created isis and alqaeda/alnusra, they gave them all the weapons they needed and now that the Russian intervention has kicked the terrorists asses back to the stoneage the US is bombing the Syrian army by airstrikes … The US is guilty of crimes against humanity and should be put on trial !

They really are an evil state !


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Pave Way IV

SF: It’s the CONOCO facility, as in ConocoPhillips. CONOCO = (their ancient Texas predecessor) CONtinental Oil COmpany. Deir EzZor locals know it as the al Tabiya Plant because it sits directly on top of the al Tabiya Gas Field. The Jafra Oil Field and processing facility to the southeast is dependent on al Tabiyah gas. ISIS was extorting Syrians to run the gas plant, while ISIS stole half the production and all the condensates. The Syrians had no choice because it was the major source of gas for the Homs and Aleppo electric power plants. The SDF wants the same deal plus a cash payment for ‘guarding’ the plant, because it’s their extortion racket now.

The town of at Tabiyah is about 8 km due south, but the larger SAA-held town of Kasham/Khusham is only 4 km to the southwest. Even though it sits on the east side of the Euphrates (US-declared SDFistan), it was the SAA that originally crossed the river and liberated Kasham/Khusham in October of 2017. It has held on to it since then, despite repeated ISIS attacks from SDF/US SOF-held areas.


Even if there was no attack from the Syrian side, CENTCOM/SOFCOM would have eventually attacked the SAA and allies there and forced them out of SDFistan. I guess the land and resources were ‘legally’ stolen from the Syrian people because CENTCOM managed to chopper in a few SDF/SOF troops before the SAA could get there. Somehow (mystery of mysteries) SDF/SOF were not attacked by ISIS in the oilfields, but appeared to be working alongside them in Russian aerial imagery.

Cedric Hunter

President Assad was foolish in attacking ISIS in Hama when Eastern Ghouta is still a viable threat. He should have eliminated the smaller pockets of rebels outside Damascus before stretching his army in Idlib. Though he may eventually defeat the militants in Idlib, he will do so at the expense of easy victories in Eastern Ghouta, including the loss of men and material. President Assad, keep it simple.

Icarus Tanović

With this, Americans just sinking and stucking them selves deeper and deeper into the mud and swamp theyre already in. It wont help.

robert wa

War criminals but that’s not surprising it’s just the American way..America claims SAA attacks terrorist’s in area then America kills legitimate Syrian government forces…anyone surprised. ! Strange that American army never kills Russian forces or turkeys forces that are also involved in operations against terrorist’s..again not surprising thats what bullies do.. attack the weaker not the strongest..as long as Russia doesn’t show steadfast support for the Syrian government army this conflict will just continue..beginning to think Syria is just a testing ground for powers to advance there combat weppons..! I’m sure I’ll be corrected if wrong………..



Hide Behind

Should anyone, other than Americans , that this is happening? US daily says gonna be there until Assad is removed dead or alive, Israel and Turkey are nlowing the hell out of Syrian lands as if they were practicing in own lands, Russia dares not, and justifiably so, to directly confront US /Israel/ Turkey from fear of losing its European. Energy markets, and getting blown out air. US is arming its Kurdish militias and turning them into a real modern equipped military system, and most assuredly not as parade ground troop, and Kurds will owe them bigtime and make life a living torment for Syria. This minor incident of SAA moving against SDF Kurds may of just be a means of testing US resolve; and it only cost them 25 dead plus numerous wounded to find out. No matter the bravado yelling of Syria for Syrians by we ARMCHAIR warriors, Syria proper will soon have to be content with what lands on their side of Euphrates River US will let them have. Also expect that Kurdish Republic is now well established entity. At least until Assad is dead or gone, and then they will join the New World Order Empire.


The US Army has no legal standing in Syria. Naked aggression is a crime against humanity. Syrian people have the right to defend its sovereignty against US/Israeli aggression.


640 russian soldiers dieded that day ???!!!???


I’ve not seen it reported where the US Air Armada was launched from – is that known?

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