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Syrian War Report – February 6, 2017: Govt Troops Move Closer To Palmyra

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Near the ancient city of Palmyra in the province of Homs, army and NDF troops, supported by attack helicopters, are clashing with ISIS terrorists in the areas of the Jihar field, the Jazal field and Abo Kula Dam. Earlier government forces secured the Jihhar crossroad, Majbel Asphalt, Al-Baydah al Sharqiyah and al-Baydah al-Gharbiyah. Both sides claim heavy death toll on the other side.

The ISIS-linked Amaq news agency reported yesterday that the Turkish Air Force delivered 4 airstrikes against its own proxy forces on the ground near the town of Bzaah east of al-Bab, by a mistake. The attack took place when the so-called “Free Syrian Army” was fleeing the town as a result of the ISIS counter-attack. Turkish pilots mixed up friendly pro-Turkish militants with enemy ISIS militants due to a poor ground reconnaissance and a low level of coordination of the operation.

Government forces repelled another ISIS offensive in the city of Deir Ezzor last night, killing 7 ISIS militants and wounding 18 others. ISIS forces had attacked army positions the Al-Maqabar area and Ta’ameen Brigade north of the Deir Ezzor Airport.

On February 5, the so-called “Syrian Democratic Forces”, predominantly the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), backed up by the US-led coalition’s airpower and military advisors launched a military operation northeast of al-Raqqah aiming to seize the eastern countryside of the ISIS self-proclaimed capital.

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meantime ISIS are fighting in Mosul area and gaining ground. they hide inside towns and villages and attack to cause damange and spread terror. to end it, only deal with areas for Assad and for ISIS. in the middle there are groups that want to replace Assad but are not psycos like ISIS.


Oh, they’re psychos alright as well. You gotta be when you want to install a fundamentalist religious state. The only difference is that ISIS will set you on fire and rape your women on camera and the others will do the same, just off camera.


4 airstrikes by mistake? Maybe Turkey is bombing FSA because they are retreating again! Remember the movie Enemy at the Gates. Maybe Erdogan is sick and tired of this back and forth action at Bzaah, just like we are.


Yeah, something like Roman decimation – Erdogan is trying to ‘motivate’ his allies/puppets to fight better. Or maybe he’s just angry.

888mladen .

They have no guts either. One thing is supplying arms and giving intelligence and logistic support to terrorists and the other is to fight them in the real theater of war.


January 5th a typo? Sounds like it should be February 5th.


Yes, it’s a typo. Thank you for the attention to this. The text is updated.

Lord Humongous

FSA sounds like a bunch of incompetent clowns.

Maher Ahmed

Again using military forces doesn’t get the good solution, maybe every day we are seeing in the news there different numbers of ISIS fighters getting killed by some attack, but at the field we don’t see that making changes ,because the ISIS in another day there are capture another area, so someone should thinking to use another weapon which make a real difference at the field by fight the ideology of ISIS, because when killing one fighter remain his ideology, his word, actions which he made, and this doesn’t stop another fighter to join to ISIS. understanding the ideology of ISIS make us find the weakness of their organization to prohibit another fighter to join to ISIS. let take a look on the map and let see in which area the ISIS were appeared and how they extend, they appeared in Iraq and get strong by understanding the ideology of tribes which living in that areas finding the problems which their faced, so they start to make structure to receive the fighters from that tribes and the neighbour of that tribes beyond the borders of Iraq by pretending they are fighting for their rights , because these tribes have a similar ideology, we saw how they captured a huge area in Iraq and the neighbour area in Syria and extend. So how will get close to these tribes and give them guarantees that he will assure they will get their rights after the ISIS will disappear. Just then the ISIS will be weak and with no base to be establish in anywhere.

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