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Syrian War Report – February 26, 2018: Tiger Forces Start Ground Operation In Eastern Ghouta

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On February 25, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies started a ground phase of their operation against militants in the Eastern Ghouta region, near Damascus. Since the start of the operation, government forces had liberated the locations of Nashabiyah, Hazrama, Tal Farzat and Salehiya and repelled an attack by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) in the northern part of the pocket.

Militants destroyed at least one armored bulldozer and claimed that they had killed 25 pro-government fighters in the recent clashes. Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, Ahrar al-Sham, Faylaq al-Rahman and Jaish al-Islam will be the main opponents of the SAA if it seeks to capture entire Eastern Ghouta.

On February 24, the UN Security Council passed a resolution seeking to establish a comprehensive ceasefire throughout Syria. However, the ceasefire excludes ISIS, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other terrorist groups. Despite this, the mainstream media has already started pushing an idea that the SAA’s operations against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in Eastern Ghouta violate the resolution.

ISIS attacked positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in the western part of the Yarmouk refugee camp in southern Damascus. The terrorist group will likely make an attempt to use the violence in the Damascus countryside to expand own influence in the area.

Meanwhile, in northern Syria, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) captured over 8 locations expanding their control north and northwest of the city of Afrin.

According to pro-Turkish sources, the TAF and the FSA have recently neutralized over 50 members of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG). In turn, pro-Kurdish sources claimed that over 35 TAF soldiers and FSA members had been killed by the YPG.

A limited deployment of government forces in the Afrin area has not been able to stop the Turkish operation against the YPG. If Damascus and the YPG really want to limit the Turkish expansion in the area, they will have to reach a broad deal over Afrin.

On the other hand, Ankara describes the YPG as a terrorist group and claims that any side assisting it will become a target of the TAF.

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Oscar Silva Martinez

Long live the tiger forces!!!

Samantha Green

SDF should retreat from fellow ABORTION RIGHTS defending TAF in Afrin and go fight abortion banning ISIS in the Southeast instead! TAF can’t fight ISIS since they have no ISIS held front, though they can fight abortion banning HTS, SAA or ask Iraq to let them through to fight ISIS.


Sometimes i really need to think about, what source of Information you are Listening to, to think that ABORTION RIGHTS is the most Valuated thing right now in our Zeitgeist. Can you please tell me! What makes YOUR world goes round, i really want to know what is with you.

Samantha Green


Rex drabble

She is an idiot


She’s just a troll. Ignore her.


Anachrolibertine….Is that you!?!

I have more gum.

John Whitehot

nasty girl.


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Smith Ricky

SAA 4 Ever?

Hide Behind

LONG LIVE? The end game now approaches, well at least that of which set in place for Syria, and now is no time to piecemeal an offensive; enough of letting your enemies attack and run away,. Gather enough forces, Mandatory conscription of male and females and once offensive begins , let the civilians enter and hold grounds while enough combat troop push and push 24/7 until none of enemy have place to hide. Lightly trained can guard prisoners, males and their women, and be clearing grounds and aiding the elderly and ill. WHY IS IT that the Kurd group is scared crapless by Turks that they go running to Damascus saying come save us? This from same vultures who have for years now more or less had free reign in their stolen portion of Syria and Killed those loyal to Damascus government, because Syria plays the game their way, guerilla warfare hit and run, and Syria lets them run. TIME IS NOT ASSAD OR SYRIAN PEOPLES ALLY, AND THIS CONSTANT ITY BITYY SKIRMISHING IS COSTLY IN MEN AND MATERIALS. No matter the bull s..t of gov supporters this war against terrorist and foreign invaders has not been carried equally by all so called Syrian peoples, and Damascus elites and their kids relatives make money, go to school there and mostly foreign lands. Elite relatives and even those of very minor gov employ all find ways to run away.


Guy, go to East Ghouta.


If you want to liberate it faster then write to the UN or go to syria as an volunteer. But Stop spreading BS you think is the way.


Lets donate, guys, till the 100%! Trolls bastards, you are family, lets donate!


They are going to break that in to halfs, then create a lot of urban sieged pockets

Man Dagang

Tigers will joint others in tunnel graves

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

no only u will be there among the dead loool


Please visit your jihad brothers in syria, they sure need your help right now to spread freedom and religious efforts. But if you see something fly from the HEAVENS and this Dot becomes bigger and bigger, praise it, because it will liberate you from your materialistic beeing and paradise awaits you in the light. Your 74 Virgin brothers will be there too, for eternity, dosent this sound GREAT! Im pretty sure you cant wait either, do you no harm, just buy a one way ticket.

Arif Rashid

what goes around that comes around…. just wait for that.


What do you mean by that exactly? Do you threatening, or do you mean him?

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

Look everyone! It’s Dagang of the Heroic Keyboard Division!

What a joke you must be, girly man.

Arif Rashid

thats what your media not telling you https://web.facebook.com/100010856341272/videos/536478356724038/

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