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Syrian War Report – February 22, 2018: Russia Moves Its Advanced Su-57 Stealth Fighters Into Syria

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On February 21, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) captured the villages of Qara Baba, Kirbet Siluki and Vergan from the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in the Afrin area. Clashes between Turkish forces and the YPG were also reported in Arab Wiran.

On the same day, the second column of government forces reportedly entered the YPG-held part of Afrin under an alleged agreement between Damascus and the YPG. However, this deployment has not impacted the situation on the frontlines so far.

With the establishment of Turkish observation posts at the contact line between the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and militants in eastern Idlib, an active phase of the SAA military operations in the area has come to its end so far. However, so-called moderate rebels have already found an interesting way to spend the time not used to fight the SAA.

On February 19, Ahrar al-Sham and Nour al-Din al-Zenki merged and created a new group entitled the Syrian Liberation Front (SLF). On February 20, the SLF started a series of attacks against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) in southern Idlib and western Aleppo.

By February 22, the SLF had captured the town of Maarrat al-Nu’man as well as the villages of Tramla, Kafr Rumah and Wadi Deif. Hayat Tahrir al-Sham had responded and seized the villages of Taked, A’ajel, Bsrton and the al-Furqan housing complex.

The both sides used armoured vehicles and artillery guns in this democratic competition for the influence in the militant-held part of western Syria.

The Syrian military continued deployment of troops and equipment to its positions near the militant-held Eastern Ghouta pocket in eastern Damascus. According to pro-government sources, the ground phase of the operation against militants will likely be started in the coming days.

Russia reportedly deployed four Su-35 multi-role fighters, four Su-25 attack aircraft and an A-50U Airborne Early Warning and Control plane to its Hmeimim airbase. Two Su-57 advanced stealth air superiority fighters were also deployed, according to reports.

Pro-government sources linked the alleged deployment with the expected intensification of the operations against militants in the Damascus countryside as well as the tensions in the Euphrates Valley.

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“Russia reportedly deployed 2 Su-57’s”. Why the hell would they do that? It is ground support a/c they need, not stealth fighters. So, which of the terror groups want out of their coffin before cremation? Buses to paradise…….aka Turkey or Manbij ?


For testing purposes in real combat scenarios.

Regards Kent


“Testing in real combat scenarios”? The aircraft and pilots have been well and truly tested, only reason to station them in an airbase that is not 100% secure is to send a message to Israel, “no more incursions into Syrian airspace”. However, should the Izzies fail to comply, can the Russians afford to down them? I don’t think so. Far better to give Syria control of S-400s and let them zap the blue stars out of the heavens.


There are also US F22s … maybe the Russians would like to see how the SU57 stands against those… and also against the F35 …


Lets hope it dosen’t rain, the F22 will be grounded. As for the joke F35….. lol


The hard parts. I think Syria president Al Asad informed their readiness to retake Northeast of Syrian territory with or without their support in the near future.


Of course they can. Attacking a proxy is the best way to send the message to the US without direct attack.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

why cant they afford to down them? they are russia for godsake they can afford pretty much anything lol

Joe Dirt

Russian strategy to win a war is throw as many bodies (men or women) at you as possible, lol

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)


Joe Dirt

ww2 throw 8 million bodies at Germans? OR Pull out? like they did against 3rd world Afghan in the 80s?

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Why do u hate Russia so much? They also produced thousands of tanks and airlines too you idiot. And that was soviet union not Russia. Russia today is a leaner meaner fighting force


These top class fighter jets will bang all trumps terrorists.


Trump terrorists? you mean the DEEP STATE/OBAMA created terrorists.

Jim Prendergast

If the U.S. tries to attack SAA and allies again they will be outgunned. Likewise the Israelis have only F-35s and F-16. This system ensures security for Syria.


Seems they’re testing it’s scanning and radar ability though if circumstances allowed a tests of it’s advanced defensive suite.


F35’a count as negative assets.




Yeah. F35 is basically a 3rd gen fighter (speed manouverability and range not better than MIG21) with Facebook capability ….




The SAA and allied militias urgently need effective air defense units in North Eastern Syria where the U$ can still attack them at will.

Ivan Freely

Maybe the Russians got tired of being harassed by the F-22. I also share the same sentiments as you. Have the Su-57s reached LRIP status? If not, it’s risky to bring it into combat. You can bet US/NATO will be looking for them to gather more info on it.


In case Turkey get any ideas about attacking the SAA from the air.


(…Donald Trump says he is considering arming teachers after shooting tragedy…)

U$A America is a failing state hellhole full of bloody gun violence, mass-murder, police brutality and mass incarcerations. More people are in jail in the U$ than any other country on Earth and tens of thousands of Americans are dying as result of gun violence each year, over 36000 in 2017 alone!

John Trudgian

So much for stealth – these fighters are all over the media.


They would have flown them in at night if they wanted to conceal their presence.


Here i imagine that they going to apply RAM coating to the bird for it’s deployment. Seems not. Then maybe they’re gonna be the AWACS. An armed AWACS.

Richard M

SU-57 is an interesting choice of aircraft for Syrian deployment.


It is. I am not buying the argument it is there for combat experience. What combat is a stealthy aid superiority fighter going to experience in Syria? It’s not really going to fight America or Israel with Just Two stealth planes. Seems this is only to make a statement.

Valery Grigoryev

Testing and drills. Just some stage of development.

Richard M

Agreed. Only question is who is the target of the statement? I believe Erdogan to be the primary target, though US and Israel would be secondary targets.

Brad Isherwood

If 2 Su 57 did arrive at Latakia, ….the AL 41F engines put on the miles, …tanker? Excerpt: The AL-41F engine is lyulka – Saturn Corp’s products will become Russia’s fifth generation fighter general engine. The engine’s development is based on the left Card Design Bureau developed the al-31 series, started in 1985 to develop, the chief designer is car Dr. King. In order to meet the requirements of the fifth generation fighter, AL-4lF thrust is increased by a big margin, the largest state thrust of approximately 12000 kg (117.6 KN), afterburner thrust of the general argument is not less than 17857 kg (175 KN), the specific figures have 18500 kg (1.813 KN) and 20000 thousand grams (196 KN) statement.

No matter what kind of data, AL-41F of afterburning thrust are higher than f119-pw-100 (F-22A engine) of 16000 kg (156 AL-41F-1S (117s) engine KN), according to Russian standard calculation of the thrust weight ratio of more than 11 (in accordance with the standards of the United States is about 10). But with the F119 engine can not be compared. Because the F119 engine is based on the life design, to ensure 12000 hours of life. The AL-41F engine is designed to increase the thrust of the engine at the expense of life. We have no data on the life expectancy of AL-41F. http://www.bestchinanews.com/Military/1059.html

The article is 2016….


Russia reportedly have deployed four Su-35 multi-role fighters, four Su-25 attack aircraft and an A-50U Airborne Early Warning and Control plane to its Hmeimim airbase. Two Su-57 advanced stealth air superiority fighters were also deployed.

This will be so nice to see Russia crushing all terrorists belong to trump administration in Syria. Russia don’t want terrorism. Now US, UK and France will fill their electronic and print media of a lot of bull shit propaganda.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

i agreeing 100% with u i am very eager to see how the Su-57 perform :))))


I got it you say, I am 100% agree with u and also too eager to see how the SU-57 perform.


The following article is dedicated to Putin cheerleaders & russophiles: “…We do not consider these [Su-57] jets to be a threat to our operations in Syria, and will continue to deconflict operations as necessary…” DoD: Russian Su-57 Fighter Jets Pose No Threat to Coalition Operations in Syria – https://sputniknews.com/us/201802231061916495-pentagon-see-russia-fifth-gen-fighter-threat/

One more evidence that those Russian-made fifth generation fighters are incapable of deterring US/NATO/Israel air operations over Syrian airspace; American-NATO-IDF/AF warplanes will keep destroying SAA-IRGC-Hezbollah targets whenever they deem appropriate regardless if the SU-57s are in Syria trying to project some sort of “air superiority.” In a few words, the Russian Air Force never gained control over the skies in Syria despite having a “mighty” arsenal.


They will be used as decoration pieces like the infamous S-400 if they survive being parked in the open. US via its headchoppers will try to destroy the SU-57 on the ground to humiliate Russia even further, and you can’t blame them, since Russia is too eager to back down every time the headchoppers are about to be eliminated by the SAA and Iran.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

yes i was wondering this too but hopefully its just temporary and theyre putting them in good hangars or something soon


I would beg to differ, Russian military has shown acute incompetence in Syria, its jets are parked unprotected on a runway without any protection just waiting to be hit by US armed headchoppers rockets and ATGM. The Russians have been officially in Syria for over 2 years and have not been able to build concrete protective pens for their aircraft despite 8 being destroyed a few weeks ago. They also moved hundreds of soldiers to Deir Azzor without air cover to be slaughtered by US “partners”. It is not that difficult to build pre fab concrete hangers and top them up with a couple of meters of sand and dirt, which is in ample supply in Syria.


Donald Trump says he is considering arming teachers after shooting tragedy.


President Donald Trump has said he is considering proposals to promote concealed carrying of weapons by trained school employees to respond to campus shootings.

The US President D.Trampo suggests ”fight fire with fire” …makes sence since those that make big $ selling ‘fire’ (weapons) are those that made him the president in the first place !

But you never know…Maybe the unemployed, living in the street, US war veterans from the Iraq, Afganistan and other US ”wars on terror” can now finaly have a job to do back at home… !


The Buffoon of the West, “train school employees to carry concealed weapons”. Guess what happens next? School protector Kills XXX children and teachers in murder rampage. Why not just kill the kids when they grow up in far away places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Korea. Plenty of new options coming on stream, like Syria, Iran, Russia, China etc.,

Pave Way IV

In other Syrian-related news, the US obliquely declares war on Syria and Iran – confirming its own authorization to enter, occupy and control Syrian territory and attack Syrian and/or ‘Iranian’ troops for whatever reason it sees fit. https://twitter.com/K8brannen/status/966722598355849216


not good

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

troll spotted

Derek Leisure

Hey Pave…

how is the SU-57 as an air to air fighter?

ty in advance

Pave Way IV

I only know what the Sukhoi (and for that matter, the Lockheed Martin) marketing department tell me. Plenty of lively debate about why one feature is better or more important than the other and how that translates to real life combat. Fascinating to AF geeks (guilty), but I still have to revert back to “Who the fuck cares, anymore?” Jesus… air-to-air combat? Really? Just like grandpappy used to tell us about?

Seriously, I’m far, far more impressed with whatever technology and strategy was used to put a 30-year-old liquid-fueled flying telephone pole up the ass of a Sufa a few weeks ago.

Don’t get me wrong – the PAK-FA/Su-57 itself sounds pretty capable. If I was Russian (or Indian) I would be damn proud of it. I would kind of like one for myself – for weekend fishing trips and such. But in the unlikely event of air-to-air combat with ‘someone’ over the skies of Syria today, the Su-57 itself will quickly become irrelevant. The RS-24 Yars and RSM-56 Bulava will briefly own the skies along with Minuteman III and Trident II’s. After that, nobody will care much about air superiority.

Derek Leisure

lol nobody will want to get off the ground…i read alot of conflicting reports about it…mostly seems fairly new and not many of them yet (su57 or t50) i was wondering if they were gonna use it for high stealth covering mission to protect standard ground assault aircraft from enemy sorties…

thanks…onward with your Precision Avionics Vectoring…




I know the current thinking of most civilians is the world would end in a nuclear war, but that is highly unlikely. The odds that both sides would get to launch all their nukes is pretty low. I don’t know where the Russian arsenal is kept, but most US nukes are on submarines and in silo’s in Wyoming, Dakota, and I think Montana. The silo based missiles have been there for 60 years, and in that time, I’m sure the Russians have worked out how to take them out. The submarine based nukes are more difficult to detect, but then again, they have had a long time to plan countermeasures. The same thing would apply to Russian nukes, the US would have plans in place to destroy the Russian nukes, before launch.

So I would guess that less than half the nukes in existence would detonate. Also most of the nukes would be aimed at the US, Europe and Russia, the rest of the world would get by just fine, without those places.


It is absolutely not necessary to hit the enemy terrtory. If Russia let blow 1000 nuclear bombs in Siberia, the winter cold kills the enemy. Who will survive, yanks, who collapse when there is a 2 cm snow in Washington, or this nation?: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/893f70c89f945f81423139843b9693b9a03d7fb4a6623d4ae6db6d744258802d.jpg


Nuclear winter is a theory, that relies on the nukes causing all large cities, and all forests to ignite, it’s the smoke from the fires that creates the nuclear winter. I bet you don’t believe in climate change, but you believe in this highly unlikely scenario. The nuclear winter theory is an American propaganda tool that was used to keep the American people scared, like the duck and cover drivel they fed to Americans. The only way you can convince voters to forego the education and healthcare of their children, is to convince them that somebody is trying to kill them, so that’s what the US Government does.


The American people are scared – they dont have underground bunkers like China, Russia, Iran.


You are joking. The US had 40 nukes targeting just one city- Kiev. The Russians had six nukes underwater in Italian US base Tarentino. The Russians will use at least four and maybe eight nukes to take out one US sub. All of that does not confine any nuke war and even a ‘small’ exchange between India and Pakistan would guaranteel climate change for years. But the biggest issue is accidental firiing or mistaken firing – remember the space shuttle or the Hawaii missile alert? The worlds best brains put those systems together and they failed. Both human and machine systems have failed multiple times and yet we keep pushing the nuke systems closer to firing.


I gota agree with the other guy, Russia went against NATO in Georgia without nuclear war. I don’t think a downed plane would be that drastic. A more likely scenario would be russia nuking a carrier strike group that threatens their forces and America having their ego hurt would push to nuking main land russia.

Samantha Green


Manuel Flores Escobar

Su 57 could fly over Eufrates and use its L 402 Himalaya ECM to Jam radar system of US jets( include Raptor) without be detected by USAF…


Why could not be detected? You masturbate on fact, that the much more advanced f-22 can be easily detected. You masturbate on “fact”, that there is no really “stealth” technology in the world.


Try logic? Russia was motivated to detect stealth aircraft, because the US had stealth aircraft. The USA was not motivated to detect stealth aircraft, because no one else had stealthy aircraft. So using logic, it is easy to understand why Russia and China can detect stealthy aircraft, and the USA cannot. Also the F22 is not more advanced than the SU57, it is actually inferior in almost every parameter. You can look it up, compare the specs. The SU57 is a much newer design and naturally is more advanced.

John Whitehot

“much more advanced f-22”

you know nothing.

to even be able to discern “advanced” you need a line in time with positively known development points, one advanced, the other not.

Since the above is publicly not known, people like you can only parrot the US DoD and MilInd complex, who only produce propaganda.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Russia can detect F-22 or B2 with their advance NEBO-M multiestatic AESA long range radar..with their Triangle-Track signal

John Whitehot

The ECM suite on the SU-57 is defensive, not offensive.

It’s a multirole fighter, not an EW platform.

There are no known Russian aircraft with offensive ECM capability deployed in Syria (like specialized versions of the SU-24 and possibly 34).

Manuel Flores Escobar

Is defensive not offensive?…all ECM are both defensive/offensive…

John Whitehot

“all ECM are both defensive/offensive”

this isn’t correct.

Defensive ECM is defined as emissive electronic devices which purpose is to defend the carrying platform from incoming weapons. This kind of system does not need a high powered signal to work its purpose, and it’s aimed mostly (but not limited to) at disrupting the guidance methods of the incoming weapons (for example the active radar on the AIM-120, or the datalinks by which fighters upload target coordinates to the missiles they launched).

Offensive ECM is a much higher power kind of devices, they are normally mounted inside pods that also contain all the power packs and the coolants needed to make them work. Sometimes they also have generators able to recharge their internal batteries using some form of external energy (stupid example, a small prop that turns with wind and drives a dynamo). This to give an idea of the electric throughput needed to power them. This kind of system is carried by the larger, specialized aircraft (example SU-24 and EF-111) because of their size and weight, and generally work by saturating the receivers of enemy radars with noise. Classical Offensive EW tactics include also the usage of barrage of chaff and the shaping of deceptive noise according to required tactical situation. With the advent of frequency-agile radar systems, offensive EW naturally evolved with increasing processing power (and energy consumption) of the devices, which now need to record and analyze a multitudes of frequencies and amplitudes in order to form an efficient ECM noise.

That said:

Modern aircraft with AESA radars like the SU-57 have the ability to use their onboard radar in possibly several ECM modes. Not much is publicly known about these features, even less is known about this particular type, as it largely depends on how the onboard software has been developed.

Manuel Flores Escobar

you are talking about old planes like EF 111 raven, A6 Prowler,Su 24 R,F4 wild weasel,or even F-16 SEAD…those were ECM offensive plataform and also have Antiradar missile…but 5ª Gen fighterjet like SU 57 or 4+ SU 35 have pods of ECM and can use it like offensive ECM….

John Whitehot

no, i used those examples for clarity.

SU-57s don’t have offensive ECM pods.

Su-34s are known to have at least one system, which can only be mounted on the centerline under fuselage pylon due to its dimensions.

The only way Su-57 could perform anything similar to offensive ECM is through their AESA radar, but both you or me cannot know about it.

You gotta understand that the definition “offensive” or “defensive” does not come from technology, but from the purported usage of it.


Very good idea, brave, and intelligent movement.


Why has Russia deployed the SU57 to Syria? It could be to take out an F22, or 2, but I doubt it. I think it is probably because of its advanced sensor suite. The plane can detect planes and missiles at about 300km, and is designed to interface with other weapons systems. So the plane could observe an enemy launch, whilst remaining hidden from enemy radar. The incoming plane or missile could be intercepted by any compatible hardware. I know S400’s interface, but I’m not sure about S300’s.


DoD: Russian Su-57 Fighter Jets Pose No Threat to Coalition Operations in Syria https://sputniknews.com/us/201802231061916495-pentagon-see-russia-fifth-gen-fighter-threat/

John Whitehot

the US DoD says a lot of things, normally they have nothing to do with reality.

Deo Cass

Is seiousely doubt this information of Su-57’s being deployed to Syria since this aircraft has still not been put in service.

Don Pagani

Su-57 is out there to fuck F-22/35 and even the much inferior Rafale. It’s simply the case.

Don Pagani

The Russian has detected that the Jew, the stupid cock French and the arrogant American have a plan to deter the Operation Damassacus Steel which is comming soon, so Su-57 is a determined response to that.


Some truth to your wankness. Russian military has proven quite incompetent as the shooting down of their flying washing machines SU-24/25 has amply demonstrated. I am amazed as a military aviator that such expensive aircraft are so callously parked on an open tarmac, despite the fact that there was a headchoppers assault at the airbase just a few weeks ago resulting in the loss of 8 aircraft. Even in remote Iranian TABS (tactical air bases) each aircraft is protected by a hardened concrete pen and several kms security perimeter. That is the reason over 70% of Iranian aircraft survived a grueling 8 year war. When Saddam invaded Iran in 1980, 79 F-14A Persian Cats were operational, and when the war ended in 1988, 67 were still intact. Today, 44 upgraded ones are still very active and will remain so till 2030.

Vince Dhimos

The below-linked Russian-language site says that “Arab media” have reported that the Su-57 was used to kill terrorists in E Ghouta, incl some US advisers. It said Shoigu did this to avenge the deaths of the slain Russian mercenaries. https://riafan.ru/1029454-arabskie-smi-shoigu-otomstil-za-chvk-vagnera-nanesya-udar-po-terroristam-v-vostochnoi-gute BUT, the Arab source was not specified. I then did an Arab-language search and no such report came up. I wonder if the Russians ran this to console the families of the slain Russian mercenaries. If so, not good.

Rodney Loder

The second column of Government forces entered the YPG-held part of Afrin.

So far no harmful effects. I think Assad is making a show of support with the Kurds to push Turkey into a more confrontational posture with the US, maybe using reverse psychology on Brother Erdogan, making him plenty angry.

My God I’m glad I’m not nowhere near there.

Kira Binkley

I can’t see how Baghdadi and Assad fit your picture, Rodney. But I’m not thinking well today.

Rodney Loder

It’s just picking the winner with Assad and staying alive with Brother Baghdadi, actually the ideolgy of jihadism is not really valid outside of the Arabian peninsula because the Prophet Muhammad (pbuH) never sanctioned jihad outside of the peninsula, if !!, as some Brothers do invent a concept of jihad (outer) from the inner jihad that the Prophet (pbuH) spoke about and apply it as jihad outside of the Arabian peninsula it’s only personal point of view.

Because I claim to be a Prophet and so am protected by Allah until He says otherwise, it’s what I say goes my personal view that is, I support Brother Baghdadi, so if I get wacked, my intellectual property that the Christians couldn’t destroy, becomes my esoteric group as the Medium between man and God reflecting the inspiration of Brother Baghdadi.

If I didn’t say that they would just come and kill me, I have no hide-out no bodyguards, Allah gave me Brother Baghdadi instead.

Beginning in 1977 the Christians threatened to kill me and tried to carry it out many times over, before I had the Commies for protection but the Pope wiped them out, still they served their purpose, I’m alive and doing OK.

Kira Binkley

Picking the winner as Sultan Selim III failed to do? Westerners don’t really understand the meaning of “jihad”, Rodney. Or that the Noble Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) stated that only when Muslims were under attack by the polytheists—the infidels–that they would be allowed to fight back. There are two things to keep in mind: 1. The verse of the Sword, which some Muslims say abrogate the other verses. And yet, even here, Allah is forgiving the pagan/idolators/polytheists as they are still ignorant. Because God/Allah could see so far into the future, he needed that region of the world to convert to monotheism, so that trade and commerce could be completely and fully developed, and there would exist a bulwark against the Turkish and Mongol people. And Allah knew the genius of the Arab people lay in their ability to move goods and things from one point to another. 2. Because the Turkish and Mongol peoples were converted to Islam, (they considered Islam a “religion of strength”) their conquests were subsequently softened. Without the Sword verse, this may not have happened. When you question Allah, then ask Me.—- KiraSeer

Also, remember that at the time of the Noble Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) the Byzantine and Persian Empires, because of their constant wars, were weakening each other, and there would have been no consistent, unified opposition to the Turkish and Mongol people, had it not been for Islam and the verse of the Sword.

Rodney Loder

Yes I agree I certainly don’t want to be ending up like Sultan Selim the third, and if you really do want me to consult your about Allah then I will, but I would even more fulfilling if you would come down here for a holiday and make your presence felt.

It was really warm swimming in Tallowa Dam yesterday, should be the same today, my bike is not really set up for touring it’s only got sports gear on-board, there was a same vintage Kawasaki there with a big tank and other stuff, we could do that if you wanted to go scenic long distance biking, but I like short sharp rides, very exhilarating and I could teach you to ride, if you want.

That’s right the Mongols were all about strength, but their horses were key to their strength so Allah indicated that riding was a worthwhile Scientific Discipline, bikes are the state of the art these days and I think that the Mongol horsemen felt the same as me.

Actually the Chinese beat the Mongols in 1356 when the Emperor Zhu Yangzhong entered Ta-tu, and the last Momgol Emperor of China Toghon Temur retreated north to the Mongol heartland, this was about the same time the Ottomans routed the Mongols in the Middle East.

What happened to the advantage of firing from the gallop ?, I hope doesn’t happen to me, I love you so much Kira Binkley thanks for posting to me.

Kira Binkley

You never turned your back on Allah, Ibrahim.

Rodney Loder

I would only have ever paid lip service to Religion, God damm I just had a bad horrible thought, that’s what the say a bad horrible thought shared is a bad horrible thought halved, don’t be offended or I could possibly cut your dowry. So I would have paid only to service to Religion as I would pay lip service to your, and how’s your family getting on anyway?.

Speaking about that subject, Lucas Croft has asked me to answer “what are the dangers of getting an abortion ? What can go wrong after an abortion ?.” *Terry Loder* on Quora, I will answer that one today.

I never needed Religion to make my composite known, I’ve always had the Telepathic Matrix which probably is the only real extraterrestrial event our Civilization has ever witnessed, the Christians used it for 67 years and counting, by torturing me, used it to create israel and Globalisation, but I never supported either one, back in the 1970’s I supported Protectionism while studying Economics, my slate doesn’t need cleaning, I never turned my back of Allah or (P) Ibrahim.

Kira Binkley

Christians never used a “Telepathic Matrix”, Rodney. One needs God/Allah for that.

It hurts, Rodney. You never “Forgot about Me”—

Rodney Loder

Allah is the best plotter and schemer, I was trying to remember which Surah its in, will have to find it later, of them who plot Allah plots the best and them who scheme against Allah wind up in Compaction as slaves of Fate, and their welcome to it, but we’ll be OK in Heaven.

That sounds a bit like a Surah but I just made it up just then.

The Telepathic Matrix was used by the Christians as a wheel barrow to deliver their junk mail, but actually they were just displaying their evil willingness to steal murder and maim also not to forget to mention the Chrisian propensity for criminal insanity.

So Allah expose their Christian true colours.

I never stop thinking about you, how did you know ?.

Kira Binkley

God/Allah said He is not “sneaky”, He is subtle. But He also said “I have to have things My own way.” You know why, don’t you? Because he sees so much further than humans do. Humans can’t even see one second into the future. For Allah, all moments in time exist.

Rodney Loder

Allah has only one tool to implement His Ambition that is Temptation leading to entrapment, enabling Kira Binkley to have her way with me I hope, my purpose in life is to apprehended the meaning of complexity, for a reason that I share with Allah, we both believe in Kira Binkley.

That being so, it’s God becoming in a small part what we develope into, philosophically Idealistic Logic reflects that existential reality to.

Image began from its own understanding, our understanding develops our image what must be in exactly the same way, or formality wouldn’t reflect consistency.

I think the confusian arose because our Civilization has become a 19th. Century revisionist agenda pushing back to the Dark Ages, International relations have moved from mutual to parasitic as the pretended overt standard of ethical behaviour, Trump is complete parasitemia, this is causing a need in people to visualise God as a designer which is not in any way consistent with Scriptures.

God /Allah is an accumulative body as a dualism both Persona (biological) living in Heaven and the Person of God is everything (Pantheism), so even before material manifestation the initial Monistic Accumulation was the expression of syntax that gave meaning to what preceded it, not the other way around.

Preying is an actual expression of Idealism as the developmentally wit God/Allah as the object not the subject.

Kira Binkley

God/Allah has said (for my benefit mostly, as you well know) that that particular “jihad” carried out by Brother Baghdadi was all he knew to do. Things have changed, and The Baghdadi knows better now.

Rodney Loder

I’m thinking Brother Baghdadi will not surface again like Mullah Omar he’s got the mystique to be a big name in the Muslim world, of course more so on the fringe, Mullah Omar would still be alive today except they needed an Official with a living body, his replacement Hibatullah Akhundaza will never be Mullah Omar so no one will replace Brother Baghdadi, he might even go into occultation.

Funny things, strange things and it’s all due to women, your right.

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