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JULY 2020

Syrian War Report – February 2, 2017: Govt Forces Recapture Areas West Of Palmyra


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The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) liberated the villages of Qasr Al-Hayr and Ba’er Fiddah east of the city of Al-Qaryatayn in the province of Homs on Wednesday. On Thursday, government forces continued offensive operations, targeting ISIS units near Al-Bardah. If the army and the NDF seize this town, they will likely further develop an advance in the direction of the al-Busairi crossroads in order to secure the eastern flank of Al-Qaryatayn.

Reports appear that the army was able to link up the Deir Ezzor Airbase and the government-held area north of the Panorama Army Base with a thin supply line after a series of successful clashes against ISIS units. However, the supply line remains vulnerable for ISIS attacks. So, if government forces want to stabilize the military situation in the pocket, they will need to expand a buffer zone around it.

The so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), in other words the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), announced Wednesday the 3rd phase of the Operation Wrath of Euphrates, aiming to liberate the ISIS self-proclaimed capital of al-Raqqah.

While the general goal of the Operation Wrath of Euphrates is to liberate al-Raqqah from ISIS terrorists, the aim of the 3rd stage is to further isolate the ISIS-held city.

YPG forces, backed by the US-led coalition, will most likely develop and advance east of al-Raqqah in order to flank the city from this direction. There are also speculations in pro-Kurdish sources that the YPG is going to cross the Euphrates and to retake the Tabqa Dam and the town of Tabqa from ISIS, further flanking al-Raqqah from the southwestern direction. However, this looks as more complicated task.



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  • Hisham Saber

    I remember all the naysayers crying in alarm that Deir Ezzor was going to fall. But it looks like the heroic Syrian Arab Army is in fact rolling up the acres in Deir Ezzor and Palmyra, among other places too.

    • More

      Hisham Saber

      It is taking too long to do what you are suggesting.

      This indicates the SAA has corrupt elements that are allowing ISIS to be supplied with arms, supplies and reinforcements.

      • Hisham Saber

        No, that would be the Mossad and CIA that are giving ISIS satellite footage, logistics and weapons.

        • More

          Hisham Saber
          “…logistics and weapons….”

          Arms, supplies and reinforcements are large physical items that allows ISIS to keep fighting.

          How do logistics and weapons keep flowing through SAA checkpoints and 100’s of Kms of road ?

          • Hisham Saber

            Checkpoints? Be serious. Its all desert from Palmyra, Raqqa, Syrian border thru Iraq. There are reports in Fars News of U.S. Chinook helicopters landing in the Syrian-Iraqi border regions.

            I hate to burst your bubble, but the SAA are winning and they will win this.

          • EL ZORRO

            Hisham Saber: More is using reverse psychology to present the SAA like a corrupt force to discredit them, he probably is a Mossad/CIA agent.

          • Hisham Saber

            your right my friend. there are quite a few hasbara trolls and mis/dis information agents on southfront, like aquartertoseven for example they hate all things arab and/or Islamic yet pretend they support Syria. I can tell them a mile away. the mossad and cia are becoming ridiculous.

          • More

            Hisham Saber
            “…hasbara trolls and mis/dis information agents…”

            Your opinions are very foolish in response to questions on why the Syrian Military and the Russian Air Group is allowing ISIS to operate in the middle of Syria.

          • Jesus

            Your repetitive statements regarding alleged Syrian corruption and Russian SAM ineptitude is the byproduct of your Fake News…..Fake Propaganda.
            For starters,
            1. ISIS is a US proxy in the Middle East, supported and supplied directly and indirectly by US and its allies.
            2. The veracity of Russian air defenses sidelined the US Air Force, imposing a no fly zone over Syria.

          • More


            “Fake news”, you are a joker, LoL:))

            Everyone watching UK TV News, BBC, Sky, RT, had regular newsreels saying ISIS would be allowed to escape out of Mosul into Syria, many days before it happened.

            Bottomline, you continue to refuse to accept incompetence or corruption from both the Russian air group and the Syrian Military to stop ISIS from storming into Palmyra v2.

            Plan of Action:
            It is time both the Russians and Syrians get rid of the US terrorist axis, ISIS, Turks, Mossad, etc out of Syria or defacto these proxies are deliberately being allowed by both Russia and Syria.

          • Jesus

            “”Everyone watching UK TV News, BBC, Sky, RT, had regular newsreels saying ISIS would be allowed to escape out of Mosul into Syria, many days before it happened.”””

            LOL, who has been defending Mosul since the first week in December?
            It is not like ISIS gave up on Mosul and retreated into Syria.
            ISIS is still fighting in Mosul today……who “escaped” from Mosul?

            Bottomline, you continue to refuse to accept incompetence or corruption from both the Russian air group and the Syrian Military to stop ISIS from storming into Palmyra v2.””

            Incompetence and corruption according to what sources? Those that produce fake news? What about US and their coalition who has been “attacking” ISIS for the last two years, only to see ISIS grow exponentially? Is that fake war?
            Russians and Syrians are going to allocate resources that suits their strategy in the area that makes strategic sense.

            The Russians and the Turks are allies, as far as ISIS, they are going to be strangled slowly for lack of supply and armaments, since supply routes are being constantly interdicted and the Turkish border is closed. Those Mossad agents that support ISIS if they are caught in an Aleppo type scenario they are not going to be given a pass, they are going to be arrested or killed.

          • More


            Still waving your fake news stick.

            Both Russian and Syrian incompetence or corruption relating to ISIS getting to Palmyra is the issue.

            All your other points can be discussed when there is another related article on the Syrian conflict.

          • Jesus

            Talking about incompetence, Mosul is in Iraq and the north eastern area of Syria is under the US coalition air coverage. How incompetent are US forces allowing an enemy column to move in open terrain in Iraq without being attacked? US A-10 and F16 aircraft had no problem attacking Deir Ezzor and Syrian positions in December, yet an “enemy” of the US moved thousands of fighters in open terrain without aerial interdiction
            Your pathetic fake news narrative is highly hypocritical.

          • More


            The reason why the same thing has to be repeated over and over is because of your lack of ability to accept known facts.

            It is a known fact the “terrorist axis”, US, UK, NATO, Turk, Saudi, Qatar arm, train, finance and support terrorism in both Iraq and Syria.

            It was known well in advance the terrorist axis wanted ISIS to escape out of Mosul / Iraq into Syria.

            All Syrian territory as well as air space is Syrian / Russian responsibility, if not then both the Syrian / Russian Military are cowards, incompetent or corrupt.

          • Jesus

            Yes, I accept the facts, I was not present in the command room to give you details. Yes, all Syrian territory is the responsibility of the Russians, the only reason I could give you is that the Russians thought Syrian defenses would hold in Palmyra, however, internal dysfunction between NDF and other Shia groups led to the collapse of Palmyra defenses. Also let ISIS show its hand and be subject from aerial hammering.
            No incompetence nor corruption.
            BTW, ISIS used the cover of sand storms to concentrate and attack Palmyra on Dec9-10.

          • Jens Holm

            Cant You read ????????????????????????

            Whats Yourself ? Some lowlife farmer pretending be a journalist for Batman news…

          • More

            EL ZORRO

            There is no psychology it is all about about military competency.

            It is a well known fact the US Military wanted ISIS to flee from Mosul to Syria, this was reported daily on BBC TV News and Sky TV News in the UK before Palmyra was over run by ISIS.

            The Syrian airforce should have been maintaining cover of the highways into Syria which would take 10 minutes per hour.

            The competency of both the Russian S400 / S300 cover has to be questioned as well as no checkpoints across 100’s of Kms of highway from Iraq to Palmyra.

          • Jens Holm

            Well, if chinooks are landing there, I would say Saudis are delievering and not USA. They have Chinooks.

          • More

            Hisham Saber

            It is a well known fact the US Military wanted ISIS to flee from Mosul to Syria.

            The Syrian airforce should have been maintaining cover of the highways into Syria which would take 10 minutes per hour.

            The competency of both the Russian S400 / S300 cover has to be questioned as well as no checkpoints across 100’s of Kms of highway from Iraq to Palmyra.

            Regarding Chinook helicopters, the Russian air group and the Syrian Military is supposed to be maintaining 24/7 S400 and S300 Surface to Air Missile cover across Syria.

          • Kell

            Sandstorm covered their advance.

          • Kell
          • More


            Sandstorms are a plausible excuse.

            However sandstorms would also have substantially hampered or even prevented ISIS vehicles with approx 4500 terrorists travelling 200+ Kms of highway.

            There is no excuse for failure to have intelligence gathering or reporting on the hour every hours in Al Raqqa and across all of Syria.

            There is no excuse for failure to have check points every 20 Kms on every highway even if they remain passive and from a safe distance gather information on the hour every hours in Al Raqqa and across all of Syria.

          • Kell

            Not really we drive fine in sandstorms here, if you can see 5 feet in front of you and a white line your fine, it does however obscure you from air and satelite observation – sandstorm forcasting is however I would have thought beyond ISIS capability and lends credence to them haveing a helpful benifactor assisting them with certain geo-strategic moves.

          • Ronald

            More : the US just air lifts tanks in , weapons and supply’s are real easy . ISIS troops fleeing Mosul is my guess , and/or some from Raqqa . That is all just desert , their are no check points .

          • More


            The competency of both the Russian S400 / S300 cover has to be questioned if there are no checkpoints across 100’s of Kms of highway from Iraq to Palmyra.

            Regarding airlifts, the Russian air group and the Syrian Military is supposed to be maintaining 24/7 S400 and S300 Surface to Air Missile cover across Syria.

          • Aircraft and ground supply lines from both Turkey and Israel lol

          • More

            Real Anti-Racist Action

            Your assertions do not match the facts.

            The Russian air group and the Syrian Military is supposed to be maintaining 24/7 S400 and S300 Surface to Air Missile cover across Syria.

            The Syrian Military is supposed to be maintaining checkpoints along Syrian highways and roads.

            How do Turkey and Israel get their aircraft to fly across to the middle of Syria to drop supplies?

            How do Turkey and Israel transport Terrorists, Weapons and Supplies across Syria and get past many Syrian Military checkpoints?

        • Jens Holm

          According to all informations ISIS took at least 30 armed vehicles in Palmyra, so they saved money for Israel and USA ?

          But of course its the usual stuff. all the responble are westerns and Israel, and all the muslims are innocent children, which has no ears.

          Why dont You add Jews invented Islam to keep all muslims down and 5 times a day only with asses up.

          Tragic: You lie for Yourself and even believe it in some mass psykosis.

          • Hisham Saber

            Wow, your English is terrible.

            At least Muslims pray to God, unlike Europeans that worship money and sex. Jews worship Baal and Moloch, and Satan, so how could they have invented Islam, you imbecile? We Muslims will take over Europe soon, and you will be Muslim too. So prepare.

          • 1691

            I found your previous comments reasonable but with this you are going too far. It sounds like you are also radicalized. It’s not healthy, you know. The sun shines for everyone.

          • Hisham Saber

            JESUS CHRIST, speaking to the Jews in the Gospel of St. John, 8:44 “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lust of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is not truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it. – then answered the Jews — ” (which makes it clear that Christ was addressing the Jews.)

            Ok so I went overboard, sorry. That More pissed me off. Yes, we are all Chosen People, all of humanity, not some ancient tribe from who knows where. One people, no borders.

          • 1691

            Remember, for centuries we have been living mostly in love and respect, trying to survive.The world is full of mentally damaged people. The masters of war have spread tentacles all over. Most of the people are seeing the light (the truth). They know already where does the evil come from. Who will be interested in having a conflict between Muslims and Christians? Bingo! We,hopefully the normal (non-affected mentally) people should not fall into their trap. Instead, we should actually reach for each other and unite against the common thread. Look at what Russia and Syria are doing successfully together.

          • Hisham Saber

            Yes, very well said my friend. Peace between Christians and Muslims. I pray for that. By the way, I do believe that the Old Testament was written by Levite Rabbi’s, not the Wards of the Almighty. The laws , both oral and written by Moses, are the true words of God. But the Rabbi’s got rid of them. As an example, which do you see here that sounds like the word of God? As Muslims, we deeply believe in the great prophesy of Jesus Christ, the blessed virgin Mary(the first woman to enter paradise) and the holy spirit. You should see what the Talmud(which nearly all Jews believe is more important than the laws of Moses)says about Jesus and Mary, unbelievably bad, sick things my friend. cheers.


          • Kell
          • Spunkyhunk

            This clown is an idiotic Libyan Islamist immigrant to the U.S. who believes that all Muslim Arabs are innocent angelic people, Trump is “the new Hitler” (!), and the jihadis in Syria, Iraq etc. are all Israeli soldiers in disguise. Don’t waste too much time on this primitive substandard moron.

          • More

            Hisham Saber

            The Syrian Military has now been given a fresh lease of life with support from Russia, Iran and others.

            Despite this, supplies, weapons and reinforcements are getting through to terrorists in the middle of Syria, Palmyra, Damascus region, etc means corrupt Syrian Military elements are allowing it to happen.

            Regarding religion, large portions of Islam is based on Judaism and Christianity.

            Even if Islam is unique as you say, praying to Allah has not prevented war, conflict and chaos in Syria most of which is being conducted by Islamic State terrorists.

          • Hisham Saber

            YES, you are right, after the revelation to Moses, then Christ Jesus, Islam is the last revelation from God to man. Your not so stupid after all.

          • More

            Hisham Saber
            “..Your not so stupid after all….”

            Unfortunately it is you who are stupid until you face facts.

            Despite all the prayers and revelations from Allah, the Syrian Military is taking too long to defeat Islamic State in Syria who by the way are believers of Islam.

            Now back to questions, AGAIN:

            Why is it taking so long to defeat ISIS in Palmyra ?

            How are aircraft dropping supplies to ISIS ?
            (Despite 24/7 S400 / S300 Missile cover over Syria).

            Why does the Syrian Military have no checkpoints on highways especially when anyone watching the 6 PM news on UK TV was warned many days before that ISIS from Mosul will be entering Syria?

          • Hisham Saber

            Again, the U.S. helicopters are landing in Iraq, as has been reported by Iraqi militias. The 4000 + ISIS that came to Palmyra were from Al-Raqqa…One truck leaves, then 15 minutes later another , and 15 minutes later another, that way they don’t show up a one large convoy. But I guess you don’t know about such things. The ISIS from Mosul went to Al-Raqqa, but due to Kurdish incompetence, they managed to get through. The Kurds

          • PZIVJ1943

            You make many good points here. ISUS has routes for supply across open desert. The Euphrates river is their backbone of logistics, this is why Deir Ezzor is a thorn in their ass, why they throw so much against it. But will fail.
            But I beg to differ about Daesh getting airdroped supplies via US helicopter. Reports came from anti US militias?
            I have also wondered. If some supplies come across Jordan open desert border region? Saudi Arabia has talked about supplying ATGM’s into Syria in the past (their plan B). Hopefully not to many MANPADS. Mossad and CIA only have to give a wink and a nod. A weapons black market across the desert?

          • More

            Hisham Saber
            “…One truck leaves, then 15 minutes later another , and 15 minutes later another, …”

            How many trucks were involved getting out of Al Raqqa en route to Palmyra ?

            Why were there no Syrian Military checkpoints every 20 Kms along the 200 Kms highway?

            Why was there no intelligence gathering in Al Raqqa?

            Why were there no Syrian air force monitoring of the traffic out of Al Raqqa ?

          • More

            Hisham Saber
            “…But I guess you don’t know about such things….”

            Both you and every member of the Russian and Syrian Military has to be forced to watch 45 minutes of DVD everyday of the Battleplan series.


            Battleplan examines the history of military tactics, from blitzkrieg to blockade, raiding operations to strategic bombing and on to guerrilla warfare.

            Battleplan provides an in-depth history and analysis of the development of warfare, examining how the invention of aircraft changed the way wars are fought and how a smaller force can win a battle with the right tactics.

            “…The ISIS from Mosul went to Al-Raqqa, but due to Kurdish incompetence, they managed to get through. The Kurds are amateurs….”

            Why are there no Syrian Military observers in Al Raqqa?

          • Hisham Saber


          • Hisham Saber
          • More

            Hisham Saber

            Yes, decent progress on clearing ISIS out of Palmyra, BTW this should not have been allowed to happen in the first place.

            There is a lot of work to do and this time ISIS should not be allowed safe passage out of Palmyra to Idlib, etc. ISIS must be sent to meet their Allah.

          • Jens Holm

            So why are there no pigs and pictures in Your Khoran even pigs are the best meat in the world and more then 4 billion people eat it as often they can afford it.

          • Hisham Saber

            Good for you, if you can afford it, but a pigs ass and eat it. Again , learn some English language, if you want to carry on.

          • Kell

            We know its the jews that are flooding Europe to cause a violent reaction from the West that will wipe the islamic world from the map and make way for greater Israel, we are however on to it, the Muslims wont take Europe and the jews will not get their greater israel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFE0qAiofMQ

          • Kell
          • Kell
          • Kell
          • Zubaida

            Muslim are bastard . Sons of devil . Your Mohammed was devil posessed. His followers are gog and Magog on earth.. Muslim kiss black vagina in Mecca to get rid of their sins and worship idols house kaba. Shame on you, u nasty pig of Islam .

    • Jens Holm

      More is right. Instead of claiming people for being trolls and worse, You & Your Twin should use some not censured informations.

      It could help You used a lot of aleppo soap in ears, eys, mouths and anus as well – Some oxygen too. Use toothbrush.

      • Hisham Saber

        How about your face to clean my anus, moron. That sounds like a match made in heaven.

  • More

    Its been almost two months since Palmyra was taken by ISIS. The defeat of ISIS in Palmyra is taking a long time,

    This indicates that the Syrian Military has corrupt elements which are allowing Islamic terrorists to be supplied by the sponsors of terrorism, US, NATO, Turks, Saudi, Qatar, etc with arms, supplies and reinforcements.

    • Carol Davidek-Waller

      Or it means that ISIS/Daesh abandoned its positions and elite forces in Mosel and transferred them to the Palmyra region. The re-invasion was succesful in large part because of the ‘mistaken’ bombing of Syrian forces vy the US who are also liberally supplying their terrorist mercenary army throughntheir ME surrogates. Trump just sent tanks. The tiny Syrian Army are fighting the US. The impossible may take a little time.

      • Jens Holm

        The mistaken bombing was ONCE, 1 TIME, ONCE whenever it was purpose or not. ONCE.

        So US throw old russian tanks and artillery out pr parashutes ??? Ha-ha.

      • More

        Carol Davidek-Waller

        Despite the liberation of Aleppo, the Syrian Military is still allowing ISIS to thrive.

        4,500 plus ISIS fighters fled from Mosul across 200+ Kms plus of desert highway to swarm into Palmyra.

        The ISIS convoy would have been huge and easily spotted by both the Russian Forces and the Syrian Military.

        The Syrian Military has improved its airforce substantially and is now augmented by Russia, Iran and other allies.

        ISIS could have been picked off by air strikes whilst en route to Palmyra.

        • Carol Davidek-Waller

          You have it backwards friend. It’s the US and their mideast oil puppets that are allowing supporting ISIS and allowing them to thrive. US surveillance planes keep tract of the positions of the Syrian Military and feed the info to their terrorist pals. The Syrian coalition has done more to put a dent in radical Islamic militancy in the last year than the US has in the last 15.

          • More

            Carol Davidek-Waller

            Lets hope that the Syrian Military will improve its Modus Operandi, MO after learning lessons from this episode.

            Also its difficult to believe that the “Terrorist Axis” are capable of monitoring and preempting every move the Syrian Military is making across the whole of Syria, north, south, east, west, center, etc and advising ISIS.

            Supplies are getting through to ISIS, even in the Damascus region otherwise these terrorists would have run out of food, medicine, arms, munitions, etc.

            Even if ISIS is advised of every move by the Axis, as quoted repeatedly, the Syrian Military should have checkpoints or covert observers every 20 Kms or so from Iraq through to Palmyra.

            Also intelligence gathering or covert observers in ISIS controlled areas reporting to a Syrian Central or Regional Command Center regarding the movement of ISIS.

          • Carol Davidek-Waller

            The Terrorist Axis were getting intel from the US.

          • More

            Carol Davidek-Waller
            “…The Terrorist Axis were getting intel from the US….”

            Unfortunately neither you nor the Syrian Military know the concept of Battleplan which is the reason why Syria is in chaos and the terrorists roam all over Syria.

            Corrupt elements in the Syrian and or Russian Military must be giving the Intel to the US.

            Corrupt elements in the Syrian and or Russian Military must be allowing supplies to get through to the terrorists.

            Without supplies, these terrorists would have run out of food, medicine, arms, munitions, etc.

            Questions still not answered:
            Why did the Syrian Military fail to have observers / covert observers / checkpoints every 20 Kms or so from Iraq through to Palmyra?

            Why are supplies getting through to ISIS, even into the middle of Syrian territory (e.g.) Damascus region?

          • Carol Davidek-Waller

            My information isn’t a must be or a maybe. One of several articles.
            Thanks to the US and its ME puppets, more that half the Syrian army was decimated before the Russians responded to the call for aide.
            The US is easily the most corrupt major power on the planet and very fond of blaming anyone and everyone else for their own sins.

    • You are a dedicated Zionist-surpremisist-bigot. My only question is…
      #1 How much do you get paid to spread Jewish-supremacist-propaganda? Or…
      #2 Are you so dedicated to being a racist against Goyim that you do all of this propaganda in your free time?

      • Jens Holm

        More is fine compared to other comments here. But can we rely on a hindu like You. Most hindus are nice people…

      • More

        Real Anti-Racist Action
        “…You are a dedicated Zionist-surpremisist-bigot….”

        You are completely wrong.

        The SAA with solid support from Russia, Iran, Hezbullah, etc is taking a very long time to defeat ISIS in the middle of Syria.

    • Barba_Papa

      Corruption is what the SAA is all about. Like in all Arab regimes competent commanders are the biggest enemy of a dictator because a competent commander might start to think he can do a better job then El Presidente for life. So corruption and nepotism has been encouraged and become endemic in the SAA for decades. This is not some secret conspiracy by the West and its GCC allies, this is what Assad and his father before that have created and encouraged for decades and are now reaping.

      This is why any advance by the SAA is slow and has to be meticulous planned, otherwise it will fail. Most troops are just badly led and as a result not that well motivated. The Kurdish YPG on the other hand, despite having few heavy weapons can achieve far greater and more spectacular battlefield success as its troops are well led and motivated. A Syrian army unit is only as good as its commander. There are a few good commanders. The Tiger Forces are well led, and a result do well on the battlefield. The general who commands Deir Ezzor seems to be a good commander as well, which is why the enclave still holds. Most other commanders, not so much.

      • Jens Holm

        I can agree 100%. Some comment above are not even comments and more like information lacks.

      • More


        Good analysis.

        How are supplies and weapons getting through to ISIS in Palmyra which is almost in the middle of Syria far from the Turk, Iraqi, Jordanian border ?

        Surely the SAA elements are allowing ISIS to be supplied.

      • Hisham Saber

        Who liberated Aleppo? Who liberated Homs, who liberated Wadi AlBarada? Your Kurds got kicked out of Manbij as soon as they got there, they also got ‘saved’ by the SAA and Hezbollah in Eastern Aleppo. The reason the SAA seem to be taking their time is because the terrorists have civilian populations as hostages. Thus you tread carefully. The liberation of Aleppo was a classic battle, with the freeing of thousands of civilians alive and unhurt. Its going to be most ‘interesting’ when your ‘heroic ‘ Kurds enter the meat grinder in Al-Raqqa.

        Give the SAA a break, they have been fighting fanatical hordes of ISIS for 6 YEARS! and they are still kicking ass. 6 years. Any other army would have collapsed by now. Israel couldn’t win over Hezbollah in 2006 and ran away after a few weeks. Come on man. Please, with your ‘Kurds’. Kobane was their only success, and that was due to the U.S. airforce destroying the whole city. Even the girl scouts could have taken Kobane after that.

  • aurelius

    It is good that Assad mass murderers and Isis terrorists decimate themselves so one day could be a democracy in Syria

  • Carol Davidek-Waller

    Jens Holms_troll. CIA or Pentagon?

    • Jens Holm

      Facts are trolls for You! To me its military possible matters and as such neutral try to logistic possibilities to a more whole picture – Compared to some hollow political wish/hope/fear thinkings.

      Im Nato western, but that doesnt matter a millimeter. My way of writing has no hooligan attitude at all. Yesterday I wrote about SAA should replace tanks and airstrikes with low range mountain artillery, because they can handle it and they get more firepower.

      So then Im russian and for kaviar an vodka ?

      Im also for we should never be in Your regions as well as Afghanistan, Mali & Mali. Im for a fence around it and would like to have a fence around it and start would be a fence west of Istanbul. 1 door out for oil, 1 door in for food and 2 condoms for Eid and to fair prices.

      We have no friends there and only decide who kills who. We are even blamed for being there. So why be there, when representatives even write Im CIA or Pentagon just as a Carol Davidek-Wallet.

      • More

        Jens Holm

        Anyone pointing out facts is accused of being a troll.

        Those sad people refuse to accept facts relating to incompetence or corruption by both the Russian air group and Syrian Military.

        • Jens Holm

          Even Karls Marx said, that the biggest threat to a state was corruption.

      • Carol Davidek-Waller

        A troll is a troll; lurking on quality websites and propagandizing.
        I’m not the one who doesn’t belong.

        • Jens Holm

          Same old way of lousy defence and are not spoiling any medies. Those medies are also made in different languages because we then can learn about each other. The world is not as You You write a “belong or not belong”.

          I get exacts same information as You do, so I do belong in most matters. I think I kind of belong, when Qaida & ISIS are making terror or Saddam and Assads kill 10 and 10 thousends.

          The fighting about oil is same thing. My reaktion to that is much more wind and solarpower with more electric cars and insolating houses for easy heating in winter and airconditions in summer.

          Look at the maps. How many individual flags are You diveded in by diffrent khorans, warlords and dictators, which stay until uprises make the fall.

          Did jews write the Khoran to keep You down. Well those zionists are everywhere -arnt they ? Somelittle dot can spoil all Islam from Morroco to the Phillipnes ? The conclusion should be many things are terrible wrong in the Islamic world. You can even not unite in a Khalifat – because of what ??

        • Jens Holm

          Well, some could think You just are at the hooliganlevel and prefere to stay there.

  • Brad Isherwood

    It would be sooo awesome if Syria had 20 of the New Russian attack Helicopters with the missile jammers.
    Hunt the ISUS at night with Thermal targeting. ..

    Just slaughter the trash!

    Russia’s support for Syria has been quality….
    Iran cannot run the Sat Intel and C4I needed in communication to keep pace with Empires
    support for the Crazed Jihadi and hired mercs.

    IMO….ISUS is not strong while being forced to move,
    They consolidate….have mines,road blocks, ATGM teams dug in and then their ,mobile teams with the Toyota and 23 mm

    They have been routed before by Syrian Army and lost large swaths of territory,
    Yet returned on the easy as SAA had to move to another Hotspot.

    Mobile forces which hit ISUS day and night* …can decimate these hired killers .
    As in Yemen….they go batshit crazy when the Saudi/Qatar pay does not show up.

    They just needed to be harassed continually and decimated.
    While it’s probably some UN crime to Napalm and White Phosphorus the trash,
    I’d just do it…….for the Win : )

    • More

      Brad Isherwood

      The question arises why a 4,500 plus ISIS convoy was allowed to get into Syria in the first place and then drive unchallenged for 200+ Kms to Palmyra.

      There was a Russian manned attack helicopter base near Palmyra which was evacuated due to ISIS storming into that base on the way to Palmyra.

      In fact one Russian attack helicopter was shot down and its Russian pilot killed by ISIS using US TOW missiles in the early days of Palmyra v2.

      • Brad Isherwood

        I agree….
        Russian C4I sat coverage can see ISUS movement accross Syria and Iraq.

        Possibly Russia desires that ISUS move from Iraq and weaken their position in Iraq.
        Movement in Syria means they consolidate Raqqa/Der Ezzor.

        Palmyra may have been bait. …that and move toward AL Bab,Aleppo and be ground down by Turks and Syrian.
        Russia may have miscalculated on the SAA ability to hold Palmyra.
        The movements of ISUS did force them into bait traps where they are getting decimated.
        It’s slow game turn…..ISUS is loosing,…
        Saudi/Qatar are failing in leadership and paying the Mercs.
        Saudi Influence in Syria declines. ..as Clans and Kooks fight against each other in Idlib province.
        This also engages the Kurds into more battle….which is table game piece move to frustrate Turks.

        • More

          Brad Isherwood

          Agree with your analysis.

          Russia may be playing a double game to prevent any oil and gas pipeline from either Saudi – Qatar or Iran – Iraq through Syria.

          Even the Russian involvement came in late in the day allowing terrorists to get a hold on many Syrian towns and cities.

          In the process large portions of Syria has been destroyed by terrorists causing its people pain and suffering plus a refugee crisis.