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Syrian War Report – February 16, 2018: Turkish Forces Capture Large Area In Afrin

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On February 15, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) achieved a major breakthrough in their battle against Kurdish YPG/YPJ forces in the area of Afrin. The TAF and the FSA captured the villages of Karri, Sharbanli, Kamrash, Shadia, Khara Suluq, Jaqla Tahtani, Durakili and Diwan al-Fawqani. The YPG counter-attacked in Sirinjak and Duraqli but failed to achieve any progress.

Pro-Turkish sources say that over 40 YPG members were killed in the recent clashes. The total number of so-called ‘neutralized terrorists’ claimed by the Turkish General Staff since the start of Operation Olive Branch is over 1,500.

On February 16, clashes between Turkish forces and the YPG continued across Afrin as the TAF and the FSA further developed momentum.

Amid the Tukrish success, the Lebanese al-Mayadin TV reported that the Damascus government and the YPG had allegedly reached an agreement over Afrin. The agreement will reportedly allow units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) to enter the area. However, this report is still not confirmed by official sources. Previous media reports about the alleged Damascus-YPG agreement were dismissed by the YPG.

Another Turkish military convoy entered the province of Idlib and is now establishing an observation point in the village of Sarman, according to pro-opposition sources. The TAF already has observation points in al-Eis and Tell Tuqan. If it establishes the next one somewhere near Khan Shaykhun, any SAA offensive operation in Idlib will be blocked by Turkish forces.

Militant groups operating in northern Homs announced on February 15 that they had withdrawn from a de-escalation agreement with the SAA and said that they will not conduct any direct talks with the Damascus government. They also called on Ankara to help them to combat what they called the Assad regime.

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Very complicated …

Jim Prendergast

Turkey must make it clear that it’s intention is to fight terrorists, not to support them.

Promitheas Apollonious

how can they do this since terrorist they created are the front line, of their army? You must be kidding of course.

Omer Cayirli

Are you on payroll to post comments or just a troll? If you really want to see the terrorists just take a look at the ANF website :)


Turkey has always supported the head choppers in Syria. Oh, I’m sorry. Only the Kurds are the “bad” terrorist. LOL


seems FSA vs Kurds is a win win

Promitheas Apollonious

I don’t need to see, what educate you and brainwashing you little kid. Or you think because you know suck russian c*ck suddenly all you did in the past are forgotten and now you not terrorists and are the good guys?

You been arming isis and dealing with them on stolen oil from syria not to mention your heroin trade among other things since the day you exist. Now take a walk thinking a single fact. turk means donkey and is what all of you are. Based on your national hero.

Frederick Stopford

lol right?


you dream, and believe whatever liar tells you.

First Lastname

Why would Turkey betray their ally, Israel, and fight the terrorists they’ve been funding? The Israeli-Saudi-Turkish-US axis has been supporting the terrorists from day one. I mean, who do you think started this war? Assad? LOL


You dream……


All BS aside Turkey is now revealing their true colors and they are an Israeli proxy just like Sodom Arabia… and us. Russia is handicapped as they don’t realize just how devious we are. With a ZOG NOTHING we do or say can be trusted… nothing ……………..Here’s the strategy revealed. Under the cover of Turkey’s war in N Syria, we(US) are going to “join” them now. This is our vehicle to enter N Syria. Quite brilliant really…………………………………………. “ANKARA (Reuters) – The United States and Turkey agreed on Friday to try to rescue a strategic relationship that Washington acknowledged had reached a crisis point, with Turkey proposing a joint deployment in Syria if a U.S.-backed Kurdish militia leaves a border area.” …………. We are a preditary parasite/plague. I just looked in the mirror and saw the enemy of all things good. Like · Reply · 9m

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

ISIS were evacuated to IDLIB from Alleppo if i remember correctly? is this why Russian and syrian assistance was refused in preference to SDF?

Smith Ricky

Turkey Equals Al Qaeda

Brad Isherwood

It’s called Genocide,….is a practice the Masonic/Globalist use while stealing nations/peoples The direction they desire. Christians are of particular interest. ….Various Tribes in Iraq/Syria. ..directly attacked by headchopper ISUS. Tribal legacy …to region powers, ..or Governments such as Damascus /Bugdud,… You get Drone strike,full on theatre forces attack, such as Tribes in Euphrates East recieved recently by the US.

Erdogan, …the Platform Shoe midget King of Jordan, …the Miserable House of Saud, These comply with Empire to make the Genocide and chaos run like a program. Each puppets lands could one day be Overthrown by Empire….who does turn on its slave and End him.

Israhell should consider this,…seeing that they have been over run several times in history, The Empire of those days, had no guilt ….decimate them.


America never really liked Assad. Their plan is to replace half of his territory with a Kurdish state. But they couldn’t support only the Kurds because if they (Kurds) started an independence war all of a sudden the world would hate them for violence etc.

So they created an artificial enemy (some lunatics that they gave equipment to) in order for them to do all the dirty work and make the world REALLY hate them.

“Wow this ISIS is really dangerous! Who will help us?”

“The good Kurds that we support!” The US replied. (By the way I bet you have seen these articles about the brave Kurdish girl that fought ISIS. There is a reason behind that.)

ISIS only exists to give Kurds an excuse to create their own country. Thats why Syria suffered for these years

No more game, the marriage between ISIS and YPG is over. YPG has been intentionally polished and advertised by its sponsors for another dirty agenda. Nobody really cared about destroying ISIS or bringing peace to war-torn Syria. Those YPG sponsors never cared really about the humanitarian tragedy in Syria and never wanted to bring Syrian civil war to a peaceful solution. YPG is dissmissed and their fooling of whole world until now is finished. ISIS and YPG coexistence and symbiotic closeness between both these two terrorist groups are terminated forever.

Turkey was always a scapegoat and target of internationally organized anti-Turkey hate rhetorics and dirty propaganda. Those who had hidden or conflicting agenda in Syria never wanted to destroy ISIS, otherwise ISIS could not even stand a week against any multi-national coalition ground forces. Until now Turkey welcomed 4 million refugees and never been frankly supported by UN, EU and USA. Nobody really cared about Syrians but Turkey. Would Europe allow so many refugees to EU countries like Turkey? Would Russia allow so many refugees?

So stop lying and fabricating fish-tales about Turkey and try to show sincere solidarity in her struggle and fight against international terrorist groups. Turkey will not step aside and watch ISIS and YPG terrorists harm Turkey and the unity of her citizens. Those who perpetrated and are still perpetrating terror attacks against Turkey shall now face the consequences.


Source 1: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/raqqas_dirty_secret Source 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8Zx4kHLZPQ&t=13s

Equal Treatment

why does Turkish state get to occupy Kurdish lands in “turkey” why not a two state solution for turkey. YPG are Terrorists according to Us.so Hamas is terrorist according to US and Turkey supports them. A terrorists is anyone fighting against you it means nothing.

tony ebanks

Part of the propaganda campaign of the Zionists


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First Lastname

When will Iran-Syria-Lebanon-Russia invade Israel and put a stop to the destabilization of the Middle East?


When WWIII starts.

Lajosné Kati Kósa

SOHA! Ne legyen CIGÁNYISZTÁN! (KURD) Ítani, mint a TÖRÖKÖT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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