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JULY 2020

Syrian War Report – February 15, 2018: Israel Claims Half Of Syrian Air Defenses Is Destroyed


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The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) captured the village of Qude from YPG/YPJ forces in the Afrin area. Separately, reports appeared that the TAF and the FSA had deployed additional troops and equipment west of the Jandaris district indicating the upcoming offensive there.

Pro-YPG sources said that Kurdish forces had repelled Turkish attacks in the districts of Rajo and Bulbul. Over 20 Turkish-backed fighters were reportedly killed there.

Both the Syrian Army and US-backed forces are reportedly massing troops and fortifying their positions in the Euphrates Valley. According to pro-opposition and pro-government sources, the sides are preparing for possible skirmishes in the area.

ISIS captured Haifa Street from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies in the center of the Yarmouk refugee camp in southern Damascus. Separately, the terrorist group also attacked HTS positions in the western part of the camp, but failed to gain any ground. Four ISIS members were reportedly killed.

February 10 Israeli airstrikes took out nearly half of the Syrian air defenses, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported on February 14 citing “senior Israel Defense Forces officials”. The sources considered the operation a “success” even despite the fact that the F-16I had been shot down.

On the same day, the Russian media provided another look at the story citing Syrian and Russian military sources. According to this version, Syrian forces shot down 13 of 18 Israeli air-launched cruise missiles during the encounter additionally to the F-16I.

On February 14, Ali Akbar Velayati the top adviser to Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called on the US to withdraw its troops from Syria describing its presence as illegal.

The statement was a response to earlier remarks by US State Secretary Rex Tillerson, who argued that the Iranian presence is destabilizing the situation in the country. The diplomat also rejected an idea that the US lacks influence in Syria saying that Washington and the coalition forces control a large part of the country’s oil fields and about 30% of its territory.

Considering the current attitude of the sides, it’s hard to expect that any kind of a comprehensive diplomatic solution of the crisis can be found soon.



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  • Eskandar Black

    Israel is right about half of Syrian air defenses being destroyed, due to the fact that substantial portions of the country are under terrorist control, and that makes sense, but Israeli action on Feb 10 had little to do with it. They blew up some mobile SAM launchers, few command and control radars. Feb 10 situation proved a draw for Israel, which is defeat.

    • @Inc2Get

      Please dude, don’t believe their shit. They will say anything to save face.

      • Brad Isherwood

        Israel has to Propoganda to appease their own public who worry,worry the Israel Military
        Will fail and the shit kicking of old…..like Titus sack Jerusalem occur.

        IDF were humiliated by Hezbollah in 2006…
        Some 3000+ ….defeated IDF and made them leave.
        IAF getting knocked from the Sky over Israel/Occupied Golan. …shows that Israel’s
        Security is very much in doubt.

        With Global stock market roller coaster ride,…and IAF jets falling from the skies,
        The Tribe is nervously palming it’s shekels.

    • wwinsti

      One Israeli source has already downplayed the damage, saying 30% to 50% of syrian air defenses were struck, and not all hits were crippling. Also, the another israeli source has admitted that 2 jets were locked onto, but one managed to evade the missile fired at it, so it wasn’t a technical flaw or a one/off. The Syrian’s do have radar that can burn through Israeli jamming.

  • Daniel Miller

    one way to take out the SDFi s by simply shooting down any USAF aircraft witch is inside syria.

    • Smith Ricky


    • velociraptor

      This were too diffucult fr the whole russian AD system.

      • wwinsti

        One shoot down every other Israeli strike and they would tire quickly, by the fourth round Israel would start depending on drones and missiles.

        • Jay Sheehan

          How many anti aircraft missiles would it take to decimate the Israeli air force?

          We imagine Russia can’t build them and deploy them and make them effective?

          The Western world will run out of planes pretty quick if Russia and Iran get serious.

          I always wondered if all those millions of bolt action mosin nagants won’t see combat again someday.

      • Daniel Miller

        ? what was? Russia never intended to shoot down US aircraft,and if a old S-200VE can blow a F16I out of the sky you can bet it can blow a F15SE or a old B52 or AC130 out of the sky with ease.

        • velociraptor


        • Antikapitalista

          Then why is Russia in Syria, after all?
          Russia once declared that Russia’s aim was to preserve the territorial integrity of Syria.
          A few days ago Russia declared that the United States of Aggression’s aim was going to divide Syria, or something to that effect.
          And Russia does nothing, except mindlessly sacrificing Russia’s people while losing face and predictable even more in the not-so-distant future.

          • Daniel Miller

            In order to preserve its intrests you must be a very naive person to think otherwise. And yes one of Russia’s intrests is to preserve the syrian govt’s land area.
            It will since that means it will force the SAA to attack the SDF and USAF and USMC forces in syria (witch they are very capeble of doing now).
            Ummm sorry what? In what way are they “mindlessly sacrificing Russia’s people”? a total of 46 Russian troops have been KIA in Syria…they have killed well over 9000 enemy combatats…(thats per the pro oppossiton sources BTW). If you mean the PMC’s then thats not really Russias problem PMC’s volounteraly go to Syria to make money at their own risk. The Russian military is not obliged to babysit merks (just like its not the US militarys job to do the same to Academy i.e Blackwhater). And in what way are they loseing face exactly? their K/D ratio is amazing its one of the best in military intervention history.

          • Wanklord

            Russia’s strategy in Syria to eliminate ISIS and anti-regime forces has been a total failure since their adversaries are alive and kicking, and in many instances regaining lost territories while consolidating their current positions – thanks mainly to US, NATO and Israel. Seems that Vladimir Putin and associates assumed that America (and Israel by extension) will sit idle and do nothing on behalf of their clients as soon as Russia started its military campaign on Syrian soil…facts on the ground proved that the Kremlin was 100% wrong

          • Daniel Miller

            “total failure” hmmmmmmmmmmmmm now look at the map of the SAA controld areas in march 2015…now look at them now…do you need ocular assistance? Since you must be blind in order not to see how succsesful it has been form a military standpoint. Russia tested most of its weapons and + supported govt forces,also i dont know why you wold think its a failiure since they are still alive? This is war not call of duty you cant just kill them all.

    • Erica

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    • Freespirit

      ISRAEL’S,well-deserved, DESPERATE HOUR is here:


  • Winnie Eldrup

    What has Israel to do with Syrian air defense – and what has Israel to do in Syria?

    • Icarus Tanović

      What has Israel to do with Syrian, air defense? Nothing, they’re just affraid.

  • Wahid Algiers

    Hey criminal state of Israel, if you have destroyed the half of the air defense of Syria why you don’ t try it again or do you only spread lies, one of your favorite duties?

  • r0b1n

    Yankee go home.

  • R PLobo

    Notice another fake shooting in the US?…The MSM are desperate to cover up the total disaster unfolding in Syria for the zionist pimps and out comes the same old propaganda tropes. The US and their rabbi masters have lost all control over the ME as demonstrated by only the Russians having any coherent diplomatic policy. Next stop liberation of Palestine.

  • wwinsti

    The Israelis are reporting (times of Israel) that they’ve captured missile parts from the weapons fired at them. They’re about to claim Iran altered the s200 missiles somehow and twist this into some sort of provocation. It will be a lie of course. Some type of radar in Syria was able to burn through Israeli jamming, which points to Russia (without proving anything).

    • Daniel Castro

      Russia had already warned Israel they had upgraded Syrian s200 to new standards, this was back in 2016, kazhar fake jews can’t complain, they were warned.

    • Icarus Tanović

      Blah blah blah, they’re loosing and that’s the fact. Period.

    • Jay Sheehan

      The Jews really do believe it’s a crime to shoot back at them as they bomb your country.

  • wwinsti

    SF needs to report on the consternation and near panic the f16i shoot down is causing in Israhell. Also there’s a bit of a row as to why the f35s weren’t used in the strike. All quite fun to watch actually.

    • Icarus Tanović

      It’s all fun and games for Zionists, until someone loses an eye.

    • Nexusfast123

      Probably too many birds around.

  • rudy

    ISraeHELLli , if realy half of Syrian air defense would have being destroyed the zionist would have done a second attack to destroy the rest; so just pokerplay but it seems they are to affraid to re attack !

    • Icarus Tanović

      Seems true.

  • Tommy Jensen

    If Russia have giving Syria and Iran the S-300 they actually bought from Russia, instead of dragging the sale out in preference of “entering into a dialogue” with US and Israel, we have not had all these good Russians and Syrians dead today.

    • Manuel Flores Escobar

      Syria should deploy SAM system in Deir Ezzor if SAA want to protect its assets there….USAF will continue attacking SAA with impunity ..beside in case of airstrike with the excuse of chemical weapons…SAA troops in Deir Ezzor area will be the main target for being unprotected of SAM system ( Buk m2, new Pechora, pantsir)….

  • Icarus Tanović

    What you gonna do, huh Zionists? Syrians beat you like a drum, slap you in face in front of the world crushed your teeth.
    Unbeatable, undefeated IDF is getting pussy busted.

  • Nigel Maund

    The US and its Terrorist allies are determined to start a war with Syria, Hezbolla, Iran and Russia in accordance with the Anglo – American Zionist Bankster – Corporatist Cabal’s plan for the Middle East which includes neutering the State of Syria via Balkanisation and destabilisation together with denying the Syrian Government its vital oil and gas fields in order to weaken its economy. This is the dastardly agenda and the Syrian’s fully understand it. A stalemate is not possible and confrontation is only a matter of time. The SAA and its allies will need plenty of MANPADS and KORNET anti – tank missiles to counter the USAF and well equipped US and SDF ground forces as the forthcoming battle will determine whether the Cabal wins or loses in the Middle East. The stakes could hardly be higher!

  • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

    Russia taking control of syrian oilfield and gas. source:theDuran

  • Hide Behind

    First and foremost, Russia is in Syria for Russia’s interest, not as a f’n charity or some Liberty and Freedon crusade,
    In today’s geopolitical. Situation, NATO stirring up Ukraine, and everyone of the old Soviet satellite states now getting every Armaments it can for free from Us and NATO. With every rifle muzzel, middle aimed and cannon or tank gun pointing at Russia, instead of battling on its and Euro soils decided to make a stsnd,(STATEMENT) in Syria.
    Can you imagine if Russia had just said f you Assyrians and abandoned its military base, granola everyone would of called them cowards and mocked them badly.
    REALITY not wishfully looking for a messiah!
    Israel used 8 aircraft, now think a bit, what if they had used just 125 planes?
    THEY could of used sorties of 25 planes each for days, and Syrian gov and military proper
    Would of been devastated.
    US used nut few aircraft and killed and wounded 300 contactors, now how the F can anyone even remotely real say destroy em all.
    Yes, Syrian military has had success, primarily because, get rid of the ull s..t, . Small militia groups, groups who had no air DEFENCES nor means to defeat them or their armor,, until latest stages.
    Russia agreed to division of Syria with US, it cares not who, personalities are expendable. In this game, Assad dead or alive they must keep their military’s Naval ports.
    Iran has a very pragmatic government that both economicly and militarily built its Powerade , finally, into Syria, and a tentative with Quatar, and it will refuse an outright conflict with Israel until it feels militarily sttonger.
    Israel would have no qualms nuking the heck out of Iran and the UAE and Saudi cultures would then swarm in.

  • Roddy Wehrmacht

    That means the other half can still shoot flying jews out of the sky, correct?

  • Joe Dokes

    Only 4 of the targets were Syrian, so how is that half of the air defense?