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Syrian War Report – February 13, 2018: Israel Deploys New Anti-Missile Systems Near Syria

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Clashes were reported between the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and local militants, mostly Hayat Tahrir al-Sham members, in the Rastan pocket on February 12 and February 13. SAA units allegedly entered  the area of Maqsam al-Humrat and took control of most of it.

Pro-government sources speculated that these clashes indicate an upcoming large-scale operation in the area. While the Rastan pocket remains a point of instability, it is unlikely that the SAA will be able to launch any kind of large-scale military operation in the area any time soon.

Meanwhile, fighting continued in the area of the ISIS-held pocket in northern Hama where the SAA and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham were pressuring ISIS from two directions.

The frontline between the SAA and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham near Abu al-Duhur remains stable while the sides are re-grouping and re-deploying forces for the upcoming operations.

On February 12, the People’s Protection Units (YPG) shot down a Turkish unmanned aerial combat vehicle (UACV) in Afrin. According to a video released by the YPG, the downed UACV was likely a Bayraktar Tactical UAS.

The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Free Syrian Army captured the village of Muhammadiyah and Amarah Hill.

According to the TAF’s general staff, 31 Turkish soldiers were killed and 143 others were injured in Operation Olive Branch in the period between January 20 and February 12. On the same day, the TAF claimed that the number of so-called ‘neutralized terrorists’ was at 1,350.

On the same day, the Pentagon requested $550 million to train and equip units operating under the brand of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the Kurdish-dominated group described by Ankara as a terrorist organization. The YPG is the core of the SDF. The $550 million will be separated into two parts:

  • $300 million to train and equip the SDF;
  • $250 million for so-called “border security requirements related to the counter-[ISIS] mission”.

In other words, Washington not only tricked the Erdogan government with its promises to drop support to the SDF, but hasn’t even abandoned the idea of establishing the so-called “border force” in northern Syria. On January 17, US State Secretary Rex Tillerson officially said that the US has no intention to establish a “border force”. But, the reality seems to be quite different. The Pentagon’s request sparked outrage in the Turkish media and negative comments by the Turkish leadership further complicating the diplomatic relations between the sides.

On February 13, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) deployed additional missile defense systems to the contact line with Syria according to photos and videos circulating online. The IDF deployed at least one Iron Dome missile defense system. Local sources speculate that the IDF will further strengthen its anti-missile capabilities in the area soon.

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US is TRAINING and Equipping the enemies of our Islamic state SINCE DAY ZERO, they never backed us nor helped us, they support every group which declares that it fights against Asad and ISIS. They wasted huge money to hurt our cause, they pay mainstream media propaganda to show us as bloodthristy murderers but they lie most of the time or tell half truths.

And you Russians only do dirty work for them, you will be soon kicked out of Syria by the US-Saud-Israeli coalition and they will achieve their original goals.

David Pryce

Israel ?? lol no dignity

Revan Maximillanius Filiaecksd

I hope you get killed in combat.

David Pryce

U are a wannabe old news

Shylo Duffy

You’re very right. I believe they are evil and will support anything that goes against making our world a better place. People can’t seem to understand that they never wanted peace on earth they want us all dead so they can re create a new world without any of us people in it.except of course slaves.The good news is they will never win.They think they are in control they are NOT. People have allowed themselves to be convinced that there is no God that it’s just a story They make fun of those who believe! It doesn’t bother me unless of course they go out of their way to upset me.One day when this world is over the world will know that God is real.


Israel and the Islamic State are on the same side against Assad and the people of Syria. Israel gives medical attention to Islamic State head and hand choppers in the Israeli occupied Syrian Golan Heights. Islamic State terrorists get monthly payments from Israel. Only Allah can forgive you.

General Surena

israel will be the biggest LOSER here…

Revan Maximillanius Filiaecksd

Israel has the power of YHVH on their side.

roberto silveira

Hence, YHVH is a moron.

Shylo Duffy

Don’t blame God because of them. They lie when they talk about God being his choson.That’s not true. They’ve managed to turn many people off God for they’re many deciets.I won’t allow them to take away my love for anyone including the father.God bless and have mercy on us all.

roberto silveira

God was never on Israel side, bro… God have NO place for murderes.




Except of course when a certain Austrian painter was shoving them into certain showers that cleanse you of your life. Then suddenly YHVH was nowhere to be found. Seems like a fickle dude, this YHVH.

jerry hamilton

Don’t believe that story till they have proved it to be true.
From years of research it is one massive jewish lie.
The jewish Bolsheviks killed tens of millions in Russia and then set out to destroy Germany. They did a good job too.
No wonder they have been chosen to be the destroyers of this planet.




Sorry, I don’t buy that revisionism. The Holocaust happened. Deal with it. The fact that you can’t rhyme how Jews rule the world with the Holocaust, because if they did rule the world, how did 6 million of them end up dead, is your form of cognitive dissonance.

I’m perfectly willing to accept that the state of Israel wields extraordinary power over the US through the power of the Jewish lobby, and that they have milked Europe’s guilty conscience via said Holocaust for decades. But to say the Holocaust didn’t happen, despite the overwhelming evidence for it, there I draw the line. I also feel deeply uncomfortable when people diss ‘the Jews’. Like they are all some sort of group think conspiracy. Netanyahu and his ilk, the settlers, their apologists, yeah, they make me sick to my stomach. But I refuse to condemn all of them for the acts of (some of) their leaders. After all, my own leaders make me sick to my stomach, I’d hate to be judged on the basis of their sycophantic pro America behavior. Overall, other then Netanyahu and his ilk, which I see on TV, I’ve yet to meet a Jewish person which I did not like. Including people from Israel.

jerry hamilton

What I deal with are facts. Give me proof the holocaust happened and I will believe it. It is that simple.
I will not believe it simply because I am told to.

northerntruthseeker .

Really? Have you bothered to even check the reality of real history in that there were NOT even “6 Million” Jews living in all of Europe at the time of the fraud “Holy Hoax”? Every World population figure shows that there was NOT some “6 Million” less Jews in the world between 1938-1948 across the entire planet..

I smell Hasbara/JIDF here, and as usual they are trying to sell the “poor Jews” bullcrap..

jerry hamilton

There were many zionist reports of 6 million jews being killed in newspapers before 1945.
Care to explain why? Oh and deal with it.

jerry hamilton

“But to say the Holocaust didn’t happen, despite the overwhelming evidence for it, there I draw the line.”
Please, if you would be so kind.
I don’t need to see a mountain of evidence.
Just show me one piece of conclusive evidence that just one person was gassed. Please.


History is written by the winners and we know They are NOT going to write the THRUTH.


It does not depend of believes, it depends on facts and science. Science can tell us exactly what happened, without adding to zeros to a given true number.


Facts and science says that there used to be 140.000 Jews in the Netherlands before the German invasion and only 26.000 that either managed to hide or survive the camps after the war. Did 114.00 just magically disappear into smoke? Well, they did disappear in smoke, but there was nothing magical about it.

northerntruthseeker .

No real truth to that fable…. I and others are not sold on this lie for we see the game the Jews are playing..



northerntruthseeker .

So these illegitimate Khazar invaders to a land that is NOT theirs now can depend on their magic sky fairy to protect them?


Yaveh is Not JEHOVAH.,..Javeh is
A falling angel now a Demon…..as his followers…. that’s why that hate Cristo….and new testament…because he knows that they Usurp the old testament….new testament is burn publicly in the street s of tell aviv…Lie and liers …is what we have ruling this world

jerry hamilton

America has become Israel. You can’t believe a word either of them say.


The Deep State ain’t jewish, but the jews most certainly ensure the Deep State functions perfectly, and have a symbiotic relationship with it. And yes, jews use lies as a societal weapon, which is why they dominate in the lying industries (PR, Press, lawyering, etc).

But Israel, Like Turkey, KSA and Egypt, is a vassal state of the West. Israel wants regional dominance and the freedom to holocaust local ‘sub-Humans’. The Deep State wants WW3 and a Human History ending war with Russia.


“$250 million for so-called “border security requirements related to the counter-[ISIS] mission”…TRANSLATION…$250 millions for payments to the INTERNATIONAL MERCENARIES TERRORIST INVADING SYRIA.


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David Pryce

UN golan heights

Its not something you gain from books or even trough experience in war. It comes from above

Hide Behind

As a wee youth my Grandfather told me many a time , “Sonny, do not sit on ass waiting for some invisible god to help you or to blame when things are bad, get off your ass and use your own mind and body to get by.”
“Look to all about you and read of things far and near to know what you need to do.”
“And most importantly, never enter discussions about GOD, it is a waste of time to argue with fools.”

northerntruthseeker .

Bravo… So true!

Manuel Flores Escobar

The Syrian labyrinth:
USA only want Kurdish state and US bases there.
Turkey want FSA in power and reject Kurdish.
Israel dont want Assad or Iran there.
Russia want an Unified Syria and Assad in power.
Iran the same as Russia.
kurdish dont want Turks, FSA, Assad…
FSA dont want Assad, Russia, Iran, USA, Kurds….

Shylo Duffy

Imagine a world without the US and Israel. Trust me they’ve imagined a world without us not to to mention they literally wrote it in stone.

northerntruthseeker .

It would be a far better world than what we have now, definitely…. Evil would not disappear entirely, but it would be greatly diminished…

Pave Way IV

Israel’s F-16I Soufa wasn’t able to outrun, dodge or successfully use any ECMs against a Syrian S-200 V-880 semi-active seeking missile. The Israeli Arrow system “considered one of the most advanced missile defense programs currently in existence” failed to detect or destroy the Syrain SAM during its 60-second flight.
comment image
The SAM hit the Soufa and cut it in half – the tail debris was 100m from the nose/cockpit/port wing. The flaming wreckage dropped straight down. Israel’s response seems to be: “Let’s move our Arrow system (that already failed) right up to the border. That should work!” [sigh…]

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