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Syrian War Report – February 12, 2018: New Round Of Syrian-Israeli Escalation, F-16I Shootdown

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On February 10, the Syrian Air Defense Forces (SADF) shot down an F-16I fighter jet of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) during Israeli airstrikes on targets near Damascus and the T4 Airbase.

According to the Israeli side, an Iranian unmanned aerial vehicle violated Israeli airspace at 4:15 local time. The UAV was intercepted near Beit Shean by an IAF attack helicopter. At 5:34 IAF warplanes carried out airstrikes on what the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) described as an Iranian UAV control vehicle at the T4 airbase, near the ancient city of Palmyra. The SADF responded by launching anti-aircraft missiles at Israeli warplanes and thus shooting down the F-16I fighter jet, which crashed in Israel at 6:00. The F-16I’s pilots ejected. One was severely wounded.

According to media reports, at least one F-15 was also damaged in the encounter, but landed at its airbase. The SADF reportedly used S-200 and Buk missiles. However, this has not yet been officially confirmed.

At 8:45 the IAF conducted a series of airstrikes on the Al-Kiswah area near Damascus. The IDF said that that the airstrikes targeted “Syrian aerial defense array and additional Iranian targets”. The SADF reportedly downed most of the Israeli missiles and launched more anti-aircraft missiles at IAF warplanes. No hits were reportedly achieved.

The IDF claims that it had targeted 12 military targets, including 3 aerial defense batteries and 4 Iranian targets. Brig. Gen. Amnon Ein Dar, Head of the Air Group in the IAF described it as “the biggest and most significant attack the air force has carried out against Syrian air defenses since 1982.”

The IDF also blamed Syria and Iran for the escalation.

“The Syrians and the Iranians, from our point of view, are playing with fire. The Syrians are playing with fire when they allow the Iranians to attack Israel from their soil. We are willing, prepared, and capable to exact a heavy price on anyone that attacks us. However, we are not looking to escalate the situation,” Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, Head of the International Media Desk of the Israeli Defense Forces, said.

The Pentagon and the US State Department officially confirmed US support for the Israeli actions in Syria.

“Israel is our closest security partner in the region and we fully support Israel’s inherent right to defend itself against threats to its territory and its people,” Pentagon Spokesman Maj. Rankine-Galloway said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry objected to the violation of Syrian sovereignty by Israel and said that it is “unacceptable to create threats to the lives and security of Russian servicemen who are in Syria at the invitation of its legitimate government to assist in the fight against terrorists.”

Lebanese Hezbollah said that the February 10 encounter marked the “start of a new strategic phase” in the conflict that will limit Israeli interventions into Syrian airspace.

Later media reports appeared that Israel was working with the Russians to de-escalate the situation indicating that the declared Israeli military success was in fact a bit smaller than the IDF wanted to show.

On February 12, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies continued operations to secure their recent gains in northeastern Hama and southern Idlib and launched an effort to eliminate the remaining ISIS terrorists that are currently deployed in the province of Idlib.

Separately, reports appeared that the Tiger Forces are redeploying their units to participate in the anti-ISIS security operation in the Homs desert. About 500 ISIS terrorists are reportedly hiding there.

On February 11, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) captured the villages of Hec Iskendere and Saranjik from Kurdish YPG/YPJ forces in the Afrin area. On February 10, according to the TAF, 11 Turkish soldiers were killed, 11 others were injured and a T129 ATAK attack helicopter was destroyed. Separately, pro-Kurdish sources claim that 23 FSA members were also killed and a battle tank, a bulldozer and an armoured vehicle were destroyed.

The TAF and the FSA are steadily developing momentum in Afrin but continue to suffer significant casualties.

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Vince Dhimos

The drone did not violate Israeli air space. It was shot down over the Golan Heights, which Israel only DREAMS is theirs.

Samantha Green

Beit Shean is not even near Golan, and Southfront appeared to accept that as the real location of the drone.


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Israel violates it’s neighbors air space on an almost daily basis. If they don’t want their airspace violated in response to their criminal activity. They should stop violating other nation’s sovereignty.

Samantha Green

Abortion banners have no sovereignty.


Are you a Jew pedophile rape cultist?

Christian Gains

CHILL Richard…THAT has no context to this conversation either…Stick to Military option / actions…She’s going QUITE out of bounds…don’t follow her…


Judaism should be outlawed and Israel delisted from the UN. It’s an evil pedophile mass rape cult and the source of many of humanity’s problems. Particularly in the middle east.

– the true causes of “antisemitism” –


In NYC alone:

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It has long been linked to neonatal herpes and has consistently raised red flags in the medical community. …

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– New case of neonatal herpes caused by Jewish circumcision –


“A number of babies have contracted herpes from the penis sucking ritual. In several cases this has lead to brain damage and even death.”




Christian Gains

While I have NO DOUBT that “Zionism” has a wretched History, AND, that Matthew 23; {esply. verse 39}, MUST come upon the Jews, nonetheless, this thread isn’t discussing THAT Historic point…It’s discussing a VERY RECENT Military event, AND, whether it’s reports are accurate & legit. I’d rather keep it “on POINT”…The OTHER factor of History can be for another day, time & thread. But, THANKS for your input…


I’m into solutions, and outlawing Judaism and dejudifying the planet in a humane lawful manner to create a Jew free world is the solution. There wouldn’t be a war if the Jews didn’t create it.

“as with any right, the freedom of religion can be abridged if its exercise would infringe on the rights of others.

As a result, several groups have been made into recognized criminal organizations. … These cults have generally been involved with activities like murder, abduction, statutory rape, or other serious crimes. Often, they hold an illegal activity to be a primary focus of their religious teachings, making adherence to the group’s beliefs a virtual guarantee of grossly illegal activity directly harming others.”


Christian Gains

??????????????????????? (CONTEXT please…)…

Kenneth Hammond

Southfront is merely reporting what the Israeli side had previously stated stated…. “According to the Israeli side, an Iranian unmanned aerial vehicle violated Israeli airspace at 4:15 local time. The UAV was intercepted near Beit Shean”

Wahid Algiers

The zionists dream Israel is theirs.

Tommy Jensen

The drone was carrying Iranian WMD´s which is unacceptable close to Israel borders. This is not something we think, this is something we know from very reliable Intelligence sources.

L'Obelisk Jewellers



What WMD was it carrying and to what “very reliable intelligence sources” are you referring?

Vauxhall Astra

Still gotta deal with murica

Samantha Green

East Homs desert is exactly where I have though ISIS should be finished off for some time, without any chance of hitting SDF by accident. Glad to see Tiger Forces taking my advice.

Promitheas Apollonious

did they now……

Smith Ricky

SAA 4 Ever ?

Brad Isherwood

At 8:45 the IAF conducted a series of airstrikes on the Al-Kiswah area near Damascus. The IDF said that that the airstrikes targeted “Syrian aerial defense array and additional Iranian targets”. The SADF reportedly downed most of the Israeli missiles and launched more anti-aircraft missiles at IAF warplanes.

Syria’s point defence is improving. .. Past year with BUK M2E, Pantsir other point defence/mobile SAMs. These systems have the better aquire/proximity detonation vs the older S 200 Syria uses. Iran might be** networking with Syrian Air defence to test Iranian radars,BUK M2 versions and other Mobile SAMs which are Iranian build.

This could be why Israhell is striking sites in Syria and saying it’s Iranian weapons they are attacking.

Russia continues to disappoint. They can shut IAF operations over Syria down in minutes.

Iran might be stepping up and seriously testing it’s radars, missiles and tactical/strategy . Russia might have increased Syria’s air defence network,…yet it’s not good news if just now, years and years later. …Syria finally knocks the Vampires down

If Iran is stepping up….this is biggy huge for Syria, …as Iranian S 300 could appear in Syria. Hezbollah might recieve Iranian Mobile BUK M2E systems. . Israel’s troubles will continue : )

Doom Sternz

South Front Propaganda in support of Israel and US war crimes? Totally false and disgusting report.


It’s factually false that they quote only the Israel side, so your declaration is not biased and factually incorrect, is pure and simply false. You are making confusion between jounalism and propaganda. The expression “a bit smaller” is obvious irony.

Doom Sternz

Fake News is all it is. when you quote only fake news you are a propagandist. I totally support South Front, but on this article they got it totally wrong, in my opinion. By all means you are free to contradict me, more power to you :)

Icarus Tanović

Yes, I would agree with you on this one, and maybe several other articles.


Okay, Doom, but once again is false that they “quote only” fake news, or, if you prefer, that they quoted only the israeli war propaganda.

Doom Sternz

Do they mention……..Syria has indicated more than 1 jet was shot down and that the defensive batteries were well separated, numerous and very effective. Israel’s options for war were very limited, hence they stood down. Russian EW meant not many missiles hit their targets.

The fact that most missiles didn’t hit their target, as indicated by the evidence on the ground, could well mean Russian EW was present. Hence this could well have been an asymmetric response for Israel’s support in the downed Russian SU24. Hence Netanyahu’s immediate call to Putin and the following public warning to make sure everyone understands what went down.

You tell me which version is more likely to be the truth? I cant i dont know for sure, but to only give the Israel side is biased and wrong. Now its true to say that they often only give the Russian and Syrian side to news, i can accept that because the US/Zionist view is everywhere.

I come to South Front to get perspective, ie balance, because i sure dont get it in MSM. Am i wrong?




Doom, we are only talking, okay? Now, I read about the syrians telling that several jets were hit, and not about more than 1 jet shot down, and I read that a F15 was more to the trash than for real use. Do you now any official statement of the syrians saying that more then one jet was shot down, not only hit?


It was a complete failure on the side of the Israelis apparently. There is no update on any damage caused by the failed Israeli airstrikes, with no one on the ground showing any evidence to show that any of what Israel claims happened. We know that one advanced F-16I was shot down after Syrian AD networks were given approval from the Syrian command to engage the jets resulting in one downed F-16I and several other damaged Israeli jets. The video that Doom Sternz uploaded speaks of Russia giving Syrian approval and it would make sense, some veterns today articles also say that sources on the ground in Syria are reporting that the Israeli airstrikes were indeed a massive failure and Russia helped out to some degree along with Iran.

I personally am still waiting on an official report with pictures showing if any damage even happened to supposed Israeli struck targets in Syria (so far no pictures have shown up supporting either side) but we have to just wait and see if Israel will strike Syria again. My guess with the latest move of Israel Iron dome to Northern Israel, they want to try again to either save face or get the US involved (this will be a shit-show like no other) so we just have to wait.

Christian Gains

You’re last two statements are “RIGHT ON”! THAT is the unfortunate balancing act that the famous French “The GRAND Lunendas’,[sp?] wire walkers team” couldn’t navigate! I congrats SF for EVEN TRYING…War Zone Journalism is KNOWN to be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS…I say God Bless they’re willingness to TRY!!!

EVEN IF they DO get biased at times…IF I were getting shot at, by BOTH SIDES, I’d be pretty prone to make mistakes too!!! Can anyone find ANY reporting that’s BETTER??? (Please! NO MSM OR PROPAGANDA!!)…


Dear Doom Sternz, SouthFront’s war reports are aimed at providing a detailed and independent look at the ongoing conflict. The war reports are based on public facts, info from local sources, and attitudes of the sides. This report provides the order of events including the public motivation of the sides and its results (confirmed by photos and videos like the downed F-16I and the destruction of the “command vehicle” at the Tiyas Airbase as well as some claims of the sides like the damaged F-15 or the allegedly destroyed air defense battaries). If you want to claim that it is “totally false and disgusting”, you have to provide some evidence (like photos, videos) to prove your claim. Sincerely yours, SF Team

Doom Sternz

For a balanced view i might of added https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EH1LtxtrWiM&feature=youtu.be

Please understand I respect your work, you are doing ground breaking work.

Christian Gains

GOOD GOING Doom! THAT REGION IS OFTEN a quagmire of “HE SAID…THEY SAID” confused commentary, but SF is the best I’ve found…They GENUINELY TRY to maintain a Journalistic professionalism that I respect…AGAIN…THAT’S a DAMNED HARD JOB…& FRANKLY, I don’t find that EITHER side is PURELY blameless…Millennium of animosity & hatred doesn’t abate rapidly……

Christian Gains

WELL SAID…WELL DONE! I may not ALWAYS agree with SF, BUT! They DO TRY to stay unbiased…BUT! In ANY confrontation in THAT ZONE of combat, biased commentary comes QUICK, & CHEAP, from BOTH camps…I respect SF’s efforts…damned hard for them to get it as right a they do…THANKS SF!


“The IDF also blamed Syria and Iran for the escalation”…TRANSLATION…The IDF violate the sovereignty of the Syrian Nation, attack the military installation and have the COJONES to blame the Syria/Iran for the scallion. The jews are doing what they has done for thousands of years, INVADING, OCCUPYING AND COMMITTING GENOCIDE(KILLING WOMEN, CHILDREN, ELDERS, ANIMALS) UNDER FABRICATE EXCUSES TO APPEND TERRITORIES…TIME TO IMPLEMENT A GLOBAL BLOCKADE TO THE CRIMINALS.

L'Obelisk Jewellers


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