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JUNE 2021

Syrian War Report – February 1, 2018: Tiger Forces Break Militants’ Defense In Eastern Idlib

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Government forces, led by the Tiger Forces, achieved a major breakthrough against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in the province of Idlib. Government troops liberated over 15 villages, including Mushayrifah, Tall Sultan and al-Tuwaym.

This advance pursues two goals: to liberate the remaining militant-held area in southern Aleppo and to prepare an advance on Saqrib.

Meanwhile, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its allies started bulding additional fortifications in Saqrib and deploy reinforcements there.
Separately the SAA advanced on positions of ISIS in northeastern Hama and liberated the villages of Al-Aww, Abyan and Jubb Zrayq. The SAA progress there is limited by its ability to establish security in the controlled areas amid the constant threat from mobile ISIS units operating in the pocket.

On January 31, the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) claimed that its fighters had captured a man-portable air-defense system (MANPAD) from Kurdish YPG/YJP forces in the Syrian area of Afrin. The captured MANPAD is likely a Russian-made Igla (SA-18 Grouse) missile widely used around the world. The similar missile was used by the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) to down a Turkish Cobra attack helicopter in May 2016.

Earlier in January, media reports appeared that the US provided some MANPADs to the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) operating in northern Syria. Then, these reports were not confirmed by any evidence. The YPG/YPJ, described by Ankara as a terrorist organization and the local branch of the PKK, is the core of the SDF.

Separately, the FSA and the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) captured the highest peak on the Qurne Mountains as well as the villages of Shankil and Bak Ubasi. It’s interesting to note that all the recent progress of the FSA in the Afrin area was achieved mostly thanks to an active participation of the TAF in the operations.

Despite the recent setbacks, Chairman of the Executive Council in the Afrin area Hifi Mustafa denied that the YPG is planning to hand over the Afrin area to the SAA, according to the Russian state-run news agency Sputnik. Haifi said that the YPG is negotiating with Russia in order to “stop the Turkish attack on Afrin” but didn’t provide any further information.

Pro-government sources speculate that the YPG somehow seeks to get protection from Russia and Iran remaining loyal to the US on the same time. This is a complicated task.

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Great news.
Go Tigers :)
comment image

David BlackBeard

pls …. someone , tell the fucking kudo that they can’t sit on different dicks at the same time …. they have to chose whos dick they gonna use mainly , turkish , us , iranian , sirian or russian !!!!

Promitheas Apollonious

ok….. good luck convincing whores, who change their price according to the size, to listen to reason.


Well, they can sit on different dicks at the same time, but I doubt that in this case a gangbang is more enjoyable to them.

Joe Doe

SDF in Afrin are very stupid. Rather sides with Assad and Russia to have protection and peace, they rather lessens to USA lies and loose Afrin to FSA and Turkey, which I think this is what the Americans wants. Have Afrin region control by FSA and Turkey than by Russia and Assad


Correct ! that was and is the idea.

Vunk Alfons

But in case that US is angry to Erdugun because of his deals for S-400….
And look 1 day ago only – Putin with ERdu – meetings, agreements…. You are right may be but the story could be more deeper….

Gabriel Hollows

Then let them die for their puppet masters. It makes no difference for Assad whatsoever, Afrin will be reclaimed whether it is from kurds or the turkroaches who will most likely hand it over because they don’t want to anger Russia AND the US at the same time.

Miguel Redondo

The latest advance in Idlib liberated the last piece of track of the Hama-Aleppo railway. That is a great news for the logistics of SAA. A Tank-batallion is much easier and cheaper to move on railway than on streets upon flattrailers. The numbers are fabolous. 50 tanks on flatbed-trailers you need 50 trailers each with its driver and 500hp traction-head. On the railway , 25 flatwaggons + 1x 5000hp loco with driver. And railway is faster.

Manuel Flores Escobar

USA set a Trap for the kurds forcing them not to allow SAA inside Afrin..so it was the perfect excuse for FSA with the Turks support to invade Afrin canton which threat north Aleppo city with the arrival of terrorist through Turkey border…..now they can attack Aleppo from 3 sides..Idlib, Northwest Aleppo and Northeast Aleppo….


And for what purpose should the USA do something irrational and wiked like that?

Manuel Flores Escobar

The main target of US forces is to expel Assad…everything is OK to withdraw him include false chemical attacks!

Astar Roth

Oh give us a break, Americans.
They stated the same over and over again and it already gray and faded phony threat.


That is all right, but why should the US trap the kurds, when the kurds are their only player on the ground to achieve a permanent deconstruction of the syrian state authority. Erdogan is not a good puppet, he does what ever comes in his mind.

Dagwood Bumstead

The US isn’t trapping them – they simply abandoned them. I don’t know specifically about the US SF, but other countries pulled their special forces out of the Kurd area, not too long ago.

northerntruthseeker .

You are delusional here… The USA has absolutely NO RIGHTS at all, period, to be in Syria at all.. They are basically invaders, and have used the SDF/YPG/PKK forces as their puppet to garner the excuse to stay… And now the Kurds are seeing the folly of following the satanic US/Israel pledges that are now worthless….

The Turks are no fools and see the Kurds as a thorn in their side and we must remember that there is a large Kurdish contingency that is still active in Turkey itself… The Turks therefore are wanting to eliminate the threat to their own nation now….

The Kurds were of course offered an out a while back with Assad stating that if they gave up their twisted alliance with the US/israel sickness, they would be welcome with open arms into the Syrian family and allowed their own autonomy as well as protection from the SAA and the Syrian government… But of course the Kurdish leadership has been blinded by the evil and sick US/Israel twisted dream of using them to destroy Syria itself.. Now the Kurds are paying for that folly of stupidity in being allowed to make a deal with the devil….


You know, the Kurds could have been Heroes by returning the land they conquered from the Zionazi Headchoppers to the Syrians….but noO, they had to sell their soul to the same Headchopping Zionazis…. it’s so bloody tempting to own Oilfields that do not belong to you…the Petrodollars they received for this Treason soon lose their value anyways….back in the good ol’ days this whole thing would have probably turned out in favour of the Kurds (MSM used to be very good & effective in creating the “narrative”, those days are gone). These days you are considered to be nothing more than a bunch of Traitorsss… I know where the Kurdish leaders will be when they have to flee the country…. right… the Bahamas and where will the common Kurdish people will be? Right…. in Syria…..Kurds….I can tell you one thing: A lot of wannabe-world-leaders SUCK Asss and if you suck ass long enough, soon you’ll start chokin’ on shit…..And they’ll leave you behind if the shit starts hitting the fan ( just like these ZionaziPuppetMasters did in the first Gulf War)…..remember that…..

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

wondering if the US are holding kurdish families hostage so they fight for em, wouldnt put anything past those bastards

Astar Roth

Great point, mate.

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