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Syrian War Report – February 1, 2017: Govt Forces To Clean Another Pocket Near Damascus

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Syrian government forces are preparing to launch a military operation in another pocket near the capital of Damascus – the Beit Jinn pocket, according to pro-government sources. The operation is allegedly set to be launched in February.

On January 31, 30 ISIS terrorists were killed in a failed counter-attack against the Syrian army near the Kuweires Airbase in the eastern Aleppo countryside, according to pro-militant sources. On February 1, the Syrian army’s Tiger Forces and the National Defense Forces (NDF) continued advances in the direction of al-Bab.

On January 31, aircraft allegedly belonging to the US-led coalition carried out an airstrike over the militant-held city of Idlib. The airstrike hit the Carlton Hotel which was reportedly used by Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) as headquarters and barracks for fighters.

The so-called “Syrian Democratic Forces”, in other words the Kurdish YPG, have received IAG Guardian armored personnel carriers and a batch of weapons from the US-led coalition. It is the first time when the YPG receives armoured vehicles from the coalition. Anti-tank guided missiles, sniper rifles, assault rifles, heavy machine guns and mortars have been also supplied.

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Trustin Judeau

The SAA should clear Eastern Ghouta pocket.Beit Jinn pocket was reduced some time ago.Again stupid decision by the Syrian command.The East ghouta will freed a lot of troops


East ghouta is big pocket and has very skilled defenders (they’ve been defending that area for years, it’s easier to free smaller pockets first it’ll will free up resources faster


Yarmouk needs to be cleaned.

jim crowland

I just hope Assad dont mass murder too much civilians

888mladen .

Surely he would have if you were his adviser.


Which civilians did Assad mass murder? The Syrian Arab Army is just that: Syrian. Why would the Syrian army murder their friends, and neighbors who are also Syrian? And Jim, if you’re going to troll you need to brush up on your English.


they gain few miles here and loss somewhere else. it’s a war they cant win, not after Assad murdered 400K Syrians and made 3M refugees. He will be hanged with the rest of the leadership.


I think you’ll find that Caesar Obama began the massacre and that the Assad regime and its allies have been ending it.

Trustin Judeau

There is no sense in responding to him.He is sectarian and idiot.

أنس خطاب

Your photo proved for me you’re as idiot as the one in the photo. Idiot Commandos.


can you prove it? for now, 400K dead people are Sunny by the ends of Assad. He will go down as a little Hitler. Pay attention that all the Arab world hate him and the only support he gets are from Iran and Russia (Russia to have a grip in the middle east, Iran so it can have puppet country). Russia will leave because it’s not her fight (same as the US left Iraq, same as the Russians left Afghanistan as well as the US, same as the US left Vietnam). Iran will keep fighting because if not, the fight will come to her border. Obama is not and never was really part of it.

Manuel Chrut

Are you new to this stuff or just biased? He cannot be responsible for those deaths because he didn’t start the war in the first place, he’s defending his country as is his duty. You would know that if you would bother to find the information yourself.

Majority of casualties may be Sunni, but that’s because Sunni are majority in Syria.

أنس خطاب

You’re Mr knows-everything, right? I am a Syrian and I have seen the brutality of this regime.You are a conspiracy theory fan who read an article that says Assad is an angel, and then started shouting on Internet I know the truth, the whole world is lying. You should bother youself and look for photos of thoose who were killed under torture. Is he defending the country against half of the population? What a crazy joke!

Manuel Chrut

I don’t pretend to know everything. I go daily through many sources and try to construct the reality from the information that can be verified. I base my opinions around these facts and around expert opinions, not around unverifiable claims or conspiracy theories. And don’t worry, I’ve bothered to see a lot of photos, but I still lean away from allegations such as you’ve made.

I make no illusions about the government, but do you think the alternative is any better? Wake up! And just because you are Syrian (allegedly), it doesn’t mean your views are right. The narrative about Assad deliberately butchering his own people is riddled with all sorts of flaws — like Assad standing in the way of bunch of countries that would like to further their own interests and would benefit mightily from the fall of his administration — being the prime example.


About half of the casualties in the war are Syrian army, you footling nincompoop; most of the army is Sunni too.

أنس خطاب

I hate this type of people who claims they know everything while they haven’t seen anything. You really doesn’t deserve wasting my time responding to your absurdity. I am writhing just for the case of those who got confuse. How many years have u lived in Syria? I am a Syrian and I was shoted by the government security while I was in a protest in 2011. I was so lucky I escaped from therir brutalty.


Good for you, even better for you to have escaped the US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers. Unless you joined them?


You either lack a foundation in the history, and geopolitics of the Syrian war or you have an anti-Syrian agenda. The reality is that Sunnis factions started the war with the complicity of America (Obama), the Gulf States, and NATO. Russia just signed a 50 plus year agreement to occupy naval, and air facilities in Syria. Russia isn’t going anywhere. They US is very much still in Iraq. The US left Vietnam because the US was defeated. Iran is no one’s puppet, and to think otherwise is to deny all reality.

Now here’s my favorite fact: The Syrian Arab Army is ……. wait for it ……. drum roll ………. over 60 percent Sunni.

أنس خطاب

Yes sure thing. Obama is the one who destroyed Homs, Aleppo and Reef Dimashq and Assad is the lord of peace. What a carazy joke. Idiot.


It’s an oil war you peasant. Caesar Obama wants a pipeline from the Gulf through Syria to Europe.


Stop bullshiting with your mouth.

Robin Olsen

LOL -not too likely as we only hang people for REAL Crimes not American made up BS nonsense so you keep dreaming….

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