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Syrian War Report – Feb. 4, 2019: US-led Coalition Struck Syrian Army Near Al-Bukamal

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Syrian War Report – Feb. 4, 2019: US-led Coalition Struck Syrian Army Near Al-Bukamal

Late on February 2nd, a US-led coalition warplane attacked an artillery position of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the area of al-Sukkariya west of the town of al-Bukamal in the province of Deir Ezzor. According to the Syrian Defense Ministry, one artillery piece was destroyed and 2 SAA soldiers were injured.

In December, the Syrian military accused the US-led coalition of launching ground-to-ground rockets at positions of the SAA’s 21st Brigade around the area of al-Tanaf. However, the coalition claimed that the attack targeted an ISIS commander.

It’s interesting to note that the February 2 strike came a day after the SAA ambushed a group of ISIS members and destroyed their vehicle. Government forces seized weapons, IEDs and medical equipment belonging to the ISIS members. Some sources say that the terrorists had attempted to deliver medical supplies to their counter-parts operating within the US-occupied area of al-Tanf. ISIS successfully exploits the US-led coalition hostile behavior towards the Damascus government and hide from SAA operations in the US-proclaimed “security zone” near al-Tanf.

More than 800 foreign terrorists from over 40 countries are detained by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Department of Defense spokesman Cmdr. Sean Robertson told CNN on February 2. According to reports, U.S. officials believe that the number of detained foreign terrorists is likely to grow as many of those fighters remaining in the ISIS-held pocket in the middle Euphrates River Valley will fail to escape.

Despite this, at least one group of ISIS members was able to reach the border during a recent counter-attack in the Euphrates pocket and to flee to western Iraq.

Meanwhile, reports circulate that the US Special Operations Forces have deployed a special unit in eastern Syria to search and capture wanted ISIS members, including Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

In the Idlib de-escalation zone, clashes and artillery duels continue to erupt in northern Hama, southern Idlib and western Aleppo. The situation is expected to become even worse as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham has once again found understanding with another al-Qaeda-like terrorist group operating in the area, Houras al-Din.

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Albert Peace

See those top notch russian air defence systems are not working, as per normal it seems.


So where are your fancy NATO jets than to challenge handful of Russians in Syria?!
You lousy big mouthed NATO coward !
You think that one hit and run on the distant border of Iraq and Syria is proof of anything but perfidy and COWARDLINESS ?!?
Or Israeli hit and run from Mediterranean sea?!

You good for nothing lousy COWARDLY sons of whores!

Albert Peace

If you actually looked at my profile you will find that I have gave russian equipment more than the benfeit of the doubt in several occasions.


So why are you upset ?
Those nasty words sure doesn’t concern you !
But what concerns you is persistent trend from people like you to play blame game on Russia all the time.
On every tiny possibility you can get, playing in the hands of enemies (not only of Russia) but everybody who fights against Assad. So who is “useful idiot” ?
One who trust your “good”, “honest” intentions or one who responds to your “provocation”?!
Hard to tell.

If you look at the map the place of the attack is not far from Iraqi border and those jets could have attacked from Iraq without even coming close to border of Syria. They could have come from Iraqi side weather they were located in Jordan or Turkey or gulf US base.
In that case I doubt that even SAA would have time to react appropriately with some local AA defenses.

Maybe many things can be said about Russians but one thing is sure ….they are not cowards and will not back against anybody if their soldiers are in danger!
Syrians have plenty of AA defenses it is up to them now to see how to protect themselves enough of Russian baby sitting!

Albert Peace

You have got the complete wrong end of the stick, I’m criticising the SA 10 ( s300) that were delivered to the syrian government months ago and how it has not been used once to repel any aggression on Syria. And the only response is excuses from the russian MOD. This leads me to the conclusion that the SA 10 is mere vaporware and this is in turn ineffective.


I am sure that for S-300 being effective takes proper crew.

I am sure that Israel disagrees with you of S-300 being “vaporware ” since NOT SINGLE F-16 has entered Syrian air space…

Truth is that S-300 must do much better than that and represent also real punishment for aggressor, not only empty scarecrow …but for all that it takes QUALIFIED CREW to make it happen


buy a rope, and hang up yourself


and who are you, coward little shit?


The S300 works well, it will not be used against mickey mouse provocations and incidents.
Just consider the F22 never flew to challenge any Russian air defenses in Syria, conversely, the F22 got embarrassed by Suk 35 working in conjunction with the S400 multi band radar.


Hahaha, you idiot! The F-22s dont fly beacuse of the same reason, why dont fly sukhoys in east syria: there is an agreement between russia and usa.your propaganda is so primitiv ….

Icarus Tanović

And you’re junk.


and you are unsocialised fascist dick

Icarus Tanović

No, you suck my dick well.


serb = skunk

Icarus Tanović

Yes, that’s very right, skunk as turks and jews. But I ain’t either of those.


A political decision.

Jens Holm

Funny version. If true, are there any Iraqian and Syrian troops along the border from Abu Kalama to Al Tanf ?

ISIS in the Al Tanf zone. Impressive.

And Sana never lies too. And maybee it at leas is true USA actualla has a group in the Iraqian minefield are. We have seen USA troops under transportation there for a short while maybee a month ago.




“”Our partner forces were fired upon and exercised their inherent right to self-defense. It is under investigation, so I cannot comment further at this time,” Col. Sean Ryan, U.S. coalition spokesperson, told Fox News via email.”

– US-led coalition jets bomb Syrian Army –



You’ve been defeated again


What is it about that Israel, the US and the rest of the terror backers are losing the war that you don’t understand?

Brother Thomas

He is delusional.



They won’t do shit about it either


About Idlib….what a beautiful Russia-Turkey agreement for the terrorists and Turkey, isn’t it ? The terrorists are becoming stronger and better organized thanks to Turkey help, and thanks to Russia, they have a “safe heaven” are in Idlib.


Act in haste and repent at leisure.


I don’t think anyone doubts by now that the USAF is isis’s, and every other terrorist’s on the Syrian ground, Airforce.
IsrAmerica is The evil of this world.

Every war since, at least, WW1 they were there to make the profits for their super-rich, for the Illuminati, for the Deep State while the poor died in wars for oil …



Mini potato mashers?

Xoli Xoli

Were is the Russians their are supposed to protect Syria against infiltration saboteurs,terrorism, land grabbing and indirect attack to limits Syriam forces against,more especially USA, Irael,France,British and Turkey.

Xoli Xoli

USA is ruled by Pentagon the President is just a final spokesperson after new rules p by top military brass.Pompeo and Bolton drafted plan to Trump is to call open protection of Israel as a excused to have soldiers in Syria for indirect sabotage of its military gainst and interference in internal affairs.Soon USAwarship will flow through coming China see,DPRK and Donbas attacked by Ukraine,provoking,North Korea Iran ,Syrian attack and forcefully invasions of Turkey in Northern Syria final Tajikistan and Venezuela intrusion.Putin it is coming smart and destructive.serveilance around Russia.Instigating Japan against Russia Macroni of France lies against Russia just British tactic and USA.INF was just to force Russia to quite because USA wants.mass production of banned weapons but the same USA have attacked all the countries which abandone nuclear weapons chemicalweapons.That is the motive of western partners of Putin.

Xoli Xoli

Time for free and fair elections in breakup so called USA province’s then Washington will be isolated and world terrorism stop.

Fred Dozer

I would say every country that buys S-300, S-400 systems are fools. And there are many. But in reality, these courtiers know the weapon is irreplaceable. It will be one sorry day for mankind, when Russia shows the world the weapons capability. Do you think NATO will back down once 1 or 6 or 10 fighter planes are downed. Did they in Vietnam ? And Trump would resort to Tactical Nukes. Game Over,

Brother Thomas

Interesting you should use Vietnam as an example.

Fred Dozer

Russia has not taken the bait to escalate to a Vietnam type war. Russia surface-to-air missiles brought down over 2000+, fighter jets, and 5000+ American helicopters.These are admitted numbers, must be astronomically larger. Puzzling why they kept-ed the prisoner the likes of “John McCain” alive. Must have been something demanded by Russia. Russia does not have the wealth to fight a all-out conventional war, but can end the world in desperation. Lets hope it never happens.

Tommy Jensen

Russia is still fumbling around with training issues for Assad´s pre-paid “got for free” S-300. Because its not Russia´s deal to interfere with the Iran/Israel mutual war! Therefore Russia is NOT delaying the S-300 .
The training issue will end mid march, perhaps abril, maybe may-july. It depends on the Syrians low IQ.

Brother Thomas

“It’s interesting to note that the February 2 strike came a day after the SAA ambushed a group of ISIS members and destroyed their vehicle. Government forces seized weapons, IEDs and medical equipment”.

The US is clearly not in Syria to fight ISIS.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“It’s interesting to note that the February 2 strike came a day after the SAA ambushed a group of ISIS members and destroyed their vehicle”.
It’s also interesting that the US attacked the SAA artillery site that had just shelled Isis positions across the river just a few hundred metres from where SDF forces were fighting against Isis.

Rodney Loder

Syria can’t exist as an island protecting Christian swine as it’s no.1 purpose in existence when it’s exactly the same Christian swine that are, have been, and will attack Syria as they are the real 5 th. Christian Crusade trying to control and populated the Holy Lands with their auxillary Talmudists.

Wake up SAA it’s been a brilliant war and it’s great to succeed but now its time to support the broader engagement, we can’t do much about the Christian Crusade at the moment but we can support Brother Erdogan rise up in importance and overcome Salman the homosexual apostate in KSA so at least the the Crusaders haven’t got a slave supporting israel while undermining Islamic fundamentalism..

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