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JULY 2020

Syrian War Report – Feb. 21-22, 2019: Iran Took Control Of Several US Drones Flying Over Syria, Iraq


Syrian War Report – Feb. 21-22, 2019: Iran Took Control Of Several US Drones Flying Over Syria, Iraq

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) have finished their combing operation in the central Syrian desert, the NDF media center said in a statement.

According to the released statement, the SAA and the NDF eliminated several ISIS members and seized loads of weapons and equipment in the framework of the operation, which covered desert areas of Homs, Rif Dimashq, Deir Ezzor and Raqqa provinces. Despite this, ISIS cells still control a large chunk of the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert.

On February 21, a car bomb exploded near the Deir Rasm hospital in the center of the Turkish-occupied city of Afrin injuring up to 10 people. The attack took place a few hours after a military parade held  by Turkish-backed militants in the city. Opposition activists accused YPG-linked rebels of carrying out the attack. Since early 2018, YPG-linked cells had conducted multiple IED attacks and ambushes on positions of Turkey-led forces in the region.

A car bomb hit a bus currying workers returning from the Omar oil fields. At least 15 people were killed and multiple others were injured. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, but local sources say that it was likely conducted by ISIS cells.

Multiple convoys carrying men, women and children, mostly ISIS members and their families, left the ISIS-held pocket in the Euphrates Valley in the last 2 days. These persons are being transferred to filtration camps controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). According to reports, about 250 ISIS fighters remained besieged in the area because they refuse to surrender.

It is interesting to note that pro-SDF sources pretend that the group allows civilians only to leave the pocket. However, evidence from the ground contradicts to these claims. On February 21, it appeared that the US-backed group had handed over 500 ISIS members to the Iraqi military.

On February 19, Russian forces opened two humanitarian corridors allowing refugees to leave the camp. Members of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent were stationed at the checkpoints to provide medical aid to refugees leaving the camp.

However, according to the Russian Reconciliation Centre, militants have blocked the exit from the camp by building an earth berm. They also threatened the refugees with “jail and death” on the territory under the control of the Damascus government.

Head of the Centre Sergei Solomatin added that at the same time, “the possibility of exit of foreign fighters from the 55-kilometer zone to Jordan and Iraq is not limited” and ISIS militants and their families are being moved to the camp from the eastern bank of the Euphrates River. From its side, US-backed militants continue to repeat that the Damascus government is persecuting and punishing refugees returning to their homes.

The Iranian Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) have got control of 7-8 US unnamed aerial vehicles operating in Syria and Iraq, IRGC Aerospace Force Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh said adding that the IRGC extorted intelligence data from the aircraft. The IRGC media also released videos confirming its claims.

While ISIS is de-facto defeated in Syria and Iraq, a possible escalation of the long-standing conflict between the US-Israeli-led bloc and Iran continues to pose a threat to regional security.



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  • occupybacon

    An article about everything else but the drones. Well, two lines and a half at the end say there is a video.

  • verner

    well well, iran managed to take control of a few drones whereas the squatters of tel aviv, the concentration camp operators, managed to take control of moronistan’s congress. which I suppose will be to the squatters benefit. however since moronistan is more or less bankrupt and the squatters can’t make ends meet if their life depended on it, they are in dire straits and will soon be kicked so far into the med that it will be the curtain for the squatters. which is exactly what the world needs and require.

    • Sinbad2

      Yes once the fake economy collapses, it will be open season on America and Israel.
      A huge dose of their own medicine is coming to America.

  • Sinbad2

    I wonder if Iran can use the weapons on the American drones?

    • occupybacon

      Tell us more about how Russia can cause Tomahawk missiles to commit suicide

  • Harsha
  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    Drones now, missiles next, then aircraft, I’d like to see the face of the US/Israeli pilot that loses control of his aircraft to an Iranian hacker, especially if he’s flying over enemy territory, will he eject [that’s if he’s still can due to hacking] as soon as he realizes and then try to get home somehow, or will he just sit back and enjoy the ride down to the enemy airfield. LOL, that would be a sight to see.
    I know they can’t hack manned aircraft yet, but who knows what they might be capable of in the future, hackers are doing it to driverless cars already so who knows what could happen, and most modern aircraft are practically fully automated already so it’s not too far of a stretch for me to imagine it eventually happening, and why would it necessarily be the US, Israel, Russia, China or India that does it first, maybe Iran will claim the honor, they seem to be well on their way already.