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Syrian War Report – Feb. 14, 2019: US Sets Up New Base On Iraqi Border, ISIS Threat Grows In Desert

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Syrian War Report – Feb. 14, 2019: US Sets Up New Base On Iraqi Border, ISIS Threat Grows In Desert

On February 13, the Syrian Air Force conducted a series of airstrikes on ISIS hideouts in the area of Kiribat al-Hosn in the Damascus desert. The airstrikes reportedly came in response to a recent increase in the activity of ISIS cells in this area.

The Damascus desert as well as the desert areas near the US-occupied al-Tanf zone are still a safe haven for a few hundred ISIS-linked militants. Just last week, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) eliminated a group of 6 ISIS members involved in a reconnaissance operation near the administrative border of al-Suwayda province.

The situation in the desert area may deteriorate even further if the SAA and its allies do not employ the measures needed to neutralize this threat.

Meanwhile, reports appeared that the SAA has sent reinforcements to southern Syria. The reason for the deployment givem by some pro-government outlets is the reinforcement of SAA positions near the Golan Heights, where Israeli strikes recently took place. However, the very same forces can be used to secure the countryside of al-Suwayda in the event of the growing ISIS threat from the desert.

In the Idlib de-escalation zone, the SAA conducted one of the most intense shellings of militant positions since the start of the year. According to pro-opposition sources, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its allies came under fire in al-Lataminah, Lahaya, Maarkaba, al-Buwaydah, Qalaat al-Madiq, al-Hwaiz, al-Twinah and al-Hurriyah in northern Hama as well as Sukayk, Khan Shaykhun and al-Tamanah in southern Idlib.

The Syrian state media said that the strikes were a response to violations of the ceasefire regime by militant groups. In turn, militants accused the Assad government of violating the de-escalation deal.

It should be noted that Russia has recently toughened its attitude towards the de-escalation zone issue. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov officially stated that that the Idlib agreement is only a temporary measure and “no agreement suggests the endless preservation of this terrorist nest in Syrian territory”.

The US-led coalition is working to establish a permanent military base in southwestern Iraq, near the country’s border with both Syria and Jordan, the Iraqi al-Maalomah news outlet reported on February 13 citing a source in the province of al-Anbar. This would not be the first attempt of the US military to fortify its presence in this part of the country. In November 2018, a commander of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units revealed that the coalition had tried to occupy the H3 airbase, known as Abu Rida al-Baldaui, in western al-Anbar.

These actions are a part of the wider effort to establish an infrastructure allowing the US military to control key highways linking Syria and Iraq. On February 3, US President Donald Trump openly declared that despite the Syria withdrawal, US forces will remain in Iraq in order to watch Iran.

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  1. Pave Way IV says:

    They’re just going to keep coming from US training camps in Jordan. I think it’s about time the Syrians think about cutting off Wahhabi head-chopper funding at the source. Houthis would do it but don’t have shoes – it’s quite a walk.


    1. Thunder says:

      before the american elections before trump i found photo’s of terrorist training camps in the north of syria i was hoping under this new gov they would of closed em down but even i have noticed they have different strategy now..like they have all knew training

    2. Thunder says:

      i’ll try to re find that pic tho

  2. Thunder says:

    all mossad assets shall be wiped out for fighting for the synigoug of satan as u do isis!!i know u were conceived outside rydah and i know u were trained by saudi arabia and the fake fckn jews the americans under obama and the brits the french ect..i know i know i know satanic soldiers and for that u all fckn die!! even if u escape the desert ye shall face ur justice in whatever homeland u came from for we the worlds over know u work for satan even the jinn as traitors towards ur own brown brothers and sisters out there and u WILL all die a traitors death for killing your own brown kin for the fake fckn jews!!!

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