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Syrian War Report – Feb. 11-13, 2019: New Israel Strikes And ‘Secret Missile Factory’ In Tartus

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Syrian War Report – Feb. 11-13, 2019: New Israel Strikes And 'Secret Missile Factory' In Tartus

Late on February 11, Israeli forces struck positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the province of Quneitra near the Golan Heights, according to local sources. Shells and missiles reportedly hit at least 8 buildings and positions, including the Quneitra city hospital and an observation post near the al-Shaab Mount.

Later Israeli media claimed that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) had hit positions of Lebanese Hezbollah. The IDF released no official comment on the incident.

The attack followed a series of media reports claiming that the Lebanese movement was buying US and British weapons and equipment from former members of the Free Syrian Army (FSA). These reportedly included US-made TOW anti-tank guided missiles and UK-made thermal surveillance systems. The militants reportedly hid these weapons ignoring terms and conditions of the reconciliation agreement with the Damascus government.

The UAE-based Orient TV speculated that the alleged illegal deals between former FSA members and Hezbollah are being supported by the Syrian Air Force Intelligence Directorate and the SAA’s 4th Division.

So far, no source spreading these reports has been able to provide evidence to confirm its claims. Furthermore, pro-government sources deny that Hezbollah has any kind of permanent positions deployed near the Golan Heights.

The Hezbollah-FSA deals are not the only rumor spread by Israeli and pro-Israeli media. On February 7, Channel 12 claimed that Syria, Iran and Hezbollah are jointly working to establish a secret missile factory in the town of Safita in the province of Tartus, therefore somewhere near the area where the Russian naval facility is located.

The Israeli channel claimed that an organization named “Anas Group” had been created to facilitate the work of the factory by purchasing materials from Italy, China and other Asian states. The factory is supposedly being run by Jamal Said, who is said to be a well-known figure in the field of missile production in the Middle East, according to the channel.

The missile factory will allegedly be involved in turning Hezbollah’s missiles into precision-guided munitions, which can strike positions inside Israel with high accuracy.

Syrian experts say that such reports are barely based on real intelligence and their main goal is to justify Israeli military actions in the war-torn country.

After the Il-20 incident and the S-300 delivery to the Syrian military, Israel had temporarily halted its strikes on the war-torn country. However, in January-February 2019, the situation escalated once again.

Considering the recent developments, the IDF is set to expand its operations until it will face a painful response to its actions. Most likely, this will be the first case of S-300 use by the Syrian military. Depending on the result of this action, the conflict could develop in various directions – from further escalation to another period of temporary calmness in Israeli actions.

Meanwhile, the US-led coalition and the Syrian Democratic Forces continued their operation against ISIS in the Euphrates Valley. Local sources report about hundreds of coalition airstrikes in the area over the past few days. If the situation develops in the same direction, the ISIS-held pocket will be eliminated within a few days. Earlier, the success of this advance was named as one of pre-conditions to start the real withdrawal of US forces from Syria.

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You can call me Al

Quick, quick guys and girls, if you do not believe the Israelis, you are anti-semites.

Hisham Saber

These small and ineffective strikes by Israel in Syria will never change the dynamics on the ground. Israel’s arrogance will soon be met by a humiliating response if not trigger a regional war in which Israel, U.S. , British and French soldiers, including their Kurdish lackeys will suffer immensely.

The forces of the axis of resistance in Syria and Iraq as well as Lebanon are too numerous , and have 8 years of real time combat experience in desert, rural and urban combat environs.

Arab tribes of Mesopotamia and the Levant are firmly allied with the Syrian, Hezbollah and Iranian, Iraqi side. Besides the hundreds of thousands of troops and fighters of the resistance front, they are in their own turf/countries, and have-enjoy a vast pool from which reserves and volunteers have to gain from.

The British, French troops( 200 Special Forces and three howitzers, and the British maybe 3000 Special Forces troops and a few small bases), and U.S. Special Forces, which number in the 10-15 thousand range, and small scattered bases, in Syria, amount to encirclement and annihilation if war broke out.

As Hezbollah has shown in 2006, when Israel had total air supremacy, that they could successfully fight the IDF up close and personal. They used a tactic the Soviets used at Stalingrad. To ‘ hug ‘ your enemy, or ‘ hold him by the waist/belt ‘ so as to make air strikes ineffective option, thus eliminating what would amount to the heavy Calvary off the field.

The forces of the axis of resistance are very mobile, and lethal. They will absorb the U.S. coalition forces and outmaneuver, outflank, outmatch and vastly outnumber the U.S. Coalition, Kurds, and the British and French.

Everything is being put into place. The Syrian Arab Army, NDF, Hezbollah, IRGC , Iraqi PMU forces ( whom are already threatening U.S. bases in Iraq, and demanding withdraw of U.S. troops from Iraq. A voice echoed by the Iraqi Parliament). There are also numerous fighting groups spread out between Syria and Iraq, that make p the auxiliaries to the forces of resistance. Iran has about three million Afghan who have taken shelter there after years of war. Somehow, about 35-45 thousand of them have volunteered to fight in the coming showdown. Thousands of Chechen volunteers and ones working directly for the Russian MoD are there. All with one goal in mind. To expel the U.S. Britain, France from the greater Middle East and free Palestine, and effectively put an end to the atrocious Zionist project.

Once that happens, China and Russia will fill the void and when all is said and done, Syria will be rebuilt, so will Iraq. They are two countries along with many more that will be integrated into the gargantuan OBR Silk Road of the Chinese, they will be winners and will prosper. Its a ‘ win-win ‘ as the Chinese like to say.

By the way, I haven’t even included the armed forces of Iran whom are up to 1 million and IRGC who by some estimates are around 250,000. Iran also has the hardnosed, tough and serious Basij volunteers force which is estimated to be around 17 million in all of Iran, and these guys have sworn an oat to annihilate the Zionist entity occupying Palestine. These guys cant wait, and are itching to go and do the job.

If Israel decides on a suicidal course and go unconventional, then every square foot/meter of Israel will be blasted by ballistic missiles with high explosive warheads and that are very, very accurate now thanks to China. If Hezbollah has an estimated 150,000 ballistic missiles, all fitted with hi-tech Chinese designed, and duplicate by Iran , guidance systems for the ballistic missiles, well how many do you think Iran has. Iran is a power house of ballistic missiles. And has attained from China advanced guidance system designs for its arsenal. Iran is a country of about 90 million people, heavily armed and ready for a war, if it comes to that. They have been preparing for this since 1979.


Most of this stuff isn’t going to happen. It’s true that these little strikes aren’t going to affect the overall situation on the ground. It’s true that China will probably get involved in Syrian reconstruction and try to integrate Syria and various other parts of the Middle East into the whole OBOR/Silk Road system. The Chinese will be hoping that the politics of profitable trade, in real goods not just oil, will ultimately prove more influential in the region than the politics of war and confrontation.

It’s probably not true that anybody much, whether Iranians, Russians, Afghans working for Iran, et cetera et cetera, is planning on some huge fight with the US and Israel in the Middle East. That’s one of those things where even if you win, you lose–and if you win really big, Israel nukes everybody (including inadvertently themselves). The Russians seem to be trying hard to create a relatively balanced peace. The Chinese as I say want to grow their influence by being the people everyone is trading with, and as the area becomes more prosperous and peaceful having US influence based on military intervention shrink. Iran is ready to fight if they must, but they really don’t want to–they remember the Iran/Iraq war, they know lots of people die in those things.


“The forces of the axis of resistance are very mobile, and lethal. They will absorb the U.S. coalition forces and outmaneuver, outflank, outmatch and vastly outnumber the U.S. Coalition, Kurds, and the British and French.”
How long has it taken to to defeat the poorly armed, trained and led Rebels?
Don’t think for a nano second that the past years of Civil war translate to fighting the US and Israel.
Ask the Wagoners after the fighting near Dir ez Zor abut how out matched we are.
The US can have waves of heavy bombers with in 48 hrs. Each one dropping more explosives than either side has used the entire war.

Luke Hemmming

Israel defences would not hold against an all out offensive by determined enemies. A few well aimed missiles aimed at key nuclear infrastructure, airports and desalination plants, would collapse Israel. Israel counts on the US for protection. Without that Israel is nothing and would easily be overwhelmed and destroyed. Even Israelis own ex defence chiefs admit that the IDF is not prepared and insufficient in its ability to keep up a sustained defense against a long lasting conflict.
But lucky for Israel most of its enemies are not looking for a war but want peace and just to be left alone to look after themselves without US/Israeli interference/influence or sabre rattling by them. But that alone is nothing more than a dream


Let me tell you what..Israel’s military technology is second to none. not even the Europeans or the US.
Their air force is regarded as the best.
Their Spike ATGMs are used by several countries.
Their tanks have the Trophy APS and against the Hamas stopped all their missiles.
Their artillery now has the Excalibur rounds and are accurate with in 3 meters at 20 kms.
On they can not maintain a prolonged war of attrition. So they will devastate the enemy in weeks.
They can field 150k men in weeks.
if you think the, at best, moderately equipped light infantry that Syria, Hezbollah and Iran can bring to the fight will be slaughtered. The Israelis can sit back behind their Golan defenses and paint the landscape red.
As for missiles, read up on the Iron Dome and Sling of David. Hamas has been lobbing missiles at them for years and have got no where.
The Israelis can cut up anybody in the Middle east.
Lastly they are not going to be fighting alone. Contrary to popular belief in the Russia for Jewish conspiracies. Israelis are not supported by just the Jewish lobby. there are a lot of fundamentalist Christians who avidly support the Jewish state, these are the people who Trump must have to stay in the White House.
S just review the history of US combat success in Ira to see how that would end.
Or just ask Saddam what he thinks?
Ooops you can’t.
Don’t end up like Saddam.

Estranghero Arafat

ZIONIST REGIME will soon meet its end. All the World can see how the Animals behave towards their neighbors.


Been saying that for 70 years.
A friendly piece of advice, for me to you:
Don’t hold your breath.

Jens Holm

Well, maynee in Your own single room hut. Very small world.

Jens Holm

I hope You dont make weather rapports.

Jens Holm

Its not even allowed to read, what You write.


You’ve been watching too many Rambo movies. Israeli war tech is hype. Iron Dome is BS – cannot stand up to barrages of prehistoric missiles from Gaza. IDF soldiers are Pussies and unmotivated-couldnt enter 5km into South Leb in 2006, US cannot defeat Taliban. WTF are you bitching about – All you have is Air superiority, after that, the long good fight is won by those prepared to die – certainly not Yankee canon fodder green card whore Mexicans or IDF pussies who still dare not enter Gaza even though they have surrounded, blockaded and starved Gaza for a decade. 100’s of Israeli strikes have done nothing to arrest Syrian battlefield successes.These are done for NuttyYahoo’s popularity polls and are of pure nuisance value. Syria is an axis state marked for takedown decades ago by Oded-Yinon and PNAC – Bitch Yankees plans in tatters and their fake Joo masters are in a pussy fit ‘cos nothing going to plan.Israel’s strategic depth is only 2 cities, then it’s back to Europe for fake Joo Ghetto rats.


2006 again.
You know even a broke clock is right twice a day.
And while you pukes are refighting yesterdays war to day Israel and the US are fighting tomorrows war.
The Taliban?
They hide in their caves and only come out when the lights are out. like cockroaches.
Hamas missiles can’t hit sh*t and Iron Dome swats them like flies.
Wars are not won by those willing to die They won by the prepared.
Those who are ready to die usual do and pointlessly.

H Eccles

re ‘cockroaches’…

what’s up kike?.. havent got the imagination to think up your own insults?? As well as appropriating other peoples lands, you’ve now taken to appropriating insults too.

The only cockroaches we’re aware of here are the ones like yourself trained in Tel Aviv.

cockroach = kike-roach… got it??.. no go stick your head in an oven


I am sorry I didn’t realize you had a trade mark on that one.
Perhaps you think you were the first to use it and there for it belongs exclusively to you.
Except others used it long before you and can use the insult as much as they want when ever they choose.
Or you are just a pathetic worm and can’t can’t keep people from appropriating what you claim is yours.
Either way, just like a pathetic worm, you writhe and squirm in outrage demanding to be noticed until something come along a smashes you with barely a care.

Jens Holm

Again toal nonsense, You hardly can believe, if You are a normal person.


Jens, calling something nonsense doesn’t make it so. There is more to what he says than you might like. A ‘normal’ person? Well, thank G-d there are a lot of non-normal (.i.e. brainwashed or bought) people. Your mind and baseless insistence reflects just one thing: Israel needs the ‘myth’ of invincibility. It is this myth that needs to be defended by bots like you, because if the adamant belief in Israeli superiority or Arab inferiority breaks, changes will happen. Of course, I’m not talking about Nasrian or Gaddafian delusions and lack of military and political judgment, I’m talking about real possibilities of asymmetric warfare. A Goliath is vulnerable, especially when you have no set-piece battles.

Jens Holm

I hope he will be the next Ayatollah. Its like Qaum in a duststorm. Those never should have been allowed to export their most mad people to somewhere else.

Jens Holm

Ijn Your dirty little world oppinions seemes to be more important then facts.

How do You know, You are in Lebanon or Iran ? Well, most men have only one leg and 1/2 brain.

Wars only solve problems with overpopulation and unimployment for You in Saddam style. Here we go again.

Best regards from a Maxim machine gunner using water to cool down.

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To submit intelligence information on known Zionist operatives or ongoing operations or past operations, please submit your Intel work to…

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