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Syrian War Report – December 9, 2019: Syrian Army Increasing Its Presence Along Turkish Border

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Syrian War Report – December 9, 2019: Syrian Army Increasing Its Presence Along Turkish Border

Over 100 Syrian and Russian airstrikes hit positions, weapon depots and infrastructure belonging to Idlib militant groups during the past few days. According to reports, most of the strikes were delivered in the surroundings of Kafr Nabl, al-Bara, Ehsim, Baluon, Maarzita and Talmenes. An intense aerial campaign against infrastructure and forces of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other radicals allowed the Syrian Army to stabilize the frontline in southern Idlib and repel militants’ all attempts to advance there.

Deputy Chief of Russia’s General Staff and the head of Russian forces in Syria Lieutenant General Alexander Chaiko has inspected the northeastern ‘safe zone’ area in Syria, according to a video released by Zvezda TV on December 8. The visit took place in the framework of a joint Russian-Turkish patrol along the M4 highway. According to the Zvezda TV report, the patrol inspected the ongoing de-mining efforts in Alia and Tell Tamr, as well as the reconstruction works at the electric substation near the Mabrouka camp for displaced people west of Ras al-Ayn. Another point of the joint patrol and inspection was to confirm the withdrawal of Kurdish armed groups from the area.

Earlier, Lieutenant General Chaiko discussed with the head of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Kobani, the implementation of the second phase for the ‘safe zone’ agreement. According to Kurdish sources, the second phase will include the deployment of Syrian Border Guard units along the border from Kobani to Semelka. Previously, the SDF and Russia agreed on the deployment of Russian troops in Amuda, Tell Tamir and Ayn Issa.

ISIS keeps a noticeable presence on along the eastern bank of the Euphrates, in the area where US troops are deployed.

On December 7, ISIS members attacked an SDF convoy near the town of Haijn reportedly killing 3 SDF members. In response to the attack, US-led coalition and SDF units raided the village of al-Shheell arresting two men.

On December 6, reports surfaced that unknown gunmen attacked the US-controlled Omar oil fields. The incident coincided with the arrival of US military convoy there. Then, pro-SDF sources said that artillery strikes in the area were just a part of some live fire drills.

During the past months, US and SDF forces conducted over a dozen of anti-ISIS raids across the Euphrates’ eastern bank. Nonetheless, this did not allow them to put an end to the ISIS presence in there.

ISIS cells also active on the western bank of the Euphrates. On December 6, an IED attack targeted a convoy of pro-government militia Liwa al-Quds near al-Mayadin. A single Liwa al-Quds member was killed.

Early on December 8, unidentified warplanes reportedly carried out a new round of strikes on positions of alleged Iranian forces in the al-Bukamal area. Pro-Israeli sources claimed that at least 5 Iranian-backed fighters were killed. This remains unconfirmed.

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Rüdiger Preiss

Outturk them :D!


Syrian army presence along Turkey boarder is well over Due

Pave Way IV

They were a bit preoccupied until now. I heard it was something to do with the 15,000 head-choppers we trained, paid and turned loose there to overthrow Assad. That was part of the US effort to freedomize the Syrians through sanctions, killing civilians, destroying/partitioning their country and stealing their resources.

And our evil scheme would have worked, too – it it wasn’t for the Russians showing up and kicking us in the nuts. Damn you, Putin!

Mehmet Aslanak

SAA & Russians are well aware of Kurdish communist guerilla wearing fake SAA uniforms along the Turkish border. Small Turkish drones report them to the Russian side. So the agreement was not fulfilled, Turkey is pressing to continue peace corridor operation where PKK/YPG operates in fake SAA uniforms.

“ISIS keeps a noticeable presence on along the eastern bank of the Euphrates, in the area where US troops are deployed.” —> This is another fakery, that boomer generals in Pentagon create those fake attacks. ISIS dispersed long ago in 2018. But boomers need to persuade Trump that ISIS is alive, so they can continue to play their pacman game over Syrian soil, steal their oil, keep communist guerilla well fed, etc.



Hide Behind

While the Kurds are solidifying their holdings and one talks ofnabandonment by US, there is one other player in the game Israel, and they do support both Iraq’s and Syria’s Kurds, and of all players it is in their interest to keep trouble stirring.

Constantly hear of how bad the European branch of Jews are one must remember there are a large portion of Jews spread throughout middle East and heavy in Israel of Semitic Jews in Israel , and there are individual Arab Semites that live within Israel proper that are epresented in both military and police.
Israel and Iraq Kurds are thicker than thieves, well they both steal Iraq oil and has been the Iraq Kurd arms supplier, financiers and trainers of Peshmerga.
At beginning ofbSyrian conflict itbwas found out that one of largest Al” Quidas affiliated groups leaders was actually a Mossad agent.
To think that there was only one Mossad instigator in leadership positions would not be out of line and it was they who organize aid to wounded in Israel proper.
To think they are not training Kurd Special units in Iraq that infiltratebtbemselves into all Kurd groups is also not out of line.
Linguisticly and in outward physical appearances those Semitic Jews are indistinguishable from neighboring Arab populations making it easy to infiltrate Syrian Groups from top to bottom.
During one of Israel attacks upon Lebanon it was found out that many of Lebanon’s pilots and upper infantry within Lebanon military had been turned or were actual Mossad agents.
Israel is already privy to talks by Turkey, Russia, and Iran Diplomatic conferences, and knows when, where and why of Russia /Turkey joint military operational decisions as they are made.
Israel is huge buyer of Iraq Kurds oil that Ships through Turkey and has eyes upon Syrian crude to be piped to them by same Turkish refineries and port oil terminals.
Easy to keep war pots stirred up when there are cold calculating people stirring up the passions of fanatic and nationalistic people drinking their brew.

Rodney Loder

It seems progress is being made, no clashes between Turkeish backed militias and SAA, on the home front, OPP, there is no appetite for war amongst Trump supporters and I think this is generally agreed upon accross all the political spectrums of grass roots stake holders in the US.

After 2020 you can be sure that will change if Trump gets a second term, he will be done with politics and once again, keen be to be King of the night club scene, he sees himself as Mac the is a Knife.now

Now isgreat time to stick it to America, and after 2020 it will be the worst possible time, because either one of two situations will exist.

1. Trump will be bored and looking to beef up representation in the jew – (pseudo jew of course, the only time Passover has been celebrated since the burning of genealogical records of the Levites at the beginning of the first millennium AD was by the Samaritans) – banker hierarchy who want the US at war permanently.
2. A Democrat victor’s president as the rationale alternative to a mad Donald Trump, China will be on board 100% pro israel.


Turkey is the intruder. Get out. No business in Syria.

Rodney Loder

Turkey announces possible military support for Libya, the only credible threat to – israeli / Saudi – dominance of the Middle East with US control is a Turkish – Qatar led coalition with Russian, Chinese and Iranian Allies.

Assad survived because he turned to reliable Allies Muammar Gadaffi didn’t because he let sentiment do his thinking.

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