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Syrian War Report – December 7, 2016: Washington Attempts To Save Militants From Total Collapse

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Jaish al-Fatah and Fatah Halab militant coalitions’ defenses are collapsing in the Syrian city of Aleppo under the pressure of pro-government forces.

Late on December 6 and early on December 7, the Syrian army, the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Liwa al-Quds set control over the areas east and north of the Aleppo Citadel and seized the almost whole neighborhood of Old Aleppo, including the Umayyad Mosque. The advance took place amid a panic in the rebels’ ranks and reports that now the so-called “moderate” opposition is ready to discuss a deal on withdrawal from the city.

A big group of Fatah Halab (a local coalition of militant groups in Aleppo city) fighters even surrendered to government forces near the Aleppo Citadel. The army and its allies are developing the advance against militants.

US Secretary of State John Kerry announced on Tuesday that he expects to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov later this week for further talks on a proposal for the rebels’ departure and is “not aware of any specific refusal” to follow the initially discussed agreement. Earlier on Tuesday Lavrov said that the US withdrew its initial proposal on militants withdrawal and wants to suggest new terms and conditions that the Syrian-Russian-Iranian alliance will have to follow in Aleppo. This US move faced a hardline reaction in Moscow and the Russian minister announced that all militants refusing to leave Aleppo will be eliminated. It looks Kerry is busy as a bee in his attempt to save al-Qaeda linked militant factions in the city. However, he has little chances to achieve this goal.

When Aleppo is liberated, over 25,000 pro-government fighters will be free to participate in further operations against militants across the country. The most likely direction of the next major advance of government forces is the province of Idlib. The storm of al-Bab is less likely because this could lead to a significant escalation with Turkey.

Last week, the US House passed a defense bill that included language authorizing supplies of anti-aircraft missiles to rebel groups fighting in Syria, The Washington Post reported Tuesday. On Friday, the bill passed in the House 375 to 34 and could be voted in the Senate within the week. If the bill succeed, it would be a green light for supplies of MANPADs to so-called “opposition factions” in Syria. There are no doubts that as result missiles will be received by Jabhat al-Nusra and other al-Qaeda groups, as a major part of the all previous weapon delivers to rebels. This will pose a major threat to the aviation in the region.

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Vic Pittman

It is so obvious when the US tries to save it’s ISIS mercenaries …. I say, kill every one of them. Just think of the money that the CIA will save when they no longer have to pay, train and arm these mercenaries. John Kerry is such a disgusting POS… I will be glad when he is history.

John Whitehot

ahhh, the things the CIA could do with that money. Build schools. Distribute food to african childrens. Give medical aid to the sick. We are all grieving at the thought of the good old agency being setback in its quest to make the world a better place by those bearded moderates.

solomon mlambo

John my brother we don’t need food handouts. We need our dignity and culture back. Part of that culture is food autonomy. We need freedom from neo-imperialism. We need technology not second hand materials. We want the French and the American armies to leave us alone; they should also take with them their terrorists proxies! If we do not share this technology we will have no option but to still it or better still, get it by force.

John Whitehot

no doubt about what you say sir. I was being sarcastic about the things CIA has done to advance the well-being of humanity, being it the pinnacle of the intelligence agencies of the so-called free world.


Yeah, … schools, medical treatment… That is on top of the Elites-list of priorities :-) Just hear attentively what a dirty scum reveals HOW they do things: “In a 60 minutes interview from 1998, George Soros was rather cavalier in talking about the actions he has taken in financial markets around the world as well…” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_Ha3r3fnsU&feature=youtu.be


25,000, fantastic! What they should do is clear Eastern Ghouta as well as the eastern chunk of the terrorists’ territory in Southern Aleppo, that would free up even more troops.

The northern chunk is basically desert and almost entirely surrounded so in theory, they should able to roll through it. Then there’s a thin stretch barely a few kilometers wide, also surrounded on both sides, then they could press straight down, seal off a lot of the border with Jordan as well as liberate all of Dara’a. That’s gotta be another 10,000+ troops freed up right there. Then, with such an overwhelming force available, press west to the Turkish border from Aleppo, using the Kurds in Afrin to provide pressure from the north all the while, to further push the terrorists to flee to Turkey.


Forget the 25.000. Sure, some forces will be free to be deployed elsewhere.

The NDF is mostly tied to their city or region, forces must remain to guard against infiltrators etc etc.

However, even 5 to 10.000 could have a large impact on some fronts.


The US is delaying settlement of any agreement until the Russians/Syrians have wiped out the US armed/paid mercenaries. In accordance with the US “No loose ends” policy, Al Nusra or ISIS or whatever it’s called today is being left to annihilation by others. The arms and logistics are sunk cost for US Inc. and will simply be written off. (Where do you think the lost billions on the DoD books went?)

I would ask the ISIS folks just exactly what they expected to happen when they became no longer useful? Loyalty? They’ve been paid and you don’t bring an embarrassment home for dinner.

Expect other “eruptions of terrorism” soon as the money flowing from the poppies in Afghanistan has still to be used and the war on terror may still have its uses. I hope DJT puts an end to this foolishness. If I’ve figured this out so have others.


I hate conspiracy theories with a fiery passion but I have to say this makes surprising good sense.

solomon mlambo

Papa, you hate conspiracy theories because you have a closed mind. I urge you to accept most such theory and use it to find the real truth or otherwise. Think outside the box and avoid being enslaved by government and media propaganda. Take it like this: Governments carry out their responsibilities to satisfy their political and ideological visions and never to answer to the objective needs of the people– Whats your take? Hitler did not die in Germany in 1945 but died of natural disease decades later in Argentina. And what does the official version say? Conspiracy, therefore, is the voice of the people, of the defeated majority. It is the near truth.


CIA Flashback: “We’ll Know Our Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything the American Public Believes Is False.”


How is it a conspiracy theory? Unless you think any narrative not endorsed by the Western governments is ‘conspiracy’. It is more than clear this is what is going on. I suspect the US stalling may also be trying to buy time to see if the Gulf is able to pony up any of its new oil hike dollars on this sorry $hit show and figure out some media spins.


Expect ‘eruptions’ closer to home. Buckle up.


Rich Wasps-Jews owning America are committed to protecting & enriching ISRAEL. THEY’RE ALSO COMMITTED TO SENDING CITIZENS TO DIE TO ACHIEVE THIS.

When will these same citizens REFUSE TO BE FODDER FOR THE 1% ?!


If you say anything about Jews, some sites will ban you. I just got banned from Breitbart for sharing info on the Kalergi Plan via mass migration (invasion). Merkel received the Kalergi award in 2010. Who is behind the mass invasion of Christian countries worldwide?


Ah so is it! … Good to know that all that CIA-garbage is beaten because the US is so kind and lives tzhem fall .. Not because the syrian Army and their Allies beat the sh*t out of them, because they “aren’t useful anymore” . That’s why JOHN KERRY tries disperately to get a new “time-out” in Aleppo, to pull some WEAPONS and other supplies there for the “useless Moderates” and for giving TIME to the BANKSTERS to put the TURKISH MONEY UNDER PRESSURE so that Sultan Erdogan goes into Syria to save that Aleppo-sh*t… ( But Erdogan did ONCE the failure to TRUST the Jewish-American Kosher-Nostra and almost lost his head and got RUSSIAN sanctions instead of NATO-help.. Erdogan limits his part to kick his “beloved Kurds”, won’t risk a bright scale of Russian retaliations

C’mon, the CIA-cockroaches in Aleppo get beaten because they are weaker than Assad’s troops.

And the show in MOSUL is another US/Israel ” do so as we fight against them” with the goal to MOVE ISIS from there to ALEPPO.

Problem: underway the will get pounded by a dozen or two Sukhoi-bombers & fighters. Bye-bye the times when colons of ISIS could run over the desert with US-Apache-assault-helicopters over their heads ….AS AIR-COVER, “private borrowed Air-Force”.

They would ALSO get splashed… And maybe AFTER THAT Russia would drop some “excuses to Kerry” “-Sorry, awful sorry… ;-) We didn’t know that the US-Apaches were there to fight ISIS ;-)”… => PLUS A PRETTY VIDEO-CLIP with WHAT THE Yanks REALLY DID THERE: nothing but taking care of and shield the the ISIS-vehicles

Brad Isherwood

Until Syria secures it borders,…..the foreign nations with malevolent will vs Syria will Continue to cross into Syria via land or air and sustain a chaos reactive opposition in Syria.

Syria’s amnesty program reveals that 100,000 direct and more went all in to fight Damascus. Add foreign mercs and Takfiri kooks. The Syrian landscape is a patchwork of gangs which network with foreign powers. Nusra being more enduring now than all.

Bottom line IMHO,…is the Muslim/Arab mind is still 5th Century with Submission to Allah Causing the base of the troubles. The gangs of today supply a gun…money and Captigon to the many b’tarded to draw from.

How can you rescue a system which is violence driven from its base view?


Although unlikely, it would be great to see Trump, on January 20th during a formal press conference, publicly reject the sale of these MANPADS to these so called “rebels” within Syria, and call out congress for their decision to offer these weapons to the terrorists trying to overthrow the democratically elected government. Also, he should bringing to light that, should such a deal go through, terrorists would have been given the means to shoot down commercial jets because of their actions.

Order Out of Chaos

Wipe them out.

Rahman Dauharry

Rebels receiving manpads has still a long way to go. Hope by that time the war will be over.


That is a no-no like Iran has been, you open that can of worms, and Russia has cheaper and better man portables. I am sure many rebels around the world would like some, I am sure many in LATAM would rejoice having them, and being able to take a few f-16’s


They CIA will not want their terrorist militants destroyed they need to deploy them to Europe to complete the destruction there.


tears in their eyes each time o masacre occurs in the world……by the terrorists……but when it comes to Syria……noooo….give them weapons, training everything…make them the best killing machine…..phycho therapy for the US please…..

Shaheed Mahomed

The US and Russia are on the same side. The September agreement is being implemented and us troops are with the Kurds, who are also besieging Aleppo. Your article is delusional. The resistance is independent, that is why all the fascist rubbish from US and Russia are united against them.


What resistance do you mean? The Shiites in KSA?

solomon mlambo

Shaheed my cousin, don’t be fooled. The US are never with anybody except their puppets and Israel. If you see the US and Russian foreign policies and analyse the differences you may begin to understand the permanency of US interests and the fallacy of their friendships. The US for good or bad just want to use the Kurds to establish Greater Kurdstan in the region and then leave a chaotic Turkey in its wake thus permanently shutting the door to the latter’s admission to the EU. Then like in Korea they will run with Kurdstan and place their Eurasia Command there. The so-called Kurdstan will naturally splinter between the US and Russia and we will see a Korea replay there. Meanwhile the foolish Turks will be burning under ISIS AND will be at the messy of Israel. i however agree that kURDSTAN SHOULD BE curved out of Turkey and Iraq minus Iran because it is inevitable anyway. But i do not buy the AMERICAN STRATEGY!


“Earlier on Tuesday Lavrov said that the US withdrew its initial proposal on militants withdrawal and wants to suggest new terms and conditions that the Syrian-Russian-Iranian alliance will have to follow in Aleppo”.TRANSLATION…The U.S withdrew its initial proposal and suggest that Syria, Russia and Iran, bend over and accept to be a United States VASSAL like Europe.


By sending Grad rockets and MANPADs to extremists, the end result is still all the extremists getting killed and the US accomplishes nothing but having even more blood on its hands.

The US has done nothing but escalate and increase the casualties in the conflict and try to stop the conflict ending, that is its policy.


Something is horribly wrong with john kerry,. a little over a month ago, he stated that the US has no legal basis to be in Syria, and he is correct! HOWEVER! The US government has openly, repeatedly and publicly stated that they give/gave aid to what they term as “moderate rebels” Unfortunately 18 USC 2331 unequivocally defines the moderate rebels as TERRORISTS! 18 USC 2339 makes it a felony to give any type of aid to known or suspected terrorists!

Through the US governments open repeated public statements of aiding TERRORISTS, via it’s own definitions and it’s own actions. The US government has proven itself to be a rogue terrorists state!


Yep. All out in the open now that the U.S. is supplying terrorists.

I hope Obama & Co is tried for War Crimes Against Humanity.

barb scott

I guess the Russians will retaliate and provide anti aircraft missiles to the Taliban

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