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Syrian War Report – December 6, 2016: Militant Counter-Attack Fails in Aleppo

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Two Russian medical specialists were killed and another injured as result of militant shelling of a Russian mobile military hospital in the Syrian city of Aleppo on December 5. The hospital was shelled during between 12:21 and 12:30pm [local time] during the reception time. An unknown number of local residents attending medical appointments were also injured.

It is beyond doubt that the shelling was conducted by the ‘opposition’ militants. Moscow understands who gave the Syrian militants the coordinates of the Russian hospital right at the moment when it started working,” Spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov said, adding that the defense ministry attributes the blame for the incident to “terrorists and their patrons in the US, the UK and France.”

At the same day, the so-called ‘moderate opposition’ launched a counter-attack, targeting Syrian government forces in the neighborhoods of Al-Mayssar, Al-Qartarji and Tahan. By December 6, both sides have claimed that their enemies had suffered major loses and fled. Indeed, clashes are ongoing in the area west of the Jazmati Roundabout. The Syrian army and its allies keep the recently gained positions, but the situation is tense. On December 6, government forces liberated al-Sha’ar neighborhood.

Furthermore, even a tactical success in the area will not be able to change the general no-win situation for Aleppo militants and government forces will be able to exploit the fact that Jaish al-Fatah had redeployed manpower from other parts of the city for this counter-attack.

The Syrian army has made a series of raids against ISIS in the area of ancient city of Palmyra. Government sources report that at least 4 technical vehicles belonging to the terrorist group were destroyed.

Meanwhile, over 50 militants were reported dead in recent government forces operations in the provinces of Idlib and Hama. Most of them were killed in airstrikes by the Syrian Arab Air Force.

A Su-33 Flanker carrier-based multirole fighter crashed during flight operations from Russia’s Admiral Kuznetsov heavy aircraft-carrying missile cruiser, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on December 5. The incident took place on December 3. The Su-33 skidded off the dock because of the cable of arresting device broke. The pilot successfully ejected and was picked up by a search and rescue helicopter. This was the second warplane lost by Russia’s naval task force. On November 13, Russian MiG-29K multirole fighter jet crashed in the Mediterranean as a result of a technical fault during the approach landing a few kilometers from Admiral Kuznetsov.

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Diego Castellanos

The Russian strategy of ‘minimum effort’ only prolongs the battle indefinitely causing many more civilian casualties and it only gives more opportunity to the western and ‘opposition’ propaganda

John Whitehot

of course if they employed “maximum effort” you would had been here bitching about too many civilians killed and hospitals bombed, which is the same broken record zionist paid medias play since the start. Even retards can notice that russian tactics do not matter to those medias because in fact their only objective is to make Russia, Assad, Iran and China look bad while all the friends of Israel are good.

Red Tick Alert

Bravo John – spot on again.

barb scott

Hundreds of Jeish al-Fatah terrorists left Aleppo on Green Buses after they laid down arms and surrendered to the army and popular forces on Tuesday night. Militants removed barricades at Bab Al-Hadid Square and the Iron Gate in Southeastern Aleppo and allowed civilians to evacuate the war zone hours ago. The militants then laid down arms and surrendered to the government forces. Reports from Eastern Aleppo late Tuesday night said the militants left the city on Green Buses under the tight military supervision of the army.


Complete Victory ! Aleppo is Free ! twenty first century wire reports from Damascus , tonight Tuesday Dec. 6th the Syrian people are dancing !

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